Shoal of fish

Last updated on May 4th, 2022 at 04:06 pm

Shoal of fish


Shoal of fish is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by CRAZY LABS BY TABTALE , G.P., Shoal of fish is a Simulation game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 20th August 2020 with the latest update 7th June 2021

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


16,027 people have rated 1.31

You can download the game Shoal of fish from APP STORE.


Hungry for shark games? Start fishing!
Go fish for food as a hungry shark swimming in a shoal of fish.
You know shark games, but this one is way deeper. Swim in the shoal of fish and catch all the fish you can think of.
Take control of a predator hungry shark and hunt for a shoal of fish!
Let the fishing begin! Dive into the most relaxing game ever and discover the magic of the deep.
Eat fish to keep your energy high, and beware of the big hungry shark out to get you.
How do you do it? Go fish…

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Updated on 7th June 2021

Bug fixes for smoother playing

Shoal of fish Review

Good job w/ the game if there are Easter eggs in it we can not tell at all because all we are Doing is Vibing, GJ.

We love the game because of all the different sharks and the colors and all the sea life but their is just one problem after every round we play their is an add and we are sick of it can you please take the adds out of the game oh and add a ghost shark in the game that will be really cool thank you. Sincerely, Emersyn Jennings.

When we saw the bottom left corner it got us sad R.I.P to your brother.

We love this game is super relaxing the only issue is the ads ruin the relaxing vibe and would recommend adding a remove ads option. We love this game definitely get it. :)

This game is fantastic! As an individual studying sharks and the oceans we LOVE games created around these themes. This one in particular is wonderful. Its simplistic design is easy on the eyes and fun to play, the music is soothing, and not to mention the scenery is beautiful! Im sure you did your brother proud :) keep up the good work!!

We just got this game a wee bit ago and already really love it. A few suggestions though! The biggest one is adding like a zen mode thing where you have infinite energy, no coins, and a slower pace just for slowing down and relaxing. The goal is to chomp. Not to stay alive or to earn any money in the zen mode. Second is just more biomes. We end up seeing the same thing over and over but that Atlantis Easter egg was a nice touch hehe. Anyways, delightful game. We would and have already recommended it to people.

Sorry to hear about your brother.

Great game but we hate adds. We would honestly pay for this game if it meant NO MORE ADDS.

We think this is such a FUN game and we think its beautiful that you made it in memory of your loving brother.

We love this game but it is super laggy, we cant play without it lagging. Once it lagged really bad we are hoping you can fix it.

This game is great. With more cosmetic customization unlocks and maybe visual speed or audio filter controls it could be incredible.

This is a verry relaxing game and its verry fun Idrk what to write but ya its great.

Super calming, we just got it a couple mins ago, super neat game.

Sharks make us happy and thats more than enoufh.

We love this game if your brother died Im sorry but our brother is still alive and happy.

We love it, just the ads are leaking out! We finish our task and click no thanks still ads! We think you should put less ads, or ads every now and then like every 4 task missions! Everything else is very calm and fits our likings. Thats all!

Please dont give us an ad when we die, just salting the wound. And whats the point of making us watch an ad for 3x when an ad is mandatory whether or not u want the 3x or not.

This is one of the best games we have ever played but the only downside is that the shark sizes are really messed up. For example a the great white is the same size as the reef shark, and the whale shark is smaller than all of them, even though it is the biggest shark in real life. If that wasnt a problem this game would be 5/5.

We love this game but way too many ads.

The skins menu has said coming soon the whole time we’ve had the game. We quit playing after we unlocked them all. Harder ones to unlock would be fun. Thank you.

We love this game and all but we found out that we will have to delete and redownload the game to get the Atlantis fish and Im so close to a hundred day, can you fix this so we dont have to delete the game?

If you download this game then make sure the first thing you do is travel to land. If youre able to travel through land/continents then you need to delete the game and re-download it so you can unlock the Lost city of Atlantis shark (which is the best in our opinion). Sometimes when you watch ads your shark will be frozen in place after and you have to restart the game which resets all that progress that you just got. We suggest upgrading money as much as possible to unlock everything quickly then play offline once you have everything unlocked so you dont see an advertisement every 5 minutes.

We love this game, even got it on the PC but its not as well polished as it is on the iPhone. Is there away we can buy it to remove ads? Ill change our review to 5 stars if there is a way :)

Im no Person to say anything about making a game but if its about your loved one brother, we dont think you would add ads, specific levels and make it tedious, we think it being a free Rome would be better, due to it having more of a chance to actually look like the ad and have actual soft meaning to someone you farted about yk? But besides all of that we think its a very good game. We love the music and the simplicity of the game it feels loving to us.

Fix the glitch where Atlantis doesnt show up, causing you to have to delete the app and reinstall it, and this would be a perfect 5.

Honestly we played the game and enjoyed it, but its stocked full of nothing but ads which make the game honestly unplayable without getting ads every other minute.

We would gladly pay to remove the adds such a frustrating interruption to a relaxing game. We re-download it from time to time hoping that there will be an option to remove adds.

We love this game and we love the soothing in game sound when we play with head phones. However, the ads are really annoying and they make us not waste our time. We cant play the game we used to play without accidentally pressing on the ad at the bottom of the screen and when we die we cant have the same mood when an ad randomly shows up and ruins the mood. Used to be a fun game but now its just like any other game thats trying to get money.

It doesnt play a vid to unlock but it says tap to play vid to unlock so please fix this.

We cant unlock any rare sharks the money multiplier fails to do anything many times.

Good game! We love the visual, we love the gameplay, but it wouldve been better if it was endless with quests being side quests. Perhaps add a hunger system or sea mines to end the game.

We thought it was a game were you were not doing missions and not as many ads.

Reduce the game ads a little, we don’t want you to interrupt us while we’re fishing.

Its a good game, but getting a 45-second-long ad after every game is going to drive us absolutely insane.

Everything is great except for when we press the no thanks option on ad multipliers it shows us ads anyway just no rewards which is annoying.

This game is addicting but lots of ads will be annoying and it also drains your battery so quickly. Missions are like each other after level 30 and there is nothing new.

This games for our my brother Gets 3 ads in too minutes.

Fun game but tooooo many adds every time we finish a challenge there is a add its really annoying and excessive.

It would easily be a 5 star for its design. And its kinda calming, but whats automatically holding it back is the ad after EVERY LEVEL! We hate it. Like why?

We cant even get anything from the rare or legendary.

Seems like it would be a great game if it didnt try to cram 5 ads down our throat every playthrough. Ridiculous, ik we would genuinely enjoy this game too but nope not giving it a chance.

This game would be a really great game if it werent for a fact that there is an add after every single game, everyone understands that ads produce revenue but come on it killed this game.

We loved this game so much but now it does not work for us and we dont want to delete and reinstall because we will lose all our progress. When we try to move our shark, it just wont move at all. It doesnt go anywhere. Please HELP.

Dude. This game looked super fun but theres an ad literally every single round you play and sometimes inrerrupting. You cant even get past certain upgrades without watching ads. Legit made us uninstall, that level of ad spam makes us even less likely to pay for the game, and just quit altogether.