Pocket ZONE

Last updated on June 9th, 2023 at 07:30 pm

Pocket ZONE

Pocket ZONE

Pocket ZONE is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Evgeny Grishakov, Pocket ZONE is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 1st June 2022 with the latest update 23rd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Pocket ZONE ?

1,722 people have rated 1.108

What is the price of the Pocket ZONE ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Pocket ZONE released ?

Pocket ZONE was released on 1st June 2022.

When was the Pocket ZONE updated ?

The latest updated date of Pocket ZONE on 23rd May 2023.

Where can Pocket ZONE be downloaded ?

You can download the game Pocket ZONE from Apple Official App Store.



New co-op survival game from the developers of Pocket Survivor, Pocket Survivor 2, Pocket Survivor: Expansion has reached an unprecedented level of nuclear addicting mix in the direction of text quest and RPG, event visualization and hundreds of different character animations!

A burning cocktail of unusual gameplay from the symbiosis of the Unique survival setting of the stalkers of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone and the Role-playing System, a classic RPG in the spirit of the world of Fallout and the Wasteland!

Artifacts and mutants, adventurers and bandits, endless generated events in the game with a well-thought-out role-playing system of classes and skills, as well as an indescribable atmosphere of loner survival in the brutal world of the Zone!

  • The zone challenges you! Can you survive in her strong embrace even for a day?

  • Your goal is to survive and become fabulously rich!

  • See the Chernobyl nuclear power plant and achieve your innermost dream with the help of the legendary Wishmaster.

Or maybe you just want to get away from the gray and boring life of megalopolises and just wander through the wastelands of the earth, where a person is again left alone with an aggressive environment that dreams of devouring him?

Features of the game:

Create your own Hero from hundreds of visual body parts and high-quality RPG – role-playing system of character classes and their skills and abilities

Large detailed map of the Zone with ten unique locations.

Ability to exchange and trade found items between real players and friends.

A hardcore real-life mobile survival system with the best RPG component inspired by the Fallout and Stalker series

Interesting random text events, the outcome of which depends only on your choice and on external factors that directly affect your chances of survival.

A complex and well-thought-out loot system, and more than a hundred random events while searching for and confronting the aggressive environment of the anomalous world of the Zone.

Over 100 different types of weapons, armor, helmets, backpacks and costumes, including legendary and mythical items!

Artifacts and the ability to equip them will add variability to the gameplay.

Real radio stalkers in the spirit of the previous parts will help raise morale and survive in this abnormal world!

Real survival simulation. You need to eat, drink, rest, sleep, and heal injuries and illnesses.

Lack of a direct, linear plot, and the ability to study the world of the Zone and stalkers by indirect events.

If you are a fan of games such as STALKER Shadow of Chernobyl, Call of Pripyat, Clear Sky, Metro 2033, Fallout, Exodus, then this game is definitely for you!

Play as a stalker – the Hero of the Chernobyl Zone, who found himself in harsh post-apocalyptic conditions and help him survive in a world unfit for existence!

Updated on 23rd May 2023

1.Bar on Point:6(testing)
2.Additional event log settings
3.Correct. bug with hotslots and storage
4.Minimi-556, Minimi-762, Colt Anaconda(12.7mm)+NXS sniper scope
5.magazines-books (10 pcs.)
6.Armored suit Asterisk
7.Armored Suit Seekers
9.Added grenade launcher to FN2021, Thunderstorm-4, Canary assault rifles.
11.Assortment merchant and more

Pocket ZONE Review

This is for the most part a nice little game though the translation is a bit screwed that dosent make it any less enjoyable. Id recommend if your bored and dont mind reading broken english.

It is truly a great game for us. We have never seen a STALKER game that can have such quality. However, we have some suggestions about the game. We’ve played it for several days. And we found that there is some little things that need to be changed. For example, there are no any quests that player can take it from like NPCs or something else. We know the ads are important, but maybe we can have some standard quests and find another way to show the ads like adding the additional contracts instead of the normal quests. This is really an excellent game. Hope it will be better in the future. Also a problem is the characters hunger and thirst reduce too fast. Please slow it down. Hope you can have a good day, Developers.

This game is fun and we like it, we say you could play while in a waiting room or on the go. We like how it challenges you at times when youre desperate for something like food or water or something else. We like that theres no waiting when returning to camp.

Aside a few hard to understand mechanics , this is one of the better rpgs we’ve ever played. Love the game.

Idrk how to do the anomalys but the game is still very fun to play and yeah.

Amazing game if you are into stalker highly enjoy.

The idea behind the game for a post apocalyptic setting with gathering and trading is great, and the style of the game and the mechanics they have down for it are amazing and unique. We wish the looting was more immersive rather than things that are right in front of you when walking or dropped by enemies, and we wish the enemies were similarly limited like the players to needing stamina for actions. The addition of other types of weapons like melee or gases would be nice to have so youre not dependent on having ammo or your gun jamming. We personally would like more of a story aspect to be added to it, for instance characters you could talk to for tips or specific quests or to ally would bring more life to it. Also, we absolutely adore the art style they chose for the game as well because we feel like it fits very well with the setting of the game.

It would be great to have a longer tutorial telling us the basics of combat and maintaining our stalker, as well as how to go on an excursion (raid).

We really like pocket Zone the only thing we have a question about is where can you find codes because we seen the place to input codes and tried to look where we could find them but all the ones we try say there put in wrong.

We like pocket zone a lot and we think you guys did a great job but we have to ask where do you find codes because when we do find a code it does not work is there a specific place were we have to look. But other then that the game is really fun.

Hey this is a awesome game but we noticed that automatics level stops at 60 even though there are guns with a higher automatic level. Can you please fix that so that we can use our high tier weapons. Thanks again so much for your help.

We have played this game for a little bit and we can tell you it is soo good. We absolutely love these types of games. We recommend it to anyone looking for a survival game! We would say that the starting bag is a little small and could be increased by a small ammount.

The game is pretty good with no ads. We dont know if the developers first language isnt English because some text doesnt make sense. It really doesnt effect the game though. The combat is turn-based and reloading takes a turn. Every action takes stamina when expolring. HERE is one thing they dont tell you, taking cover recovers stamina. We have an idea for the developers. When you die and lose all your stuff there should be a chance to find your stuff while exploring.

Wasnt expecting much out of a mobile game but we cant stop playing now :) 10/10.

More real scenarios maybe a base with more stuff to do quest you can come across while traveling.

The game is fun but start is a bit ruff. When selecting class(soldier, scientist,etc) the title are still in Russian while their description are in English. We would remove the tutorial option as it doesnt explain anything. Our suggestion is to have the necessary information pop up when triggered. Like when you hit a skill icon it gives a description.

Needs more content and theres a slight learning curve but its shaping up to be a good game give another update in a couple days.

The game is great but in our opinion its a little grindy.

Please, developers add warning or a second chance when you die or something.

We like the game so far, and there are things we would think of suggesting, but at the end of the day Im not entirely sure of most of the stuff you can do in this game because the existing guide/tutorial doesnt even tell you how to do raids, which seems to be the most basic element of the game. A tutorial explaining many of the main game core concepts would really help new players get into the game.

The anomaly mini game is very confusing. Maybe Im dumb but we’ve tied quite a few times and we’ve died and lost all our gear. A better tutorial would help a lot.

We found this game and thought Hey that looks cool so we downloaded it. The game is nothing less than incredible, the only thing we have found that could use some improvement would be there are not a bigger variety of enemies to fight. All in all this game is a great game and we would try it out.

Its a great game, could use a lot of work though. Auto move on button for raids would be extremely helpful. Im also not sure how to get quests outside of the very first one you have when you start the game. Maybe we missed something in the tutorial but the tutorial didnt teach too much. Good thing most of the game is super easy to figure out.

We just gave it a a review after it popped up on our screen which Im fine with. We dont really care about that but at first when we hopped into the game we didnt really know what we were doing. We sold all our stuff and we died pretty early on so we had to restart but now that we got the hang of it, we moved on in the suburbs we havent got really got that deep into the game, but we think some storyline, or some sort of reason to be traveling across the wasteland besides, just upgrading your character and killing noobs in the wasteland would be much appreciated. Thank you. Storyline would give you the extra two stars.

Its a fun and a little addicting game but with a big issue. Seems like every time we try to defend myself against a equally matched enemy our gun jams they crit us back to back to back and j lose all our loot because theres no where to put it.

3 89% 1 , , ? , , , 12-16 20-30, ,

So far we’ve had quite a bit of fun, a lot of different scenarios and things and also keeps your attention which is great for us as we usually play a game for like a week and then get bored of it and stop playing it.

Good game but please add radio to IOS :)

Our two friends and we enjoy it very much cant wait to see it finished.

Online,trade with players,raid with players.

Absolutely ridiculous menus and controls. Anytime we hit the ? Next to something to learn whats going on, game freezes. So not only does it tell you nothing, you cant find out for yourself. We mean once its functional, could be considered a game?

The only thing that hurts is losing our points and premium guns and losing real money in the process since we were missing a level in our characteristics for a perk we were grinding on for days on weeks for the gunner perk and we been grinding for it until we got to level 30 only to notice we been grinding on the wrong class this whole time since we thought your characteristics levels go up which we wish we could’ve noticed it sooner, 30 usd down the drain, hopefully you can change your class in mid game in the future patch, or at least keep your premium guns and points for a new run.

This game is very fun in our opinion, we normally dont like games where you dont travel yourself and it makes a story for you but it has the perfect amount of activity to keep you entertained. We really like the combat system and stamina system, we have been very entertained for the amount of time we’ve had it, it is our favorite wasteland based game we’ve played on mobile so good job and keep up the work!

Literally addicted to this game its so fun and we havent encountered any bugs or anything! If you love games like Metro, Stalker or dayz! Youll love this game Good luck stalkers!

The tutorial is kinda meh, none of the colorful indicators or explanation of what each button does but enough trial and error and youll lfigure it out. Its that walking simulator of press to travel and hope you find something so its slow at the start honestly thought it was bugged but keep moving and youll start finding stuff. Honestly its the fact that while you can wait at the campfire to regen your health/food/thirst you can refill it yourself by killing bandits and flesh at the starting area and selling off gear and animal parts to buy the food and drinks. So theres no downtime. To get quests you watch ads or get it randomly and theres no time limit on those overall its good sorry for the ramble.

We’ve been sitting on our toilet for like 38 minutes.. We cant feel our legs anymore. So we didnt think anything of this game. We thought to myself oh lets see. We smoked a bit of and started playing it and man. We love it. It needs to be polished up, translations are rough, game play needs tuning but its so much fun. 5 stars our good people. Keep up the great work.

Now that we’ve been playing for about like 15-30 minutes and gotten the basics of the game down, its become much more fun than when we had first started mainly because it was confusing and hard to figure out but once you do figure out the basics it becomes almost addicting.

We like the ability to be able to go out and raid and find new items and such, but it kind of seems like there is very little incentive for doing so other than leveling up. Maybe have lootable buildings or more things to do other than raid.

Game is fun overall cant deny that.. But after a bit staying in the same level for a while gets old, we think maybe daily task according to level or just random od weekly task, or hey even a special deal at some traders would be cool.

Our only complaint so far is the game doesnt really tell you how to get other quests after the first.

If you ever think your about to die in battle, restart the app and youll be safe at home base. Simply removes any possibility of dying just by refreshing the app. If this doesnt get fixed the game is busted.

Asked us how we liked the game now that we’ve made it to the testing grounds. Granted, we did spend about only 1$. Still, made it to the hard part of the beta? Then was asked how we liked the gameinitially, we gave it 5 stars. Good entertainment, time passing, yada yada yada. Immediately following, our lvl 4 character gets spanked by a lvl 37 military character with a 7% escape chance needless to say, our review has come back to the 1 star side of life.

Games tutorial makes you catch some anomaly but if you happened to get into combat before the anomaly shows up it just kills you because anomolies hurt you. Literally unplayable if you didnt pick a high HP class.

This game is really good. Its simple but thats a good thing for this game. Definitely worth a download and playing.

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