Like Dino!

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 09:30 pm

Like Dino!

Like Dino!

Like Dino! is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Hyun-joong Kim, Like Dino! is a Music game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 1st October 2020 with the latest update 30th January 2023

Whether you are a fan of Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Like Dino! ?

165,887 people have rated 2.5

What is the price of the Like Dino! ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Like Dino! released ?

Like Dino! was released on 1st October 2020.

When was the Like Dino! updated ?

The latest updated date of Like Dino! on 30th January 2023.

Where can Like Dino! be downloaded ?

You can download the game Like Dino! from Apple Official App Store.



Simple, fun and clean! Like Dino!

※ Please note, the game information and data could be deleted and not be restored if you delete the application.
※ Game information and data cannot be transferred to other devices.
※ Find me on any of my social media (usually @super_toki, unless it’s been taken)

Updated on 30th January 2023

I’ve made small bug fixes and improvements.
Thanks for playing my game!

Like Dino! Review

It IS simple, fun, and clean which is whats great about it! We actually feel good when we play like our soul is joyful and happy. We also lobe not worrying about what might pop up with the kids around. Thanks for this game!!!

This game is so fun its so relaxing you should totally download.

We luv dis gam it so god we luv it so muh.

It has dinos and music like what more could you want.

Had us sitting in our room for HOURS! Totally recommend.

Ok reasons why u should play this game Reason 1:CUTE appp also has a BEAUTIFUL love story Reason2:pretty easy to defeat the fist level and also the design is really cute we love there animation with the little Dino:) Third:it like a story where its like :0 we need to find our love so the green Dino keeps building up so he can find its love Idk the ending sooooo but if they dont have that ending we think they should because it would probably be really cute we hope they could also had some texts when u keep getting a new score like it was be probably really awesome for most people like keep going u got this! Never give up u will beat this score soon! Like its like hyping u up so u can play this game a lot more often we think it would be a awesome game for ascetic people or little children that likes dinosaurs that are cute we also love the love story agiain beacuseee we barley see people having love storys on there games and yeah we hope we can see u people again who are reading this luv it<3!

Good game and no AD just for free.

Everything about this game is awesome its simple cute and lovable if you just want a game to pass the time and have a good time this ones for you.

The besttttttt game ever we have played this game for years and Im still not over it make more.

We LOVE this game it is the best and its so cute like AHHHH.

We love this game so MUCH ! It is so cute it is a great way to play when you dont have wifi it sometimes get boring but overall this is a pretty good game .

Well, maybe not the BEST game of all time but for a mobile app, its so much fun. 1 theres no ads, 2 the music choice and change of background is so much better than without it, 3 its just fun in general. Also we subscribed, thank you for an AMAZING mobile experience.

We love this game so much, theres no ads and a super cute game!!

A really nice relaxing game great for a long car ride.

We got this app becausey sibling got it and we wanted to try the game our on our phone. We love when it kept saying it’s ok when we mess up. It makes us feel better about myself and it is very positive. Hopes this helps.

When we first decided to get this game, we wasnt expecting much to the game. We thought it would be like a 5 minute game. But we were so wrong! This game for one, has a lot to offer. First of all, the game graphics are outstanding. And the characters are stunning to say the least! And dont get us STARTED on the songs! The songs take a while to unlock, which has us digging for more. And another small yet great detail is that when you lose a life, the game says Its okay, you got this! Like, that makes us not want to rage quit! This perfectly made game is sure to have you determined to get all the songs and characters for days! Its also a fun game to play with your friends. Thanks again for making this beautiful meaningful game!

Two very simple words about this game you will need to know. Get and it. Get this game please. This game is free of ads, free, simple, easy, and the creator must have spent so much time on this because they did really well. This game is our favorite game and it should be forevermore. We love this game totally think you should get it. The only thing is, there is limited skins and limited songs. If you are the creator reading this please make more songs and maybe add to the love story? We love the love story by the way too. We know you may be busy with the animation and stuff like that which we are super stoked about but maybe but some thought into our idea. If you do end up doing it, no need to credit us. It is so easy to collect coins. And when you have coins you can buy a lot of stuff. We love the original song it is so iconic. Thank you for taking time to read our review this game is AWESOME!!!!!!! GOODBYE.

We love this game and we think you should get it maybe you will like it as much as we do!

Good job we really like it but add more famous songs.

Pink version is so cute and relaxing.

Its so fun even if Im over four years old.

Its fun and addictive to play on long car rides and at a bus stop and so much more.

So fun to pass time and if you like to sing this is a good game for you!! We recommend to get this game it is so fun! Right now playing this game we played it for three hours straight its the best game that you could ever have Id recommend this over any other games that we’ve played and we love how you could sing along with it and make up your own words to it!! Please get this game if you want to have fun.

This game makes us calm and relax when we have a bad day.

This game is so cute and sweet!!! We literally cant stop playing! Ok bye.

This game is so cute ,,, we CANNOT.

We love how calm the game theme is! We also love how it doesnt use up all of our battery! The game also has a story to it(but we dont wanna spoil it until you play :D) The game doesnt use wifi ether so its the perfect offline game! Overall we give it 5 stars!

We love everything about this. Its so cute and adorable and helps us entertain myself when Im bored. We even like the extra added things like other characters, music and even a special mode called loved story with different Dinos. We also like how if you finish it speed up until you cant play anymore. Overall this game is super fun and we would definitely recommend it!!

We love this game! Amazing designs, cute music, adorable story, and encouraging and positive bites on the side! This game, to us, is just absolutely amazing! We totally recommend.. Its worth it!

Like Dino is amazing! The game is simple, fun, and funny, and its super unique.

Have all the Dinos!!! Now we need all the songs!!!!

Its such a calming and coot ( cute ) game we would recommend.

Ok so you are probably asking why did you give it five stars if there is a butt?. Well Im going to tell you why! Now we are starting ok so it amazing its kinda hard not reallybutt that makes it more fun because we wanna beat it so thats why we play more. Sorry that Im stalling anyway heres the BUTT!!!! There is not a lot of stuff to do and we know we sound annoying right now butt if there was more to do and more to look at then we would give it 1 thousand stars! And dont forget this is just our opinion if you think its perfect just the way it is we agree we just wanna be really occupied and the game itself makes us not want to look away! Also because we actually cant cause if we do we will lose the gameanyway this is tooooooo long so here is for the people that just scroll. There is not a lot of stuff to do. Any poo dont be mad at us dont yell at us and dont distrack us!

We honestly downloaded this game because it looked stupid. But then we started playing it and it made us laugh and over all made us happy. We were very stressed and rather than eating a tub of ice cream we played this game and honestly it made us feel better. The Dinos long neck makes us laugh every time and also the music is super happy. Like Dino is the best game and thats just a fact.

Great sound design and simple game play. Great stress relief as well. Cute art work is a huge plus. Would recommend if your bored!

This is such a fun game and never have any problems also we love the notifications of support lots of love to the devs of the game.

Its honestly so cute and fun to play.

So fun and relaxing its like a dream come true but one thing to recommend maybe add another creature that is not a dinosaur that would be prettys interesting.

We love the game it is so fun:)

First the Dino is so cuteSecend of all theres barely any adds like CRAZY!! The music is also just so cute!! LIKE EVERYTHING IS JUST SO CUTE OKSo we rate this — RRW.

We thinks its a really cool game.

We have always been a gamer, and a musician and we rarely take the time to leave an actual review, but this game deserved a little shout out. Its a gem, for real. If you want a quick pick-me-up, this is definitely for you.

This game is WAY better than its fakes! Tbh, it makes us mad that people would steal a game like this. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!! Great story, music, and characters!

We love this game it’s so cute. Piano tiles need to watch out. We will say u should add more songs that people have heard but other that that we love this gameee.

Its a very nice game, for us as an 11 year old girl we think its very cute/aesthetic But also Very Fun!!

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