State of Survival Dev Feedback 16 07 2021

State of Survival: Developer Feedback Friday, July 16, 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time on Friday. We would like to share our latest update, changes in game, State of Survival, our progress on state mergers and future development plans today!

Update About State Mergers

  • We have shared the time of state mergers before, that is, we will start testing online in October. The merge feature is mainly to help the old states (estimated state range is 1-200) become more active. Twelve old states will be involved in our first online test.

Trading System is under test now

  • In our previous Developer Update, we mentioned that a new system that supports item trading between allies is under development. We are happy to announce that the feature is under the test stage now and is estimated to be released in mid-Aug.

The Technology Speedup event is coming soon!

  • In our upcoming update v1.11.80 next week, we will release a Technology speedup feature online. When upgrading the recommended military technologies, players are able to get a speedup bonus. We hope this feature will help more people grow faster and narrow the strength gap among players.

The first batch of States will enter YITH season on July.19

  • On July.19, a group of states (estimated state range: state 1 – 360) will be the first to enter the brand new world event: Rise of YITH. We made improvements to the old features and gameplay in the MIGO season and introduced new story plots. We hope you will have fun in your adventures in YITH.