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Slay is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Sean O’Connor, Slay is a Board game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 27th February 2009 with the latest update 31st May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


196 people have rated 5.3.4

You can download the game Slay from APP STORE.


Slay is a simple to learn game of strategy and cunning set in medieval times. The island is divided up between the six players, and you must try to capture your enemies’ land and link up your own territories to create larger and stronger ones. You begin capturing land by attacking with your peasants. Once your territories become richer you can combine peasants to make stronger and stronger people (Spearmen, Knights and then Barons) who can kill weaker enemy troops, or knock down their castles. Just be careful that you don’t create too many expensive men or the territory will go bankrupt!

"This game is pure strategy! It’s a work of genius. Brilliant AI. Engaging turn-based multiplayer strategy. Sid Meier, eat your heart out!" –

"I love this game! I play it all the time, and when I’m not, I think about wanting to play it." –

"At first glance, Slay looks elementary, but hidden beneath are cunning strategy elements that must be finely balanced for success" – PC Magazine

"Deceptively delightful. The graphics are simple, but the strategy is complex." –

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Updated on 31st May 2022

  • gentler vibrate on touch and hold to summon your troops

Slay Reviews

Great, simple, "it just works" game that can kill 10-20 minutes very quickly. Our only complaint after like 10 years of having this game and playing it every now and then, is that AI blindly yolo at the user player. Sure, we’re on expert, but when myself and another AI have small territories like 25% and the other AI has 50%, why is the other 25% doing literally nothing fighting the actual threat, and going for us instead? Makes for some frustrating scenarios, where they give up cutting the larger AI territory to take your tiles instead… -Even animals understand the basic concept of the larger threat, even if we don’t work together specifically we still need to leave each other alone or else the larger will just swamp both of us.

We had this on pocket pc and we don’t feel bad having to buy it again. Not liking having to buy the rest of the maps but it supports a great dev. edit Crashes on iOS 13. Emailed the Dev who was quick to respond. No need to apologize, Murphys Law is a bugger. Wish we could buy you a pint, heres to buying a couple more maps.editEvery bit if this game is amazing and worth every penny.

We had this on pocket pc and we don’t feel bad having to buy it again. Not liking having to buy the rest of the maps but it supports a great dev. edit Crashes on iOS 13. Emailed the Dev who was quick to respond. No need to apologize, Murphys Law is a bugger. Wish we could buy you a pint, heres to buying a couple more maps.editEvery bit if this game is amazing and worth every penny.

Graphics is better on our old iPad than on our iPhone 12. Its slightly blurred when zoomed large enough to see.

Good strategy game. Comes with 100+ levels. Buy more if needed. Turn based. No adds every few mins, or at all.

Been playing this for years. Just logged into the app and cant restore our pervious purchase. Im being told we have to rebuy the game again basically, and we will because we love this game, but was hoping we dont have too.

This game first appeared in its original form for PC more than 10 years ago. There are copycats but this is THE original so you know this is the best. In some way its a cult classic because many people really love it. Even if you dont spend hours playing it youll still enjoy it. Its visually simple but under it is very clever strategy mechanic which always has multiple solutions and multiple strategy styles. Slay is a very unique game but has some elements of Go, Catan, even Civ.

Great game. Been playing it for a long time. It zooms out between turns, which makes sense. A while back you changed it so that if you accidentally bump it or scroll between turns you have to manually zoom back in every time. Please make this optional or just go back to the old way. Super annoying.

The gray bar on top of iPhone 8 plus is really ugly.

The computer clearly CHEATS, when only focusing on human player’s pieces. (not always) but enough times that the playing against 6 players becomes very frustrating. Developer needs to put in some smarter tactics.

Great game. Almost done though :(

This game is extremely easy to play and great for beginners. We would definitely share this for others to play. The game is tactile.

We just picked this up a week ago and it has become our go-to passtime on our phone.

The new colors are awful: neon green is never the answer. That color palette is called classic for a reason. On the bright (neon) side, it does improve accessibility for people with disabilities. Maybe you could change back the classic color scheme and create a new one for accessibility.

This game is fantastic; Id love to see a sequel with a little more depth; maybe siege units or naval units or something or some more unique maps like in conquest.

Hands down one of the best games we’ve ever played. If you like strategy games you need to play this! Also the replay ability is so great.

Great game, we have a suggestion. Often we find myself counting all the hexagons of a large enemy territory, then adding up their costs to see if a move would kill them. Seems like it could be intuitive to click on a territory of 8 or more and the calculations would appear, 32 Income, 28 Cost. We do love to play on the Master level, but some maps appear to be impossible to beat on that level. Not a big deal. Some of these maps are incredibly fun and if we could mark favorites maybe? Finally, in your game, Mother of all battles, a replay summary of each turn is replayed. It would be cool to see that on some of the tough victories.

Nothing but good things to say, except it would be nice to have a leaderboard so there could be the additional element of competition of beating a map in less turns than others. Please implement!

Update: Latest version is great. Finally fixed some kind of bug where the game got slower the more games you played. Now it’s wicked fast! Still wish the AI were better. Would love to get our hands on the source code and have a go at it. (I write game AI professionally.) Original: we had the PC shareware version of this a decade ago and loved it then and love it now. It’s very fun and relaxing, and the game design is so elegant and perfect. We wish the AI was smarter and there were some more game modes, like fewer but smarter opponents, or preset territories. Not a fan of all the different graphics skins, but the game is so perfect, we don’t care.

Great game, and the last update fixed some bad bugs, but if you scroll around when zoomed out (which you need to do on large maps), it will still not zoom back in. This is a great game but even an option or button to zoom back in to default would make it 5 stars.

We have played this game for years and we used to love it. It does not appear that the developer has put much effort into improving it for a few years now. The AI is not that smart. We are stomping through Master level and we have done some interesting experiments and the game logic breaks down if you run a map too many turns. This is a great, simple game, but you would think the developer would have learned how to improve it after all these years. So much potential here. Please make it better.

We have played this for years. We like how simple it is to learn yet challenging to master. For added challenge we like to give myself a few extra criteria for winning. For example we consider it to be harder to win if we can get the AI to surrender to our dominance while keeping each starting color alive. Or we like to have our territory touch each shoreline of the four cardinal directions and each lake as well before the first surrender is offered. Although we give this game a 5 star rating we dont like that the recent update seems to color the whole map our color when we accept surrender. We might be weird but we liked looking at how the island looked with each color after accepting surrender. We also think it would be cool if we were able to choose our color to play with (Like it was available on PC). We think another fun challenge is to beat the same map with each of the six color options as it is a different experience for each color even while playing on the same map. Another plus would be the option of choosing how many opponents to play against from 1 to 5.

Great game, thanks for such a fun app. Latest version has a bug where, after your turn, the screen zooms out, computer players do their turns, and then when the players turn begins, the map does not zoom back in. So every turn you need to re-adjust the zoom.

Each turn computer takes 20 seconds.

We’ve been playing Slay since before the iPhone, it stands the test of time. Just like Minesweeper, it is a light, casual game that is sorta puzzley, but in a way that you are never really challenged long enough that you need to put it down. The gameplay is world domination, but really you can just make the computer surrender by breaking its territories up. The challenge comes in balancing growing your territory with defending while also making sure not to level up too quickly or else you won’t be able to pay your troops (+1/space, -2/lvl1, -6/lvl2, -18/lvl3, -54/lvl4) Almost never buy the lvl4 dude unless you need to squash a lvl3, but usually you can starve them out. The game comes with enough maps for you to play one a day for over a year and you can buy more interesting shapes if you like it, no nagging, just available. Lots of cool looks/themes, all included. They just added a fourth row of maps that are all symmetrical. These maps are the toughest ones yet! Well worth the price if you enjoy the game.

Our favorite game for over 15 years. We started with its pc version. Glad it continues to be updated.

Get it – have had it for years – classic , should be way more popular!

We had this on pocket pc and we don’t feel bad having to buy it again. Not liking having to buy the rest of the maps but it supports a great dev. edit Crashes on iOS 13. Emailed the Dev who was quick to respond. No need to apologize, Murphys Law is a bugger. Wish we could buy you a pint, heres to buying a couple more maps.

Now back to our five star review. Great game we’ve been playing since our first iPhone.

This is one of the most fun strategy games out there.

We have been playing this since it came out on iPhone. The simplicity of it doesnt keep it from being challenging.

There are so many maps, the difficulty scales well and we still enjoy playing it.

We really enjoy this game both because it is a puzzle like challenge as well as the fact that you can stop at any time and pick up where you left off without losing anything. It makes it easy to play between other activities or when waiting for something in life.

Something about the gameplay for this is just pleasing. Our one ask is that it should allow for background sound to keep playing, so we can listen to podcasts and slay.

Just installed ios 13 and game crashes unable to open app in our iphone 8.

Slay splash screen loads then the game crashes. The free version loads and runs. IPhone 7 iOS 13.0.

This game shouldnt be this lagging. It became worse and worse through updates, and after the last one it takes 20 seconds per turn.

Title says it all. Waiting for an update.

Simple area control with unit promotion. The ai is challenging enough to keep the many many levels fresh. Really enjoying working through the levels.

Thanks for keeping this old favorite going! A great game. Endless maps.

An all time favorite just got updated.

Hey, we want to thank you for adding the local play, we can finally play against our friends. We have a few suggestions. 1. If you can make it iPhone X compatible. 2. Improve the design of the game and make it more Fantasy and a little Modern. Thanks really all and we hope to see this improve. The game will never die if one persons enjoys it and spreads it.

Seriously thank you for the last update! Being able to build our own map is fun and absolutely amazing. We’ve been playing slay for a long time and back when we could play it on PC, and now that its been in the App Store we’ve been playing it for years. We beaten Almost every level multiple times in different difficulties. Now to be able to build our own maps and play them is fantastic. Games come and go in our life but slay gets played almost daily. If we were to add if you could add much much much bigger levels, ones that are 3-6 times bigger than the ones that are available. Its just something Id personally like to try out. Or if there was a feature so we can do that myself. Thank you again for this fantastic game!

We’ve been playing the game for about 5 years (I played the lite version for the first 1.5 because we hate spending money), & we’re becoming increasingly frustrated with this purchase. There aren’t bugs so much as things that bug us after having purchased the game. We really enjoy playing the game (download Slay Lite first if you haven’t played it before), but even after the recent update there are so many small quirks & flaws to the paid version we can only give it 1 stars . Here’s why: 1. The game itself hasn’t been modified or updated for 20 YEARS & the price is $4.99. We’re not complaining about that so much except for I’d rather have about $3.99 of that back for what we got. 2. There are lots of levels, but then the creator goes & makes "additional levels" available for an additional fee. When we purchased the game we thought we were getting all of the levels, including the ones shaped like certain nouns (people, places, things or ideas). These additional levels cost a whopping $0.99/26 or a "discounted" $10 for all 18 pages. 3. As far as we know, the in-app purchase doesn’t act like the "complete our album" option in iTunes , so, even if you wanted to buy 1 page of 26 maps, you couldn’t do so without having to consider paying $10 now versus $18 later. It’s like trying to scam the people who really like the game because so few do play and like it but when they do he needs every single penny to survive financially (note: this is not how to win fans of the game) 4. People who purchase the app should be able to make & store their own custom levels. Again, especially for the price, this needs to happen. I’d pay $4.99 to be able to make custom levels. 5. Online turn-based games need to happen. It would put the game in the category of others like Words With Friends where you can move at your own pace but still get good, genuine competition instead of only a local pass & play as it is now. This is different from local play & is wayyy out of date even tho local play was an upgrade it isnt what really needs to happen. Finally this was added! 6. The interface / GUI could use a major update as well. Variants still make us think we’re playing a Win95 PC game that this was originally developed for. 6. Even the pass & play is wonky. "Multiplayer" doesn’t used the same starting map as solo but it’s not the same for 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 players- from what we can tell the maps are all different with different numbers of players on each map. 7. Allow custom color schemes for any level & be able to store up to 10 of them. Currently we’re stuck with no great options and because we’re color-deficient we choose a them (rainbow) that gives us a bold color (red). 8. The most recent update added custom levels- here are the problems with them: -the levels dont save your place as youre playing them so when you exit the game you lose all progress -you cant rename the custom levels (of course it would need to be different from an existing one so that check would need to be added too) -the custom levels currently only allow you to create a land mass & not capitals (player base start locations). If the creator of Slay insists on making the levels even then there should be some formula check for a level when you create a capital or at least specify more than the land mass we’re sure there are more but hopefully this gives any potential buyers some insight into whether or not this game with all left these quirks are worth buying (at the moment we would say we still wish we had our money back) & also gives the developer knowledge of what needs to change about the app. 9. The most recent version also stops any music / podcast playing when you open the app after not being in it for a while (not sure on the exact amount of time but probably 5 minutes). The sounds are off in our app so this is doubly annoying. Giving it a 1-star until this is changed back.

We’ve been playing this game for probably fifteen years on desktop, handheld and now mobile. It plays quickly, with zero luck so if you lose it was because you made a mistake and can try the map again. Highly recommended for when you want to kill several minutes but still want to exercise your brain.

Love this game – have played all islands – need more!

Our absolute favorite game, tons of replay value. This is the one game we’ve kept coming back to, challenging and fun. Please, please add in a fresh batch of new maps sometime soon! We’ve already beaten all of the current ones several times, and the game has gotten a little stale without new content.

Love the game. Slowed down for a bit but the update fixed it.

We have been playing this game for years across several platforms and its many maps are still challenging. Its an amazing strategy game that looks deceptively simple but hold a great deal of depth.

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