Sky Warriors: Airplane Games

Last updated on July 14th, 2022 at 01:25 am

Sky Warriors: Airplane Games

Sky Warriors: Airplane Games

Sky Warriors: Airplane Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Wildlife Studios Limited, Sky Warriors: Airplane Games is a Action game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 5th October 2021 with the latest update 13th June 2022

Whether you are a fan of Action, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


18,509 people have rated 2.11.0

You can download the game Sky Warriors: Airplane Games from APP STORE.


Join the Sky Warriors today and become an ace pilot! Experience the thrill of realistic aerial battles and engaging enemies in adrenaline-packed 3D dogfights!

Real PvP Multiplayer! Enter a squadron and play online with your friends against real players around the world.

Modern and realistic fighter planes! Fly the best and most advanced war machines in the world, with jet-powered aircraft from several countries!

Download the newest modern air combat mobile game, for free, now!


Updated on 13th June 2022

Hello pilots! Version 2.11.0 has arrived with some amazing new content!

  • Team Deathmatch: it is finally here! Put your skills to the test in the new 3v3 pure dogfighting game mode of Sky Warriors!
  • Revenge scores: score more points by getting your comeback against your enemies in any game mode!
  • Improved kill feedbacks: we have improved the kill feedbacks with first kill and streak indications for you to enjoy and brag with your squadron mates!
  • Chest recalibration: great news for all players! Opening chests will now reward you with way more items, diamonds and coins than before! Check out the update announcement for more details!
  • Player chat report: we’ve added the possibility for you to report misbehaviours directly in game. All reports will be carefully reviewed by our Trust & Safety team
  • Neon Event content: enjoy the futuristic hangar and the neon-themed special event paint jobs and decals! Special offers will also be available!

Sky Warriors: Airplane Games Review

Best game ever! Get this game now!.!

Amazing game, we just started and already Im hooked. Gameplay mechanics are great, the only problem is that we wish that there were more game modes.

Best flight game could make it more realistic.

Although it would be 10 times better if it had controller support we would love to play this game through our controller.

Nice game plays well once you learn the controls!!

Can it be easier to dodge missiles.

This game is insanely fun. At first. But like Wild Lifes other games, match making is appallingly bad once you upgrade to a certain level, and are certainly not based on anything remotely close to competitive fun. Enjoy getting annihilated by players 15 levels above you, match after match. Then, once in maybe 12 matches, you annihilate other players, which is also not that fun. Actual game play like maneuvering, getting lock on, and firing guns and missiles behave completely at random. Opponents can dodge incoming tracking missiles easily. We couldnt dodge a basic missile doing the exact same maneuver. Its super fun missing a hard lock target or getting blown up without a chance to lock on even when flying head on at another player with a lesser aircraft and rank. Its pathetic. Even if you pay to play, winning wont last long. Game disconnects sometimes if you are racking up kills, which is not often. Never when you are getting railed. And the devs are too busy policing name violations to actually fix the game or build out new planes and modes. Earning most daily rewards involve impossible tasks unless you spend real money: get 10 kills with a strong missile and upgrade a planewhich costs more missiles, coin, or diamonds than youll get in a month of playing. Super sweet! The planes go whoosh. Graphics and skins are good, effects are cool!

Just started but we think its a pretty good game.

Is this game made for any actual consoles by chance? Its worth getting it if so,can someone let us know?,Thank you.

Really fun game to play. Easy to pick it up and get the handle of it.

They need to fix attackers on cargo plane mode for example it would be better if attackers had better health or stronger attack because you dont have a chance to shoot the missile at the cargo plane and when you have a chance it says EVADE.

Overall we love this game for the fighting style. However the matchmaking the game has puts lower experienced players with more experienced players a bit to frequently. Other than that great game.

There are a lot of bugs and glitches recently with this game. We wish they would fix them because this game is good.

On this game it is kinda fun but its laggy and it has poor effects so it doesnt even work out.

Game is very racist not to mention very unrealistic.

Hello everyone the last version the make phone so hot and slowly please try to fix thanks.

We love this game abut cant review it high due to not be able to make contact on any of there socials or the options they have available for help. When you spend real money on something and that thing doesnt work how it was supposed to and cant get In touch to fix the issue its hard to enjoy. We dont want to spend in game currency to upgrade when this purchase involves upgrades.

After we update the game is keeps disconnecting us from the game .. We play 2 games good and the third game while am in the meddle of the game they gave us message that am disconnected .. This is very disappointing.

This game is horrible. We’ve tried playing it loads of times and end up with trouble on every screen we come to. We get that it may be user error but dont make your game hard to understand with no talk screens. We cant even ask for help because you decided to make chat AFC 2. Over all horrible. Do not waste your time or energy on this stupidity.

The best flying game out there. Awesome, best jets, and can fly with your squadron.

We wish that there was more like things you could do in the game and had a part of a tutorial of when you first start off how to buy another jet for new players but honestly this is a very good game they did a great job on it.

This game was amazing, with great aircraft selections, cool optics and awesome dog fighting. Unfortunately, unless you pay a lot of money (and keep paying) you wont be able to compete against players who do and it will be very, very frustrating.

Very sluggish and hard to control. Only played a couple of minutes but that was enough. It dont take 30 missles to take out a transport plane either!

Great jet flyer game! Nothing but blue skies and the smell of jet fuel!!

We enjoy the game but there is littlest variation of jets. Please add more combat modes and jets but overall we think the game is good very good game we recommend this game.

Bro the wait to when u die is insane a match is Mabey like 3 mins and when u die u have to wait 10 secs then u get spawned Killed so fun.

We love this game so much we spent 6 usd to help the creator and team of creators keep up good work.

The game itself is cool but the way you have to pay diamonds to change your name overall its the best.

Really a big fan of this game for several reasons. One being its extremely addicting to play!! Its easy to grasp the basic concepts and its competitive and leaves you with tons to learn. We have met really friendly and helpful people who play too through the game and continue to challenge myself to continue to get better and better. Graphics are really awesome and in reality of such a busy server the game really doesnt have too many lag issues and every update brings really cool upgrades to both graphics and game play. Would highly recommend!

We just downloaded this game it is so fun Im already addicted Thank you for making this game whoever made this great job we thought it was and we legit game but it is.

We love the game its good but we live in a place where WiFi is not that good than when Im in the game we go fast than it start moving our plane down and it keeps moving and then we crash so please fix it but anyway the game it great.

This game is great and really addictive we love how realistic the planes are but the controls are kinda hard to like move the plane up and down.

Their used to be a game called metal storm just like this we always played it as a kid and still remember it this gave us a ton of good flashbacks.

Youre destroying the game with Bots.

Good military game awesome good simulator get this game ASAP!!!

This game is our favorite game and we know you guys put in a lot of effort and its unbelievable how good it is its so amazing.

This game inspires us so much. This game is so much fun we feel like if we were actually in the plane.

It is the best game it lets u look like u are in a real battle and has the same effects just like a real battle us and our cousin play this all the time. INCREDIBLE LOVE IT.

Love this game but wish there were more game modes.

So far the game is great we found it off watching videos from another game we play. Just need to learn it a bit better. Awesome job.

Would love to have this game for the Xbox! Once your in a squadron this game is completely a different level of competitiveness. Is there any possibilities of money tournaments in the future ?