Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game

Last updated on May 28th, 2023 at 06:05 am

Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game

Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game

Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by NewPubCo, Inc, Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game is a Casual game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th June 2020 with the latest update 10th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game ?

1,921 people have rated 2.3.4

What is the price of the Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game released ?

Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game was released on 4th June 2020.

When was the Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game on 10th May 2023.

Where can Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game from Apple Official App Store.



Discover your inner block puzzle master with Just Blocks – install and play Just Blocks, the addictive classic brick block game with a sudoku twist!
Take a relaxing break from all the noise and stress and solve a Just Blocks classic puzzle instead – it’s a great exercise for the brain that will also challenge your brain age and keep your mind sharp!

Just Blocks is an easy, fit-for-all brick puzzle game combining 2 types of block games – sudoku games and classic brick games. It’s a completely free block puzzle game that comes with seasonal events, daily Just Blocks challenges and different modes to play – all designed to make you turn down stress and turn up the fun!

Install Just Blocks puzzle for free and get addicted to merging, dropping and joining brick blocks in your own time or in a timely manner – your choice!

Why install Just Blocks?

  • Such combination of sudoku blocks, block classic games and puzzle blocks make up an ideal mind game you can play online or offline anytime, anywhere to train your brain and enjoy moments of complete relaxation.
  • Brick puzzle block games such as Just Blocks also involve a certain degree of strategy and easy logic – that is why it’s a great free block puzzle game for all ages.
  • The Daily Challenges will keep you on your toes … or rather, fingertips… since you’ll have to create puzzle blocks lines quite fast and make sure you finish the brick puzzle challenge in a predetermined time frame. Up for the daily puzzle challenges? Solve them all and win monthly trophies!
  • Seasonal Events in Join Blocks will keep you highly entertained by adding even more elements to the game you already love – there will be free puzzles to complete, diamonds and rubies to earn, colourful bricks to collect, beautiful and fun block merging gameplay that you’ll enjoy time and time again.
  • Play and create puzzle bricks combos with no time limit with Standard mode or against the clock in Time mode for an extra adrenaline boost.
  • Enjoy various game options such as different colors of the puzzle board and bricks, sounds, modes to play and more.

How to play Just Blocks?

  • Tap on the available brick blocks, then drag and drop the bricks around in the grid to place them where they fit best.
  • Create full block lines on the grid vertically or horizontally, or whole brick squares in order to break bricks and score points.
  • Check out the app Settings for more gameplay options.

Just Blocks is a fun, addictive block puzzle that you’ll want to keep playing every day – either for a fun pastime or for practice, to keep your mind sharp. Brick block puzzle games such as this, based on solving puzzles and matching bricks and even number blocks, help with brain training and development, so train frequently and keep track of your progress.

Install Just Blocks today, drag and drop those puzzle bricks, play the daily challenges, score high and win trophies. Sounds like fun? Drop us your feedback and let us know how you feel about the Just Blocks app – we’re always happy to learn from our players!

Updated on 10th May 2023

Hi, puzzle masters! Just Blocks has a new version ready to rock your block puzzle gaming skills. Update because:

  • We have fixed some nasty bugs
  • We improved performance and stability

Enjoy the game! Don’t forget to review and rate us – your feedback is so welcome!

Just Blocks: Wood Puzzle Game Review

We total understand adds but come on now that you strong armed us to update to the new app way to ruin a good app.

Loved this game. We played it often to calm our thoughts and recently with updates all we get are ads and limited features. Its not as enjoyable any longer.

We loved this game until the last update. Not a fan anymore.

This used to be our favorite game, the latest update made us stop and playing it. Too many unnecessary changes.

This would have easily been a 5 star review before this latest update, and now its just like every other money grubbing, cheap, ugly game. Congratulations you made a beautiful, relaxing, block puzzle into just another add riddled sell out app. Every five seconds theres an add, you changed that you can rotate the pieces as much as youd like and now you have to pay to be able to rotate them more, the stupid flashy graphics are so cringe and not at all relaxing and the stupid rewards are dumb and unnecessary. This game is absolutely ruined for us and we’ve now deleted:( To anyone thinking about adding it to their device save yourself some frustration and look elsewhere, or try one of the hundreds of other cringy, add-filled rip off games, doesnt really matter which one since they are all the same now.

We purchased the app the way we liked it. Yall have pretty much put it back to the free version and if we cant get this changed back, we want a refund.

We knew this game was too good to be true. Before a few days ago we could enjoy it for a long period of time and rotate the pieces. We were addicted . Now its impossible to gain Momentum because its all luck and not strategy and its frustrating to play. . We understand an advertisement is needed to pay the bills, but they used to not bug you with them mid game. A good thing GONE. Guess not enough money was being made.

We were addicted to this game playing it for hours however this new update ruined it. Glitches, ads, and a new base game ruins the app. The old classic you could go hours on one game rotating placing and getting thousands of points with practice and patience. This new game mode makes rotation locked causing the game to crawl to halt as getting points is now impossible without frustration and it becomes a game of luck not skill. Next the ads which pop up all the time mid game instead of the old versions where it would only give you a ad at the end. Dont download this trash game its been ruined by a single update.

We enjoyed the old version and loathe the new one. If there had to be a change, why do away with the original? Make options!

Why did you change the game to this horrible child sounding game with these giant blocks, we cannot change their position the original game was so good, we really liked playing it whenever we had to wait in the car, or wait in the waiting room, now it is this really bad game in its place. Why dont you bring back the original game as an option.

This game USED to be fun. After the update Ill be deleting it. First you sit through ads every 2 minutes. Second now you can only change direction of the blocks 4 times?? What a waste. Go back to how it used to be.

We can easily binge on this game. We reached over 100,000 points on our last game!

Im so focused when Im playing that hours can fly by if Im not careful.

We love being able to turn each piece and not be docked for doing it. It is fun and stress free.

Relaxing game. So much superior to other block games.

What have you done with our beautiful colorful Block Puzzle game! It MADE us update to the 2022 version wether we wanted to or not. And AWFUL! Replaced that colorful game with a crummy brown game of small ugly pieces. Even the game name changed. This is what we hate so bad about the Apple apps. Not only are they now ruined with ad after ad after ad you cant even keep ones you like. Shame on you.

See above. Nothing really to add. Thanks.

Why do you have to ruin a good thing? The original version is great. Why not just leave it alone or at least let those of us who want that version have access to it? Philadelphia Cheese Cake.

This was our favorite game but all of a sudden it started forcing us to watch ads in the middle of playing about once a minute. The ads are timed so you cant close them out for a while. Ruins the flow.

We dont want to update if we lose the colors.

The older version was quite challenging but slowed down so much after a while it became unplayable. The new version is very fast (although still slows down (memory leaks?)) but is way too easy and, thus, boring.

Not impressed with the changes. They have made the game easier by adding buttons with which you can turn the pieces so they fit. The colors have been changed from bright to depressing.

We’ve been playing this game for a while and do like the changes that were recently made. However, it often times will lock up and not refresh with new blocks. One has to totally close out and go back in to show the blocks and even then it may display the last set before it was placed. Would sure be nice if you can resolve that issue.

Since the last update it doesnt give you blocks when youve finished out the ones you have. Glitches every other round of blocks. Just over all a bad update. Please fix. This is our favorite game.

Im upset that we upgraded the game. We enjoyed the old version and was really liking the adventure challenge. We just upgraded today and we hate it. Its really hard on our eyes and it is not fun. We want the old version back.

Dont get addicted to this game, because it ends. Huge disappointment.

You ruined a perfectly fun game. Looks like you gave this to second graders . Graphics are a joke. All the things that were fun – colors gone, the strategy of using the last piece correctly before three more appeared gone – no changed to some visually boring rotating function. Instead merely completing rows top to bottom or right to left now some grid. Really?

This is an app/game that starts off promising and then womp womp Dont waste your time and efforts. When youre playing in the Daily Challenges, the designers have designed the game for you to fail. The challenges automatically place blocks on your board in random squares. Some blocks are double and triple the points. However, you dont get the necessary blocks you need to complete the board. Which we get, its not supposed to spoon feed you. However, when one has to build their own squares to only get single points and not the double and triple points – somethings rigged!! Another way to prove that its rigged is that we’ve played this game 22 days straight – while playing other BETTER apps/games – and it doesnt give you all the awards that they say are awarded. Theres supposed to be an award for 7 consecutive days and another for 14 days. In the infamous words of Porky the Pig – blee, blee, blee, that sounds all folks!!

Well it made us update and where is the journey you had on old app. We guess we will delete not happy.

This game was so easy and fun, at first. The game would have continued doing so if it were not for the confounding glitches!! Zipping along through seven thousand points and the game freezes. From then on, the blocks wont go where they have been intended to be placed. They drop wherever they want! The game is off balanced from then on. The blocks in the bottom of the screen wont move other than going minute in size and then breaking up for a few seconds. We had been happily toggling these blocks and going strong. But you know what? This app has been deleted from our screen with other disappointing time wasters.

We liked the old version. We dont like the wood interface. Loved the simplicity of the game before. Deleting both now.

We 100% agree with alphaxp. We were in the middle of a game with the beautiful colored blocks and asked to update to a 2022 version which Im not the least bit interested in. If Id wanted another version, we would have looked for one.

We had enjoyed this game for a few weeks then we got a weird ad styled exactly like Amazon but it was spam crap. Very shady.

Love the old version and now you have changed it and we had no option about upgrading to something that is NOT AN UPGRADE!!

How do we get the previous version back? Thanks.

Really you want to change it from colorful to brown, thats stupid , apparently you dont know your audience well, when all you had to do is design a separate game , colorful blocks are great for kids , kids with learning or keeping there attention, brown blocks or just one color doesnt , your no better than the games show one way to play then when you download its completely different than what is advertised, but telling someone that you understand change can be hard just give it a try , seriously thats a stupid statement . Ill keep playing it untill we no longer can without update and if that happens we wont play your new version, sorry put change isnt the same as update and change isnt always needed .

Why did u change. We hate the new version.

What happened to the multi color block? We were forced to update to a muted brown block game. We do not like it. You have lost our interest. Im moving on to another game and will delete this app.

Clicked not interested – do you understand no?

What the heck- we dont want to add another ap on our phone. – we have earned 2000.000.000- and now we have to change games – we dont think so. We are through!!! Delete your app!

Updates often break the app and new versions take days. Events no longer appear each week. Badges for previously completed events are blank. No response for help using the help option in the app.

This required update for the colorful Block Puzzle game is horrific. Will now be deleting and playing something else.

They took a simple yet good game and ruined it. Sad.

We are no stranger to change. We completely understand indeed to keep you are updated with the current video specs programming button when the game becomes monotone in color it is not as enjoyable as you may think. You need to keep some continuity in your visual effects to keep your clients interested and wanting to play. Your latest changes are not pretty or interesting. So our complaint is not about change it is about the way that you have changed your own vision of what you originally created. Please consider your choice. Should you still like this new spec, then you should give it a new name because we personally have several versions of this type of block game! Thank you for your consideration of our comments.

Cant play game add blocks our vision of the blocks. How is this an update of the same game? It is much smaller than the original. No we dont like this NEW UPDATED VERSION.

This is not an upgrade from Cube Block this is a totally different game. Give us back our Cube Block thank you in advance.

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