Solitaire – Classic Card Games

Solitaire – Classic Card Games

Solitaire – Classic Card Games

Solitaire – Classic Card Games is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Easybrain Ltd, Solitaire – Classic Card Games is a Card game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 30th March 2017 with the latest update 22nd May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Card, Entertainment, or Board games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


189,997 people have rated 2.4.2

You can download the game Solitaire – Classic Card Games from APP STORE.


Sharpen your mind with Klondike Solitaire! Challenge your brain or simply unwind while playing this version of one of the most popular card games in the world.

Improve your playing skills while reaching higher levels with every consecutive win! Expand your winning streaks, earn more points with every game and beat your high score! Keep your mind active and play Solitaire anywhere, anytime on your iPhone or iPad.

You’ll love playing this Solitaire:

· Master your strategy to win Solitaire games, move to higher levels and beat your best score!
· The higher the level, the more points you get.
· Participate in Seasonal Events, a fun way to unwind and improve your skills. Solve solitaire games of several difficulty levels, uncover unique thematic postcards and collect them all! Follow our updates and never miss a single event!
· Win a special Daily Challenge: complete challenges, earn golden crowns daily, and collect a unique trophy every month.
· Use hints and undos if you’re stuck.
· Enjoy our simple tap or drag controls.
· Choose from a variety of backgrounds and card backs to help you concentrate and relax.

Take a break and train your brain with our Klondike Solitaire!

Updated on 22nd May 2022

  • Performance and stability improvements

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Solitaire – Classic Card Games Review

This game really challenges your reasoning skills. Fun to play. A good concentration game.

We enjoy our daily solitaire. Takes our mind off the world stuff.

When we saw the ad we were quite surprised that it let us play the full game. When we downloaded the app it was exactly like the ad win was quite a surprise to us, its super fun too. You should definitely install it.

There are quite a few ads but other than that its pretty cool!

We love this app and we can easily ignore the ads that pop up. The main issue we have with it, is that it drains our battery extremely fast. Im playing on a new iPhone 13 pro with a battery health of 100% and a fully charged battery can easily go down to 30% in a half hour. We would love for this to be fixed so we can play more without having to constantly charge it or only play when our phone is plugged into a charger.

There arent that many ads maybe one every 2-3 matches but what is annoying is that you cant complete every match which is a bummer because we want to figure how to complete it but you can only really complete every 1 in 50 games.

Game is fine but it drained our battery like no other app we’ve ever used. Within 10 minutes of playing our phone felt warmer and our battery would steadily decline.

If we have to sit through two ads just to play one game then whats the point? Its a good app and we understand having ads, but maybe not two in a row?

We purchased this app because Im a huge fan of Sudoku and Killer Sudoku by this teamall have simple, clean, beautiful interfaces and calming gameplay. However, we gave 3 stars because the app ends the game/streak as soon as there are no more moves left. This makes it a little stressful. We wish there was the option to at least replay the game. So if youre looking for unending solitaire with the option to choose winning games only or random games (and other options), keep looking lol. We would normally recommend Solitaire by MobilityWare, but they now require a subscription instead of one-time purchase to remove ads :(

You literally cant win any games but a few and it puts u in situations you cant even play dont get this game unless ur goated at it.

Get out of move quite frequently.

If you know whats good for you, youll find a different solitaire game. This one heated up our phone so bad whenever we played it. Caused our phone to have delay issues.

The UI is nice but the game has been lagging so much recently and we’ve needed to force close it often. This app also drains our battery, making us think its using our phones processing power for something in the background.

This game has never ever allowed us to move past stage 3, it runs out of moves EVERY SINGLE TIME. Whats the point if we can never go up in levels.

90% of the time, the game ends in no plays remaining.

For some reason our phone is flaming whenever we play this game. Dunno why but its not great.

Solid solitaire game with no major bugs & easy game play, but we downloaded this game after seeing an ad that claimed there were no ads in-game. As soon as we clicked on the daily challenge, though, an ad popped up! We dont completely hate ads, we can tolerate them for a good game, but when we download something under the impression that we wont have to deal with advertisements at all, it is pretty infuriating to have them show up anyway. It isnt just a once in a while thing, either. We’ve played through about four games and had an ad pop up before and after each game.

This app is not great. Our phone got really hot from it. Also, the ads were spam that appeared fraudulent. It kept trying to get our to download the solitaire app only it was spelt silitaire. We removed this from our phone. Such a classic but not worth it.

After 5 minutes it starts to lag and too many ads.

It auto ends when it thinks theres no more moves and we dont like it :(

Too many ads telling us to get vaccinated.

We downloaded this simply because of an ad we saw in another app that stated outright no advertising, just solitaire. What we were greeted with on the first game was both banner ads at the bottom and interrupting ads.

We’ve never written a review before, but we felt like we needed to now. This game keeps glitching out, freezing, and also gave our iPhone a virus. DO NOT DOWNLOAD.

Great game!! We like to break our best time.. Thanks.

Letting solitaire challenge both short and long term sliver of our thoughts everywhere in between.

We came to nyc to see our family and we downloaded this for the plane, and we havent been able to stop playing. We have no interest to leave our room just play solitaire.

Love this game, its really intense sometimes.

Makes for good times! Would buy many again!

We have been playing this game for 73 years since we were 9.

We really am annoyed at the elimination of the Joker card to help solve difficult puzzles!!!!

Im trying to start the game but it keeps kicking us out. Even if we can get in it says that the date is November 21. And its may 9. Is anyone else having that problem? Its a fun game though.

The interface for this game is great- its easy to see and we love how you can use one-click to play a card. Only 4 stars because it freezes fairly frequently and for whatever reason this game drains our battery super quick and our phone runs really hot whenever we play. And thats just for one game, not hours on end. Ads are tolerable. Overall really enjoyable, but the issues mentioned may cause us to delete it and keep searching.

We’ve deleted this game not too long ago and we had it for several months. We really like how simple it is and we were able to cure our boredom with it. The ads werent too annoying like other apps and it can easily be avoided. But after playing it for a while, it began to lag and freeze. It would kick us out of the app or the whole app all together would freeze. Then one day it completely froze and we couldnt start a new game or continue. We tried restarting our phone and the app several times and it didnt work. We guess if you want to play this short term its good for a while _()_/

We like the game in general, but we miss when we had unlimited undos without watching ads. Plus it’s starting to freeze up our phone.

We present to u the worlds laggiest game.

If we could account for the scoring Id rate this game higher. Somehow we managed a high score over 10,000 but no way we can beat it with the inexplicable scoring. When the game comes out with new groups of tile games we play but winning game after game only results in a lower score. Then if Im playing a regular game and win 4 in a row the 5th is always going to end with no more possible moves. Every single time.

Love the app and Solitaire itself, but it makes our phone so hot overtime we have to wait to simple hold it, the battery consumption is crazy for such a game, and after a few minutes of playing we get lag spikes that annoy us which we think could be connected to the battery eating, gotta uninstall in the meantime.

Good game but needs more moves.

Juego de cluaca ojala este algun dia bien optimizado porque tiene muchos bugs y esta deplorable los eventos, aparte las manos aleatorias estan hechas para que pierdas si o si. Us gusta pero necesita muchos parches de bugs.

Dont play it much, but fun once in a while.