Homemaker: Mother Simulator

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 02:25 pm

Homemaker: Mother Simulator

Homemaker: Mother Simulator

Homemaker: Mother Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SKYTEC GAMES INC, Homemaker: Mother Simulator is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 31st May 2020 with the latest update 11th June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Family, or Simulation games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Homemaker: Mother Simulator ?

11,574 people have rated 2.2.13

What is the price of the Homemaker: Mother Simulator ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Homemaker: Mother Simulator released ?

Homemaker: Mother Simulator was released on 31st May 2020.

When was the Homemaker: Mother Simulator updated ?

The latest updated date of Homemaker: Mother Simulator on 11th June 2023.

Where can Homemaker: Mother Simulator be downloaded ?

You can download the game Homemaker: Mother Simulator from Apple Official App Store.



Keep your house clean and cozy. Chat with guests and treat them with strawberry cakes or slices of hot pizza. M-m-m, delicious! Take care of the baby as exemplary mother: feed from milk bottle, change diapers, bring toys to play with. Other words, enjoy the motherhood and make your baby calm and happy.

Open new doors and rooms in your house, where your virtual family can live. Explore and discover new ways to interact with family members.

This game is not a simple mother simulator, where you care about your baby only in an empty house. Here you can find more characters that need you and your assistance! Day after day you will face new activities, duties, funny situations, and more. Will you handle with multitasking of mother’s everyday life?

Customize your baby’s appearance the way you like. We have plenty of hairstyles and colors, baby clothes and skins so feel free to experiment and have fun!

Participate in weekly challenges with unique rewards, where you will test your skills, prove you are worthy of the title “Cool and clever mother” and make your virtual family be proud of you. We will be happy to hear about your achievements in mother simulator challenges!

Meet your husband after a day of hard work, make him feel comfortable and beloved. Pet your dog. Listen to the music. Eat sushi or fresh fruits. Play. Make yourself a cup of coffee. Get angry when everything is going out of control, make another cup of coffee after calming down. Be concentrated, be lazy, be happy mother or be a devil mother. These are your rules, your virtual world and your virtual family!

What do we offer in “Housewife: Mother Simulator” game:

  • Tons of baby skins and baby clothes;
  • Fancy jewels for mother;
  • Sensitive baby according to your actions – baby is upset when you do something wrong and baby is happy when you are an awesome mother;
  • Big virtual family with their own needs and dreams;
  • Simulator of mother duties and activities – prepare yourself for a true family life;
  • Weekly challenges with unique rewards and more.

Customize your baby’s appearance the way you like. Here you can find plenty of hairstyles and colors, so feel free to experiment and have fun!

Contact us at [email protected]
Agreement: http://www.skytecgames.com/terms-of-service.html
Privacy Policy: http://www.skytecgames.com/privacy-policy.html

Updated on 11th June 2023

What’s new in this release:

  • Game optimization
  • Fixed some bugs

Homemaker: Mother Simulator Review

Im in love with this game it is awesome in our case.

But we would like it if the babys diaper changes when the baby uses it and and have it ware the baby also can pee its diaper and the diaper changes when the baby pees in the diaper ware it is gray in the front or something if it is possible and we would also like it if the dog and the husband and the guest and the daughter had different clothes or looks you can choose.

We absolutely love the game!!! There are to many adds. We will do something for the baby and right after that theres an add. We wish that you could have 3 hints like a little light bulb on top of the screen and when you click it and lets you know where the key to a specific room is. We deleted this game a while ago bc of the adds but we recently downloaded it and it has an amazing update. We love how there are stares. We love that the people changed!! Love the game!!

We absolutely love mother simulator, but maybe think about not charging the supermarket we mean we have enough money, but our mom will never let us buy it so please when the other open soon, can you like not charge it?

Its a good game but the update kinda ruined it (my opinion) we liked it before because there was rounds and outside of the rounds you got to do role plays without them asking for things and now its kinda hectic.

We love this game but there is one thing about this game that the ADDS NEED TO STOP.

Why do you have to pay for traveling when you say you dont have to pay for it because you said you can travel your need to say that you can travel but you have to pay for it so you need to add a new update.

When we play this game, and the little pop up comes up and goes "watch this ad for a reward" and we want to politely decline, the ads at the bottom of our screen block the button so we are forced to watch an ad.

We used to play this on a Samsung, now we play it on an iPhone. The Samsung was a little glitchy, but the iPhone was very very very glitchy. Every time an add comes up, it automatically takes us out of the game. It also uses up a lot of storage and you would probably have to update your phone a million of times in order for you to be able to not worry about these bugs. We would definitely recommend to play this on a Samsung though.

We started playing the game and it was so boring so we deleted the game, but its ok and everything but thats just our opinion but u should still try the game because its not that bad.

So u need to make everything free cuz we luv the game but we dont want to play a game that wants us to buy 2 go 2 the store no no no no nooo!. All want is a good game to relax set back go to the store farm and other stuff but No luv the graphics so yeah oh and the game is like when we walk it stops us bye.

We used to have this game on our other phone and it was so much better they timed us we had to work for the other doors now we get all of them we hate it and why would they add a family the baby was already enough.

Great game but can you add some new things and take away some ads cause it sometimes bothers us and they can be inappropriate. Can you make a choice that you can be the baby, we think that will be fun. Can the husband do some things like ask for food or something. Can there be some things you have to keep your baby safe from. And lastly, can you go to work as a mother and have a bed time when you need to put the whole family to sleep. Good game and please consider our thoughts.

You need to make the dad help out and the daughter have chores.

Its fun but It gets boring really fast and the key to the hall way we never got it so we deleted it but over all it was fun bwcausw you take care of your baby and meet your family but we wish there was an outside Not just the back round but its good.

It sometimes doesnt work. Please fix it and it is fun but sometimes we dont like it ok be Iove the game A ok right.

So we started playing this game a few years ago, and we immediately fell in love with it! But, now it has ads and we cant play it without internet which was kinda disappointing BUT other than that we love the husband update and how the daughter can do more things. We just dont understand how we have the kitchen, living room, bathroom but not the hall! Like, where on earth is the key!!! Please someone answer us . But this game is really fun and interactive.

So we have an apple iPad and we’ve played this game by the time we were little. There were adds, but we really did not care. Now today that we got a iPad, we first downloaded that game. And first thing in the game was an add. We thought it was a first add thingy. But later on when we picked up an item, there was an add. And it kept happening and thats when we wrote this review. We absolutely LOVE the game, but the adds are kinda stressing us out by us playing the game. We really hope you read this and change the problem! Have a nice and amazing day!

Hi! So we dont play the game much cuz.. Well It gets Boring AT day 100! You have nothing Else to do But complete levels, WHATS The meaning of this!? Next Is The hall Key, Theres Many Complaints about This Cuz Its Hard to find, You need To Wait So long And get On higher Levels! Next Is the Husband, we didnt get him! Do you unlock him at the hall and He just Bops Out? Anyways Can you add Where you send the Baby To daycare and Go to work? We mean its mother simulator.. You need to do other things Then just Well, Take care Of your Child! Also can the baby be able to grow and Go to school? Thatd be helpful and our daughter can do things? Shes so lazy, And She Doesnt Do anything Then Just asks for a haircut! Can she do it herself and HELP you?! Thats all Ill edit in future Buh bye! Edit: Btw What are you even IMPROVING!? It doesnt tell whats added! Just say iMpRoVeD gAmEpLaY tell us what you are adding! IT DOESNT HELP AT ALL.

We like the game it just has so much ads every single task that we do a ad appears and the baby should be able to be on the floor.

We really miss the old version where the husband would sit ont he couch and you brought stuff to him and the baby was like needy 24/7 because now you have 100 other people that need stuff when they can get up and do it themselves its not really helpful and we dont like it. Also please fix this becuase whenever we went to feed our friend cake she didnt take it and kept getting angry. We had the right thing and it said place down so we knew what we were doing. Please fix this and make it like the old version we love your game btw.

We love this game it is very fun to play but we hate when you do something then it gives you an ad its kinda annoying us so we can only play for like 30 seconds at a time because we rage quit because of the ads.

Okay we said this game looks great and we started playing its great for when bored or in mood for rolplay however its extremely stereotype the husband cant do anything himself and the mother has to give him the ball or coffee he also does Not help out and if its meant to be realist its not like sure little girl might play it bc they want to be a mommy! But its really just telling them you do all the work because your husband is standing there or sitting when you barely have time to use the toilet? Its fun we suppose butextremely stereotype like what? It would be getting 4 or 5 stars if it was not because of this.

This game made us lag and it has to much ads like every time we push a button or pick up stuff it pops up an add it so annoying and it didnt let us leave the game and we also had trouble with the baby needs to change his diaper the baby needs to play with everything every second and we hate when the dad needs help to pick up the ball who needs help picking up a ball? Anyways it was gLiChInG so bad on our iPad It didnt even pick up the buttons we havent even played for an hour and maybe the whole thing we have been playing was just adds we recommend you do not play this game AT ALLLL.

Im playing the days but Im past 100 days and still have not found the dad or the hall key the door is still locked even tho we had all of the rooms but still no hallway plz answer our question about the hall key and dad. Next is the suggestions for the app. Plz make so the baby can grow up. Plz make more rooms make things less expensive. Plz make all of the rooms unlocked for us and our sis we are dying to get all of the sections in the Plz write back developers also we know Im not the only one thats thinking about this if you answer our question we will be glad and play the game from 2am to 1am luv the game add more animals(Edit)Still no hall key plz help.

Im so happy to see this and Im thankful that you were there for us.

Make it ware the baby also can pee in its diaper and have it she that the baby has used its diaper wile the diaper is on the baby.

Us and our daghter has been playing this for about 1 year. She is just 5 asking for the game every single day this makes her smarter and stronger Im getting a phone for her birthday so she can play this game also we love it its a great game!!

We love your game it tells us how hard it is to be a mother.

Play this game it is really fun to play it now Download it.

This is the best game ever!!!!!!

App is amazing. Here are some issues we have with the game: too many ads fell like there is an add every 3 seconds there are too many ads we dont mind them but way to many. We also dont understand why the hall is not unlocked. If it is still being worked on then we understand it but please unlock it soon. Why does the game keep freezing. That is all. Over all the all is amazing we highly recommend it if you like to role play as a mom. -Kennashay Pilgram.

Maybe no kid and a baby girl that and maybe she can have free clothes in her room and you can pick who you are.

It is so fun and we love it and it is a really good game to show your kids how. Hard mothers work.

We are not sure if we love the ads on your next update could you take out some of the ads. We I love this game because you get to a mommy and there is a huge house and you unlock new rooms it is so much fun and you get two kids and a dog and a father and we hope you like this game and bye we love you.

Baby cant grow up in game. We want baby grow up. We dont want girls.

We love you so so very so very so much and Im sorry for all your pain but Im really glad that youre feeling better today bye love.

If you play this games in the future you will be a great mom ! Play!

We LOVE THISSS GAME we CANNOT BELIEVE we DELETED IT, we definitely recommend this for everything but there is a lot of challenges you face, but still its amazing!

So umm basically we used to play this but we deleted it and we downloaded it yesterday it wasnt the same as last time because now you have access to everything instead of having to work for it! Pls tell us its just for a limited time because we really liked it back than now you just dont really do the work ! :):(

You cant actually go to the places you watch adds for and we were so excited to go to the mall with our friend so we watched an add and it didnt do anything but fill our happiness but in real life we were sad because we wanted to actually go places please please please change this and make us actually go places.

We love this game but it needs more to do you know and the dad needs to do something thank you for reading.

Its one of our favorite games but its sooooooo glitchy when we play we cant play for more than 10 minutes without it turning off , logging us out, or just stopping. So if you can fix that please do.

Love this game but there are a lot of ads so we think Ill give this game 4 starts bc of the ads.

We love this game its so much fun. But we cant find the key to the hall. Can you please tell us where it is?

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