Black Border Patrol Simulator

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Black Border Patrol Simulator


Black Border Patrol Simulator is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Monte Cervino Ltd, Black Border Patrol Simulator is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 6th April 2021 with the latest update 19th May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


246 people have rated 1.2.17

You can download the game Black Border Patrol Simulator from APP STORE.


In this game, you play as a border officer of the border cross entry and exit gates, who supposed to check the passengers’ papers and stop the smuggling of illegal items and bribery.

As a border officer, you have to check entrants’ papers and use all of your objects and tools to arresting people like terrorists, wanted criminals, smugglers, and passengers with forged or stolen documents.

The followings are some items that the border officer (you) is supposed to check carefully and prevent illegal border crossing of passengers and other forbidden objects:

  • The Full name of each person is mentioned in all the papers.
  • Check The weight and height of the passengers to not be against the ones mentioned in the papers.
  • Check the expiry date of their passport or entry permit and other papers.
  • Frisk passengers for weapons and illegal items and preventing their entrance to the country.
  • Check passengers’ faces to be the same as photos in their documents.

The followings are some features of Black Border: Border Simulator Game:

  • Simple but addicting mechanics.
  • New Game Modes continuously getting added.
  • Beautiful graphics!
  • Rich story
  • Story based
  • Multiple endings
  • Disguised communications
  • Opposition Groups Communication

Border officer duty is to perform like the security of border force simulator and control transportation of prohibited items like weapons, antiques, toxic, narcotics, and other illegal items. Black Border: Border Simulator Game is a great combination of paper games, border force games, border patrol games, and other best simulator games.

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Updated on 19th May 2022

  • New languages added.

Black Border Patrol Simulator Reviews

We’ve been playing this for a while now, And we love it! But we noticed the items are starting to glitch and not let us return them or look at them. Please fix that.

Its a great game at a cheap price, theres so much to do in the game, but we do have a few suggestions, when someone tried to bribe you, it would be cool to be able to put the bribe on your desk and still be able to deny them, but you only keep it if you move it to your desk, also maybe a button to check height bc its hard to calculate the ruler on the wall behind them.

We legit have not updated the app yet, because we dont want the old app icon to go away. We didnt think Id have an issue with it, but the old app icon is so good. 1. It displays the name of the game, clear as crystal. 2. Separates the words with a fence to show what the games about. And 3. The two words are black and white, which could be a metaphor for how we have to see people as a border guard: either they are allowed, or not. It was so simple, but it was effective. Great game tho, have played it a lot. Its a solid mobile replacement for Papers Please.

We love this game its very addicting the only issue we have is dialogue cutting off other than that it is an amazing game.

We love this game so much we’ve played for hours so please keep updating.

This is a great relaxing game, perfect to casually pass the time.

Watching jacksepticeye play papers please gave us high hopes for this game and we truly wasnt disappointed.

When will it be available?! We played the others and didn’t seem to get different endings, just the same. Can you add more of those? It’s fun to play!

Mediocre mobile clone of papers please with really weird rules able to be put in and a popup to customize your booth for $2.99. The only thing we could think of while we were playing this was id rather play papers please.

Its an amazing game and we love it but our only problem is that with the iPhone 13 and we assume other phones with no home button with the camera going into the screen it cuts off some of the game, its not very much of a burden but it cuts off some dialogue.

We were surprised. Without music makes it a bit odd tho. Also the English translation is very awkward.

We enjoy this game a lot – well worth the $!

We really enjoy these kinda simulators. And this one is not a disappointment. Keep up the good work.

The full version of The game is really good and the story mode is amazing really great game to play and its soooo realistic and it supports various languages!!! Great game.

The virus campaign is supporting anti vaxxers.

Can this developer use his OWN brain? This whole game from top to bottom are stolen from paper please.

We just started playing the game and it is really fun so far.

This game is so addicting, especially since we dont have an ipad or computer to play papers please, will you add more complex stuff like discrepancies in the issuing city and country, and dialogue? We loved the virus story mode, this game has a lot of potential.

We have enjoyed this gave for a couple weeks now playing on and off and we were happy to see that a new update came out with more story added. But it deleted all of our old progress and now we need to start over which is disappointing.

It seems that the dev team has not figured out how to keep your save file when updating the app. We reached out to them directly with no response. Unless you plan on beating the entire game between their updates, we would wait to purchase this. Gameplay is almost identical to Papers Please. Go play that on steam first.

The demo version was fun so we bought the full version. Now when we open the full version and try to play we get a picture of an envelope for 5 minutes.

Just bought it cause we’ve been looking for a game close to paper please on mobile and it turns out its exactly like it and we have nothing to do for 10 days cause we got Covid so this will something fun to do while we wait.

Lots of details to pay attention to, keeps you vigilant.

When is endless mode coming out also we love your game.

Its a good game. Actually entertaining and would love to play more. You should add more story and progress with the game. Theres alot this game can offer. Theres few glitches but can fix with few updates.

Hello we were playing your game today and it is amazing very close to papers please which we like but in story mode the rules say entry is restricted to Altai citizens only and when we denied them it says we were wrong so pleas lookin to that or is it that we are just we are a bad player otherwise five stars.

Needs a expansion tho and more development with the family like getting too either skip hanging out with them or too play the mini games that boost your family.

Reminds us of papers please and we love it, cant wait to see what you guys can do to improve it from the original game well worth the money and the rating.

Its not as good as the PC, but its not too bad.

We like the game just dont understand it yet.

We really like this game,it feels like papers please but there some problems with the game theres bugs when they come up to u they dont give you anything and your pretty much have to leave the game and restart. Overall its a good game.

This is a great game. Definitely worth the 1.99 if youre a fan of Papers, Please. Our biggest problem is that no one proofread the game so its full of typos and weird language glitches. It makes the game hard to take seriously and sometimes impacts whether or not we know what choice to make. Its also not clear how much your choices make a difference in the story mode. So far, it seems like the same things happen regardless of how we play. Id like to see the game expanded more and also proofread! @ us if youd like to hire us as a freelancer for your script writing lol.

All the animations, the documents design, the story progression, everything is a direct ripoff of papers, please. Of course this means it’s a fantastic game but we can’t give it a good review.

This game is hot garbage. In day 1 of story mode it says access is restricted to Altai citizens only but even though youll let them in you still get a citation for it. Our expectations might be too high for a mobile game but we could very easily have spent money on a game that actually functions and is much better as a predecessor and thats Papers Please.

Hi, really enjoying the game but we saw a review saying that endless mode would be coming out soon, and that was in May. So four stars for now but as soon as we get an endless mode its five stars!

We really really like this game but Im Chinese. Many sentences is difficult to understand please update the Chinese language please please please.

The story line is very interesting , game play kept us wanting to play more. Looking forward to hopefully more! Great job on this!

The trailer was a bit misleading with the quality. The gameplay is close to papers please. It could really use some more sound effects. Since papers please is now on mobile it is hard to pay money for this instead of the original. Overall for a cheaper papers please we think its okay. Could be better.

This game is great! New updates all the time and new game modes coming! We have a lot of fun playing this game well worth the small price.

Game is great however freezes at the end of the third day. Not sure why.

This game is very under rated and we hope more people start playing it because nothing is wrong with it 5 stars.

This game is amazing and it reminds us of papers please. But we think it could turn into something way better. We have almost completed the game already, please add endless mode and also more days!

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