Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

Last updated on August 16th, 2022 at 08:00 am

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Zynga Inc., Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game is a Casino game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 10th December 2013 with the latest update 22nd July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casino, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


159,380 people have rated 1.9.6193

You can download the game Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game from APP STORE.


Hit it Rich! Slots is the biggest collection of slot machine games based off of some of your favorite franchises! Follow the yellow brick road to Vegas in THE WIZARD OF OZ™ or fight the future with THE TERMINATOR™ slot machine. Hit it Rich! Slots has casino fun and mini games for everyone!


ICONIC GAMES – Spin slot machines featuring:

  • Game of Thrones™ slots
  • The Wizard of Oz™ slot machines
  • The Terminator™
  • The Price is Right™
  • Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory™
  • Elvira™ casino slot machine
  • Mustang Money™ the original vegas slots casino game
  • Dragon Lines™
  • Elvis™ slot machine game
  • Marilyn Monroe™


  • Start Rich, and get Richer 40,000,000 FREE coins just for playing
  • Play Daily Bonuses and Bonus Games to make your wallet even fatter


  • Connect with Facebook and send your friends FREE spins or FREE coins
  • Extend your stay when you play with friends! It’s fun, fast and easy


  • Head to the heart of Vegas with state-of-the art game design, graphics and sound
  • Each slot machine is lovingly recreated to look just like the real thing!


  • Play action-packed bonus games with HUGE jackpots!
  • Fight the future with the Terminator™ or test your fate with Freaki Tiki 2. There’s always a fun new game to play in Vegas!

Facebook’s best slots game is available for iPhone, iPad and iPad mini! Download today and start your slots journey!

Additional coins available for purchase.




  • This game is intended for an adult audience and does not offer real money gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at real money gambling.
  • The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.
  • Use of this application is governed by Zynga’s Terms of Service, found at www.zynga.com/legal/terms-of-service.
  • For information about how Zynga uses personal data, please read our privacy policy at http://www.zynga.com/privacy/policy.

Dragon Lines / Mustang Money / Rumble Rumble © 2021 Ainsworth Game Technology Ltd. All rights reserved.;

Elvira TM & © 2021 Queen "B" Productions. All Rights Reserved.;

ELVIS™ and ELVIS PRESLEY™ are trademarks of ABG EPE IP LLC Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights: Elvis Presley Enterprises, LLC © 2021 ABG EPE IP LLC elvis.com;

Game of Thrones™ Official HBO Licensed Product. ©2021 Home Box Office, Inc. All Rights Reserved. HBO and related trademarks are the property of Home Box Office, Inc.;

Marilyn Monroe™; Rights of Publicity and Persona Rights are used with permission of The Estate of Marilyn Monroe LLC. Photo Bernard of Hollywood © 2021 Renaissance Road Inc. marilynmonroe.com;

The Price Is Right ®/© Fremantle 2021.;

The Terminator ©2021 Studiocanal S.A.S. ® All Rights Reserved

WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21);

THE WIZARD OF OZ and all related characters and elements are trademarks of and © Turner Entertainment Co. Judy Garland as Dorothy from THE WIZARD OF OZ. ™ & © Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21);

Updated on 22nd July 2022

Get ready to spin and win with the latest release from Hit It Rich!

  • Earn lots of rewards on our new feature: TREASURE HUNT!
  • Become a WORLD CHAMPION in our Weekly Race!
  • Take an adventure with Collections: Storybook
  • Elite Players still get Gold Pass for FREE!!!
  • Collect Great Rewards with Rich Pass!!
  • Look out for New Challenge and Quest for the Chest events coming soon!

Hit it Rich! Casino Slots Game Review

In the free spin bonus we are always getting the lowest amount never ever the highest Amount Also what you bet and receive is always below bet. Game will not allow you to win big!!!

Especially the Marilyn Monroe game.

Awesome games. We love the super high points and the competition. Coin boss is cool, and unlocking the levels is cool as well. The dog that you can make and everything. We love all of it.

It seems like we never win the big jackpots. We have been. Playing for a very long time. Starting to wonder the politics of this game.

Have to purchase coins to play! Not free.

So if we dont spend hundreds of dollars a week, we dont even get a decent bonus from our Dog app?? This is crap, why even use the biscuits?? Upset!

5/1/2022: we love Hit it Rich(my friends on the game and I) but we have a few complaints *Rich Pass Challenges have become to difficult to complete like the 4 card packs. We have play all day and never get the 4 packs which puts us behind for the elite points. And the high amount with 10 spins is impossible. Have play that all day and never got it. *Partner Power Up: Only time we make that is when you partner us friends together. Other partners do not play *Why on some games like Boom for the bonus round we only get the two lower amounts(pink and white). Never gold or blue. Surprise us sometimes!! You can take it back whenever you want to *Free Spins- why do we get the same amounts which are the smaller ones all the time. We are senior citizens who play this game 24/7 and we love it but lately we have been getting very frustrated and lax of interest. Please address our concerns because we really want to continue playing. Please dont get rid of Doggie best thing ever. 5/23/2022: Why did you change the way doggie helps us. We dont get to see him as much anymore sometimes not at all. We never received a response to our last review. Again thank you for the game but loosen it up. We are senior citizen who love this game but do not have extra money to buy coins. 8/2/2022: Whats wrong with the game today? Its very slow there is lapse time between each roll. Are you having technical difficulties. It has been going on all day and we are not getting any wins or bonuses. Thanks.


We saved up the dog treats so we could get into hyper mode and never got any rewards or bonus pet never showed up and we lost 5b at 100m per spin trying to play the way the game instructed us to do so. Still fun but we wont be messing around with treats and such.

The Slingo game doesnt work. We’ve been given free spins and gotten a couple of clowns on numerous occasions, but they dont fill in a square. The turn ends without filling in a square, then the next bunch of numbers come up. It looks like its designed so you cant fill in all the squares. Not much fun when it doesnt work. Or maybe its planned that way? Please fix it. We’ve lost out on millions of free coins for no reason. Also, why cant we gift coins to our friends? We can if they ask, but we cant give them coins once a day, like we’ve been doing for years???

We’ve been playing since this new game opened every day and the other day it made us a login again and took all of our money and our levels away is starting basically at nothing. Now it Isnt registering that we passed the daily challenge with more than enough coins won!!

Lots of changes, no big wins. Took a lot of fun out of this site. We loved playing these slots but will be looking elsewhere. Nit sure whos brain child the changes were? Lost its luster!

We have been playing for a couple of years and we have become very disappointed. All it seem to do is take your money and you cant get any good jackpots. Also on the spin for money with the dog you cannot get over level 10. We have the points but the gauge does not move. Also since we have been play a couple of years we have never won any kind of big jackpot. We think the game is fixed against the people who do not spend any money.

We didnt play the app for about 6 weeks. When we logged on all of our money was gone! Seriously? A. Lot of that money we bought! Do NOT take a break from the playing or they will take your money!

It has gotten worse you always know when its changing when youre about to get a bonus it completely changes so that you dont get it and this is often we’ve been playing this game for years and we have never ever seen it as bad as we have this whole year your intent is to get money out of us when we least have it The only reason we continue to play is because our families playing and we like to play against them we are very disappointed because we used to like this game a lot also just because you win a lot of money you change everything on rich pass to make you lose everything you won.

There are certain slots we play all the time. This morning we sign on to play and our two favorite games are gone, no warning. They are the reason we sign on multiple times a day to play. We know there are lots of different slots, but Im old and set in our ways and we like consistency. Its like when we go to the casino down the road from home, when we get on the floor we always head for the same bank of games even though the floor is full of slots. When we play, we win and we lose, but it doesnt matter, we just like these particular slots.

It says the Elvira game IS open!!!!!!!! Stupidly! It lets us choose the amount and we try to spin snd it says the trial period has run out?????? Then why is it unlocked??????

Your cheap you give nothing even when we play a lot Im done with you sorry you just lost 300 to 400 hundred a month.

1.5 billion coins. At 6 million a spin. Absolutely no bonuses. No decent hits. Plenty of lag, and not in your favor. How is that even possibly now to lose that horribly that many times? Game has lost it for us. Used to plenty many times a day. Im deleting this app and will never download again. Good luck repairing this trashy game.

We do realize the goal of running an app is to make money. However, we have not, in several years of playing on this app, won a jackpot. Guess that is reserved for those that actually use real money to purchase coins. Sad.

Im writing this in July 2022 and Zynga recently had to settle a large lawsuit and got bought out. Im only giving it 2 stars because we have enjoyed playing it in the past, we dont anymore. The dog thing is cute – but you can put it in playtime and go 45 minutes with no dog showing up. Basically they want money for you to play this. We stop completely playing when it goes into coin boss because we know just how much they want to to join. To the point you will probably lose, unless you join (because theyre counting on you becoming competitive and betting a lot, then losing and buying coins). Everything is about – getting you to buy coins. Im glad they lost their lawsuit, but the new company that owns it now is much worse. We wont be playing anymore.

We are really close to deleting this game. We have been playing it for years and since the new changes have been implemented it has been more frustrating than fun to play. We used to be able to play in the VIP lounge and be in the weekly top 20 on a consistent basis. Now we cant seem to be able to get enough coins to play in the VIP lounge. When we are fortunate enough to be able to play there, it doesnt take long to lose everything. After reading numerous ratings that mirrored our frustrations and seeing that the developers replies to those ratings and the one we received we dont feel like they will make any changes to the game. We have deleted the app!!!

Cant find game rules for individual slots anywhere. And it seams like its always running you out of coins so you will purchase more. Additionally coins are way over priced. Two thumbs way down.

We really used to enjoy playing your slots. Right now Im working at not playing anymore. An occasional win is fun, but there are fewer and fewer wins of any sort. We believe you are manipulating your games so people will purchase coins, etc., but, its not going to happen. Youve taken the fun out of slot entertainment. Also, we really dislike what you have done with the dog option. Youve rigged too much.

Not sure why you changed your game. We’ve been playing for years we used to get big wins, hit the bonus. In the last 8 months we cant win anything. A few examples of hire its changed. 1: we used to get the bonus all the time, not we rarely get it. 2: when you did get the bonus you always got a nice payout, now is barely a big win. 3: if you get the bonus within the first 20 spins you dont even get a big win. 4: you have to spin at least 10 times to get your first winning spin. 5: if you get a nice win, the next 10 to 15 spins will be zeros. There are just so many things we’ve noticed that you have changed. We truly believe you turned the game off in hopes that people will start buying coins and giving you bigger profits. In get its a free game but you should at least give people a chance to win.

We have been a regular player of this game, and even did the gold pass monthly. We recently completed the card collection, which gained us a lot of tokens. About 10 billion tokens were deleted within minutes of that win. We have repeatedly contacted Zynga support and have yet to get a response back, explaining what happened, even though we sent them screenshots.

We dont mind spending money, but hundreds of dollars a week to get nothing much on bonuses, no jackpots, cant advance past a certain point on the levels, and when you bet up like 10 billion a spin, there are absolutely no wins. How much money does it take to win into the double digit trillions as your biggest win? Our biggest win is 800 billion, and we were up against someone whose biggest win was 285 TRILLION on the Royal Rush. This is why players like us who do spend a good amount of money stop playing. So sad, and bad business. The game is fun, graphics are incredible. Mustang Money is now a joke, because you never get the 5 and the 2 with the horses, maybe once a year. But these silly new games dont win anything and its just become too greedy. We are going on 12 years playing this game and we are barley holding on. Hope things change for the better.

This app isnt fun anymore. Jackpots are far and few between.

Game is a joke !! The wheel continuously pay almost always the two lowest payouts and had the dog in hyper mode only came out once!!! If you LOVE to lose this is the game to play!!!! Payouts a joke.

Ok they gave us 20 minutes with the pet and his superness but in those 20 minutes he responded the wheel twice!!! They managed to take all our coins like always and gave us nothing!! So they are lucky we cant rate them a negative 5 stars!! Thank you have A swell afternoon!

We have purchased 34.99,24.99,34.98, n 24.99 no bonus if received1 bonus pay out was low n it never went back into bonus..

They charge us three times for one thing. Reported it to Apple and got no help.

You have taken the two best games off your line up, horse racing and bunny games. Im not enjoying the other games. If your not in the top ten you get penalized with the wheel and this is discrimination. Everyone should get the same benefits. Dissatisfied player.

Been playing this for years but they have really changed. The slots are fun when you get to play but they are getting ready to relegate us Again! Been relegated so many times we’ve lost count! They are trying to force us to spend money we dont have! Not fun anymore! We are playing other games that are generous!

They want your Money to buy fake coins and they dont even give you big wins ! Its FAKE COINS ! But they want REAL MONEY to purchase FAKE Coins with no wins so u purchase MORE FAKE COINS!

They want you to spend money to buy bones for a dog. Yeah we know idiotic. With this you gets 25% bonus after to your weekly score and a promise of respins on losing spins. How about this. We had it on for 2 hours no respins. And lost several billion of our bank. Read the reviews. Zyngas games all are money hungry greedy sites. You will never get ahead. Please dont throw your money away like we did.

Once again Im having to write a review and hopefully this wont be taken down! What is the deal with support? They havent answered any of our emails and the last two emails we wrote we did say that the web developer asked us to send an email back to them. We havent heard anything back from them for about two weeks! Whats the deal? We feel like we were cheated out something that belongs to us! Im not the one who made this game Im not the one who is cheating people out of FAKE COINS you cheated us out of the money we spent on your app! If Im correct that word would be THEFT! If we put in our win money and played one of your games on Hit It Rich and played one of your challenge (partner power up two weeks ago) knowing that our partner didnt have it on their side you would think this person (ME) should get the coins back.. NOPE NOT ON MY SIDE THEY ONLY AWARDED ME 250 million coins when we put in 134,840,000,000 to complete that challenge and we were only awarded 250 million! That right there is called THEFT!!!!! We even asked if we could get at least two cards that we need to complete the books just to close the ticket out. We DIDN’T GET AN ANSWER BACK ON THAT!!!! We know that the developer of this app will probably not answer our review because its so negative thats fine! We will not email support anymore because they DONT answer our emails! Maybe its time we just delete the game we’ve been a long time player for 8 years and we’ve seen it get worse every day!!!!!!!

With all the changes in the game, we cant afford to be cheated out of our winnings. We have to pay to get bonuses, min bets have increased , and payout have gone down. With all this added junk the game freezes a lot more than it used to. Playing Be The Boss this morning, on level 7. We won the top spot and the game froze and we didnt get our bonus and was kicked out of play. This kind of stuff happens every day. Its like it is so full of other crap, the game falls apart. Not very fun anymore.

Hard to win now and it is not fun playing anymore. Played for many years but having better time with different game.

We collected our coins all day without playing. Guess what? We got to play for a whole 10 minutes! Didnt use to be this way.. Plus, Hit It Rich decides what our ranking is since its based on how many wins they allow us. So sad..

Dont spend $. Once you start buying tokens, its rigged. Youll never win. You get close and then they take all your tokens so you will have to buy more. Also they dont advertise during the game, the sweepstakes. We happen to visit support to complain and discovered the sweepstakes. They tell you you must fill out a form at hit it rich. Com. There is no form!

When we are given a gift no matter regular or gold we should be able to play it and this deal of allowing us to only collect a certain amount of gifts is B.

Pl take the do not win button off our account.

Goodbye, HIR. We really enjoyed playing your games- great graphics, fun challenges. They were a terrific stress reliever. And we actually made it to yellow diamond level. But, sadly, we’ve recognized the deadly cycle: buy coins, win big, finish in the top 1 or 2, get encouraged to try again the next week, bet the same, play the same games as the week before, lose,buy coins, lose, buy coins, lose, buy more coins, try different games, lose, buy coins, lose, buy coins lose, Stop playing for a week, buy coins, win big, finish in the top 3, then lose, buy coins, lose,buy coins, lose. Its impossible to maintain a playable amount of coins – so, adios. Im cutting the cord. Gave HIR 5 stars for all the great games, graphics, customer service. Leaving because of all the real $$$$$ needed to continue to play.