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hocus. is one of the best $0.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by GAMEBRAIN YAZILIM TEKNOLOJILERI LIMITED SIRKETI, hocus. is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st October 2015 with the latest update 4th November 2020

Whether you are a fan of Education, Family, or Puzzle games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


222 people have rated 2.3.0

You can download the game hocus. from APP STORE.


hocus. is celebrating 5th year;

Let artificial intelligence design new levels for you. You can even get help from her if you get stuck.

Best Games on iPhone; Russia, South Africa, Turkey, Middle East

New, polished, mind-bending, impossible shapes.


  • 120 mind-bending hand-craft levels
  • Create/share your own levels
  • Load / take picture of levels cards
  • Endless mode
  • Shortest path algorithm

Updated on 4th November 2020

  • hocus 2 is coming…

hocus. Reviews

Can we get iCloud progress sync. Just installed the game on our iPad and none of our progress is a available and if we want to play on that device we have start from level 1 again.

We love the simplicity of hocus and how relaxing it is. The little puzzles get more challenging over time, but never in a frustrating way. Some may say that its too basic, but we appreciate the muted color scheme, dreamy music, and the games ability to get you to just focus on moving the little cube around to its goal. We love to play when Im stressed or just want to do something calming. Our only disappointment was that we eventually ran out of puzzles. So Im very glad hocus 2 was released!

We LOVE the game! Right now Im on level 48. Maybe you can add a meter to the bottom that will show how close you are.

This is a nice little game to get enough of a challenge in while perhaps waiting in line, relaxing after a tough day or challenge the kids to stretch their imaginations a bit. Some levels are trickier than others but theyre all quite doable without any kind of hint system or walkthrough. Reminds us of a much more simplistic and less-involved version of The Bridge (which is another great game Im still waiting for on mobile). A bit of a mind-bending puzzle game. You can tap or swipe to lead the block around. Not sure why another reviewer broke their phone as you certainly dont need to tap or swipe that hard. Calibration shouldnt be that intense.

Puzzle 36 is unsolvable. We’ve tried every way – keep going in circles. Flaw in design.

So we got this a couple years ago and its really fun! The challenges and puzzles are nice, but after a bit of time the puzzles were to challenging & to repetitive at the same time. They didnt add any features like maybe a blue square, or something, but just the repeating levels with just little change and no new features get repetitive, and VERY boring after a bit of time.

We NEED MORE LEVELS PLEASE !!! Yes, we finished all of them. Please add more levels to challenge us! We dare you.

Hocus is a gentle game thats perfect to twist and turn through while listening to podcasts or just relaxing. We love the minimal design and simple gameplay.

We have played though the whole game a couple times. And keep coming back because its so relaxing.

We enjoy this app and game, makes you concentrate and the 3D it awesome!

The best puzzle/maze we have found anywhere! The hard part is waiting for more puzzles and challenges. Wonderful brain food!!!

This game is great and we love it but one thing Id like to suggest to add to the game is hints. Most puzzle games like this one have hints or skip levels. So maybe add on of those. Like we said, just a suggestion.

This is by far our favorite puzzle game on any platform ever! Thanks for making such a great game!!

This game is honestly amazing and challenging also kinda makes it easy to break your phone so make sure you have apple care + before you download.

It will be excellent if there is a dark mode with dark background for iPhone X users.

We cant pick up from the last level completed Im Iphone from iPad. Failed. Dont feel like replaying from the beginning.

Games like this are beautifully crafted and pretty to look at but the novelty quickly wears off when you realize how easy they are. There isnt much strategy to these levels, you just can swipe around in a relatively limited number of paths until you win.

Sure, the concept is ok, but only 100 levels for a game that costs money? We would rather play a free game with over 3,000 levels than this.

It is very frustrating… We know its a bug, and the developers have worked hard to create this app, but this annoying bug is preventing us from enjoying it.

So you basically removed pocus from the AppStore and put back the same thing with a different title on it as puzzlement?

It seems simple at first, but it fast becomes challenging. Hours of fun, with M. C. Escher-inspired puzzles.

(iPhone 4, iOS 7.1.2) we enjoyed the initial release of this entertaining game. But the bug we originally reported for (v2.0.0), under iOS 7.1.2, persists unchanged in (v2.1.0) Hocus reliably crashes, immediately on launch. Pls. See the following crash log (excerpt): Dyld Error Message: Symbol not found: Referenced from: /var/mobile/Applications/hocus. App/hocus Expected in: /System/Library/Frameworks/UIKit. Framework/UIKit in /var/mobile/Applications/hocus. App/hocus Dyld Version: 324.1.

An actually fun/challenging puzzle game. It’s unique and creative and really challenges ones special skills. While still being a very fun puzzle game we haven’t had new maps in forever and it doesn’t look like that will change. You’re paying for 100 maps folks.

This is a very fun and addictive puzzle illusion game! We would recommend this to anyone who is questioning buying it.

Great puzzle game! First few levels are easy, then you see them getting harder and harder. And they are quite challenging! No pressure for any high scores, so very relaxing. Also can create levels and play levels others have created, so it never ends!

The title sounds impossible we know. When we have had a stressful day and we want something to relax us and yet still pose a stimulating challenge, this is our go to game. If you like Monument Valley like us, this game will definitely be another favorite of yours in a very short time. The background music is very soothing. Our blood pressure actually goes down after playing this game.

It reminds us of the Penrose steps, so while we play it we feel like we’re defying the laws of physics. Pretty lit.

This is a great way to take a break and just relax. No timer, no impossible challenges, makes for a true 5 star app.

This game was super trippy at first and once we got used to it,I really enjoyed it. Its super addictive and we can’t stop playing it.

A great, surprisingly relaxing, yet stimulating game for the mind. We wish we could have another 100 levels! The music/sound effect combo is also spot on for what the game is trying to achieve. Truly one of our favorite apps to date.

Great concept, smooth gameplay, beautiful minimalist visual style and soothing soundtrack. All around, a great sensory experience.

HOCUS is a joy! Lots of fun and we’re sure good for your brain training regime.

Easily the most addictive thing we’ve got on our phone.

We are enjoying this game very much. We are an abstract, mechanical, thinker, and this game satisfies our thirst for intellectual stimulation. We like envisioning solutions and this one is more challenging than most. However, some of the moves seem made up, and this makes us want to solve more puzzles to find out the logic.

Quick to get started and fun for the whole family!

This game is hard at sometimes but it is fun to figure things out along the way.

Download right now we force you to.

We love how this gets our brain working. Older ppl could have a great time working on the puzzles.

We love this game so much it’s our go to game.

This game it’s super tight. Probably the Tightest game we have on our phone. Like really, really tight.

Enjoy figuring out each puzzle. Great for short or long time of play. Fast gratification with each game.

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