Rec Room – Crescendo of the Blood Moon Trailer

Rec Room - Crescendo of the Blood Moon Trailer

Official Trailer : Rec Room – Crescendo of the Blood Moon Trailer

Rec Room – Crescendo of the Blood Moon Trailer.

Watch the official trailer Rec Room – Crescendo of the Blood Moon Trailer for Rec Room brought to you by Rec Room Inc, enjoy.

Crescendo of the Blood Moon – a Rec Room Quest. Team up with your friends as a heroic band of vampire hunters…

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So excited to check this out

"So excited to check this out", Nathie commented.

"New Simon Belmont gameplay is looking pretty good"

"0:16 oh snap we can holster the whips!"

Latest trailer revealed has excited fans ahead of release.

Interesting comments by other players

Nathie: So excited to check this out

Domino: New Simon Belmont gameplay is looking pretty good

Andrewman03: 0:16 oh snap we can holster the whips!

Original Username: Finally new quests there the best part about rec room

Trish Rolt: Thank you for letting us grab stuff with whips, hope we can get it in custom rooms straight away (and holstering from what I could see)!

Joey Gamache: Finally a new quest! I’m so excited with the frequency of updates for rec room!

Solyphonous !: Y E S P L E A S E
The whip mechanic looks super good

alberto Maraschin: Your quests are so good, pls keep making them <3

The_Gamebuster: Now that I look back on this trailer, the wolf enemy looked intimidating as hell, but when I actually found it all I needed to do was hit em with the whip. It stuns him forever

Евгений Юранов: Yaaaay new quests and items! I love Rec Room!

JamesBearVR: This one is going to be amazing! The castle part must be very cool!

Grandpa Friendly: I’m so excited for the new enemy’s and the new weapons plus you can hostile weapons aswell which is going to be useful

Jojoke: God we need more quests, 3 years is too long

Rezzy: THAT LOOKS AMAZING I might return to rec room now!

Coy Reed: Wow ya never quite stop improving to impress us keep this amazing work up on the five stare rates ya are excellent thank you for your hard work!!!!!!!

I also love how it seem’s to be outside of school premises love that change ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!.

Robert The Gamecat: Keeping the Halloween spirit strong through November 😻😻

Random Chica: Yeah I’m so glad this is coming out I love quests and I every time I get on my ps4 I play rec room or dodgeball with my friend moose

VaultMaster42: It looks soooo good!! I cant wait to play it!!!

Just Doom: There must be more devs on the team for rec room cause it seems to me updated are rolling out faster and faster

ShovelFighter12: Will the weapons from this quest ever be added to the props? Would love to use them in my room!


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