^QuestForTheJade Trailer

^QuestForTheJade Trailer

Official Trailer : ^QuestForTheJade Trailer

^QuestForTheJade Trailer.

Watch the official trailer ^QuestForTheJade Trailer for Rec Room brought to you by Rec Room Inc, enjoy.

At the time of writing this, the trailer has been viewed more than 5688 times. This clip has more than 194 likes.

This better not be a room that crashes on psvr just like high winds

"This better not be a room that crashes on psvr just like high winds", CodeConsole commented.

"Wow I got excited thinking it was a rec room original quest."

"Looks nice i am going to play it"

Latest trailer revealed has excited fans ahead of release.

Interesting comments by other players

CodeConsole: This better not be a room that crashes on psvr just like high winds

JotunBoss: Wow I got excited thinking it was a rec room original quest.

federal_ScOt: Looks nice i am going to play it

HackerBitz: THIS IS SO COOL! (to bad i dont have vr)

DENMarkus: Nice Quest!

G. Underground: i like the anoracks invitation reference

The persons: Jkvr’s new book “the quest for the jade” sounds good I’m going to “read “ it today

VirtuallyEcho: Already beat it!!! Amazing

MMillion: Beat it. Very cute little wreath reward. Just fun to play.

stingerhak55: Spooky… but pretty!

berryical: You deserve more subs, you made a fun VR game (the best) and upload epic content, yet you still only have 8k, YOu should at least have 500K

Stezy: This looks dope 🔥

Joey’s Cafe: Welp, better plug the ye- ole VR in and play what seems to be a epic room

Hale-XF11: This is going to melt my ps4, I guarantee it.

DootGuy: I noticed a issue when I was building on screen mode. I noticed that when placing something like a cube it doesn’t build prior to where you are looking at and only follows the default lines to build a cube instead of how it normally should when you place it. Since this is very complicated you guys should go in and place blocks on screen mode in different directions and go from there if you want to patch this bug

DootGuy: If rec rooms reading this, maybe vr for mobile is somewhat possible if they give the thing where you put your phone in the vr set and connect to blue tooth. If we ever get vr controllers for said device that’s a possibility

アスカ: Nice quest!

**Quest Archer **: lvl 1 is hard but the other levels look fun

Najatski: Hey Rec Room, can I make a few suggestions for the next update.
If so:

1.) Rec Notepad – A notepad you can grab out of (your decision, Backpack or profile) and with the notepad you can write noted down on them. For example: you are playing a game but have to get off. They provide a code to continue, then you can write it down. You get back on, open your notebook, type code, and your continuing were you left off. They would still come in handy for more uses :)

2.) Make levels higher than LVL 30. As of now, me Najatski, my account is LVL 30 and im personally bored because I want to level up more. It just makes you feel held back. Idk why tho XD.

3.) Add LVL up rewards. This would be the coolest thing to me, new players, and prob others. Start out low with LVL 1, and get better as you move towards LVL 30, or higher as I mentioned in #2.

4.)Add more daily challenges, and continue orientation. Also one idea I also came up was if LEVEL up rewards were added, you could get challenges from some and the challeng3s offer coins, since coins are pretty hard to obtain…

5.) That’s all I can think of :|

Rec Room, please continue to develop this game, it is a great game and I would love to see more content being added :)

If you do add any of these, can you please put my rec room name "Najatski" and my YouTube channel Foxy Fighters and a link in the update notes so they know who came up with partial ideas for these. By the way foxy fighters is the channel im using right now. And this is only if you add these. You don’t even have to add this last bit about credit if you don’t want to. :)

: Can you guys please balance dodgeball against screen mode players? All they have to do is spam the catch button in order to win. Also, no one really plays dodgeball VR. Maybe a timer can be made for each time the catch button is pressed, then it can be fair.


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