Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games

Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games


Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Easybrain Ltd, Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games is a Board game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 26th June 2018 with the latest update 29th March 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Puzzle, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


676,811 people have rated 2.11.0

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Get an engaging experience with one of the world’s most-downloaded jigsaw puzzle games from a top developer! Jigsaw Puzzles is an addictive, easy to play game with over 13,000 FREE cute HD pictures. No points, no gimmicks, and no missing pieces, simply enjoy hours of fun putting puzzles together to calm down and relax.

Created by game experts and played by millions of puzzle lovers worldwide, Jigsaw Puzzles helps you exercise your short-term memory and concentration, while passing the time with real puzzles and without taking up as much room.


· Tons of free beautiful, high quality pictures. Choose from a variety of categories such as Colors, Flowers, Nature, Animals, Art, Landmarks, Hard Puzzles and others
· Daily free puzzle. Get a new puzzle every day and collect them all!
· Coins for exclusive content. Get coins by completing jigsaw puzzles. Spend them to get exclusive puzzles and collections!
· Seasonal events. Take part in game events and collect unique postcards
· Mystery puzzles. Challenge yourself to reveal what is hidden in a picture
· Daily updated gallery. You’ll never run out of free puzzles
· Helpful hints. Use Hint to match the next piece to the puzzle if you are stuck
· Up to 400 puzzle pieces. The more pieces, the harder your game becomes
· Rotation mode. Turn on rotation, make the game more tricky
· Custom backgrounds. Choose your favorite appearance to play with more pleasure.

Make every day relaxing and fun putting puzzle pieces together!

Updated on 29th March 2022

  • Performance and stability improvements

We read all your reviews and always try to make the game better. Please leave us some feedback if you love what we do and feel free to suggest any improvements. Make every day a happy day putting puzzle pieces together!

Jigsaw Puzzles – Puzzle Games Review

The only thing we would change is having a search to look for other categories.. Also MORE CATEGORIES PLEASE.

App easy to use, doesnt clutter up edges with all the pieces. We like it.

Have completed something over 750 puzzles. Usually use the 225 piece format because our old eyes have difficulty with the most difficult setting. We do pick what we think are the most difficult as far as the picture. Love it.

These puzzles relax your mind after a challenging day.

Finally found a game we can really enjoy! Lots of options and skill levels too!

This is the best puzzle app we’ve ever used. They dont bug for money. In fact you can earn rewards enough for any puzzle just by playing the game.

We can play these puzzles all day long.

We absolutely love doing crossword puzzles but we hate the big mess and we love that its on our phone and we can put it away and not have to worry about losing pieces it is so challenging we love it!!!!

This game is real fun and relaxing give it 5 stars.

Jigsaws are very entertaining.

Lots of fun to put these sweet animal pictures together.

Lots of fun.. Greatly satisfying.

We love the puzzles, the larger the number of pieces the greater the challenge.

We love doing puzzles and this game is a lot of fun!

Echo all of the positive reviews. Really well done, beautiful pictures, nice interface. Paid for the non-ad version . . . Small amount of money for such a great game. That said, its a major battery drainer on our iPad. Developers: any ideas on what we might be able to tweak? Thanks!

Im enjoying Jigsaw Puzzles for iPad very much. The photography is just beautiful. The colors are so vibrant and there are many categories to choose from.

We love this app. You can enjoy doing a puzzle. Plus you dont have a subscription to use this app. Love that part. You can pay to be add free and have more options.

We love doing puzzles and the jigsaw puzzle app allows us to do puzzles anywhere, any time. We love that we can control the number of pieces and the difficulty. Lots of puzzles to choose from too. Highly recommend.

We really like the variety of puzzles and enjoy solving them. Our frustration is with the screen freezing, sometimes closing the app and losing progress and going to a black screen that we cant get out of. Wish these could be fixed.

Any way to make the ads go away would be appreciated.

We like being able to adjust the levels of challenge. And, we like the pictures of natural scenes. Natural colors look better – much better – than glittery, high res colors. The more a puzzle looks like a real photograph of a real person, place, or thing the more we like it. We do not appreciate fake, glittery pictures.

We’ve done more than a dozen puzzles, as well as the Valentines challenge, which was 27 puzzles. We got tired of the advertising, so paid to remove the ads, and have found that to be money well spent. There are a few things that would improve this app for me: Id love to be able to search for specific puzzle themes, ie Dutch scenery. There are some categories, but there needs to be more! It would be nice to know more about some of the images, such as the scenery ones. A bit of information, such as where that beach is, or what mountain that is. It would be nice if one could move the pieces from the bottom, to the side of the screen. We like to use our iPad in landscape mode, so it would be easier to keep the puzzle a bit larger, if the pieces were not on the bottom. Lastly, it would be very nice if it would be possible to quick sort the pieces according to their shapes. We often do it, after getting the edge pieces placed, but it would be nice if that could be done automatically. We dont purchase very many apps, but Im happy to have paid for this one, and feel like Im getting our moneys worth!

Overall a nice way to kill some time. Usually short ads (though they seem to be getting longer recently) that dont pull us off the rails when Im on a roll. BUT- Id love it if we wouldnt get slammed immediately into another ad when we finish a puzzle. Let us enjoy the view for more than half a second. Give a good 5-10 seconds before an ad pops up. Its very much a pain in the butt to go back and share a just finished puzzle in order to admire it a bit longer.

This has quickly become our favorite way to de-stress. We have multiple puzzles started and we switch between them depending on how much of a challenge we want and what we want to look at. We love the landscapes, but we would love to know where the photos were taken. It is our one criticism. Also, we wonder if there is a way a player could upload their own photos to turn into a puzzle?

Firstly, big fan of the app. Its been like therapy for us at times, just relaxing with a podcast or music and doing some puzzles. The number of puzzles is wonderful too. We never run out of good ones to do. Now, for things Id love to see change: we wish there was a dark mode so we wasnt blinded at night. We also wish more than anything that we could sync between devices, since we play on our phone as well as iPad and for event puzzles, we have to solve them twice, and that gets old fast. Random bit to throw in, looking at the App Privacy policy just now, we wish they didnt track so darn much. Its unnerving and definitely makes us think twice about continuing to use it but we like the app for what it is so will probably continue.

Love the variety of puzzles but we can no longer put pieces outside of the puzzle to make groups. This gives very little work space as the puzzle fills in. Please give us the option back to put pieces OUTSIDE of the puzzle.

Love the puzzles but way to many ads interrupting your game!!

We love this game. We love doing puzzles and we love the challenges it does but maybe its just our phone or whatever. But every time Im listening to music and doing a puzzle the game almost freaks out and freezes or just slows down significantly normally Im able to get passed it but its gotten worse and its irritating. When we dont have our headphones in and not listening to music it works just fine. Other than that its a good game just buggy in some areas.

Its got a ton of puzzles, which we like. What we dont like is the ads that pop up in the middle of playing a puzzle. We dont mind ads in between puzzles we have a puzzle app that did that. But its very frustrating when you are in the middle of doing a puzzle & its stopped for a ad. Either fix that or offer a ad free version.

We love the game its so fun and addicting but there is to many adds we get 5per puzzle and its just annoying. Thanks.

We love jigsaw puzzles and we love this game and our only complaint about it is the fact it keeps freezing. When we go to pan on the puzzle it will freeze and we have to close the app and open it back up and you have to watch an ad before you open the puzzle. We have no problem with the ad thing we understand its a free game the owner has got to make money on it. We just have a big problem on it freezing.

This game has in insane amount of ads. Plain n simple. Several ads WHILE doing a puzzle. Other than the toxic ads the game is good.

This starts fun but it will kill your battery and there are ads every 2 pieces you put together and 400 pice puzzle is a lot of ads.

We really enjoy this puzzle app. The excessive ad interruption is VERY annoying. The game produces an ad every few pieces that you find/ link. This constant ad searching and delay is a HUGE battery drain. Thinking of trashing this app as a result.

We would give it at least four stars, ads pop up during the the act of putting the puzzle together. RIDICULOUSLY!

Way to many ads! The game seemed to play ok but Way to many ads! Cant finish a puzzle with out two ads.

You do to many adds. Just when your getting started it jumps off for a add. Other then that its a nice game. Lindaray30.

Way too many advertisements. Have to wade through 4 – 6 just to work on the puzzle. Few pieces, ad, few pieces, ad. Will be deleting this one.