The Lord of the Rings: Heroes

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The Lord of the Rings: Heroes

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, The Lord of the Rings: Heroes! Developed by the innovative team at EA Swiss Sarl, this Role Playing game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 12+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 10th May 2023, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 20th June 2023.

Are you a fan of Role Playing, Adventure, games? Then The Lord of the Rings: Heroes is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of The Lord of the Rings: Heroes

Over 6,437 players have rated The Lord of the Rings: Heroes. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does The Lord of the Rings: Heroes Cost?

Good news! You can download The Lord of the Rings: Heroes on your iOS device absolutely free!

The Lord of the Rings: Heroes Release Date

Eager to know when The Lord of the Rings: Heroes first graced the App Store? It was launched on 10th May 2023.

When Was The Lord of the Rings: Heroes Last Updated?

The latest version of The Lord of the Rings: Heroes was updated on 20th June 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download The Lord of the Rings: Heroes?

To get started with The Lord of the Rings: Heroes, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into The Lord of the Rings: Heroes

Fantasy and adventure come together in The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth, a strategy RPG game based on the trilogy of books by J.R.R. Tolkien. A New Ring has been discovered in Middle-earth that has the power to rewrite history. How the power is used is up to you. Will you wield it for good or will you succumb to evil?

Elves, Wizards, and Hobbits join together in a fresh visualization of a classic franchise. Build teams with your favorite fantasy characters from The Lord of the Rings including Frodo Baggins and Samwise Gamgee. Explore factions of Middle-earth as never before and collect an assortment of characters ready for battle.

PvP or Story – pave the way for legendary battles and social competition in an epic turn-based strategy game. Adventure across Middle-earth and form a guild to help battle your foes. Squad battles can be used to tackle the warfront or challenge other rival guilds for glory.

Join the Fellowship and take your squad on adventures across Middle-earth. Legendary combat, new stories, and the power of the New Ring. Download today and discover your alternate ending!


  • Battle in legendary wars for Middle-earth in an epic fantasy RPG
  • Dwarves, Elves, Wizards, Hobbits and Men await to take up arms
  • Adventure across Middle-earth & experience an alternate telling of Middle-earth characters


  • Classic heroes from The Lord of the Rings universe are yours to collect in this RPG game
  • Role play as your favorite characters including Frodo, Sam, Éowyn, and others
  • Legends and characters can be upgraded through a deep, long-term progression system
  • Explore factions of Middle-earth as never before: Haradrim, additional Dúnedain and others


  • PvP, Story, PvE games, and more – Hone your skills across multiple game modes
  • Heroes with unique combat skills and abilities join forces in guilds
  • Play to character relationships and personalities to advance your squad
  • Strategy is required to unlock team-up attacks and synergy bonuses


  • Squad battles determine success or failure in PvP games and more
  • Heroes of Middle-earth are yours to command in turn based wars
  • Battle in the warfront or defeat other rival guilds to level up your characters

Seize the power of the New Ring and rewrite history. Good or evil – the choice is yours. Download The Lord of the Rings: Heroes of Middle-earth today.

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What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of The Lord of the Rings: Heroes updated on 20th June 2023:

In addition to the usual bug fixing and character releases, we’re introducing a new feature: The Shard Shop!
The Shard Shop is where you’ll be able to convert your Character Shards to Shard Coins. You can use Shard Coins to purchase unique Shard Supplies.
The Shard Shop contains various things:

  • Gear
  • Ability Materials
    We hope you enjoy this update and we can’t wait to see you back in Middle-earth

User Reviews on The Lord of the Rings: Heroes

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of The Lord of the Rings: Heroes below:

We have been playing this game for a couple of weeks now and it is honestly a great game. One of the largest issues we have with it is the ability to obtain gold. We have several heroes just stuck in limbo because we cant upgrade them. Between costing gold for equipping items (why?), leveling up characters, and upgrading abilities the amount of earnable gold does not meet requirements. We have maxed out energy usage every time it is available, earned every daily reward, and even bought one of the premium gold chests with gems, but still dont have enough gold to even upgrade one character from 2 to 3 stars (19,000 gold, only got 10,500 from the premium chest). It honestly makes the whole game feel slow and boring, making us lose interest. This is the largest issue we have with this game. There have been a few minor glitches here and there, but nothing major. We love being able to collect characters, and not just the ones from the movies, but also those who were only in book, such as Elrohir and Elladan. Overall it is a fun game, but gets slow due to lack of gold. Please rebalance this!!

Lots of bugs effect game experience ! Our new episode quest is -1000 ! Its not been fixed after 1 month !

Its a SWGOH rip off. Its full wildly overpriced items in game and constant bugs.

Firstly this game has potential to be great but lets talk about a few huge issues firstly the gold/economy is terrible!! After a few days you really start to realize how bad it is when youre trying to level your heroes. Secondly the ui is horrible! Click this, click that, click after you craft, click equip. So much time wasting on simply crafting a piece of gear. The wait time between stages takes way too long!! We bought a beginner package and paid real money for it, and never received the bought items in game. We opened a ticket/followed the prompts and nothing came of it. So we reported the issue to Apple. We will say, however, the game does a great job at allowing you ease of getting new characters since the shard drop rates are high. With some tweaks and bug fixes this game could be popular.

Would be a bit higher as an average at best hero collector as Im a big LotR fan, however this game near constantly crashes, has a terribly huge set of resource hurdles and you really cant even buy your way out of them Because the bundle contents are seriously out of proportion. Its like they didnt even playtest their own game.

We gave it a few weeks to really see what it has to offer: the truth is it is a fairly polished but buggy standard gacha format loot box/slot machine simulator with some of the most restrictive bottlenecking we’ve ever encountered from the mobile platform in comparison to years of experience with industry standards like Summoners War, SWGOH, MSF, and RAID. You expect some us progression controls in this format, but not to this extreme where In comparison EVERY single progression system in this game grinds to an absolute crawl. Multiple Currency bottlenecks, experience (also a currency(?) bottlenecks, skill bottlenecks, upgrade bottlenecks, character acquisition bottlenecks this game grinds everything, ALL of it, to a snails pace within the first week of play. Secondly, if it was the IP that drew you to the title you will find that noticeable liberties have been taken with Tolkiens lore to the point that were it not for some recognizable names this could just as well be titled to be any other knockoff generic medieval fantasy fiction being produced in the past 5 years. The specificity of the world Tolkien built has been modified to be more compliant with modern concepts. It is a reimagining so to speak, were characters like Eowyn need not hide her identity to fight because here there are strong established lady soldiers and officers in most factions! Great for a story told now, but not what actually exists in the Lord of the Rings where the struggle to overcome gender role biases was an ACTUAL critical story point that is but one example of how this developer has somewhat trampled the deep and nuanced world they were supposed to adapt.

This is NOTHING NEW. It IS a regurgitated game with new skins. Other than specific LoTR content, this is a re-skinned game that is nothing more than a cashgrab. Youll agree with us after you wasted your time downloading, installing and uninstalling. Youre welcome. EA youve been a disappointment and a disgrace for the last 20+ years.

This game is so much fun and its so true to the books, way better than Lord of the rings war.

Good soundtrack as well fun to play.

Animations & play are fun. Wish it was clearer/easier to unlock more characters. Overall good game but lots of glitches and unexpected errors.

This game has a solid foundation for what could be years of fun! However, there is little content available to play right now. In addition to that, one of the game modes; Sams Journey is currently not working as intended and players cannot progress. Another problem we have seen is the Mordor team was released with a broken Leadership passive. Effectively making the team pretty mediocre. You cant sell a team for real world dollars and then wait 3+ patches to fix it. We have very few teams even in the game. As we said, this game is promising, but we hope that these two problems are prioritized rather than left on the back burner. 4/5.

Since the latest update the game has requested restarting constantly after most actions. Auto complete only works with certain characters, others will give you an error and possibly loop you into a restart app loop. The game was very fun but now that it’s broken and basically unplayable, we would not bother playing again until it’s fixed.

We are giving it three stars because it is new. Everyone talks about the gold barrier and it is true. You basically cant progress after 3 to 4 days of playing. It does make it pretty quick to do daily updates but it is just a wait and grind more gold. Gold needs to be easier to get. The grind should be something else like the gotcha feature. They made it easy to get character shards in game if you want to grind out certain characters that are available as you progress. Mostly unknown or little known characters. We really like the racial synergy that allows you to build same race teams that make your team stronger. Great concept. They help each other in each battle if you have more racial synergy points. It is a expensive pay to win type gotcha. On par with similar costs to Raid shadow legends. There are lower cost ones out there. The story line is actually pretty bad and really doesnt track well. Plus it seems poorly thought out and it only partially fits the books. We like that you can play shadow or light timelines. Too bad they didnt do that in Lotro online. Overall a three star for some good game mechanics and being able to grind fast and not have long grinds. Poor storyline and gold barrier seem to be a real issue.

This game has so much potential however the gold and experience bottleneck is a major concern. Every update leads to another bug. The game is almost pay to play and we dont mind spending money here and there to support it however with the last update we are no longer getting offers. We did all the steps that were listed on the website than created a case explaining the issue. They responded by telling us to do the steps listed and were gonna cancel the case. We had to reopen the case explaining again we did the steps and want to spend money but am not receiving any offers from the store except for Arwen and Alladan. We thought the company is in the business to make money. We posted on discord and on the twitter page and am not receiving help. We just started to play the new Avatar game which has so much more to do. Ill spend our money on Avatar or will save it.

The game is fun, but it has issues with 2012 tier graphics and constant errors that force you to restart the app.

Everything about this game has been done better. Everything is so mediocre. If it wasnt a lotr game no one would have even tried the game. It looks terrible compared to any other game that has come out recently. The story can barely be called that as it is so boring and bland we stopped paying attention after about 5 stages. The game play has nothing new or interesting. There is no reason to spend any time on this game unless you just have to play a lotr game.

This turns to grind quickly and we’ve now gotten to level 45 and raising any gear or level is a one off rng that youll get the piece you need or save gold. There is no community or the communication is broken. World chat has zero chatter and even applying to open guilds or requests go totally unanswered. Story is bland and its easy to make lotr at least have a story with all the source material. It was fun while it lasted.

The game is fun, tho it is hard to get gold. The bugs are hard to look past.

Cant do anything in this game without it crashing. It dissuades us from playing this game.

When the game works its a fine clone of many other games. But crashes became the norm and with the latest (6/15/23) update it crashes even more. The gold bottleneck is pretty bad but the games instability is its biggest issue.

Game looks clunky and the overall design is not great. The gameplay is pretty common nothing new going on here seemingly a cash grab.

This game is promising but is possibly a worse cash grab than marvel strike force. 1. Gold barrier is real. 2. Only 2 game modes available. Arena & campaign. No issue with this since the game is in an early phase, but its crazy for the game to expect us to pay so much to do so little. 3. Event expectations are insane and demand you pay money to be able to qualify for new character events. 5 5 star elf team is insane for the character release at this point. The game does not provide any other method to get gold or build up character shards towards events. Expects user to pay money. A lot of money. We dont have a single 5 star character as a day 1 f2p player. 4. Bug reporting is impossible. The chests sometimes provide 6 shards towards a character, but we never receive 6 shards. When trying to report this bug, it leaves us no options to convey the issue. This game does not support the player. It just wants money. Save yourself some time and move on if your not willing to drop a $1000 monthly to keep up.

This game is a nearly exact copy of Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, but with the assets replaced with LOTR art and without as much to do. The gameplay mechanics and collection/growth aspects are just as fun and addictive as SWGOH. And likewise it duplicates the dark patterns of absurdly priced power up packs and a broken game economy that manipulates human psychology in truly disturbing ways. Its a master class in getting you hooked and then making it seem entirely reasonable to drop $100 to slightly power up one of 60 characters in the game. Youll see an ad for a $20, $50, or $100 pack every time you return to the games home screen. You can play without paying but youll be bombarded with ads and frustrated by the mechanics if you do. But what really sets this game apart from SWGOH is the complete lack of quality assurance. The game will randomly restart, sometimes over and over, without explanation other than something went wrong. We think this is anti-cheating code but its clearly way too sensitive. Then a recent update completely broke about half of the games core functionality. Like, how does that happen without utter incompetence on the part of management. Should we do basic testing on the primary functionality of the game? Nah, lets just ship it and assume it still works. True, the bugs can be worked around if you know the game well already. The fact that we put up with this buggy game still just proves how underhandedly pernicious this games addiction mechanisms are. Add to that this game is completely disrespectful of Tolkiens canon. Theres no framing device like SWGOHs holotables to make it clear this is all just pretend. Instead, the storyline presents any number of impossible situations and contradictory setups. You will confront and kill Gollum in Mirkwood early on in the storyline. What? If you have any respect for Middle-earth you will hate this game. If you have any respect for yourself, you will hate this game. If you have a lot of disposable income and time to kill, and you dont mind impressively buggy software, this game is a mediocre way to spend a couple of hours a day as you wait for the end to come.

So just about every tiny character improvement requires gold but gold farming doesnt get you anywhere near enough to level up and you cant purchase more with gems either. You also cant even buy gold on its own with real money unless its in a character pack. We’ve spent money on this game expecting at the very least a short lived payoff but seen no real progression. After playing for only two weeks this game has already become a chore.

The game is super buggy. Additionally they do nothing about blatant cheating / exploits in arena. Nice skin to a familiar hero collector though.

The game soft locks more and more its insanely difficult to even play. What there is to play lasts about 2-3 days and its just another copy and paste hero collector similar to galaxy of heros. There are close to no game modes and no resources to support more than building 1-2 characters at a time for weeks at a time. The worst part the community in their discord is toxic and unmoderated. Way too many people dropping mental health insults.

Error: Error has occurred please check your connection and restart game. Error: Error has occurred please check your connection and restart game. Error: Error has occurred please check your connection and restart game. Error: Error has occurred please check your connection and restart game. Error: Error has occurred please check your connection and restart game. Error: Error has occurred please check your connection and restart game. You get the idea.

Its not a bad game and has a lot of potential, but right now it is scaled horribly. They start you out with tons of gold, but youll quickly find out that earning gold is extremely difficult and in no way does it scale reasonably with how expensive upgrades and items cost. The number of shards you have to ours to get characters upgraded is insane. For a six star upgrade you need 200 shards!!! We dont even know what 7 star is because Im still trying to get a 6star. Almost all the characters start at 1. Upgrade materials are hard to come by, so good luck there. Obviously this game was designed as a cash grab and while we understand most games are, games like SWGOH at least make it fun and reasonable for the free to play folks, not like this game.

We’ve made sure its up to date and reinstalled but is constantly having to restart due to errors.

Economy is pathetic to the point that playing the game is dreadful. Also theres a bug that tells you to restart the game, once you get it its an infinite loop that you have to keep restarting the game and you will never be able to play again. Lazy developers stuck with 2010 graphics and heavy pay to play formula.

We love this game but we dont have one problem Im stuck on a certain level and every time we click on the level all our characters are there but they dont move or do anything.

Love the design and gameplay! Really hope Talion and Celebrimbor make an appearance!

Good starting point for the game has enough content to keep you playing until they release more. One thing we will recommend for new players is build your dark team up to at least heroic 3-1 to unlock merry or your light team of hobbits will be very lacking for protection or counters with just same otherwise go with the Rohan for light theyre slow to start but once all skills are unlocked and upgraded their counters and boosted attacks have a great synergy and you can use 3 Rohan with 2 others to make a well blended guild team.

Since the update yesterday, we havent been able to do daily challenges, farm character shards(Eowyn, her tank brother, and Golburz), and when we tried to notify customer support we had to create an account, and the app just froze on that screen. So seems like EA has no plans to fix the issue and doesnt care. Guess Ill check back in a few days to see if they did anything to fix the issue. Disappointed by EAs obvious lack of care, but the app was fun before this hiccup, and hope it soon resumes being fun and playable.

This game crashes everyday or so we really liked it at first and gold is hard to come by and you cant even buy enough if you wanted to.

Besides constant crashing , there is a new bug where you cant auto battle.

Game characters often default to their model stances (arms and legs spread). Mostly goblins. As we reach higher levels, the dailies are nothing more than crumbs. A new bug with last update allows a player to select more auto-attempts than is allowed (Hard limit is up to 5 but is allowing the count to go to 20 accompanying an error message). Also, the chat censoring is a joke. Some character names and conjunctions arent usable. We also believe the energy system is miscalculated. Ads would be welcome to watch for some replenished energies to allow for longer playtime. Requiring 5 star elves to get Elrond is pretty cruel. Hardly anyone has leveled their elves because they are weak. Now we need them at 5 stars to get Elrond Shadow and Light should have separate energy types. Its a bit too slow of a grind. We want to play let us play! The primary issue is that fans want to play this game the way they want to with their own preferred characters, but the grind is slow and they are required to level characters they dont want to level. There needs to be more gaming areas the way Galaxy of Heroes does. We want to spend at least half an hour playing, instead, 5 minutes in and we have to wait hours before we can properly play again.

Im loving the game, huge fan of lord of the rings. Every time we try to load into level 1-9 of the light campaign. We get past the dialog with the witch queen, pick our characters to set out with and then it freezes at the start of the match.

The game started great. Yes it is like many other collect and advance – like ea galactic heroes but we like the LOTR aspect BUT. What happened? After the last update the game has way too many glitches and bugs Once those are fixed it is a 5 star game.

This game has major balancing issues and bottleneck issues in its current state. Im order to progress any quicker than a snails pace, you gotta dish out $200-300 usd, and in reality that wont get you very far. F2P players will only be able to work on one area of one character at a time, spending weeks just farming and not even being able to enjoy progressing in the story line. Very boring and not enjoyable with these limitations. Give the game a few months and maybe it will improve. The lore and characters seem okay, but the game is very boring and not fun in its current state. Not enough to do, and too much time and resources are needed to invest for just slight advancements.

There are snippets of fun if youre into hero collector games, but generally youll find the majority of the game is spent waiting. If youve played these games before, youre probably saying to yourself so what? And normally we would agree, but you can 100% exhaust your free energy and crystals within a couple of hours of downloading the game. After that, sit tight and get comfortable while you wait for your energy to refill. There is a surprising lack of content, despite having two campaigns. Im no stranger to mobile games, and have no issue spending money on our interests, but the pricing for these packages is nothing short of egregious. Normally you could spend $1 or $2 and get a little boost to your account (especially at launch) but youd have to spend at least a few $100 to really see any impact. The game was disappointing to say the least, coming from a life-long LoTR fan. We assume this will be the theme with the new show as well.

Cant get past the mission and we cant figure out how to report a bug so maybe this will do.

We were excited for this game as we are long time player of Star Wars GOH but was frustrated by the number of bugs when this was released. Frequent crashes and needed to restart has been an issue since initial release and now the latest update which essentially broke the game. Players deserve better and should receive a more polished and finished product.

LOTR version of Marvel Strike Force and Star Wars. Except held together by duct tape and dreams. We get hard errors every play session upon trying to complete a mission, hard crashes when turning in daily objectives. On top of that, the gold and shard bottleneck is crushing. Prepare to hit a brick wall very early on in progression.

You guys.. Your big reporting/feedback hub is so convoluted that people just give up trying to report stuff. It is one of the worst we’ve experienced and quite a few other users feel the same way.

Currently unable to make it past 1-9. Will adjust rating when fixed.

We’ve lost valuable resources because the bugs from the most recent update. Their home page is always full of bad grammar and mistakes. Makes you wonder who is running things, we’ve spent to much money to have a 5th grader write updates and coding.

For a team thats well versed in this genre (swgoh), Im surprised by the lack of content and multiple bugs. The game isnt fun. It feels like a chore of logging in, and doing a few things, then logging off, rinse and repeat. It feels more like a chore. If you want to report a bug, good luck. Youll go through a page where you go through a few inquiry fields. Then it takes you to a page where they have you refer to a forum. And you need a login. You cant just send a ticket tied to an email address. Customer support seems non-existent. Im glad a whole bunch of people and myself have quit.

The game starts out relatively ok. But then you begin to notice all the crashes and restarts. Then how long all the animations are (characters, purchasing items in the shop, simming nodes, all of it). Then you hit the gold wall. After about two weeks, youll reach a point where you can do literally nothing with your toons because the amount of gold it requires to level them up or gear them is through the roof. Oh, be prepared to sim a node 6-10 times to get low level gear needed just to get a toon up to gear level 2. Game has tons of potential, but progression is really slow and there really isnt much to do in the game after two weeks of playing.

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