Hearts Tournament

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Hearts Tournament


Hearts Tournament is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by WildCard Classics Inc, Hearts Tournament is a Casino game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 10th April 2012 with the latest update 6th October 2015

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Card, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


135 people have rated 1.3.0

You can download the game Hearts Tournament from APP STORE.


Play the #1 RATED Hearts game!

Get ready to break some Hearts in the most social card game on the App Store! Enjoy up to 30 games at once with friends or random opponents. Play solo against challenging computer opponents between turns!

“If you’re looking for online Hearts action, this is the place to go”

  • The iPhone App Review

“A great choice for any card game fan”

  • AppAdvice

Hearts is a fun game of avoidance, provoking players to focus as much attention on opponent’s hands as their own. Dodge Hearts and the dreaded Queen of Spades to be the player with the fewest points!

Complete challenges to unlock new items, earn achievements, accrue leaderboard points, and more!

Discover different ways to play. Explore a variety of game types. Shoot the moon. Ditch the Queen. Have you got the heart to do it all? Download now and see why players are falling in love with Hearts Tournament!

Irresistible Features:

  • Enhanced visuals for new iPad retina display

  • Game Center Turn-Based Multiplayer with iOS 5

  • Play up to 30 multiplayer games at once

  • 2 and 4 player multiplayer games!

  • Push notifications tell you when it’s your turn

  • Play solo against three challenging difficulty levels

  • Earn new items by completing challenges

  • Compete for top spots on the leaderboard

  • Explore all of the game variants

  • Play on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

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Updated on 6th October 2015

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

Thanks for all your wonderful support! This update includes performance improvements and bug fixes.

We appreciate every App Review, so keep them coming!

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Hearts Tournament Reviews

You can play conservatively or aggressively. Much like life. If you are too conservative you will loose more than win. You can set up strategies and see what works over many games. Fun to shoot the moon but if you miscalculate youll die. For us this is a great game to learn and apply different strategie.

Easy to learn and fun to play. By your self or against friends.

Computer players too easy at harder levels.

Our go to game while waiting. Even in long grocery store lines. We have a question about the "ranking" part. What makes the ranking number go up? Is it poor performance on our part? We ask because we win about 95% of the time and our ranking is climbing to higher numbers. Right now 37. Thanks.

The UI is very pretty. It plays smoothly and we love playing with friends at a distance. Our only wish is for it to be cross platform (to play with our spouse whos not on an iPhone) or to have a pass and play option for us. Oh well. Maybe someday. Thanks for the great game!

We havent tried anything else, but the single player game is great! There isnt any wasted motion. The deals are quick, and the action likewise.

We like this game a lot, the cards come out fast the sounds are cool only wish we knew how to change the names of the other players, we also would like to know how they score the games? Im not a big phone usage person but we play this game a lot. Luc.

This app has really made us better at Hearts. It has the option to slow down and ‘explain’ each hand. Or if we just want a quick hand or two it’s easy to play without paying as much attention.

Fun game, plays well. Our favorite card game and a great one to play for hours or even a few minutes.

With how hundreds of options out there for card games like Hearts, it is refreshing to play one that is graphically pleasing and efficient, fast playing, simple for single offline play, and all around perfect for our downtime, quick play of a round or two. Look no further.

We still love this game. But it needs an update to level up faster also!!

We enjoy this game and play it often. It brings back memories of standing in line at UCLA basketball games waiting 2-3 days for the student section to open. The graphics and operations are pleasing.

Great graphics user friendly and fast paced action. Highly recommend.

Im enjoying it. Plus we win a lot!

We have hearts, backgammon and rummy from this same developer and all work great!

We love relaxing to a game of hearts!

Hearts is not a difficult game by any means, but this app delivers a good game in a very attractive package. You get more than your monies worth.

Perfect timekiller! We find myself picking this up to play frequently!

Love this game and play it nearly every day. Graphics and play are top notch. However, at the end of a game, whom ever is in 3rd place is listed in 4th place and vice versa. Not a major problem, but it would be nice if they fixed it.

We like the card games this company puts out, but while Hearts looks and operates very well, it seems too easy. We played it on an older phone and just got bored. On our new phone, 40 games in, 34 wins and shooting the moon better than 1 in 4 hands. Several games we have shot the moon three times! We think the game has a failing in that the computer players almost never seem to try to shoot the moon. More importantly, when it should become obvious we’re going for it, they aren’t trying to stop us. Instead they give away their highest hearts as quickly as the turns allow them. We hope that they make a couple mods to the AI to help make it less easy to storm through the games. Otherwise, the game looks real good.

Just wish it was slower before closing out a hand so you can check to see what was played. You can slow whole game down, but then it is slow the whole time. An option to look at the last hand played before the start of the next would help too.

Decent enough for a paid version with a few changeable options. Jack of diamonds and card passing. The AI isnt amazing and often makes dumb plays when Im trying to shoot on hardest difficulty. Overall, better than getting peppered with ads in a free version.

We really enjoy this game and play it often. One of those games you can pick up where you left off after being interrupted.

We would like to be able to change our name Whenever a player reaches exactly 100 he/she goes back to 0 Helpful hints.

Enjoy playing this game, but it often is a bit easy to win. Would like to have a level where it’s a bit more difficult to win. Regardless, we’ll continue to play often.

This game has great graphics and user experience. Easy and intuitive to play. We really like it. But the biggest flaw is the computer opponent logic. It fails to recognize when one is shooting the moon or to sacrifice oneself to stop it. We once won with 4 straight shoot-the-moons! If you train against this game youll lose when playing experienced humans. Nonetheless we still play it because the UI is so clean. And there are no ads.

We are playing with a friend and two bots. Each time we discard our three cards they always go to the left, to our friend. Each hand the three cards should go around to a different player. Also, the bots names constantly change which we find very distracting.

Recently the game has insisted on asking for Game Center login every time we open it (this was not true before) this has made the game unpleasant, so we no longer bother opening it to play how many time do we have to say No to Game Center.

Just started playing with a friend and two bots. Bots keep changing name during the game. Cards only pass in one direction. Maybe can get this corrected in settings. Will play more. Not impressed at this point in time.

We would give this game a four or five star rating if it wasnt so easy to beat. Im not a great hearts player yet we can shoot the moon at least once if not twice every time we play a game. The computer based game never passes a heart. It will hold back high cards and play them last even if playing the higher card could keep another player, human or otherwise, from running the hearts and black lady. Because it is so easy to run the cards one becomes lazy regarding passing strategy, when playing the computer we dont even try to pass a loser as the how concept seems to be missing from the game. If the publisher would put some work into the game we would be happy to revisit this review and update it or even write a new review.

Great graphics. Would have given it a 5 star if it would have live online game. Tired of spending days playing one game. Since iOS 10 update we cannot connect to Game Center.

Got this a month ago. Opened 8 tables no one has joined. Please refund our $2.

Wont let us sign in with Apple ID. Stupid.

Will be deleting this app. Have not been able to complete a 4 person live game. Have losses in our stats for games when no cards were played. Last update was 2 years ago. Contact us page goes to 404. More is wrong than right.

Does as we expected. We’re very happy with this app.

It’s almost as good as the Pogo game that we play on the computer.

The leaderboard quit working in December. Please fix your update.

One of the most and joyful card games we’ve ever played addicting and fun.

We play as a single player and this game does everything we would want it to. You can slow down the play and learn the other player’s tricks. We’ve shot the moon several times and that’s on the difficult level. If you are looking to play a single player game, this is the one to get!

We get a raging boner every time we play!

Have really enjoyed this Hearts. We think it’s the best around. Sorry to say, the last update was really bad! Lost our rank and the rank screen is extremely hard to read. What a poor upgrade! Might never upgrade again. Really puts the upgrade fear in us!

We play daily and yes shooting the moon is predictable but fun anyway. Gameplay is smooth and quick making playing enjoyable. We love the wolves that howl when you shoot the moon. This is definitely in the top five of our favorite games.

We really enjoy playing. We also enjoy this company’s GIN & BACKGAMMON.

We’ve only just started playing this game and we like it A LOT! We haven’t seen any problems with it. If you like playing Hearts, get this game.

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