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Idle Horse Racing

Idle Horse Racing

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Idle Horse Racing! Developed by the innovative team at Zepni Ltd., this Entertainment game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 10th April 2020, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 3rd June 2020.

Are you a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Simulation games? Then Idle Horse Racing is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Idle Horse Racing

Over 1,571 players have rated Idle Horse Racing. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Idle Horse Racing Cost?

Good news! You can download Idle Horse Racing on your iOS device absolutely free!

Idle Horse Racing Release Date

Eager to know when Idle Horse Racing first graced the App Store? It was launched on 10th April 2020.

When Was Idle Horse Racing Last Updated?

The latest version of Idle Horse Racing was updated on 3rd June 2020, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Idle Horse Racing?

To get started with Idle Horse Racing, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Idle Horse Racing

Come and race your hoses in this fun, cute and adorable idle game.

Start with a pony and upgrade them by combining them into faster horses.

Unlock cool items and objects for your stadium to improve your coin earnings.

Earn money even when you are offline or away. Discover all kinds of pony and horse species from the stable.

Be a horse racing tycoon, race and win the grand prize!

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Idle Horse Racing updated on 3rd June 2020:

  • 4 new horses have been added for you to collect!

User Reviews on Idle Horse Racing

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Idle Horse Racing below:

Its alright, good for long car rides or being bored UwU.

This game is so fun and awesome for someone who loves horses this is awesome if anyone does not have this game GET IT!

Its a great app we love horses thIs game is to good to be true.

We love the horses and all the ways to get them this is the perfect game to get. The horses are so cute and we love it. Never able to go another game again since download. So fun it is a serious problem.

We LOVE horses and this is the perfect thing to do in our free time! Everytime you unlock a new horse you get an adorable little buddy! We love the art and think the developers did a great job!

Omg this app is amazing we toataly think you should get it its like merge mention but for horse girl yes download it nowwwe.

This is sooooo good there are so many horses to colect.

This is the best game ever you can breed and unlock horses! And many more!!

This app is our favorite app in the hole world please keep making app like this and more horse apps because horses are our favorite animal and our favorite thing to do is ride horses.

So we’ve been playing this game for about a 3 weeks now. We love horses so we downloaded this game we were a little surprised that there isnt a thoroughbred then again Im not done with the game Im on level 28 horse 16 almost to 17 lol Great game!!!

We love horses and this game is the best. We played it for an hour strait. You have to get it!

Ok lets start most people who get horse games want a cute good quality horse game but doing that takes work HARD work so there arent a lot of them but when we got this we LOVED IT!!! We couldnt put it down we had it three years later to this day! Few adds which we love! And very addicting our rate five out of five!


This game is AWESOME! The horses are so cute we just got a fjord! This is a REALLY good game for the little ones who like horses ! So we would get it! As we said the horses cute and beautiful! PONYS PONYS PONYS!

Im pretty easy to get board but this app is so much fun we can not wait to play more and t only got it a couple minutes ago!

This is a good game we love it so much you have to play it.

This game must be the best game you could ever want! THE HORSES THOUGH! The horses are cute like very cute but Make them look like they are not running over the horse they are beating? To much to ask for? Also the adds! We would pay for VIP but we cant:( Make it less Expensive? The ads get us all the time.. Just make a free pony game that cost nothing. Also all your horses in your field could race all at once? Is this too much? Horse limit is kinda making us stressed Any ways love this game great work on the Horses they are sooo cute! OH WAIT!! The levels! They are hard to level up ( POV. Just started ) But really The levels are hard to Level The Game is fun to play. Its awesome Any ways love u making! ( THE FJORD AND PAINT HORSE, AND ALL THE OTHERS ARE MAH FAVORITE)

We love this game it is so fun we definitely recommend, but we wish they would add more horses but we 100 recommend.

We are going to have a wonderful time with our new game it is so wonderful.

If you in joy Merch game with horses this is the game for you we strongly advise it!

We love this game! However, we would like more racetracks to choose grime like a flower themed one for example. We would also like a lot more horses Have a good day to anyone reading this!

We love this game and we cannot log off after we get in we can play it all day.

This game is amazing!!! We love the graphics and how cute the horses are and we just love it!!! We do have some suggestions for future updates however. Maybe instead of having just one world where all the different kinds of horses live maybe you could have multiple and like throughout the game you collect like shards or something and once you get enough you can unlock any world of you choosing there could be an unicorn one a Pegasus one maybe one for each element (Fire, water, earth, air, lighting, space, ice) stuff like that. Also note there are some players that arent really into the whole pink and glitter and magic thing (Info discovered form other reviews) so maybe allow the player to choose what world to unlock whether its the unicorn one or a elemental one. We think thatd be really cool and would add a lot to the game.

This is the best game ever for horse lovers! The graphics are so Chiba and cute, we love the music and it is very addicting, Im glad it includes unicorns as well. Very nice game.

This game is super fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We have been playing this game for a while now and it is the best game. We mean it is hard which is a good thing for a long car ride,also the horses are the cutest thing ever! The graphics are great and we love the music. It is definitely a game we can come to if Im having a bad day to be almost instantly turned around. We would highly recommend this game to any horse lovers out there are the number 6 horse is our favorite so far because it look almost exactly like a horse we ride in real life but we have out grown her but she is the sweetest. But keep up the great work!

Absolutely love this game! Our favorite horse is the Shetland pony. So cute!

Look, we love this game but a few things. We wish there where more breeds. Also we want levels too. That is all we want. Thank you!

This game has us hooked . We’ve Ben playing for two hours. Just maybe not have so many magical horses. A few are fine, but there are alot.

We like this game is so fun but the only thing that we dont like is it used a lot adds but we still like it.

Purchased VIP so our youngster could play with out ads, 2.99 to remove forced ads, exactly what it said. Kid loves it, its her money she wanted to spend, never removed the ads. Was definitely not impressed, especially when the repeat forced ad she was watching to earn bonuses was for hormone replacement and sexual wellness. Otherwise kid thinks its a great game but its a rip off if you think VIP actually removes any ads. If it did what it said would be a 5 star rating. So be warned.

Its an ok game Im at level 26 but its not that fun why is there only a small amount of horses in total we have level 15 horse but its not the game isnt speaking out its game contents.

This game was fun and it was really cool to see all the horses! One of our favorite horse breeds is a Fjord horse so that was fun! But we do not recommend playing this game. We have had this game for a LONG time and it was NOT rewording at all to finish it. The game has to surprise, no great job you finished the game it was as if the game never finishes. We got the last horse hoping it would be this High tech, teal and black horse, maybe on a hoverboard but really it was just some weird horse. Anyway our point is there should be some reward other than a banner and a new horse. Thank you for listening to our opinion and please use your time wisely.

We actually had a good time playing this game! Collected over 500 trillion. Turned on our game today and and it was down to 50 billion. There is no point in playing this game if you are going to loose what you worked for.

We would DEFINITELY recommend this game! We do have some suggestions though for the next update. Maybe instead of always spending coins could you add a thing we could tap to get trailers? That would make it so much easier and better for players. Thats really all except for adding more horses but we figured you would later. This is a great game and you should get it.

This game is the best we love it.

There is no better horse game than this one. It is our favorite horse racing game ever.

Oh our god this game is so cute we love that the ponies are running and we love that there more and more ponies to unlock so recommend for horse lovers!

Good game. But takes forever to level up. Would be better if there were more ways to earn coins. Make the purchasing of additional horses less money. We reached level 24. Next update make new horses customizable ones?

Saw an ad for this game, and as somebody really into horses we instantly downloaded. Its really cutely designed and fun, its a very simple concept, but we found myself interested in unlocking horses just to see what the next one would be! Sometimes its slow getting coins, but if it was too fast, thered be no satisfaction to get the next reward! Very cute game. Id love to see more horses added in the future!

Advert boosters dont work on us boosters do t work cant watch advertising and get bonuses or X ups.

This is a great game we would recommend it so.

We love this game! Its super fun and adorable! We are level 22 And we just started like 2 days ago! But why did you have to make magical horses? :/ Not every horse loving girl likes magic. We have loved horses since we were about 2 But we never really cared for Unicorns or Pegasus. We do like water horses though. But its just annoying because we finished all of the normal horse breeds (I just got the Percheron and idk if we spelled that right) and next it looks like a Pegasus. Its so annoying how people think that girls like pink and glitter and magic but no not all of them do. We personally HATE pink and glitter and magic (other then sirens and water horses) So please make like a normal mode and a magic mode where we can pick if we want to do normal horses or magic ones because the magic ones made us rate this is a 3 1/2 :/ Edit: Um this is supposed to be a kids game right? Like maybe 12 and under? If its a kids game.. Why is there an ad for cutting chicken.. We dont know if this is just us bc the store the ad is for is in our town but still.. What kid cuts a whole chicken By themselves? Idk its just confusing.. Also The garden scapes or house scapes ad is fake. Its like a toon blast kind of game not a pull the pin or choose the right one to survive! So dont let them fool you. Anyways we love this game so much!

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