Pixicade is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by BitOGenius Inc, Pixicade is a Education game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th January 2021 with the latest update 13th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Education, Casual, or Family games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pixicade ?

980 people have rated 3.1.12

What is the price of the Pixicade ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pixicade released ?

Pixicade was released on 12th January 2021.

When was the Pixicade updated ?

The latest updated date of Pixicade on 13th December 2022.

Where can Pixicade be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pixicade from Apple Official App Store.



Get your paper and markers out, and get ready to DRAW, SNAP, PLAY!

  • This application is free to download and play games. A purchase is required to create games.
  • Internet connectivity required to play. Data charges may apply.
  • Pixicade requires use of the camera, children under 13 require parent permission to play.

Terms of Use: https://www.apple.com/legal/internet-services/itunes/dev/stdeula/

Updated on 13th December 2022

  • Introducing Missions and Rewards! Complete fun Missions, then claim your Rewards!
  • Introducing subscription inapp-purchase options for users that do not have a Pixicade box kit
  • New Avatar Icons for Quest players, Pets players and through the Rewards
  • New Game Borders feature, show off your awesome game with an awesome border!
  • Bug fixes & performance improvements

Pixicade Review

Half of the time it says it cannot connect to the internet. Our child was so excited and is now completely disappointed.

We havent played in a while so when we got on QR CODES PLZZ we DONT HAVE ANY NOW !!!!

Our kids have asked for video games for the longest time. We’ve been reluctant to buy but saw this. We love that they can e creative and create the game. Such a cute way to put the in the creative seat and control their own adventure!

We love this app but we think the Internet and the color needs to be a little bit more precise. We got this for Christmas and an early 2020 and we loved it and Im still playing it today. Its just a need some more things to upgrade. And when the pandemic started we were stuck in quarantine and had Covid. This game was great, we could do and we could play anything we wanted. We think you should download this app and get a Pixicade box,but just be aware it might have laggs. THANK YOU FOR. READING!!!

So we were making a new game on Pixicade when we accidentally put a black dot, so we thought nothing because it was our first project but we realized how the black dot was noticed in the game, we didnt know how to fix it so it was a waste of a sheet. Since then its been working well but the online drawing thing to adjust we cant figure it out. Great Game!

Ok we have been playing for 3 years and we have enjoyed but somehow it logged us out then when we logged back in when we scanned the QR code it did not workI tried SOOO many times!!! So sorry for 3.

When we scanned the QR code it did not unlock anything fix now.

We accidentally press the logout button now our account is gone.

So we downloaded the app, paid $34.99, supplied our email, verified Im an adult, closed and restarted the app, and Im still being asked for a QR code to access the create mode. What am we missing here?

Everytime we would scan the cod form the app setup sheet it would say it work but then we still can’t create a app it’s still locked.


Its a cool game but A lot of times it just gets on your nerves because people say draw snap play its more like draw snap play edit edit play edit edit play edit like sometimes we just feel like lines are gone and its not that easy to make the game our game is there in the same way and if it werent like that it would be so much better.

Pixicade is a really creative game. It was smart to think of a way to let kids make their own games and play them as well as being able to play other peoples games in the app. It shows kids how to be creative and solve problems that their games have. We recommend this game. Just a warning for the people who want this app is that you have to get books and markers online. We got them on amazon.

All we have to say is its good wich is a BIG DEAL download it NOW.

Really fun game! You should get the Pixicade Box, though. It really helps!

We like this game because we make video games. We also like super slingshot. We like peoples games they make! Shout out to Mr. Think!

This app has been really fun for us and our family. All of us have enjoyed it. Great app and fun for kids, highly recommend it.

We love creating and playing games.

We saw it on our tv it just hit us and we just started coloring.

This app is AMAZING we’ve been using this app for some time and its AWSOME so yea!

Letting kids use their imagination to create games is a great idea. Letting kids feel exited and proud about what they have made can help them build their confidence. In Pixicade, they have plenty of game styles to keep the game ideas endless. It allows kids to like other games and follow the people who create them. To avoid cyber bullying, there are no comments in the platform to make sure that no one gets hurt feelings. All in all, this platform is very kid friendly and awe inspiring for all ages.

Is there a book 1 or just 2 and one that doesnt have a number.

Pixel cade is so fun for kids it makes them laugh and its very fun for them to play its so adorable to see them just making games playing them sitting on the friends our opinion we think this game is really fun.

We know you are going to love this app its the best app we ever used so youre going to love it you can also play a game someone else made it is the best game ever.

Honestly This Game Is Epic! Some Things Might Be Buggy Like The Avatar And All That Stuff But THIS GAME IS THE BEST.

This game is fun for children and improves their mind!

The Easter bunny gave us it is really fun.

This game is amazing, but it would be more amazing if you could add a feature where you could create a game with multiple levels. Heres how it would work. When you click on create, it brings you to a screen and there are 2 options on the screen: You can make a single game or you can make a game with multiple levels. If you choose multiple levels, it brings you to a screen and you can type in how many levels you want. Then you choose what kind of level you want to create. (Get the goals, maze maker, etc). After you make your level, it brings you back to the create screen and you can create more levels. When you finish your game and play it and win a level, you can press a button to go to the next level. That is what we would like to see in this game. Please add this feature =)!

We havent bought (or gotten) the actual Pixicade things. We have 1 complaint. You cant make games for free. The main thing about this is MAKING GAMES.

We love the game but the servers go down a lot if that can get fixed that would be great.

We like your app, and we got the Pixicade stuff for Christmas,2021. But heres the thing of using markers that werent from Pixicade to make a game. Well sometimes markers that werent from Pixicade make your app sense the wrong color. But other times parts of our game avatar fall apart. And same for the border of the game. But it also doesnt work For movable stuff our Brain said today when we were making this review when we got to and same for the border of the game its so annoying. But at least youre a Pixicade markers work. Can you make a update so you can make the game sense more and the right color please?

Us and our friend love this idea and all but, there is too much glitching and when we add our game to the app it looks like a horror movie. The colors are all smudged around the screen we love your kindness so keep up the good work! But please, please and please fix this mess. 6/10 goodbye!

This is a pretty nice game, but its SOOOOOO glitchy, Like, we color our avatar all GREEN, and it wont move and stuff like that, please fix this, we are not amused.

Every time we make a game it wont work and we do as told so this game is not very fun. We love playing the games other people make but when we try it doesnt work at all and we follow all the steps.

Add a feature where you can pick the color for each player because we made our game the players were wrong colors so we remade our game with opposite colors and then the players swapped so we cant get our level right.

You cant even make your one game you haft to pay just to do that thats just dum.

Very disappointed! No support and no help. Unable to even create an account to login!

We absolutely despise this game tool. It only has one song, and the only song it lets you use isnt even good! Everything has to be color-coded. Also, Why do ALL of the games HAVE to take place in a white void? You dont get much space to make the game, either. Why arent you allowed to make an actual, full-length game? And it costs us $35 dollars to have it. You should be paying ME to take it off your hands! Super Mario Maker 2 is better for making games, and if your kid already has a copy of smm2, buying them a second copy would be a better use of your hard-earned money.

What is the worst game ever made because it limits people creative side and the controls are terrible in the things that you make The day are our least favorite thing and you never fix our glitches you always ignore it we spent a month trying to make something and then we never worked and we spent a month a month trying to make it and we just deleted the game because of how much we didnt like you and the game even the worlds hardest game ever in the App Store we liked more than this game we just wish this never existed and also we wanted it for Christmas got it for Christmas and we never liked it say this is why you should never trust commercials so just leave the game its not that fun anyway and its actually not fun to create games because you have to spend two years to actually make a game they can actually watch it sometimes they cant even make it but we mean making a game in two minutes its probably not gonna be better than a game that takes two years and also when we make a game it doesnt take less than 30 seconds it takes probably 2 to 5 minutes to actually make because of the poor same notice of colors and sometimes some of them look really fun to play and then when you get to them theyre not even fun at all since you have to edit so much thats not fun at all of the times we wonder how it got a reward because its the Game that we’ve seen the most one star reviews on im not gonna change your date on the commercial its 2022 not 2019 no so we dont wanna be creator we wanna be a gamer OK and then animator so sometimes we wonder if those are actual people it says it sometimes they just anime people and put it on there and then just lie.

Ok when we were doing the make a account thing it said we had to read terms of policy but we already did pls fix this.

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