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Okay? is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Philipp Stollenmayer, Okay? is a Trivia game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 24th February 2015 with the latest update 2nd March 2021

Whether you are a fan of Trivia, Music, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


9,896 people have rated 4.07

You can download the game Okay? from APP STORE.


Clear the board. Pay what you want. Okay?

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Updated on 2nd March 2021

small performance improvements

Okay? Review

Good game, love how you can pay what you want, we would defiantly pay but Im short on funds, either way, unique idea.

Just because the game is fun doesnt mean its great. But this game is better than great, its so simple and so complex and mathematical and addicting. Good luck getting to sleep if youre planning to play in bed.

Tbh im gonna keep this short, this game is amazing. Not only have they put immense effort into making this game, it strengthens your mind, its a great time-waster, and for our people who are tight on storage, its amazing. We’ve contributed money to this game because of the fact that we’ve played it for a while, but the game gives you an option to pay nothing if you dont want to, and doesnt limit your access to any part of the game. Ads dont appear every 2 seconds or after every level, they dont even appear at all unless you want a hint. Overall this game is amazing, im so happy we found it, kudos to the game developers.

Id pay if we had the funds honestly. Its refreshing to have a developer be so open about this exchange and Im partially writing this out of guilt for not paying.

This game is a great way to show just how good simple things are. At some point you will reach a part where it says you are to pay whatever you think the game is worth. It includes a $0.00 value which shows that they are not greedy and lets you choose how you can support them. Its a great game and its art is so simplistic yet elegant. It is beautiful and thats everything we have to say. So to sum it up this game is everything but okay.

This game is fun and has no add Great game.

We love they give you the option to not pay so Im here to boost its ratings.

Not only is this game relaxing and fun, but on level 20 theres an option or pay $0, now thats a game that isnt greedy!

Im reviewing because we like the music in the game and because Im too poor to give money.

It is an awesome puzzling and beautiful game!

Game was an interesting twist on angles and geometry.

Beautifully made game. Highly recommend for those who like games with lots of levels.

Im unable to pay but we adore this game 10/10.

We love it and it keeps us entertained. We love figuring out what to do. It scared us when it asked us how much we would pay for it, but we loved the way it was asked. We would pay money for it, but we’re in a position where we can’t do that right now. We’re incredibly happy they let us play for free, and we highly recommend playing it.

Its an honest game made by an honest person. Cant go wrong with that.

Its a nice game but on level 20, the game is worth like a dollar but we put 0 so we dont pay.

So we did it was kinda satisfying.

Its the most fun complex time killing game out there!!!!

Square | l. | I. | I. Circle- I. . | I. . | I. \ Triangletriangle In this game you have to do experiments to find the perfect path. The notes are beautiful as you hit the shapes,but the black shapes are good too. This game is cool and it is sometimes interesting to see the dot bouncing and hitting shapes. If you played this game, you would know what the lines and the shapes we wrote mean.

Ima be honest with you guys, 5is game is simple, but it’s really fun. Definitely recommend.

We think the creator of this game is awesome! We rated the game because it asked us what we think the game cost should be and they asked us to rate it so im doing that!

We love this. Its a great game. We love the name 2.

Idk something about the atmosphere it provides differentiates it from other mobile games. This game, despite the fact its not massive or made by a big studio, gives us the same vibes of some other games that HAVE been made by an entire work force. Its really neat!

Worth more than $0 but Im broke. Sorry bro :(

Love it and the fact you get to pick your payment is great.

We love this game so muchy kids and parents have spent endless hours playing this game. Its one on the best ways to make you IQ go up more now Im not sure home many leaves there are but we know Im really far and we’ve thought it would end like all the other types of games but it just kept going. In other words, we really recommend this game its one of the family favorites!!

We think this game is very creative and a fun concept. Im rating because we dont have any money to pay for it but we think its awesome.

Once you get to a certain point you get ask how much you want to pay and if you say 0 cause youre cheap eat poo.

This is a wonderful game, its actually challenging but, its not bad.

This game is fun and should be accessible to everyone so we chose 0.00$ as our price but if we could Id say pay 3.00$

Id pay like a dollar or two but Im broke.

This is a very fun puzzle game.

When it came to the paying part we couldnt pay because im on 13 but we dont want you to think we think its bad, im having a lot of fun with this game :D.

Its an amazing game its simple but complex you really have to think of it. We would pay the 2.99 but we dont have money.

We love this game we play it so much very fun and also good game for anxiety.

This game is very fun, and we like the sound affects. It reminds us of Bacon, and we like that we get to choose our price. We personally dont have the money, but we would pay a buck for this if we could. Keep going, kamibox, your making awesome games!

We see this game as a breath of fresh air, its one of those rare games that you can tell someone spent some time making. Its incredibly complex, but at the same time simple enough to enjoy it, the hints are perfect as to where they do not give you too much, but enough to figure it out yourself and still instill your sense of pride, 6/5 stars!

We’ve played one other game from this developer or studio and they probably have the best mobile games we’ve ever played and this is no exception it is very creative and has a lot of cool things you can do.

Why do you give the option to pay nothing. We just think its real strange. Okay?

Its a great time killer and we enjoy playing it during our breaks.