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Ordia is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Loju LTD, Ordia is a Action game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 1st May 2019 with the latest update 10th October 2021

Whether you are a fan of Action, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


2,336 people have rated 1.0.17

You can download the game Ordia from APP STORE.


Ordia is a one-finger platformer where you play as a new life form taking its first leaps into a strange and hazardous world.

Jump, bounce, stick and slide your way through rich and vibrant environments. Guiding each creature to safety in a primordial world filled with various perils, challenges and surprises.

With 30 levels to complete, plus extra challenge modes, bonus levels and achievements to unlock Ordia is a unique and challenging game with hours of gameplay.

  • Simple one-finger controls
  • 30 levels set across 3 worlds
  • Action packed platformer
  • Extra challenge modes for each level
  • Bonus levels and achievements to unlock

No in-app purchases or ads!


"All in all, Ordia is a hell of a game. It’s absolutely gorgeous, the animations are buttery smooth, and the sound effects and haptic feedback are incredibly satisfying" – TouchArcade

"Ordia is a truly special platformer that knows exactly what it’s supposed to be" – 148Apps

"A wonderful goop-flinging platformer" – TapSmart

"A perfectly put together package for both casual platformer fans and enthusiasts alike" – AppSpy

Updated on 10th October 2021

A few bug fixes

Ordia Reviews

Probably the most polished iOS game we’ve played. Its built entirely for mobile, so the controls are extremely easy and the UI isnt distracting. We only wish there was more original content to play.

This game is very enjoyable but it doesnt seem it will take a few weeks to complete? This game is something Id want to enjoy for a long time.

The game is very well made with an awesome incredible and fun art style. We definitely recommend this game to anybody because of how clean the graphics feel and how smooth the gameplay is. The only problem with the game is that the levels can feel just a little bit repetitive and has a lack of content. We think the perfect fix to this would be a level editor. We would absolutely LOVE a level editor and think that it would give the game the last tiny bit of content it needs. This would truly make the game perfect!

The graphics are simply and vibrant. The game gets progressively harder, like all good games should. But we dont get bored of it. We love the fact that when you purchase it, there arent any ads that annoy you in between each advancement or each time you loose. To us its worth investing the $2.99 for. Its a great pass time.

THIS is a GAME. In a world where 90% of mobile games are sleepy money pumps, this one easily stands out for not only being an actual game, but a dang good one. The whole game is designed around being playable a) with one hand and 2) in short bursts. But it still manages to do the invisible tutorial thing, of teaching the player how to play while theyre playing. So they dont have to read for five minutes before starting to play the game (90% of Apple Arcade games.) Im so glad to have finally discovered this.

Its rare to find a game that has both control feel and aesthetic so perfectly dialed in. We love it!

We love this game so much, and we very appreciate developer for making this truly masterpiece! Nice sound effects, good graphics and very clever puzzles make this game fun and anti stress) 4$ is very good price at all.

Got the game because it looked interesting. Its so fun and addictive and the background sounds and music are so calming compared to others games. Have been playing this nonstop since we bought it. 10/10 would recommend.

This game has been great. We’ve spent hours on this game trying to beat all the levels. It looks easy but it really progresses throughout the game.

This game is a simple but highly satisfying. Im almost done and wish there were more levels to complete! Please create a Ordia 2!

This game is great, but it is even better when played with an Apple Pencil. We think the best way this game should be played is on an iPad Pro with the Apple Pencil. The precision really adds to the ambience of the game. Format aside, we think everyone should buy this game. Its very enjoyable, and we think everyone would enjoy it. The only downside, if you can call it that, is that this game only has 30 levels. We would love it if this game offered a little more content and some updates from the developer.

Great game. 5/5. The UI/UX is so simple and easy to use and understand. We got our girlfriend hooked on this game and weve been playing together. It seems quite difficult for her but its the right amount of difficulty for us. Sometimes very frustrating but once you get it, very rewarding. Im looking to full completion soon.

This is the best game ever!!!! It is so fun and it does not have ads!

We found the game on the App Store just snooping around and sent the app request, a few minutes later we saw our mother had accepted it without knowing it cost 4 bucks. Anyway, as we played the game we started to understand it more, like we all did, but the one thing that got us concerned was that it only has 30 levels, our first thought was that the developer would make more… Until we saw the bonus levels we thought then that if they took the time to make the bonus levels why would they make more (that made sense at the time when we thought of it and sounded better in our head). Our other suggestion is to make custom levels, the reason we want that is so that we can make the entire level FULL of the yellow/orange double jump bubbles and that would be the most fun we would ever have had in a game for quite the while. We hope you read this message and reflect off of it. Thank you for your time!

We got this game and LOVED IT. After a while, we beat all the levels, and there was nothing to do! So we suggest you add an endless mode so you can keep people entertained!

We have beaten all 30 levels, we love this game! We just have one question! Can you please make it online and make a mode where you can create your own levels and have other people play them? Then you could upload the levels online and other people could play them! Then the owner could feature levels! We would LOVE that…

We bought this game cause there was a glitch in our credit, but this is so good. The mechanics are good and the art was Im young and Im surprised we enjoyed it.

While we have played a number of games with very similar game play on IOS, some quite good, Ordia is set apart with easy controls and a high challenge level without ever feeling unfair. Graphics and sound are both fantastic (headphones recommended). We were able to finish all 30 levels without too much frustration and feeling like our skill level in the game has increased immensely, but we also know that the majority of the available bonus content are above the limits of our patience level. A sequel would be very welcome.

We cant fully explain it but this game is extremely satisfying and addicting. We love the strange sound effects and the physics seem to be intuitive and consistent. We highly recommend this app.

Theres not much else we could add to all the glowing reviews here – such a fun, challenging, visually amazing game! To the creators of Ordia: youve made a masterpiece. Well done!

Wow. This game is spectacular. Even though the game costs $3.99, it comes with great value. There are absolutely no ads (most games charge $2.00 to remove ads), and the game is made with a stunning user interface with peaceful background sounds and sound effects. We dont know about you, but this gamewhich entertains us for hours a dayis certainly worth the cost of an expensive cup of coffee. Bravo.

This game is the guudest of dem all…

This is hands down one of the best games on mobile. We really love the alien looking style of the game but it really shines in the physics platforming department. The physics (particularly the acceleration) in this game feel real. Every jump is exhilarating. The game would do better to have a metal soundtrack based on how it feels to play . And you can tell the developer wanted to show off the extreme gameplay which is majorly emphasized by chaser enemys that… Well chase you. The level design is kinda meh at the beginning but it gets significantly more creative in the late bits of world one onward. We really like the time trial and hard modes, they fit perfectly with the rest of the game and dont at all feel crammed in. We give this game a 9/10 (but tbh the game is still growing on us, its really a blast) The only thing we would recommend to be added is a custom level editor. This is the type of thing people want to make their own stages with. And its also the type of thing people dont want to put down. If you ever release a custom editor we think it will become a classic.

We paid like, 3 dollars? 4 dollars? We dont even remember. But this game was worth every last red cent we paid for it. Our only regret is that we finished it.

This game is perfect for the casual gamer who is looking for a quick fix of mindless + engaging + intuitive gameplay. Great game, Im excited to see where Loju takes it next!

A very fun game when your board and need something to entertain you its quite hard but besides that its a very fun and detailed game.

Super fun we love games like this one but just one thing. We finished it in 1 day. Maybe we dont have a life or maybe theres not enough levels. Whatever it is we really wish there were more levels.

This game would have a 5 star review if there were more levels! Its fun, clever and playfully addictive. But we expected that a paid game app would take longer than two days to complete. Just when we start getting the hang of it, the 30 levels come to an end. And, yes, you can play those same levels with a timer or in hard mode, but thats a lazy mans substitute for MORE LEVELS!

This game is awesome if you love terrible games.

Purchased this game based off of reviews… Yet there is absolutely no sound, which translates to zero immersion. We have the most recent iOS on an iPhone 11 Pro.

Decided to try it and it is one of the beat iPhone games we ever played. Colors, art, music, gameplay. We can go on and on. Definitely worth money. Hope to see more added or a part 2 from you guys. Thanks for spending your time to make this awesome game. We have no complaints or no bugs we have ran into. Thanks, your new loyal customer Brandon.

This game is amazing, If youre on the edge about splurging for it… DO IT! Its so fun and will never get old.

Excellent second act for Loju games. They continue to demonstrate the capacity for developing unique and engaging games. Ordia is no different. Flinging your character up ever higher remains fun and challenging throughout all 30 levels, and if you happen to finish them all, each level offers two other modes for you to beat. Cant wait to see the next game from Loju!

This game gives us high blood pressure ! Although it is not impossible to get through each level eventually, like after 50 tries , we have given up on some games because we were just stuck, period. But this one at least makes you to want to keep trying.

One of the most relaxing, one-finger games from some of the best video game creators. Worth the purchase.

Seriously addicting- we havent been able to get anything else done. Levels are very misleading look easy/ but. Omg!

Title speaks for itself, & is honestly one of our favorite games on the App Store since the beginning. Great job all of you.

This game is an absolute joy. The mechanics and game play are brilliant and the graphics and sounds are wonderful. We’ll be playing this game for a while.

The game play is so frustrating on the iPhone because you constantly are closing out the screen,the same as if you were pressing the home button constantly. But other than that its got to our favorite game we’ve ever played on our iPad. Hands down. We hope the future is Ordia Bright!

Challenging, relaxing, intense, calming and fun!

Such a fun game to play when you have little spots of time, ie a level here and there. Additionally, its really easy to sit down and play this game for 30 min at a time!

So finely crafted, and the level design is superb.

This game is wonderful the relaxing music combined with intense gameplay makes this a game worth buying.

This game is super fun, and it has a pretty good amount of content! Im just past the halfway mark now with the game, and we find myself wishing Id be able to keep playing after we’ve beaten it 100%. The work of adding an infinite mode may not be in the budget for this app, but we just wanted to suggest itthe visual style, gameplay, and existing art assets would be really ideally suited for it. It would increase the amount of content exponentially for players who love the game and want to keep playing after beating all the levels. Overall we really love the game! Thanks so much for making it. (:

The game is always adding new challenges and enemies, making it not boring. However, when you beat it, its not as fun. Is it worth it? Yes! Is it fun? Yes! This is a game that we would love to play again and again on the go, we havent completed it yet but Ill be sad when we do.

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