State of Survival: Developer Feedback Friday, July 9, 2021

State of Survival Dev Feedback 09 07 2021

Welcome to Developer Feedback time on Friday. We would like to share our latest update and future changes in game, State of Survival and official response to the questions frequently asked by players recently.

1. Skin Store and Themed Event Lucky Machine are online for testing.

  • We planned to test Lucky Machine on July 06 online initially, however, due to technical issues, we delayed the test till July 09. On July 09, Lucky Machine and Skin Store will be firstly tested in States 553-564. Players are able to get skin store tickets via the Lucky Machine feature. If the test works well, we may release Lucky Machine in all States older than 2 weeks on July 13.

2. Update about the issue in M.I.G.O. ranking

  • The Dev team recently detected a backend issue where MIGO info was wrongly calculated. The issue may influence the MIGO ranking in a few of our States. The Dev team has fixed that issue online now and issue compensation to the affected players following the rules below:
    • For states which are still in MIGO stages, we will remove the extra MIGO info people gained via the system error and rank players based on their correct info amount;
    • A system compensation will be issued to all the players involved;
    • For states where MIGO has already ended, we may recalculate people’s MIGO info and send out compensation accordingly.
  • We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience. Please pay attention to the in-game system mail.