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Ship Tycoon.

Ship Tycoon.

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Ship Tycoon.! Developed by the innovative team at TRADEGAME Lab Inc., this Strategy game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 25th May 2017, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 23rd August 2023.

Are you a fan of Strategy, Role Playing, games? Then Ship Tycoon. is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Ship Tycoon.

Over 209 players have rated Ship Tycoon.. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Ship Tycoon. Cost?

Good news! You can download Ship Tycoon. on your iOS device absolutely free!

Ship Tycoon. Release Date

Eager to know when Ship Tycoon. first graced the App Store? It was launched on 25th May 2017.

When Was Ship Tycoon. Last Updated?

The latest version of Ship Tycoon. was updated on 23rd August 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Ship Tycoon.?

To get started with Ship Tycoon., head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Ship Tycoon.

A new game present by TRADEGAME Lab following Air Tycoon – Ship Tycoon

This is a free version of ‘Ship Tycoon’. 20 credits will be provided at the start of the game.

Ship Tycoon is an authentic online multiplayer business simulation game which manage a shipping company.
With various users gathered from all over the world, we will run a management competition aiming at the best shipping company in the world.

When you first start your game, your company starts with a tiny bulk ship, but depending on your management skills and efforts, your company can turn into a global shipping company with huge fleet of vessels

You can be the best CEO in the world. Let’s start right now.

  • Key Features –

Multi-player mode and single player mode support
More than 80 major worldwide ports
5 different types of cargo ships – bulk carriers, container carriers, tankers, gas carriers, car carriers
Over 50 different shipping items
Free and regular (automatic) operations
Changes in global economy and oil prices

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Ship Tycoon. updated on 23rd August 2023:

iPhone full screen support
Minor bug fix

User Reviews on Ship Tycoon.

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Ship Tycoon. below:

It could use some more ship maybe cheaper oil tankers and gas tankers because some are much cheaper in real life also you should be able to hire employees that will be assigned a job and start gain experience points and level up like if you have captain he would increase your speed and lower the tax. You should also make the game have more realistic taxes just saying.

The game is very enjoyable we’ve had it since 2018. Of course we have a lot of apps and Im terrible at time management so we’ve has to restart a couple of time. But we do have one complaint. The game focuses on cargo shipping but passenger shipping is non existent. We really feel the game could be a bit better with passenger ships. Im pretty sure everyone who knows about wants there own symphony of the seas. AFTER EDIT: Yes we know they have a cruise ship tycoon game but its ancient and nobody plays it anymore.

Best mobile game ever made Tradegame, if you are reading this please make ship tycoon 2.

So yeah . We only have cargo ships like ferries / oil rights and bulk car raiders so please add passenger ships.

We love this game, its perfect, but we wish you didnt have to wait to acquire days in Multiplayer Mode, thats the only thing that detracts from the game, other than that, its perfect.

We love to play this game the thing is we HATE we mean HATE the fact that you can not single player forever But multiplayer forever we personally think this is the most ridiculous thing.

Its A Great Game And All we Wrote This On Cico De Mayo Ok Ok Ok.

The games is awesome got 6 branches and its so good have a suggestion maybe put like a driving mode ( has to cost 8 ) credits and make storms more often and make some boats cheaper because the tankers are really expensive and we only have 14 million so yea got 8 ships so the game is really fun one think that bothers us is that you have limited time to play and you can only play for like 6 years before your out of time (I mean in the game)so maybe just put ads in because we like ads and will make us less angry but otherwise the game is addictive keep on making such good game!

Its a very fun but due to the time limit, it feels like pay2win.

When we played we couldnt let our ships go.

We hate when the play time clock when it runs out it soo annoying why cant you play for hours and hours can you please make it where you can play for all day.

Real fun game! The only thing that we dont like is the day counter where you have to wait for more days. Other that that it is a great game, play it all the time!

We love it but Every time we arrive at a port we dont earn money.

We love this game but it makes us so mad that it isnt unlimited time we just want to keep playing.

First of all what the heck people you only get a few hours to play and it takes for ever to actually play with players world wide plus it takes forever to get some trust and we have to wait two days to join an alliance really.. Other than that well we think the game it good for now we hope that the game has changed right?

Its a very good strategy game, but stupid playtime limit that requires you to make an in app purchase to keep playing. Otherwise, its a great game.

We would say this game is pretty good the only thing that we dislike about it is that there is a amount of years you play we think that you should change it to infinite and sense you would have to keep adding ships every couple of years just make it to nuclear then just stop having new ships.

As a fan of these types of trading simulations, this is one of the best we’ve ever come across. We love it. The graphics the gameplay, the economy, challenging enough to keep us glued to it for a couple of weeks now. Nice online competitions and even a single player mode. Some people criticize the daily time limit on the multiplayer part of this game. We actually dont mind. It is what keeps a balanced playing field on the multiplayer side so that people can play when they have time without being dominated by basement dwellers that have nothing else to do but dominate by sheer play time. Heres the trouble. You have to shell out cash for gems to advance the game at a normal pace. And you have to keep paying to get the good jobs. If you dont, you wont be competitive. So heres the deal. You buy a ship, you need to upgrade it with gems to get good jobs so that you can compete, but once you upgrade that ship within several days of play that ship wears out and you have to junk it. And you dont get that money back. And then you have to replace that ship, naturally with a better more expensive ship that even takes more gems to make it competitive. We figured we really enjoy this game, its worth us spending money on it. We throw in $20. Price of a movie ticket right? And Im getting more enjoyment out of it than a movie. Deal. Fine. Except now Im running out of gems. We can pony up another $20. And repeat and repeat forever. As of this review, we can pony up $99 for 2700 gems. Thats going to last us a good while, month or two maybe. Then you have to throw in more money. We get the dev wants to make money, but this would be a far better game if a person could buy in, at say $50 and then just enjoy the game like any other off the shelf title. But to keep paying forever? Thats opportunistic at best and maybe greedy at worst. We still enjoy this game immensely. Love playing it. But today none of the iOS devices we have will connect for two days now, but our android will. So now Im losing all the momentum we worked two weeks to build. Throw in the fact that Im going to have to spend more money at some point to keep playing and we might be done with this. Devs, if youre reading this, give an option to allow people to buy in, without the endless gem raping, it makes your game unattractive to play. No game is so enthralling and so addictive that people will pay hefty amounts forever, and this game certainly isnt that good. Make a fixed buy in price of $50 or something like normal games. Do that and youll have a much more loyal following that keep playing regularly instead of realizing this is just a constant money drain and quitting, which makes your game suffer, and ultimately makes it less successful. And fix your broken servers. Even you wont make money when the servers wont work, if thats all you care about.

This game still isnt cropped to fit the entire screen of iPhone XR, X, Xs, 11, 11pro. It still only supports iPhone with the giant bezels. We would play this game if they actually update the game to fit all the new iPhones. We download the game because the update said it supported iPhone X and Xs which we thought that meant they finally cropped it. But nope still not. We dont want to play a game that isnt filling the entire screen. But we really love ships and this game sounds and looks amazing. We wrote 3 Stars because it doesnt fit iPhone XR, X, XS, 11, 11pro. We also wrote 3 Starts because Im willing to play as long as they update the game to fit those devices. If they do we will write a more positive review with 5 Stars.

The one thing we see that needs to be added is the color of funnels for your companys and everything else is fine but the funnels color does change but if somebody wanted to have a different funnel color that it matching with another is not realistic your company should have its own funnel livery like the old and modern ones do say for example white star lines funnel livery white star buff with black livery at the top like titanic or Queen Mary red funnels with black livery at the top also we think you should add ocean liners and cruise ships so that you can earn prestige for your company and see transatlantic voyages and see who could win the transatlantic blue ribbon for the worlds fastest cruise ship crossing we could see more people try that because it would be a world race to build the worlds largest and fastest cruise liners on the game and it would not stop till one person wins the blue ribbon then another crossing is faster then they win the blue ribbon for fastest crossing of the Atlantic and bring the old feel of 19 century and 20 century shipbuilding into a cool new way and imagine how people around the worlds cruise liners will look for their own cruise line in shipping tycoon we think this is something it is missing to put it on top.

We’ve played to about 5 years in, so several days. The game is an interesting concept but has too much time pressure into it and not good enough servers. We were in the top 20 the whole time and now might lose simply because the server connection keeps cutting out so we cant spend the days fast enough and it will likely cap out when we wake up and disqualify us, which is sad because we were enjoying it otherwise. Needs to be slowed down just a little bit or the cap increased from like 720 to maybe 900 days.

Very addicting game, the only downside it only lets you play for a certain amount of time the. You have to start over. Also a bank feature to be able to take out a loan would be more realistic.

Bruh our phone has the Triple E but for us we just have an E class. We also get Handysize and not the Handymax. We dont get the Panamax? Oil ship.

So we’ve have some 1320 days left or whatever and we’ve read the reviews so why is there still a limit it makes no sense why you have to do this to us we have to restart every time we go past this time frame. Please respond Which you probably wont developers.

The fact that you need to either pay hard cash to get single player or you have to get top 50 in multiplayer is very triggering, we would suggest making muiltplaer you have to pay and single free, Because we heavily dislike multiplayer and love single player. The concept is great and we love it, it is just the single player isssue annoyes me.

Has so much potential but need an overhaul. We dont want to sit and watch boats more from port to port. Wish the Is was real time and you cast away and days later come back delivered.

This game would be soooo much better if there wasnt a time limit. And its only on a time limit for in-app purchases which people will buy anyways but other than the time frame this game good in all other aspects.

The idea behind this game is good. However to only be able to play for the game period of 30 years kinda kills it. If you invest in the credits, at the end of the game you loose them. It also seems that everything in the game is designed to get you to buy more credits. Another irritating part is sometimes you cant get on the game because there are too many people playing. Also sometime there are connectivity problems. Could be a great game if you just let us play with no 5 year or 30 year limit.

This game is glitchy and repetitive. Gets boring quickly.

We played this game for years, but we cannot buy more credits. This is ridiculous. Fix this issue or make it free.

The game is good but why u have u guys add a timer for the speed day one.

While this game is great to play and everything we noticed that in the multiplayer section some of our stats dropped (my volume of shipping or something) we asked if it was lost data or something because everything else was as we left it a few hours earlier. We sent several messages ranging from 5 days ago to 3 days ago sent to administrators of the game…. No response.

When we open the game it wont let us do anything the screen just stays gray.

Single player is a add on do not play.

Really fun game. Had a blast playing. The pay wall is ridiculous. We get you should make money for your app but to play and/or be competitive has nothing to do with playing the game well, you have to spend real cash. Just tell us the full game costs (insert number here). We would probably buy it to have unlimited. Even if its just to enjoy single player.

Sent an in-game message to report a bug, 4 days, and no response from developers.


We were actually enjoying the game until you hit the 10 year mark and it just stops. To play beyond that point, the game forces you to spend money. We guess we have only one choicedelete.

Wish we could give it zero stars and it isnt cropped for iPhone X and up which is stupid. You put cropped for IPhone X but when we played it its litterly in the bottom right corner of the screen are you serious. This game better be cropped right or else in the next 5 days we will be uninstalling this game for good. Clocks ticking!

Ran out of time, and wanted us to pay to play. No thanks.

When we try to play this game every every day our typing always is used.

So this maybe a heavy handed rating but we really dislike these types of games.

How come you have to buy more credits? Its stupid it should be free!

Dont buy this premium version of this game because the single player runs out after 30 years of in game time.

Sad to write our very first review and it be negative but this game is really fun and engaging once you get going But Im giving it a 1 star review based off the fact you have to pay to play the game. Theres no feee version where you can do the painstaking grind to the top. We found this game one day ago. Instantly loved it and in less than 24 hours. We’ve reached the point where you have to pay to continue. If there was a version of this game where we could pay a one time fee or maybe even an annual fee. Id buy it no doubt. But this is basically a token machine on your phone. Youll have to pay over and over and over again just to continue playing. Not for upgrades or boost. Just to be able to play it. Disappointed to say the least.

We played day and night for a munth and we got so far and all the sudden we can’t play until we PAY them Shirley the developers can be LES GREEDY and we tried to do an in app purchase and it did not giv us our points and it did not let us play.

Games concept is good. But you are required to constantly buy credits with real money to keep going. After upgrading ships (buying credits) they will expire. Then guess what? You get to buy more credits to upgrade another new ship that will expire. It gets better all upgrades cost credits that you must buy. Oh, if you screw up on something, guess what? Yup, your right, buy more credits to erase penalty.

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