Gurk III – the 8-bit RPG

Gurk III – the 8-bit RPG


Gurk III – the 8-bit RPG is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Larva Labs Ltd., Gurk III – the 8-bit RPG is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 9th August 2013 with the latest update 12th September 2017

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


35 people have rated 1.03

You can download the game Gurk III – the 8-bit RPG from APP STORE.


Old-school RPG fans, rejoice! Gurk III is here and it is a lovingly-crafted game in the style of the great 8-bit RPGs of the 1980s. The crisply-pixelated icons, the painstakingly-emulated analog synth music, the hack’n’slash ethos, it’s all here!

The gameplay and interface are simple, but the world is large and the tactics run deep. Roll stats for three heroes chosen from nine character classes, then explore a world with vast wildernesses, 50+ dungeon levels, 125+ creatures and 200+ unique items, all accompanied by a soundtrack of 20 original songs, scored in 8-bit synth emulators. Why, this ain’t your parents’ RPG, it’s your grandparents’!


(Note: In case you are looking, the earlier Gurks I & II are not available for iOS)

Updated on 12th September 2017

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Updated to fit better on modern screens and to support 64-bit.

Gurk III – the 8-bit RPG Reviews

Great game! Combat is simple, maps are straight forward and mechanics are in depth enough to keep you entertained. If you want a fun, no ads and no pay to win classic turn-based RPG, start here! Edit: the last-last-last boss is a real treat.

We’ve been playing games on our iPhone for over 10 years, and this game is our favorite. We wish there were a sequel.

This game is deceptively strategic. You not only have to plan out your supplies and items to get to the end of the dungeon, you must also plan for your way back. It also makes a huge difference which tactics you use in battle, especially against bosses. We got so addicted we played past the end–all the way to the point where the developer begs you to stop because he’s all out of ideas!

This is the most nostalgic take you back to 1980’s 8 bit rpg. The music for every part of the game is absolutely unbelievable. Edit: Guys we reached out to the devs and he told us this. The reason the save files are being deleted randomly has to due with your storage space. The lower the memory the higher the chance it will delete your save to clear room. They said it’s a framework problem. Just glad to figure it out so we asked about how much room to keep and will post back. Edit: Never got an answer however having less than 3gb of space is usually when we lose our save file. Lost our let’s play by recording too much and about 10 normal save files before that.

Game works really well! Its a very enjoyable game with the simplistic graphic but complex strategy that we like about old school rpgs. Its really really difficult at times and doesnt hold your hand much at all. Its a nice change of pace from modern games and is a very enjoyable experience.

We love this game deeply with our soul and heart, and the Roleplaying gist is amazing and can entertain us for hours upon hours with continuous fun. The only issue is if we save and we clean our history, the game completely resets and we lose everything. That was a real tick off and we deleted the game, and we hope this review is seen by the developers as a cry of help, to fix the save system!

The game itself is wonderful, and very hard to stop playing. However, we are tired of having to start a new game, despite hitting save game each time we play. The game needs to be updated so that it wont reset every time we kill the app.

The developer has stopped supporting the product. Games are no longer able to be saved. A shame, because it is otherwise an enjoyable take on old school RPGs.

Great game we’ve had it for years and periodically decide to boot it up and 100% play through every few months. Last couple of times we’ve played it wont keep a save. After saving it and closing the app, Ill find that upon reopening it there is no option to continue. 5 stars if this is fixed.

We love this game, but there is a bug that deletes your saved game if your device runs low on memory, or something similar. We really wish this bug would be fixed because the game is great, but playing an RPG where your progress can be lost at any point is senseless.

Deleted our file! Great game but cant be great if it deletes!

Awesome game. Truly awesome. We made it to the feifdom and through the blue tower but when we opened the app our game was GONE. All that time, wasted. Will make 5 stars if this can be fixed asap.

We bought this specifically for the graphics and old school feel, and it was fantastic. Definitely worth your money to at least try out. Our only pet peeve is the sprite of the group of adventurers that walk around with a flag ;)

We’re actually a competing dev but we have to admit we love this game!!

A real classic type game, we enjoy playing and we want more! Haha.

Is there iny other gurk games please we want to know.

Make more gurk games please! Absolute masterpiece of a game!!

This runs well on our 4s. No problems. You can jump in for 5 minute and fight a battle, save and then jump out. The look is perfect. The controls are simple and good. Ok update. This game is great. We just go through the motions of having children and a job now.

This game is awesome!! But it erases our progress. Please update so this doesn’t happen.

We love this game so much but we can see why not a lot of people would like it, we were born In 96 and yet we still like 8-bit games, we appreciate the predecessors, and this is an awesome tribute to those games, but there Are some points where the grind gets somewhat unbearable and there Are a couple bugs that happen every now and again (hopefully now fixed by recent update, we have yet to play it since) but overall it is a fantastic idea and is wonderfully executed.

We love the game but recently it has been erasing our saved data. Would love a fix to this problem.

Why did it erase our game progress??

Love this game. But it always erases our game data too. Please fix and we’ll give give stars!

If we double tap out and get back in we lose all our data, regardless of save. Great game, pls fix.

We love the gurk games have all of them. This is the only one with a problem. It erases our game every other day. I’d give a 5 star if this was fixed.

Like some of the other reviews have mentioned the game data randomly erases. It is now done so twice after logging in at least 10 hours. We have now lost our motivation to replay the game. Please update the game so we can play without having to worry about it losing our saved data.

Why does it always erase our saved games? Pretty frustrating when you spend a couple hours playing. Hope there’s an update to fix this bug soon.

DOA! Loads GUI then nothing. No response.

Not the best interface, but it’s functional, and the gameplay and depth makes it worthwhile.

Tons of different enemies and items, including hard to find legendary items. Varied combat forms. Overall great fun. Would love more levels!

This is a solid turn-based RPG, good for hours of play. If the developer makes Gurk IV, or manages to release Gurk we or II to the App Store, it’s on our insta-buy list.

Wonderful game. Would be 5 stars if you couldn’t sell equipped gear.

Would have been top 5 RPG on the NES. Author: we beat you–now what??

Huge old-school turn-based RPG, love it! Scratches all kinds of itches!

Classically fun rpg. Love the controls, can play it one-handed on iphone. Easy to play 5 minutes or 5 hours. Please make more like this!

Fantastic RPG, have played for hours already and we keep coming back for more. Reminds us of old Dragon Warrior games but with different battle system. Story is extremely simplistic but that’s ok. The game does need a better save/load system. The only way to reload a save is by canceling the app then reloading. Other than that, it’s amazing. Great purchase!

We’ve been a proud fan of the series since its debut. We got the first on the Google G1 long ago… When II came out we were quick to purchase it on our LG Optimus 2x. We kept up with rumors of a third entry for a while but we eventually stopped scouring the Internet. The day we made the transition to the iPhone 5, we saw this up on the App Store and immediately purchased it. We can tell you these games are not short on content. They are amazing and to the people that find traversing dungeons after a boss battle tedious, you must not understand the point of the game. It’s not meant for the people who like to fast travel at will, or run from a battle. It’s for the strategic people that come prepared to battle hard and unfair. If you’re not prepared for a battle, be prepared to face the consequences. /rant over. Fantastic game.

This game is great! So far we have had no problems with save points or anything else. The more you play the better it gets. Love it!

Loved Gurk 1 and 2, we’re so pumped the 3rd is finally out! Halfway through the game and we couldn’t be more impressed! Same simple gameplay, yet jam packed with more and more weapons, and more of a story line. If you love the old school RPG’s, then Gurk is most definitely for you!

This game is addictive and so much fun. We just saw it in the AppStore and immediately wanted it. We don’t know why. We don’t even like RPGs. It’s a lot of fun and completely worth $1.99.

We haven’t had any issues at all on our 4S, and this game is just great. One of the best RPG games we’ve played on iOS. It looks deceptively simple, but it’s challenging and has a lot of depth. We’ll never delete it. Please port the first two!!!

We’re really enjoying this game. It’s no-nonsense approach and straightforward classic gameplay is refreshing. Not for everyone but if you like old school turn based RPGs you’ll love it.

We played Gurk 1 and 2. Enjoyed both. This version is similar but has lost some functionality. During game play you can’t load a saved game when u die. Please fix!

This is a fun game that evokes memories of Ultima: Exodus on the NES. There’s the 8-bit style presentation, the kitschy tunes and the overly strategic approach to combat. However, there are a few things this will need before it can truly be recommended as being worth $2. 1). There needs to be a way to load from the last save point. The only way to do it now is turn off, then restart your device and reopen the app. 2). There needs to be a way to immediately exit dungeons. Traipsing through them after completing an objective is more tedious than fun. 3). The ability to warp between previously visited locations would be greatly appreciated and cut down on much of the needless walking. 4). Last, but not least, your party should have the ability to run from fights. This has been a standard feature in RPG’s for nearly 30 years. It’s exclusion here is highly questionable and makes most battles highly aggravating. If these changes can please be added in a future update (more sooner than later) I’d be much obliged. It would also make this title much, MUCH more balanced and approachable to potential customers.

Fix it please, we just got the app. It looks like a fun game but we can’t play it.

We just bought the app and it doesnt even load. Waste of 2 bucks get your acts together and fix it.

Clumsy interface, uninspired soundtrack, grind centric gameplay. Hiding behind the veneer of retro should be no excuse for making a poor clone of older titles.

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