Stacky Dash

Last updated on May 5th, 2022 at 12:28 am

Stacky Dash


Stacky Dash is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by SUPERSONIC STUDIOS LTD, Stacky Dash is a Casual game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 1st June 2020 with the latest update 18th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Casual, Action, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


240,244 people have rated 3.2

You can download the game Stacky Dash from APP STORE.


Swipe your finger to dash your hero across the mazes, stack up the tiles higher and higher and reach for the skies!!!

Updated on 18th April 2022

.Bug Fix

Stacky Dash Review

We really love the game but after we win (a lot) there are ads so creates of stacky each can you remove some of the ads.

This game is so fun make on so harder.

We love this game its our favorite game.

The first thing that was a good app is the app it needs.

Good game to play while your bored. Definitely a 8/10 cause of the ads but its nice and decent we play it sometimes.

Iudisij wios iaiI osoa audios saison soap jasl jakaji.

Its fun to stack its a really nice game and its really easy and fun.

We love it so much its cool Hi……………… Bye.

We love StackyDash so much and we hope you buy this app but we have SO many apps on our phone but we bought this cause we knew that this was going to work out. So yeah hope your reading this and hope you will get this app but just so you know there will be glitches have a great day.

This game is awesome because you can move around and you can like decide how much blocks you want to get and if you dont get all of them, you can always go back to get them, but its hard to explain but we love it and you should try it out some day or today.

Stacky dash is a good way to relax, release, re-do. Its so much fun we play it during road trips, when we wanna play a game, or if we are bored! :)

It is the best app in the whole world.

You pass every level! And sometimes its hard so you cant get to the chest sometimes. But you should totally get this game its super fun! But you get bored like in half in hour.

This Game Is Nice BeCause we Like How You Level Up And When You Level Up There Is No Bar For The Level And Each Time You Play You Have A A Bar Of Characters The Bar Counts By Tens And You agar A New Character When You finish The Bar.

This game is the best! This is actually our favorite game that we’ve played. It can get really hard! On the hard rounds can you please please help us! But meanwhile this game is so much fun you should really play this game and its for free. Ill see you in the game! Best game ever!

Its a very good game but there is an ad after every single level.

We love this game but every time after you complete a level you get a ad its annoying but other than that its a good game.

This is a great and easy game but the ads are horrible. We play one round and three ads pop up it is so annoying but over all the game is great.

It does not have the anime people or anything its just a random piece for anyone thinks it is.

This game is simple to understand and is enjoyable enough to pass the time. We find the haptics and sounds satisfying, however, there are a few things we would like to share with the devs that we think could overall improve the game. We will forever miss the day when we could enjoy mobile games without having to sit through an ad after each and every level. It really takes away from the experience of the game, which is unfortunate because its actually quite enjoyable. We understand the devs have to make money somehow so we have some suggestions. We think an ad every five levels would be a more acceptable volume of ads. Its just enough to not take away from the experience of the game, but would be annoying enough for us to want to purchase the no ad version. This in addition to the ads on the homepage, as well as the ads users can watch to unlock items we thing would be a good compromise. For such a simple game its a shame it cant be played without internet connectivity. While im out and about, during our daily commute, while waiting at the doctors etc. It would be nice to be able to pass the time with this game even if im not connected to the internet. We hate that when new tiles or characters are unlocked it automatically switches to those items. We chose the character and tiles that we did because we like them and itd be nice to be able to keep those even when new ones are unlocked instead of having to change it back every time. Hope this helps.

This game is very peaceful if you are looking for a chill game we would recommend this one very good game.

Where is the anime girl on the thumbnail?!

So its basically the same thang every round just with different ways to get the blocks.

The game is fun, but there is an ad at the end of each level! We would not waste our money on this game to get rid of ads anyway, but please fix this!!

Very entertaining! Great boredom killer, but we have to bring it down because there is an ad after every level. Normally this wouldnt be a problem because we can turn Wi-Fi off, but this game requires internet. Why do you need internet for this simple game?! We had this before and it didnt require a connection. 3/5.

On Level 133 there is something wrong. We tried through without arrow but those game made turn to arrow as we have no way to get more tiles so we gave up.

It was fun when we started but then it started to get boring. We guess Im not that far into the game but there are ads after every level. And the levels arent even that long. Its not worth all the ads. If you can sit through ads and not get annoyed, then maybe you will like it. We just got bored of it and we downloaded it a few minutes ago. Just saying, NOT WORTH IT!

We should have listened to the reviews and not wasted our time. This game would have been so fun if the level didnt last only like 10 secs but the ad was like 20 seconds long smh we played two levels and deleted it. What a waste of time. The developer could have had a great game if he or she got rid of the longs ads after every single level.

Why do there have to be so many adds!? Literally every 5 seconds ADD!!! Like come ooonnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We gotta go know because we need to go and DELETE THIS APP and we suggest that if any one who gets this app should DELETE it IMEDEENTLY!!!!!!!!

So every time you play a new round and then adds come on after EVERY SINGLE ROUND we cant believe this so we dont really recommend and we think some other reviews have that but still its so annoying So we dont recommend it Ty! For reading and have a good day!

To much adds every time you pass a level.

This game is so satisfying and it sounds so satisfying and we love it so much.

It makes really nice clicking sounds.

The ad to game ratio is perfect, the right amount of ads per every set of rounds.

This game is amazing we love it it is satisfying and really relaxing so play on it all day long!