Human Gun!

Last updated on May 29th, 2023 at 08:45 pm

Human Gun!

Human Gun!

Human Gun! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Rollic Games Oyun Yazilim ve Pazarlama Anonim Sirketi, Human Gun! is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 21st September 2022 with the latest update 21st April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Human Gun! ?

5,527 people have rated 3.8

What is the price of the Human Gun! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Human Gun! released ?

Human Gun! was released on 21st September 2022.

When was the Human Gun! updated ?

The latest updated date of Human Gun! on 21st April 2023.

Where can Human Gun! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Human Gun! from Apple Official App Store.



Hey you, hold on! We’ve added new features for you to get the best experience when playing Human Gun!. Don’t forget to update!

Updated on 21st April 2023

Bug? Eww! But worry not! We have called our exterminators (aka, developers) to fix the issues affecting your player experience.

Human Gun! Review

Im so delighted to view the little figure of a soldiers head striking at all counterpart’s in this world of war and adventures that are there in without any hesitations.

The amount of ads in the game make it unplayable, if you close out of the app it doesnt even save your progress. Be better.

Good concept but we paid to get the ads removed and still got ads and cant even contact anyone to help about it.

This game is really great but we already completed the game we have all the guns and we always win its kinda boring now so can you pls try to make more guns and make the levels maybe a bit harder.

In another update can you add more guns?

This is a really good game we could play it for hours! Thanks for fixing a lot of the bugs like the one where you get the dragon gun, and a few other things in the game! The only thing bad is the adds but there are not to many we would say.

When we purchased the no ads, we continue to have ads, there is no restore purchase option. If we were you Id recomend not making a purchase from this company ever.

We purchased it yet Im still getting ads every time. If youre going to take money for it atleast hold up your end and remove ads.

We have the same problem with R7Baller we cant even play we only have 1 Guy, you mean 1 gay gu we cant even play all u need to do is play a bonus level to get your gun back, FIX IT NOW!

We’ve been playing for this game for a long time and when we finished a level and going to the next level, it says level 0. That bug needs to be fixed, but overall we love this game.

When we use dragon skin the game doesnt work but when we use the normal one it works.

We love the game, but we did notice a glitch or a bug we were playing the game, after one of the levels, it set us at level zero and we could not collide with anything. We think this is a fun game, but that bug needs to be fixed.

We really like this game, its fun and ads arent forced, we made a goal saying that we would complete the game by getting to the end and unlocking all guns. However, we wasnt able to. By the time we finished the ad to get the Blue Dragon skin, our game was bugged. We were a normal blue stick figure and everything wasnt effecting our character. We reloaded the game and nothing worked, we really hope the devs fix this so we can finally finish what we started.

Lots of fun but we paid for ad free and nothing changed. Tried buying multiple times but says we already purchased. Would be a 5 star if the ad free worked.

We downloaded this game and it is a blast!! We wanted to get rid of ads so we paid the 2.99 and it processed through but now it wont let us use the no ads button and we still have ads so we spent 2.99 on nothing.. Wish they could help us with this.

We also got the dragon gun and after that level it restarted our progress and tried everything we could to get it back but it would not work so please fix this stupid glitch its getting annoying.

We understand that these addictive games you se on ads are supposed to have some ads but this is rediculous. Its not even a game! Its a long progression of nonstop ads. We never write reviews but this game is a solid waste of time and treats the players like a money printer for how many ads they watch. Dont get this game!

We bought the ad remover and it doesnt even work.

We have this game for about 2 days now and loved it, it was really good overall and satisfying aswell. But problems arises as soon as we unlocked the dragon gun and we would spawn in as a single guy and couldnt collect more people, destroy anything, get money, or anything. The game wouldnt end either because you can go through anything and everything!? We can no longer progress or get new things because it just broke? We tried restarting the game and even our phone and still nothing happened, we thought it was a glitch that only happened once but then it didnt stop happening. Please fix this glitch because we had over 4 million and almost every gun and now we cant continue the game.

Tried to buy the add free version for 2.99$. It ate our money and still have ads. Even when trying to purchase it again it we get a warning from apple saying we’ve already bought it, and that we can get it again for free. Dont recommend trying.

We had to delete it and reinstall it.

The snake gun is broken it breaks your game so you are a man.

Had fun playing the game got to the dragon gun and now Im just phasing threw everything.

This game is great and addictive but we have noticed a bug. If you equip the blue dragon skin the level changes to level zero and you have one Stickman. Also, you cannot collide with anything. We hope the devs will se this and fix it. The rating on this review is real, not fake so the devs or anyone else will see it. This game is very fun.

This game is a lot of fun but we purchased the no ads for 2.99 and we still get ads. So thats fun.

This game is pretty fun to play. Its far from perfect admittedly, but it still does its job fairly well. We managed to get every gun and unlock every skin, and we felt pretty satisfied with it. But things got a little strange recently. We managed to reach a level titled Level 0 and we were constantly in a pistol state with only 1 stickman. All we could do was run, we couldnt get more stickmen to make a more powerful gun, the addition doors didnt change anything, and the obstacles couldnt stop us. Eventually we got to the end of the stage, and the only thing we could bump into were the safes. We thought we would stop at the rocket ship at the very end, but we just couldnt stop running. We managed to break the games boundaries after reaching level 0. Even closing and restarting the game wasnt enough to fix this issue.

Horrible game. We bought to remove ads but we still got ads. The progress it extremely slow and the only way to speed it up to is watch more ads and even then its still slow. We ran into a bug that whenever we started it would just glitch out and spawn one running man and nothing happened in game if we ran into an obstacle or got more people. Its a horrible game.

It says you have mail and then takes you to a knock-off of Amazon called amaznon then will ask you some questions about your age and your device then says you won a free iPad. Then its asks for your ip so they can send you the iPad but the comments on the website said they didnt win anything and its not real Amazon so just avoid this game if you dont want to be tracked.

Instead of starting with a gun we start with a character just run through the whole level without dying please fix this.

Devs dont care, paid 3 dollars just to play the game and Im still getting adds every move we do, and they are like 30 seconds each.. Disappointing and predatory.

Once we unlock the dragon gun everything breaks it says Im at level 0 we walk through the walls we dont collect the people its all broken! We enjoy this game a lot so please fix this!!!!!

The game is good but it glitched on level 100 its just a blue stickman running and teleporting through stuff.

We want to play the game without internet but we cant cuz yall want ads and we dont have money to purchase no ads or stuff like that so pls add a no internet mode also we dont like ads.

We gave it this review because we bought the no adds pass and Im still getting adds. We gave it that extra star because its the game from the family guy clips.

Game glitched us out and we lost all of our guns so we had to delete it and redownload and now we have nothing but a stupid pistol.

We were playing then it set us to lvl 1 and we couldnt do anything and we uninstalled and reinstalled and had to start over.

Our game for some reason isnt loading in the people and we just phase through everything without taking any damage.

The guns wont appear it only goes up to heavy LMG.

The new guns are not working and so many ads fix the new guns and add new levels.

You literally cannot use the new weapons they wont work and when u get past lmf its only log even though we have them equipped.

U cant use the new guns and too many adds u greedy yittleyankas.

We cant play a single level without an ad. It would be alright if we could just close the application or put it on airplane mode but we cant.

This game is super silly and we enjoy it greatly. We havent even played the game yet but we already know it will win best game of 2023. Amazing job.

There are to many adds to many pop ups.

We legit watched 5 ads in a row before playing one run!

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