Retro Goal

Last updated on June 13th, 2023 at 02:50 am

Retro Goal

Retro Goal

Retro Goal is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by New Star Games, Retro Goal is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 24th June 2021 with the latest update 8th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Sports, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Retro Goal ?

25,232 people have rated 1.0.0

What is the price of the Retro Goal ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Retro Goal released ?

Retro Goal was released on 24th June 2021.

When was the Retro Goal updated ?

The latest updated date of Retro Goal on 8th February 2023.

Where can Retro Goal be downloaded ?

You can download the game Retro Goal from Apple Official App Store.



RETRO GOAL is a fast and exciting mix of arcade Soccer action and simple team management, from the developers of hit sports games NEW STAR SOCCER and RETRO BOWL. 

With graphics inspired by the most beloved football games of 16-bit era and the accuracy of modern touchscreen controls, you’ll be slotting away goal after goal with pixel-perfect precision. Choose a team from the world’s favourite leagues and recruit the superstars, professionals and hotheads who will lead you to victory – then take full control on the pitch and make every touch count!

Updated on 8th February 2023

Career mode is now free for everyone! Play season after season of club football with no purchases required.

Purchasing the Unlimited Version gives you exclusive access to premium features like difficulty, season length, the Hall of Fame, dynamic weather, and the global tournament mode.

Retro Goal Review

One of the best games ever! Please keep the updates coming! Please create a Retro Baseball and a Retro Basketball game! We will get them also!

Very fun to play its nice to play this game when you just want to have a little fun!

The game is very good but we think it can be better by adding changes to it like adding to w ability to see your favorite team in career mode and changing full seasons to half seasons of half seasons to full seasons.

Can we please get a update for this game its really and enjoyable game its probably better then retro bowl but we just wish we can get a update at least for the people.

We really enjoyed playing and its a lot of fun.

We love how simple yet in depth this game with multiple leagues with promotions. Its so nice seeing the attention to detail.

The game is amazing here is why, they have different emotes and stuff. There unlimited version is so cheap.

This game is not at all like retro bowl with more of a feel for the depth and control of the game you can basically do all the things in the office as retro bowl with a little more a a soccer/football twist we recommend this game if you think retro bowl is repetitive and premium is 2 bucks thats a steal.

Every skin skin color you can slide tackle but black people you got to go all the way around them. But besides for that great.

Dear, New Star Games we love this game and it is a success. There is one thing though. We hate our team and we are in the middle of the season and we also have good progress with the teams. Our idea is that you add a sim game button just like retro bowl. Do this. Thank you for your time.

Sometimes frustrating, but also fun. The perfect mix!

The best game on iPhone since retro bowl. So much fun. Easy mechanics. And no ads with an affordable, and worth it, premium mode. If you dont have this game what are you playing?

Good game it would be better if you can change players names and have a bigger transfer market pool and know what the players names are for every team.

This game is absolutely great. Its fun with all of the different leagues and teams. We cant wait for more updates with this company. We are hoping for maybe a retro basketball game, or baseball game. Anyway overall very fun game if you are into managing a team winning.

This game makes us hard when we see the players celebrating.

We like the mechanics of how this game works. Everything is controlled with swipes instead of buttons. This makes the gameplay much easier for big hands and fingers. We do wish you could edit the names and colors of the teams and players like you can in RetroBowl but its more of a nice to have than a necessity. Also, can the sound design get updated? The game would be so much more fun if the crowd was reacting to the circumstances on the field. Hearing team chants and rally cries is a big part of the soccer experience. Imagine hearing your fans singing Olay olay oooolay oooolay or hearing an announcer scream Goooooooooooal whenever you scored. Couple things Id love to see NSG develop: Multiplayer where your team competes against the field for coins or exp boosts. That would be so dope. A SUPER version of this game with retro cut scenes like in the 90s TecmoBowl games. We also think having rivalries within the game would be great way to make it more engaging. Perhaps you beat sell a disgruntled player to another team within your league and later he ends up on the team that you meet in the Cup finals with an attribute boost. Developing players becomes trickier because if cant keep them happy after boosting their stats youd risk that development coming back to bite you. Id love to see the same gameplay mechanics applied to a basketball game. Swipe towards direction to dribble, tap to pass to nearest teammate with exp/skill lvl determining accuracy, double tap to shoot, aim and release being controlled the same way they are in RetroGoal. Defense after a turnover limited to steals and blocks.

Another massive hit from one of the best IPhone game developers. The free game is great but we will be upgrading to the paid version. These guys know how to create simple but fun games with great replayability.

The game is fun and pretty cool love racing our friends to see who could make to the World Cup first keep up the good work game.

It would also be nice for you to add aggregates in most of the cup’s quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals. And the rounds, if that’s possible.

Great and simple game for mobile. We do wish they add st. Louis the new expansion team in America.

Game is very fun and awesome but add STL city in the MLS.

Great game. Could entertain us endlessly. Could yall just make a few updates? Im an mls fan. Could you add St. Louis sc? Be able to add players from a wider range of countries?

This game is amazing but we think changing the difficulty should be free.

We love retro bowl and goal best sports games!!

Excellent game all around. Really well developed just like retro bowl. Engaging and appropriately challenging game thats constantly adding new features. Great for subway wait time and any commutes! Add Argentina please Ill buy the players with real dollars if we have to!!

This game ever since we got it is super addicting and super runt to play has a good storyline and has just really fun stuff one of the best soccer games we have ever played.

Its great, dont get us wrong, but it lacks the customization retro bowl had.

When we found this game, we were bored. But we found one of the best add free game.

Amazing game, definitely better than fifa mobile.

Make it possible to change players names like retro bowl.

This is game is Awesome but it will be more awesome is it supported controller!

Really good game and l wish that you can change your team.

Please Make This Games Backbone Compatible Like Retro Bowl PLEASE!!!

This game is so fun to play! We love the players and career mode is now free! This game is so good to play in the car or at home! We hope people think this game is fun just like us!

Let the chance loss be more lenient instead of losing your chance because the npc headed the ball into your half with no opponents near it, especially if the defense part of the game is just text. Add little animation and maybe some slow mo to let the replays look a little more cinematic. Add a either a skill wheel or hand gestures for individual skills the you can unlock the higher level your player is. Also maybe let us customize how translucent the shot landing mark is because its kinda hard to see it in the net. Finally, maybe let the user be able to make wagers with other teams like how other teams can wager them.

Its so fun. Simple. Just enough of a challenge.

Great but can yall add a team editor like in retro bowl please.

Tese games are really the best nothing to hate bothing to fix in controls. Just one flawWHERE IS THE MULTIPLAYER. Everytime we show friends and others this game, that is there only question. Does it have multiplayer, but end up denying it and they just leave it at that. If yall would just add multiplayer where we can play against each other and trade player. Then this game will be perfection.

We started playing Retro Goal after playing Retro Bowl for a long time. Im on Year 20 in Retro Goal and here are the things we think that would make it go from a good game to a great game starting with the most important to least important to me: – Promotion / Relegation – its very fun to us to start at a lower tier football division and earn a promotion to a higher division. For example, Im currently playing as Indy in the United Division, which is one division lower than the Major LG division. Last season, we won the US open cup and finished first in the table, but Im still in the same division. It would incentivize your users if you would promote the top few teams in each table and relegate the bottom few. It would make it more like real football. This could also be added to achievements. – Statistics – the game offers statistics for each player on your team and some records for your career playing the game but you cant see if you have the most goals in your league or in the world or in the tournament you are playing. Seeing other players and teams stats pile be awesome. It would also be cool to see team records, league records, and world records. Seeing stats by year for each player and team would also be very interesting. Im a stat nerd so we would go crazy for this. – Difficulty / AI – after playing the game for a few seasons, you can start figuring out ways to score nearly every time you have the ball. This game is all about getting players with speed. Thats all you need to win games. Sometimes, it takes a minimum of 1 player with decent speed and you can be nearly unbeatable, or at the very least be close to the top of the table at the end of the year. It would be nice to add some different variety. Maybe add double team mechanics to your best player or make dribbling more important. – Team / Player customization – being able to at minimum change a players name would be great. Changing team names and colors and player boot color would also be a great addition. Stadium customization would also be cool. Maybe even creating your own team. – Favorite team achievements – there are 2 achievements that say to complete something with your favorite team. But for the life of us, we cant figure out how to select our favorite team. Maybe its here and we just dont know where to find it or maybe we chose a team and didnt realize it when we first installed it.

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