Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games

Last updated on June 6th, 2023 at 05:55 pm

Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games

Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzle Games

Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Easybrain Ltd, Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games is a Board game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th June 2018 with the latest update 2nd June 2023

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games ?

802,382 people have rated 3.6.0

What is the price of the Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games released ?

Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games was released on 26th June 2018.

When was the Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games updated ?

The latest updated date of Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games on 2nd June 2023.

Where can Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games be downloaded ?

You can download the game Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games from Apple Official App Store.



Get an engaging experience with one of the world’s most-downloaded jigsaw puzzle games from a top developer! Jigsaw Puzzles is an addictive, easy to play game with over 13,000 FREE cute HD pictures. No points, no gimmicks, and no missing pieces, simply enjoy hours of fun putting puzzles together to calm down and relax.

Created by game experts and played by millions of puzzle lovers worldwide, Jigsaw Puzzles helps you exercise your short-term memory and concentration, while passing the time with real puzzles and without taking up as much room.


· Tons of free beautiful, high quality pictures. Choose from a variety of categories such as Colors, Flowers, Nature, Animals, Art, Landmarks, Hard Puzzles and others
· Daily free puzzle. Get a new puzzle every day and collect them all!
· Coins for exclusive content. Get coins by completing jigsaw puzzles. Spend them to get exclusive puzzles and collections!
· Seasonal events. Take part in game events and collect unique postcards
· Mystery puzzles. Challenge yourself to reveal what is hidden in a picture
· Daily updated gallery. You’ll never run out of free puzzles
· Helpful hints. Use Hint to match the next piece to the puzzle if you are stuck
· Up to 400 puzzle pieces. The more pieces, the harder your game becomes
· Rotation mode. Turn on rotation, make the game more tricky
· Custom backgrounds. Choose your favorite appearance to play with more pleasure.

Make every day relaxing and fun putting puzzle pieces together!

Updated on 2nd June 2023

  • Performance and stability improvements

We read all your reviews and always try to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements. Make every day a happy day putting puzzle pieces together!

Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games Review

Always enjoy solving each puzzle!

This game is so fun! Can yall make more games like this please? We do not have puzzles at home. So now we can do puzzles on our phone! Puzzles are our jam! Thanks Sincerely, Hayden F.

We love doing the puzzles but the 400 pieces take to long. Id rather have 65-250. Thank you.

So fun thank you very much Really enjoyed putting your puzzles together. They are beautiful and fun. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

Love working puzzles.. Hate interruptions.

We love this app! Great selection of puzzles and we love having our completed puzzles recorded and saved. Doing puzzles relaxes us and as silly as it sounds, we LOVE the soundsthe pings when pieces fit and the triumphant trill that indicates our puzzle is complete! These puzzles have saved us during the pandemic because otherwise we probably would have a houseful of real puzzles with no place to put them alland of course thousands and thousands of puzzle pieces to keep track of. This app is perfect. Thank you! (That said, we do dislike the adsthey are annoying to the max!). As an aside, our husband is not the puzzler so your kind response to our review was to the wrong person thats okI know its confusing and not personal! LOL!

We like the puzzles and the app but we are not pleased with the amount of ads. Its like every five pieces theres an ad.


Fun but there are so many ads, like after 3 or 4 pieces slid into place. AND the ads hijack your phone for 30-60 seconds before you can X out of that and get back to the puzzle.

Ads kick in every few puzzle pieces and take forever, most dont have skip button very annoying !

Played two puzzles ads at the end of them. Ok fine its annoying but whatever on the third we didnt even get the border done and our game got interrupted by 4 ads.

Been playing for a couple years now, havent played in a few months, now the add have doubled and are about 20% longer,

We searched no Wi-Fi games puzzle and found this. It didnt work offline. Thats already a big disappointment. Also, wanna know what else is a disappointment? The ads. The people who saw this app on an ad thought that it didnt have ads because the ad for the game said that, but when they installed it, they saw an ad and uninstalled the game. Just please make the ads real. We’ve seen apps that look different from their ads. This failure reminds us of that.

There is an add about every two minutes its absolutely crazy.

Ads interrupt the game too often and for too long. If you really want to engage players keep the ads to 10 seconds and play them twice, at the most, during the game. You wont make money from your ads if you alienate players.

We timed it. For 60 seconds of play, there are 60 seconds of ads. Far too many. We dont mind paying for an app by watching ads, but this app has excessive interruptions for it to be fun to play. The app would be fun, but for the excessiveness and constant intrusion of ads.

We love everything about this, and we are SO happy we dont have to pay to use this app! We just have one suggestion for a category. Perhaps countries? For example, we are learning Germans and Russian, and would really love to visit those countries (after the war ofc) and maybe there could be puzzles for landscapes in those countries and more? Like maybe every few days add a new country? And maybe start with Germany, Russia, and Switzerland first, and so and so on, you add more. Thank you for reading all the way over here.

Enjoy the puzzles but maybe not for long. Way too many adds.

It is pretty fun and its one of our favorites.

Love this app, is so relaxing and colorful.

Important buildings or parks or events or even of important people. Presidents that have died like the Kennedys.

This puzzle gams is very relaxing. We downloaded it after a serious illness that was going to be on going. Only thing we did was buy the game to end the adds. Before that, we had to watch an add about every 4-5 puzzle pieces. Now there are no adds and we play at our own pace. Love this jigsaw puzzle game.

We did a surprise puzzle and it turned out to be one of our favorite puzzles here Im so glad we got this app on our phone we really like it whoever made this game we are a fan of and we mean we really am a fan of that so people that did not do this game should try it out its super fun this is an amazing game we love it so much!! This is the best gameEver seriously this is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fun puzzles with a variety of styles and colors.

There arent many adds, and there are so many puzzles to choose from.

We love this game because its calming.

The game has like how many pieces are there and size. We are not going to lie but we like it . Idk why people dont like or love it . Glitches? Maybe hm .

So we were looking for a jigsaw puzzle game that we could actually buy and not be bothered with the ads. Theres a lot of them out there and some we didnt like to set up some didnt offer add free and then we found this one after playing we realize that the pieces that are in the tray or two different sizes, which puzzled us.. Pun intended.. They just happen to have updated the app two hours ago. We probably wont notice any difference being we just started.

All kinds of fun , different challenges, you pick . Your expert level you decide. The more you do , the better at it you become . Warning , very addictive.

We have spent so many hours of our time playing this game. Its the best way to relax after a stressful day! Its definitely worth it to buy ad-free, as everything else in the game can be purchased with in-game coins that arent hard to get. If youre an avid jigsaw fan like we am, youll get tons of coins in no time by just putting puzzles together. It also offers quite a lot of flexibility for how people enjoy doing their puzzles. You can toggle piece rotation on/off, choose the amount of pieces, and more! By far the best on the App Store. Not another one like it!

Theres always one or more pictures well worth working on.

It calms us down when Im in a bad mood, its relaxing to play when your bored with all its fun cat puzzles and more.

We have found our favorite thing. We love this as much as when a child. So addictive and fun. We have to keep plugging our iPad in for its so hard to stop. We have retina problem of both eyes so its a problem for a bit after. Not going to let it stop us. We recommend these puzzles for everyone, great therapy. We wish there were more additions to the Art puzzles, especially the ones that do not cost! You have three to one or more that you have to buy. Not good! Another later complaint. Why do you put locks on 7 out of 9 puzzles? Very unfairone might think you want to be paid for every good puzzle & you do. We love the Event Puzzles & wish there were one every month or more. New: Many times & frequently.. More than frequently, our screen goes black after we finish a puzzle & we are not allowed to claim our coins. What are these coins for? What are they used for? Never has this been explained. We enjoy this game especially the events though Art puzzles are our favorite. You have far too many paint brushes, flowers etc. That are plainly not art. Thank you. All the Event puzzles are repeated from last year. Please send new ones as the repeats are very boring. Thank you.

Had to delete app hopefully to get back to our game. An offer for money wouldn’t go away!

We dont usually pay for game apps, but we did for this one. There are some puzzles you have to unlock but no big deal because you get points when you finish puzzles which you can use to unlock those other puzzles. Im glad we happened upon this particular game!

We love this app and had to give it 5 stars because its the best jigsaw puzzle app we could find. That being said, we cant even get through one puzzle without it causing our whole phone to lag and heat up. We’ve tried restarting our phone but any time we use the app it just freaks out. Im still using it because its great otherwise but its a bit frustrating.

These puzzles are wonderful! They are beautiful, diverse and we enjoy completing them. This is the only puzzle we like as there is a variety of pictures to choose from and such beautiful scenes! One request we would like to see more lighthouses, single ones and another set or sets added to the Landmarks category. Thank you for the many hours of relaxing we have experienced. LadyK3.

Ads are locking up the game. They dont allow you to get back to the game.

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