Real Pool 3D

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Real Pool 3D

Real Pool 3D

Real Pool 3D is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sailendu Behera, Real Pool 3D is a Family game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 26th September 2016 with the latest update 5th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Family, Entertainment, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Real Pool 3D ?

48,598 people have rated 3.23

What is the price of the Real Pool 3D ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Real Pool 3D released ?

Real Pool 3D was released on 26th September 2016.

When was the Real Pool 3D updated ?

The latest updated date of Real Pool 3D on 5th August 2022.

Where can Real Pool 3D be downloaded ?

You can download the game Real Pool 3D from Apple Official App Store.



The best 3D pool game is here! The ultimate addictive fun pool game.
Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AI players in the best pool game.
Real Pool 3D is one of the most realistic and enjoyable pool games available on mobile.

It features many pool game modes like 8 Ball, 9 Ball, UK 8 Ball, Snooker, Time Trial, Matrix Mode and Practice Mode. So if you’re a billiards fan, there is something for you to play in Real Pool 3D.

Customise your pool table by choosing the color and cloth patterns you like.

In Time Trial you have a time limit of 4 minutes, in which you have to pocket balls as fast as you can to achieve more score. When you pocket more than one ball back to back, your multiplier will increase and which will boost your score and time.

In Matrix Mode, when you pocket a ball your score will be multiplied by the difference of your previous and current ball number if the current is more than the previous; but if the current is less, then your score is divided by the current ball number. So be careful.

Have you ever thought about playing billiards on a real table, Real Pool 3D is the perfect way to try a variety of games. Real life graphics and angles to help improve your skills. Play Practice mode if you just want to relax and play without any rules.


  • 8 Ball, 9 Ball, UK 8 Ball and Snooker.
  • Play with the Computer Player.
  • Pass & Play with friends.
  • 1 or 2 player
  • 4 Different Controls.
  • Spin / English Control.
  • 10 Characters to choose from.
  • 3 AI Difficulty Levels.
  • 10 Table Colors.
  • 10 Table Patterns.
  • 6 Cues to choose from.
  • Realistic Physics.
  • Stunning 3D graphics.
  • Relaxing Musics.

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Updated on 5th August 2022

● Fixed a recent visual issue.

Thank you for playing Real Pool 3D.
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Real Pool 3D Review

This game is the only one we play. It is very simple, doesnt have all kinds of confusing unnecessary crap . We’ve tried some other pool game apps and have always came back to this one!

One of the best snooker and 8 Ball game ever made. Hats off to the developers.

Amazing game to play on downtown.

Fun to play in your spare to us. Better than any other game of this type.

Excelencia de juego, las partidas se us hacen bastante bien.

Glad we found this game. Hours of fun.

Excellent graphics, realistic ball action, and no constant long ads make this game a pleasant surprise.

Fun time killer even learned how to play snooker.

Good pool game with 9 ball and 8 ball. Good graphics and taught us how to play.

This game got us thru plenty of down time during the pandemic, but, we had to noticed some situations where the computer would register a contact between balls (pause) yet they were no where near each other.

Golf clash in particular. We’ve played your game for years! We love it. But dole off your advertisers wont let you move forward. You have to close out of the game and come back in and hope that you dont get that save advertiser again. Aggravating! But we LOVE your game.

Great game . Play against the cpu all the time and noticed the CPUs accuracy is a bit too high. Q ball should only be relocated when it goes in a pocket, the game places the q ball after simple scratches.

This is a really awesome game but there is one thing we would change about it the computer to change names and people.

This game is super fun and interactive. Amazing graphics. Very well designed. Definitely a winner.

We’ve played mini clip pool all our life is this one is way better. More accurate, better options, better feel. Almost like the real thing. The only cons are not being able to make the camera stationary while adjusting your shot, and the ads. Otherwise, perfect!!

We like the practice mode because there is no timer or forced opponent. The game has easy aiming and strong shots when needed. Our only ask is to add the diamonds on the rails to help with bank shots.

This is one of the better pool games that we’ve played.l For us, the physics of ball movement are sufficiently realistic to make the game fun. We do have a few suggestions: 1. The shooting plunger on the right side activates inadvertently when we are trying to rotate the view of the table and balls, even though we are not touching it. We believe the touch field for it is too wide. This causes the shot to activate before we are ready to shoot. 2. It would be great to have both an instant replay feature, to review the shot/angle/force, etc. And a do-over feature when in practice mode to be able to practice a given shot over and over again, using different angles, etc. 3. At the lowest level of difficulty, IMHO the CPU player is too skillful (makes about 90% of its shots, including some tricky double-bank caroms, that a weaker player would not). For us, as an amateur, it takes some of the fun out of it it would be nice to have a CPU-beginner level, until the human player could get more skilled. Overall, it is a fun game.

No distractions ,or annoying offers! Pure gameplay! Excellent beyond words!

The game is good but, sometimes it will take a turn in the middle of our shot for no reason? It has some faults in it. We know the rules, been shooting pool for a long time now.

If you like pool you will love it.

Very realistic action. Nice working English controll.

Great game. Really fun and satisfying.

This is a great game with very few ads. You have many options of what game mode you play. The only downside is problably that you can sometimes not see the whole board.

Guys! No doubt about that app is the greatest app we’ve ever used! A bit built in adv videos but those are no as annoying as rest of apps have! 5 out of 5! Big up to developers.

Very well done for the games offered – 8 ball (UK and US), 9 ball and Snooker. Options offered include cue ball control, stroke control and cue ball placement. Appearance options also available. All options are very well executed though occasionally a bit inconsistent, e.g. Carom speed. Three levels of difficulty are offered. The algorithm used makes the opponent very skilled, unlike many other games we’ve tried. The games are fun and a useful way to practice your positioning strategies when playing real pool. We recommend paying for the ad free version the ads are distracting.

Very well done, great graphics.

Its like playing at the pool hall. Just virtually.

Love this game. The 3D rendering for such a compact game is amazing. Makes you feel like you are really leaning over a table! Then we found the setting for the diamonds! What?! Now if you could just let us chalk our stick and get us a beer?

It is a little bit good so we give it five stars.

We really like the design of this game, customizable pool table, different cues. Our favorite part about this game is the camera angles, we really like how you can change that. Some 8 ball games where you cant change the camera angle. Great job developers!

No subscription. No ads. Just pay for the game. Thank you.

Fantastic graphics, colors and lighting. Physics seem about perfect. Game play is excellent. Very well made pocket billiards game.

EDIT: After our comment about the graphics, they made another update and the graphics are now beautiful once again. We have revised our rating to five stars. Thank you for fixing the game so quickly. Now the balls look blurry and seem to float above the table. This was a step backwards from the realism of before. Would give 5 stars for playability and subtract 3 stars for the new look.

So realistic. Graphics and physics are awesome!

We really like the practice feature you offer. Thank you.

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