House Designer : Fix & Flip

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House Designer : Fix & Flip

House Designer : Fix & Flip

House Designer : Fix & Flip is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sergey Kizima, House Designer : Fix & Flip is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th August 2018 with the latest update 3rd February 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of House Designer : Fix & Flip ?

14,968 people have rated 1.101

What is the price of the House Designer : Fix & Flip ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the House Designer : Fix & Flip released ?

House Designer : Fix & Flip was released on 17th August 2018.

When was the House Designer : Fix & Flip updated ?

The latest updated date of House Designer : Fix & Flip on 3rd February 2022.

Where can House Designer : Fix & Flip be downloaded ?

You can download the game House Designer : Fix & Flip from Apple Official App Store.



Play House Designer: Fix and Flip today – a fun simulator game of house renovation where you can realize all your home design fantasies into reality. Try yourself in the role of house flipper.

Interior designer
Do you like interior design?
In House Designer you can buy a house and do experiments with home design and express your creativity in it. There is a lot of selection of house furniture, beds, chairs, tables, bath and kitchen furniture, painting and other decor items.
Upgrade your skills and polish your amazing abilities as an interior decorator.

Buy, Fix & Flip
Buy devastated houses, repair them and upgrade their design. Give them a second life and live in them or sell with profit. Earn a fortune in house flipping.

Renovate work
Perform tasks for cleaning and designing houses and other interesting locations.

Download House Designer: Fix and flip and become the best house flipper and designer of the county!

Premium subscription.
Enjoy the game and get bonuses:

  1. 20% discount on in-game items
  2. Pay for work 50% higher
  3. More varied jobs
    Make your life easier with premium access:
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  • The paid subscription is divided into the 3 types: weekly, monthly and yearly.
  • A week paid subscription costs $7.99. Month – $19.99. Year – $99.99.
  • Payment will be charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
  • You can cancel the subscription or a free trial at any time, but at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. OTHERWISE, it will be automatically renewed.
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Updated on 3rd February 2022

In this update, we have redesigned and added new bathroom items. Added the ability to change the taps on the sinks and turn on the water in them. Fixed known bugs.

House Designer : Fix & Flip Review

This game is amazing! The only problems that we have with it is that it sometimes takes a while to load all of the dirt spots and it takes us more time to finish a job.

Can you guys bring back the grass? The houses look better with grass, if you guys do Ill be very happy! Thanks.

This is fun if u love playing house design then download this.

We rly like this game! It’s very fun and we’ve been playing for a while. One teensy tiny thing that we miss (it’s rly not that big of a deal) is how selling furniture items used to take a few less seconds. It’s rly the smallest thing ever but yea. Anyways this is a very good game.

We live this game we play it all day during school idk what we would play without it. We do wish the were different house with different tasks like its the same houses with the exact same things over and over again. Other than that we have nothing bad to say about the game.

Pretty good game well organized and thought out. :)

Still love this game but we wish there was more stuff added, where you can change colors to everything, different pets, different houses, different jobs etc.

It might be confusing at first but once you really figure it out its so much fun he asks you get to make homes you dream of!

Es el mejor juego que e jugado.

We love this game it has no adds and all the jobs are so easy and fun we love all the houses as well.

We really want a search so when we cant find something we can find, soooo everything else good. P.S. Please add a search PLEASE IM BEGGING U.

You should put breaking walls and placing wall where we want. Also we should be able to drive the car anywhere in our own garage and out of the garage. And make the work different every time please.

We LOVE this game it SO good , At first you have a small crusty house then you fix it by buying things with the money you earn it AMAZING KEEP IT UP.

Id like to Able to open refrigerators, use cars walk the neighborhood honestly it would make the game a lot more cozy but we absolutely love it.

This is really good game. Straightforward and to the point with how to get things done. No ads no extra stuff to earn coins. Just wanted to know if there were anymore updates? Android OS has more items and the shop section. Also some recommendations: Maybe adding a search for the furniture to find things faster. Work tasks dont include the bigger houses in the realty section. Maybe options to change the layout of a home by knocking walls down or build some up. Some the layouts are weird but not an issue. Thanks.

This game is so fun and addictive our whole family has it this is so much fun.

It is so fun and we love that Im able to decorate as we please! We recommend this to anyone who likes cleaning and interior design! Im obsessed.

This game is awesome. We love it!!

This was the first time we had seen a good game with good graphics we really enjoyed playing it.

We got this game long long time ago because we love home shows and fixing this game did not work out for us at first but we knew how to play now Im working on a house now and it will be. Cool.

We played this game earlier in our life and we couldnt remember the name. When we saw the game we got so happy, we downloaded do freaking fast.

We’ve been a fan of this game for a while now. We still love playing it, but we miss some of the older features such as: light switches turning the lights on and off, being able to put plants wherever, etc. We like that youve added some new items and can use the tap, etc. It would really be awesome if you could change the light switch controls, and the ability to place plants and other items wherever without it blocking us from doing so. Anyway, great game, cant wait to see whats next, and hoping to see some old features reintroduced!

So, this isnt like a regular house design. You dont have to do random puzzles just to be able to decorate once. Theres also hardly no ads! Definitely reccomend.

We like this game it is fun we like to design thank you for this game it is fun to play when bored.

Ok so this is really small but can you make it where it goes day and night day and night? We know its really small but please? And can you add people? Or multiplayer? It would be awesome if you did this.

We like this game but sometimes it gets old. We hate the bug where it gets rid of things you have recently placed or bought. We just bought the wife garage door which is sooooo expensive and when we came back to play agin it was gone and so was our money that we used to buy the door.

Please update the game to where you can add on to the home. Like another bedroom or something like that and put more options on kids stuff and household items. You should make it to where you can play with other and actually sell your home to them or rent it to them.

We wanted a game on our switch like this it was 25 dollars our mom didnt let us get it and our sister told us that this was the game to have we love its our favorite game hat it aka Im not an npc by the way we love it and an npc is a robot.

We only had it a day and we LOVE IT It could use a bit of speed in the walking paste but other wise this is awesome!

We’ve only had this this game for a day, and we’ve already had a problem. The beginning is okay. You get some money for cleaning the house and selling other things, but its just not enough. We renovated only the walls in 1 room and the floors for 2 rooms. Then we only had 50 coins left and we didnt have enough money to do anything. And there wasnt any way to earn money so we could renovate more. If yall could somehow add a mini game (that wouldnt have to be played all the time ) to get some extra money instead of paying 100s of dollars to get anywhere that would be great.

We like this game so much BUT one thing we would change is that you can actually go a bit farther than youre own house and also drive in your car. Other than that it is pretty great.

This game is so fun to play. We love that it has no ads. We think a search bar in the store would be nice because sometimes we cant find something or it just takes us a while to find the item that we need. Other than that, this game is 10/10.

Omg its sooo good we lets us do a bunch of things we like to do!

Love the game, but as many are saying the same jobs make it boring. Also the light switch used to control the lights but dont anymore?? Can we get that back??

Game is amazing but it would be so much better if we could have avatars that we see to do more task like cook and swim along with the animals listen to the commands more and for the pets to be able to use the pet items you buy them like beds or toys :)

It is a very good game we like it but we think they should add where you can search up the item because it takes forever to find that item.

We love your games it is so fun we real want to be rich on this game our friends Id richer hen me.

Im obsessed with this game. The jobs give you a fair amount of coins and the furniture and items are a decent price. We spend too much time playing this game. We just hope that new items will be available over time so we dont get bored of the same items, colors and options. But as for now, we just recently got it and im having a lot of fun playing it.

We like try to imagine what kind of people live in the house based off the quest items its fun to see the different kinds of rooms you are asked to make we hope it continues to stay non-repetitive.

Love the game but would love if you added more housesssss and more items to place in the house.

Its super relaxing, we play it 24/7. Perfect for when you are bored. We have nothing else to say its that good. 10/10 recommended.

This game is good now and so freaking realistic , we stop playing this game a year ago and we decide to play again and now this game is just so realistic .

Please give more jobs and houses, more tools as well.

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