State of Survival Advanced Guide

State of Survival Advanced Guide

State of Survival by KingsGroup is an advanced MMORPG game which has gained much popularity since its launch last year.

If you are just starting out, you want want to check out State of Survival Beginner’s Guide to get started progressing quickly in game. In this advanced guide, we will get more in depth and share tips and tricks where advanced players use all the time.

Start a Farm Account

State of Survival allows every player to have 2 accounts in each state. Setting up a farm account has many benefits and can help your main account grow faster.

  • Use your farm account as backup resources. You may attack your farm account for resources if you are short on it but remember to send your troops out or hiding it in the blast shelter so there will be injured troops.
  • Use your farm account to assist in getting Kill Stage/Kill Event points. You may send troops out from your farm account to tiles and hitting those tiles with your main account to gain KE points.
  • Farm account can help in events where there’s not enough alliance members online. This is a cooperation game where most events need multiple people to complete like rallying infected fiends, plague zone, etc. But sometimes you may need the extra help to complete a higher level mission so a farm account may help if there’s no one else around.
  • Help you safe guard a spot. When you are out hunting, your farm account can put out camps to guard your spot or even better, the farm account could be relocated near Capital before Capital Clash event to reserve a spot for you. But do remember to use Peace Flare on your farm if you decide to send your farm near to the Capital.

Speed Healing

After big battles, especially during event like Capital Clash or Facility Fight, you might have many injured and the healing time might run into days. DO NOT attempt to heal all your troops at once and don’t use those healing speedup just yet. There is a better way to heal called speed healing where veteran players use all the time.

This is how speed healing works:

  • Heal your troops in batches like 30 minutes or one hour of healing time each batch.
  • You will need an active alliance to help tap on the assist icon. An active alliance can easily complete an hour worth of healing in a few seconds.
  • This method will work extremely well during Capital Clash where everyone needs healing and you will help each other speed heal by using the alliance assist.
  • Try to increase the level of alliance tech, timer help duration which will further reduce the timer each time someone taps assist.

Hoard Stuff

Most players are tempted to use up their items as soon as they got it be it speedup, resources or hero fragments. NEVER EVER use your items in backpack unless there’s an event. There are regular events which require you to use certain items and in completing those events will give good rewards. Especially if you are a F2P player, hoarding stuff is necessary to complete events. Using your items to get more items is always a plus.

Events like Survival of the Fittest and Alliance Throw Down is just two example of events which rotate every 2 weeks and everyday, there will be certain tasks to be completed. If you do not plan on spending a lot in game, try to at least get all those milestone rewards and stop there. You don’t have to finish all your items to get those rank rewards which is mostly dominated by paying players.

Fake Rallies On Enemies

As you grow, it is inevitable that you will get into fight with other alliances. One of the strategy which most veteran players use is to set fake rallies against multiple enemy targets when they are raiding so the enemy will never know which is the real one. There are few advantages in doing so:

  • This will disorientate the enemies especially if there are multiple rallies on different targets.
  • The enemy will not know which one to reinforce.
  • Only the target enemy or rally leader will know how many troops are heading to them. So their allies can’t know for sure if the target is not online.

Those fake rallies should be filled by alliance members with just one troop and let it launch so opponent can’t differentiate fake rallies from the real rally.

Fake Infected Fiend Rallies

Some events will require you to rally infected fiends and will indicate how many times you will need to do the tasks instead of having giving points for doing each rally. For these tasks, you can use this fake infected fiend rally trick.

  • Inform your alliance members that you are starting a fake rally to complete event task and everyone who wants to join to send just 1 troop.
  • Start a rally against infected fiend with just 1 troop.
  • Let the rally run and you will definitely fail the rally and complete the event task.
  • Once the rally returns to your settlement, you will get back those stamina spent.
  • Repeat as many times as needed to complete event.

Hiding Troops With Rallies

This is an advanced trick to hide troops. If you are the target of an incoming recon and want your opponent to think you have less troops, you can set rallies to nearby targets to fool them.

  • Once you set rally, your troops will be taken out from the troop count temporarily.
  • Let’s say if you have 500,000 troops and wants the opponent think that you have less, you can set 4 rallies with 100,000 troops each. Then the recon will only show 100,000 troops left in your settlement.
  • After the incoming recon, remember to cancel those rallies.
  • This trick is better than sending your troops out to camps or tiles because opponents can see if you send them out. But they would have never guessed your troops are in fake rallies.

Use The Correct Hero As Captain

State of Survival Advanced Guide Heroes The first hero in your troop formation will be the Captain. Choosing the correct Captain is of utmost importance no matter you are the rally leader or joining a rally.

  • For Influencer Trap event where damage is the most important factor, always set a Hunter hero as Captain especially for rally joiners as the first four who join a rally will lend the Captain’s first skill to the entire rally. If you everyone uses Sarge or Eva as Captain, there would be 100% increase in troop damage (for level 5 first skill).
  • For Capital Clash event or any other PvP activities, it is best to set an Infantry Hero as Captain to benefit the overall defence.

Bonus: Use the hero Travis to attack infected, rally infected fiends, plague zones or do explore missions for reduced stamina cost up to 20% depending on Travis level.