State of Survival Capital Clash

Capital Clash Event

Capital Clash is a fortnightly event in State of Survival where the strongest battle to become Governor of the state.

But that does not mean other players can’t join the event. It is actually beneficial for everyone to join in to have fun and get rewards at the same time.

"The Alliance that occupies the Capital for 6 consecutive hours, or holds the longest occupation time at the end of the event, will claim victory in the Capital Clash. Occupation time and enemy troop kills will earn you points during the event."


  • Capital Clash happens every two weeks at 0800 UTC on Saturday and usually will be on the same week with KIll Stage.
  • The event time has been shortened from 24 hours to 12 hours.
  • Attacking or defending in Capital or its surrounding Towers will only have injured troops unless your hospital capacity is reached.
  • Within 2 hours from end of the battle success, the victorious Alliance Leader have to appoint a Governor. If no Governor is appointed, the Alliance Leader will be made Governor by default.
  • Occupying the Towers can help in the attack against the Capital. The longer the Tower is occupied, the faster the frequency of attacks.

Before Event

  • You will want to relocate close to the Capital as troops marches are slower in that area. Players will usually relocate to the Capital days before the event or at least use a farm account to hold a spot.
  • Depending on your Alliance strength, you might be going for the Capital or just the Towers but no matter what it is advantageous to group together with Alliance members so that it’s possible to join rallies as the troop marches are significantly slower in the area.
  • When planning for Alliance relocation to the Capital, it’s best to be in one or two clusters near to a Tower. The rally leaders should be as close to Towers as possible so march time to the Towers are shorter and easier for reinforce when your Alliance is holding the Tower.

How to Gain Points

State of Survival Gain Points

  • Kill Points: You can obtain points by killing or wounding enemy troops while fighting in the Capital and Tower.
  • Occupation Points: You may obtain points by occupying the Capital or Tower. The higher the troop power, the more points obtained.
  • Wounded Points: You may obtain points by having troops wounded or killed.


  • There are two types of rewards.
  1. Points Reward that will give out rewards as you reach certain points. The point requirement and number of rewards will increase according to your headquarter level. State of Survival Capital Clash Point Reward
  2. Ranking Rewards are based on your ranking in the event. State of Survival Capital Clash Ranking Reward

Capital Clash Strategy

  • The main objective of Capital Clash is to occupy the Capital and become Governor but depending on your Alliance strength, there are few ways to join Capital Clash event:
    • Top alliances will rally the Capital and keep reinforcing troops to defend it. The alliance that occupy Capital for more than 6 hours will be victorious.
    • If your alliance has no chance to occupy Capital, it is still worthy to occupy one or more Towers and keep reinforcing troops to defend the Tower. Tower will zap Capital frequently to reduce troops in Capital as long as it is held by another alliance or another state alliance for State Warfare. The longer a Tower is held, the more frequent it’ll zap Capital, starting from every 5 minutes and if held long enough, will zap Capital every minute.
    • If your alliance is not strong enough to hold Capital or surrounding Towers, it is still beneficial to attack Tower or Capital either by solo attack or rally to get points for rewards. That is why everyone should participate in Capital Clash just for the rewards. Even if you know your rally will lose, it is worthy to attack Capital or Tower to reach reward milestones.

Important: Troops will only be injured when fighting in Capital or Tower so keep an eye on your hospital. You will only start losing troops permanently when your hospital is full.

For every march,

  • 35% of your troops will be wounded and sent to hospital unless your hospital is full.
  • 65% of your troops will be lightly wounded meaning they will be recovered once return to settlement.