Video Contest: Movie Trailers Winners!

Video Contest: Movie Trailers Winners!

Official Trailer : Video Contest: Movie Trailers Winners!

Video Contest: Movie Trailers Winners!.

Watch the official trailer Video Contest: Movie Trailers Winners! for Rec Room brought to you by Rec Room Inc, enjoy.

Congrats to all the winners on the latest video contest! the theme was movie trailers! we had a amazing time reviewing these videos and every contest we are blown away by all the great submissions! I want to also thank everyone who participate in this con…

At the time of writing this, the trailer has been viewed more than 51289 times. This clip has more than 1514 likes.

Epic trailers everyone

"Epic trailers everyone", Oreo VR commented.

"next one should be straight up movies."

"I think it would be cool to make a modeling contest."

Latest trailer revealed has excited fans ahead of release.

Interesting comments by other players

Oreo VR: Epic trailers everyone

botonyourboi: next one should be straight up movies.

GalaxyGames: I think it would be cool to make a modeling contest.

Omnic: imagine a rec room documentary where they answer why we have no legs

Leo86 RR: Congrats to all the winners! 👍

Katy Barlow: As a psvr player I really enjoyed helping my friend make one of these but then he got banned
F to pay respects

Charles Stickmin: The first one was literally so EPIC I CANT BELIEVE IT LIKE HOW thag was like si amazing

Great work everyone on the trailers btw

Hat Kid: The first one was literally perfect

Tarapeutic: That UP trailer at the end was insane.😍

CallmeKaka?: They were all really good I just thought I’d see the ils trailer

JaxsonG Awesome: I love that miles morales one good job!!! Love that

aidanbobhog: I actually want to watch the threat level midnight one

Monke: Cheers to the people that made a actual good set all the other people won cause the community is chooses the same person every time

D3rpy VR: The movies seemed like a fun thing to do, maybe later I can make my own Rec Room movie contest trailer

JaxsonG Awesome: I loved all of these everyone did amazing!! Good job to everyone👏👏👏

HappyTuberKJ: Congratulations everyone!

The Vega Productions: Congrats to the people who won!

Sleepybear_: They are all so goodddd but the last one is my favorite just because it’s so cute

idot: U guys should make a murder mystery/detective quest I would love that

Zkiller8740 – TheHillbillyFam: This was all well done and that is why I need this game now
(On Christmas sadly)


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