Roller Coaster VR Theme Park

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Vipera Games sp. z o.o., Roller Coaster VR Theme Park is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 8th September 2015 with the latest update 17th December 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Family, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Roller Coaster VR Theme Park ?

22,605 people have rated 3.09

What is the price of the Roller Coaster VR Theme Park ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Roller Coaster VR Theme Park released ?

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park was released on 8th September 2015.

When was the Roller Coaster VR Theme Park updated ?

The latest updated date of Roller Coaster VR Theme Park on 17th December 2022.

Where can Roller Coaster VR Theme Park be downloaded ?

You can download the game Roller Coaster VR Theme Park from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to the biggest amusement park in virtual reality. Theme park with 34 carousels will give you an amazing experience. Ride on all roller coasters, survive adventure in horror house relax on small carousels

Best features of VR amusement park:

  • many carousels and roller coasters
  • all animated
  • realistic environment

You can ride on all attractions in this amusement park in virtual reality (VR). Just put the phone in VR device. For better experience use headphones.

Remember to configure your VR settings for the device.

Roller coaster VR in a big and realistic amusement park. All rides can be launch in VR or normal mode.

Do not wait anymore, take this theme park and just make a ride in VR roller coaster.

Roller coaster VR (virtual reality) for mobile!

Updated on 17th December 2022

Update ready for iOS 16!

  • Two completly new roller coasters are here!

  • From now on, you will be able to choose one of 4 times of day: sunrise, day, sunset and night !

  • There will be a new attraction every two weeks!

  • We have added a brand new, more readable menu with an attractive design.

  • There are 34 rides in total !

  • A completely new environment. Now more realistic than
    than ever.

  • We will be adding new attractions with every update!

  • From now on, our videos and rides can also be viewed without VR goggles in No VR mode!

  • More attractions coming soon!

Roller Coaster VR Theme Park Review

Fun Not enough content Kinda boring Ya.

Hey guys! Its us again!! We just wanted to say, we were stuck at the title screen! The loading was taking FOREVER…(maybe not THAT much but…) anyway! If you want to check out our other ratings, we wrote a report for splice,roblox, and virtual reality escape room!

Bought the no ad version but it still shows ads. The restore purchase button does not work and their settings has no options except changing language. Scam dont buy.

Hes so badl you should delete this game and give it a want store.


We downloaded this game a couple of years ago when we had a cheap VR set and it was really fun. All the rides were free, but then the (excuse our language) Air-Headed game developers decided to make all the rides cost money except 3. These rides are not fun at all, and they only last for a couple of seconds. There are also too many ads. We dont really recommend this game. We bet you could find other VR roller coaster games that are better than this.

We downloaded the app and we were very excited to see it but it was not working. When we clicked it It took us back to the home screen and we were not able to get in at all. So do NOT GET THE APP!!!

We got this thing open when we open it we get it opened but once we pick our by all that does is slow but its not our Internet because we go we want something else and it works so we gave it one star.

First get rid of all the obnoxious give it back shut up and hide this and that and second we want to go faster on the rides and third we think there are too many ads Suggestion maybe replace all that obnoxious talking and shouting with some music.

Btw maybe make this on a actual vr headset it will get more downloads.

But when we try it its all upsidedown.

We think the game is fun when you put the be head set on it seems you are there the best thing about it is if you sit down while on the roller coaster and have someone move you around with the roller coaster it feels like you are there.

So anytime we go on a ride all we can hear is talking in the game please take away the talking thanks.

We only downloaded for the horror house to find out there isnt one. False advertising.

We love this it keeps us from being bored!!!! And dizy.

We love this app because we have a skateboard and we sit in that and when the ride moves we move on the skateboard . We do not like that every time you have to watch a add before you are on the ride.

We wish we could give it 0 stars ,very low quality ,this app is not worth the penny it was made with,do NOT get this app .

It stops playing after a minute or 2.

We were so excited for this app we even went ahead and deleted game for this but we just froze on a picture of a roller coaster! We done recommend this game for iPad or any thing thats big!

This game is amazing does not glitch a bit.

It is pay to win, and am not spending 5 dolllars to unlock the rides.

The. Coasters dont even load so your just sitting up a hundred feet in the air with your camera turning.

The game doesnt even load, at the start it just stays frozen not letting us use the app.

We only have one roller coaster.

All that we see is a black screen.

We love it! So much fun . But Only 3 rides and lots of ads.

This game used to be so fun now it doesnt let us play it please update the game.

Ok, so we were super excited to get this game. We were really bored and we figured this would help. It didnt. It just made us mad. There were THREE games we could play without paying money, and they were fun for about three seconds – which was how long one of them lasted. None of them were even roller coasters! This game probably would be really fun if you could do more games, so please, please, please make more games available so we can actually spend time doing this. We looked through the comments and found that a lot of people were having the EXACT same problem as us – please fix it! We deleted the game. Please fix this so we can reinstall it! Thank you for reading this, and if you dont want to spend money to play this game, please think about NOT installing it.

Tried several times. App will not open and freezes at one screen. Tried to delete and reinstall with same results.

We paid for it and it never shows the tracks so it doesnt feel like youre on a roller coaster. Not worth the money.

Good game, just add more rides you can play without having to play or watch adds.

WOW what a great app. Its nice to play VR games a gan and it will work with VR goggles and if you dont have VR goggles you can play it too! But it has a lot and we mean a lot of in app purchases. And it has been crashing a lot.

We were just riding in some rides and after a while it just get boring but at first it was really fun so we will give them that.

Hello everybody! Were updating the app this weekend so you might not need to use it for a few days, so… Yeah. Dont play it. But after were done you can play the game! Yay! From Elizabeth.

The background looks so much like Hershey park.

We dont like that there isnt a setting to turn on no ads because everytime we go on a ride we have to watch an ad that waists 30 seconds of our life. If we were an operator. We would put in the store a no ads thing for 0.99. Also we dont like that we cant control where im driving in the bumper cars. It brings our entertainment lvl from 5/10 to 1/10.

We hated this only two rides are free and they arent very fun please make better rides that are free or make it more purchasable people dont want to purchase rollercoasters from a app for 1 dollar and if you do make it more purchasable add better roller coasters and a return purchases for people leaving the game thank you!

About a year ago, we had this game and we liked it. A few weeks ago, we remembered about it and decided to download it again. When we opened the game, it got to the screen with the red rollercoaster and it wouldnt do anything, it just left the picture up there. Pls fix, we want to play the game again.

We left the game on all night and it didnt load its stuck on the screen.

This app has terrible graphics. It took two hours the road! Thats just bad for a bad graphic app. We rather choose a bad Roblox server with Bad roller coasters. And we did not want one star we want zero stars!

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