Like A Dino!

Last updated on July 26th, 2022 at 09:00 am

Like A Dino!

Like A Dino!

Like A Dino! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hyun-joong Kim, Like A Dino! is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st October 2020 with the latest update 29th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


143,628 people have rated 2.3.2

You can download the game Like A Dino! from APP STORE.


Simple, Fun, And Clean! Like A Dino!

※ Please note, the game information and data could be deleted and not be restored if you delete the application.
※ Game information and data cannot be transferred to other devices.
※ Find me on any of my social media (usually @super_toki, unless it’s been taken)

Updated on 29th June 2022

General fixes and improvements.

Like A Dino! Review

This game is so fun for people traveling.

This is the best game every and we actually mean it its so fun and satisfying and the Dinos are so cute love the concept.

Cryin cus of how cute this game is we love it.

We got this game today and it so fun too play its also really cute we love this game if you dont have this download your missing out on all the cuteness.

You should add grandma and grandpa Dinos ,and also since your adding more Dinos you need to add a new song called Dinos party.

We just downloaded this app and its great. This is awesome, we dont think we dislike it one bit!

We love this game! Its hard but the songs are very calming to us it always helps us realize that its okay to make mistakes because in this game when you miss a tile it says it okay! And they give you extra chances it can also be played without WiFi so when Im on a plane or something we love to play this game About the ads: There is barely any ads but if you wanna get more coins to unlock new skins then thats a choice! Thats why we love this game cause no ads pop up every five seconds like other games so thats why we love this game so much! Please try it out we promise it will be a great experience!

Ok so, this game is perfect whatsoever and we think it deserves a lot more recognition than it currently has! We do think it could be better baits more skins and outfits for your Dino. Otherwise utterly amazing game!

We love this so much! Its so cute and fun! <3.

The songs help us calm down when Im stressed and it doesnt need wifi so its good for long road trips.

This game is so fun and its adorable we love playing it. It really cures our boredom!

One of the most enjoyable games we’ve played in a while.

So cute and fun! 0 ads, very cute, music is nice, very fun! :))

The work they put into this, it is so calming and its not a competition around other people its against yourself they are an amazing creator, and they are our fav creator.

So cute and fun totally recommended.

This is the best preppy game ever we saw our bff had it AKA (My Chicken soul sister) And we asked her if we can play game quick game and she said sure and it was ONLY 1 SEC But then we said (oooo La La) GET ME THIS NOW.

We LOVE THIS GAME it has story it encourages you even if you do badly in overall the best game in our life.

We love this game so much especially when im down, its so cute.

It is literally like our all-time favorite game because we can play it with no Wi-Fi and also we’ve gotten super good at it and its still not boring -lolzZzZz.

We love this game well we think we need a new update tho we had this game for 6 years we think you should add this new update we love your songs and dinosaurs and we follow you on everything!!!

Its really a good game. Unlike other games,they give us like awesome,good,excellent and its very fun! Plus the its ok not to be ok. Its very motivating. This is one of our fav games. Plus this is the original bc theres a like a corgi that copied the song so pls this is the original,fun,excellent game.

This app is amazing first of all it doesnt have constant ads and we dont even think there is ads its a really fun game and we would recommend downloading it.

Its so cute. We love this game. We love the story to it, we would recommend it to anyone who struggles with anxiety or depression.

This is a super fun game!!!!!!!

This game is the best! Iove it!! Child friendly and the music is so cute!

This game is super fun the dino start is super sweet we loved this game so much 100%

We love this game and we love dinosaurs. We hope that the person that created it is successful and has a great career. The dinosaur reminds us of pickle the dinosaur. (by Moria Elizabeth) its a really fun and interesting game. We love it and 10/10 recommended it .

This game is a very fun game to play when your board.

We Love this game a lot. It is very fun to play on a road trip. We also love the fact that they added a love story!!! We love getting coins and getting the next level to the relationship!

This game is just simple but so easy to enjoy. We swear we could play it for hours nonstop. Definitely download and we love how it tells a story.

Everything about this we love. The game gives multiple tries which makes it less stressful and to EVERYONE reading this, PLEASE TURN ON NOTIFICATIONS! It sends you a motivational message everyday and it really livens the day just a bit more.

Just a fun cute game and it is add freeeee!

This app is the best thing EVER! The animations are sooo cute and when you mess up they tell you something nice and if you only get a few points you still get a lot of coins for trying! Super Toki, thank you for working so hard each day to make beautiful animations just to make others smile. Those copycat apps dont hold a candle to this beautiful creation. Dont let them get to you. They just copy others because they could never be as great as you. You are amazing, Super Toki! We love you! Xoxo, Nyarah.

So here we are writing a review but number one we will do the best we can to explain. Ok So we will start with the good things. So number one there are noooooo ads the best thing ever! The bad thing is not that many song we wish they could add more so that means when we finish them all of them we get tired of it its so cute though bye.

This is the best game we’ve played in a long time we recommend it for people who are looking for a nice little relaxing aesthetic game!! We hope u found this helpful!

It was a big trend in tiktok so we thought to try it out and we dont regret it. Rate it a 5.

So we love games and offline games we just dont know why no one told us that this is actually an AMAZING GAME we love it the music the characters are really cute we love how you get 3 trys and the creator is so nice! We would get the game . Honestly nothing is wrong with the game we love it.!

We love this game its so fun Im obsessed it makes us feel happy,calm and it cures us when Im sad new fav game #likeaDino.

The color pallet and drawings are so simple yet so cute!

Its really simple and really unique!

Game is easy, adorable, and the game developer was very kind to give the player 3 chances if messed up. We personally love this game with all of our heart, and we think you will too. Its so cute, the music is nice and calm, it gets a little stressful and harder if further into the game but that is understandable. The idea of the game is adorable, we absolutely adore this game. We wish to play more in the future, and seeing others play it makes us happy. This game gives us 100% serotonin, and has nice choice of music, it fits the cute art style and overall vibe of the game. 10/10 love this game.

This may be the most comforting game ever. Stop reading reviews and get it already.

We live this game because the music is very calming and the dinosaurs you can unlock is so cute!<3 and also we love how it has lives!