Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game

Last updated on June 11th, 2023 at 10:40 pm

Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game


Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dumpling Design Ltd, Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game is a Entertainment game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 21st December 2017 with the latest update 17th January 2019

Whether you are a fan of Entertainment, Casual, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


590 people have rated 1.0.7

You can download the game Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game from APP STORE.


Battle friends & family in AR.

  • Tank battles in AUGMENTED REALITY (AR)
  • 1 or 2 device MULTIPLAYER
  • Battle bots in SINGLE PLAYER
  • Fling TANKS and SMASH your opponents
  • Use EXPLOSIVE weapons
  • TOTAL DESTRUCTION for endless strategy



  • Smash the enemy Tanks
  • Pull. Aim. Release
  • Hit weak-spots for big damage
  • Tap weapons to fire!

COMING SOON – what would you like us to add next:

  • Online Multiplayer?
  • Medals?
  • Missions?
    Let us know over at:

Updated on 17th January 2019

  • Bug Fixes
  • Medal Collection & Weekly Ruleset Preparations

Smash Tanks! – AR Board Game Reviews

For anyone who has an AR compatible phone this game is really cool if you have a friend to play it with (pass and play) There is almost no restriction on how big or small you make the playing field so you can walk through the map in a football field or play it on drink coaster.

Fun game for a buck. Definitely something nice to play while sitting on the toilet.

This game is great to play with friends and family. Definitely recommend and is worth the 99 cents.

Very good game but we cant get to play with others.

Great game thats good for the little ones as its not overly violent. The only issue is it makes our ipad 2017 feel like its gong to melt as it gets so hot. The battery drain is also huge. Still a fun AR game for the family.

So simple and awesome! Please add extra DLCs or something like that.

Do two players have to download the game to play 2 device multiplayer?

We got this game and we really enjoy playing it It has awesome graphics Good gameplay And bots that are fun to play against This game is awesome and worth the $1.99 we spent.

For the last few months since downloading it, we have had a lot of fun with this game and enjoyed messing around in it, but we remain confused on how the power ups in the game work as with something that requires aim always fires in the wrong direction and misses the target completely. It can be very annoying and we cant seem to find an instruction set for how to use something like the laser or grenade barrage. If someone could tell us how to do that it would be very helpful. Perhaps in the next update you could add a help option or something that explains the weapons. Also if you havent already, we would appreciate if you would please consider adding online multiplayer and matchmaking. It would make the game a lot more interesting.

We like the game but it needs more than one mode or something. Because once someone gets it, they might get board after a wile. But it is still pretty fun. So someone PLEASE add different buildings, different game options and maybe even more tanks. But if someone doesnt add at least one of those things Im going to have to leave it at a three star review.

The gameplay is fun, the use of the AR is really good, one of the best examples of it, but we would like an option for a non AR mode to play in times we cant use AR like in a car. We feel like the bots could be smarter and harder. Lastly, online play would be nice. The game is worth it, just that for being paid we expect these type of things.

Concept is great, gameplay is fun. Game crashes or locks up very often. Have not been able to finish a single match vs bot or human. Please fix.

It looks cool but we cant complete a head to head battle with our family because one of us always crashes. Super frustrating.

Buggy as hell- tried playing several times and it’s so buggy we couldn’t even finish a game. Waste of money.

Ap did not work and did not receive a refund.

This is a lot of fun. The thing which sealed the deal for us to buy it was No In App Purchases!! We avoid any game which has buckets or crates or bags of something which you need to buy. These are money sinks and the games are always crippled so that you need to buy to advance. A big thank you to the devs for charging once for the game!

Literally the best AR game out there. Definitely a must have! Spent way to much time playing this app! Never gets old!

We would recommend 5 stars, but we rated 4 due to the fact that none of our friends want to spend a measly $2 on a mobile game, yet they spend upwards of $60 on console and pc games… Thought this would be a fun table game to play when were away from our consoles/PCs. Anyways, we highly recommend.

We downloaded yesterday and are having so much fun. Cool idea! Unfortunately, we cant make it through a 2 player game with an iPhone vs an iPad because it crashes every time. 1 player is great, 2 device play needs some serious work. In response to Developer question: we have an iPhone 7 on os 11.3 and a 1 year old iPad running 11.2.2.

This is a game that we bought yesterday and played for 5 hours straight. With other games it gets boring but the customizable game made it worth our time. As for requests, could the devs please add a tutorial and factions, tutorial; it was very needed and we wasted about 3 (loot boxes??) to finally figure out how to use the power ups. 2nd the factions/countries, it would be cool if you could add factions( countries:Germany,US,Russia,etc.) and for each to have a different looking tank Arsenal than the others And missions with specific battlegrounds (that would also be available on quick play). Apart from that we just want to thank you for not wasting 2 dollars and 11 hours like so many other games do. Keep updating PS: we use an iPhone 5 SE and it works gr8 but if we launch a nuke and it destroys at least 1 building our phone lags badly and we have to wait 2 minutes for it to stop but otherwise not too laggy.

Solid game play, AR worked well, some battery drain but on par with other AR games. Love the treasure boxes – adds an awesome element of strategy. (updated review and stars after some more playing and help from the dev team who rocks!)

Seems like most games are about the same and this one is by far the most entertaining when having someone else in the room to play against.

We love this game, but, can you please do online play please?!?

This game is really fun, and we enjoy it, but can you put in a tutorial for beginners.

Non functional. Can’t find playing surface so just repeatedly says scanning. We’ll update if this gets fixed because seems like awesome concept but right now just a waste of $2 Edit: new version is much much better. Revised star rating to 5!

Really enjoying the game. It did turn out to be a little different than what we expected it to be. We had purchased it based on a video showing only special weapons being fired, and we assumed it was more like your typical battle tanks type of game where you take turns aiming at each other with limited movement. However the game is very different, but instead much more like a bumper cars type of turn-based thing which as it turns out is still very fun! Regardless, Id love a game mode where you have something more akin to our original expectations. This would make it a 5-Star game in our opinion. Overall a lot of fun.

A little like bumper pool, but with tanks and buildings that can crush you.

We enjoy the game. We really do. It’s like having pocket tanks but in AR. But we played it for 35 minutes and it ate through 44% of our battery. That’s an insane amount of battery for that short timeframe.

Not optimized for iOS11 and iPhone X.

The game is fun to play and is perfect for when you only have a couple minutes, but it only works part of the time. For a paid game that is unacceptable. There should be an option to turn of the AR, which adds nothing to game play, so you can play in any condition. The game would be much better if it worked more than 25% of the time.

This is very addictive. Would love to see some more versions: 1) online multiplayer (10+vs10+), or 2) multiplayer without waiting turns, just keep blasting with 2-3s auto reload, 3) missions.

This is the first AR game that we’ve really tried and what ait tracked us was the way the videos showed that the play was similar to the Worms games of the late 1990s. Good times.

We’ve never bought a game before and we saw this on reddit and instantly bought it. Worth every penny and more we just sent our roomates screen shots and we will be playing all night. It might be our phone but it seems a tiny bit laggy if we move around the game board. LOVE IT.

We love this game! Its like a mix of Worms and Pool with its own fun twist! The destructive world mechanics really add a fun twist to peoples play styles! We love playing mobile games with family and friends. The AR in this game makes it feel like play board games again! Id recommend this to any of our friends or family!

Got this today for our little brothers and I! Were having so much fun. Couple small bugs with the AR/camera. Just not keeping the board in place. But a total blast otherwise. Well executed.

What a cool concept! This is a deceptively simple game, with some great strategy elements and a fantastic pace / learning curve!

We half expected this game to be clunky and crash a lot or not work as intended, but we were wrong. So far its running perfectly on an iPhone 8. Id highly recommend this game, $2 is well worth it for how well it runs and it having no ads or other nuisances.

Saw this on Reddit. Lots of fun.

Played with friends while waiting for food at the restaurant, had 3 separate people stop by and ask what we were talking playing. Ended up having a great night with strangers. Game is great.

But man this is very well done, the game itself is a fun silly little game but the technology is really where this gets us. We honestly love this principle of this and being able to really play anywhere is nice. We know that it may not necessarily be possible with how it works but Id be nice to be able to play other people over the internet (not in same place) is really like to see a tabletop game like warhammer or something with the technology. Great job guys, we look forward to seeing more from you!

This game works well it does have some quirks but in most cases it works great. The gameplay is interesting and fun but not the best, the game is fun with friends and we marvel every time we get low to explore the mini cities and look at the models up close. Our only real problems with it is that at least on the 6s (which is the oldest phone that can run it) the game lags with large physics moments and drains our battery we have dropped 30% battery in ten minuets when playing this but other wise we would recommend it.

This is just an awesome little game to play with friends. Simple, hilarious and fun.

Pls fix the camera our phone has a very good camera that can see clearly but when we opened the game the camera goes all dark and we have to turn on the lights on the during the daypls fix this also can you make the map bigger and add more buildings and powers can you guys also fix the muitiplayer online we can never find anyone pls make it so we can find out people without using Game Center.

Its an AR version of classic tanks. That being said, we love this game after only a few sessions. It has a ton of potential build your own maps, 3+player, online (with local AR), and much more. We would love to see this game explode.

Amazing game! Saw the post on reddit and within 2 minutes had purchased the game and had our first round. Very fun. All we would say is optimize a little more so its a bit less laggy. (I have the iPhone 7). Over all we will be asking all our friends to buy so we can have fun new game to play.

Very fun game, would be 5 stars but we’ve found a bug. Turning off sound effects in the settings will cause the game to crash every time you pick up a crate/power up. Not game breaking or anything but frustrating Im sure for people who dont know its linked to SFX. Im hoping the developer is keeping up with the game so little things like this can be fixed. That being said it has amazing potential and we hope they add customizable tanks and others little cosmetics like that. In its current state it is a very fun game and we hope it keeps growing!

We also saw this on Reddit and decided to check it out. Will be recommending to our friends. This is awesome.

Super simple and fun. Not much depth but its definitely entertaining and worth $2. We mainly enjoy putting tanks/the board in random places when bored haha but its fun to play friends and move around a large board. Online multiplayer would be great.

This game is seriously so cool. We played it on our dining table, living room floor, but just needed it to get as big as possible. So, we went to the beach and made the playing field as big as we could. The tanks were taller than we were and we had to run around the beach to line up our moves! Try it!

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