Street Kart #1 Go Kart Game

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Street Kart #1 Go Kart Game


Street Kart #1 Go Kart Game is one of the best $1.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fat Cigar Productions Ltd, Street Kart #1 Go Kart Game is a Simulation game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 3rd August 2019 with the latest update 23rd April 2023

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Racing, or Sports games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


4,591 people have rated 1.6.4

You can download the game Street Kart #1 Go Kart Game from APP STORE.


Race an inch from the track at speeds up to 80 mph (125 kph). 4 Tiers of Weekly Championships. No. 1 paid racing game over 100 countries! (App Annie). Best of 2020/21! No Assists. No Excuses. Download Now.

"You’ll never find another game like it. So competitive…"
Marijn Kremers, FIA-CIK World and European Kart Champion (KZ)

“I stopped real racing 3 as soon as I found this game.”
Mika Francis. App Store Review.

"If you like f1 or nascar games such as Assoluto Racing or Gear Club you’ll love this."

Similar karts, similar engines. Always close, fast, competitive. This is Street Kart Racing.

The road to f1 / nascar / indycar / all starts in a kart.

Original and ultra competitive, real racing game, SK is it.

⁃	The No.1 go kart game on mobile
    -       Awesome physics.
⁃	Challenging, fun, rewarding.
⁃	No Assists. No Excuses. Real racing tiers up to 80 mph.
⁃	Tested for authenticity by hundreds of go kart - rally - stock car racing drivers including world champions. Even f1 drivers play it!
    Go Karts: All F1, nascar, indycar, rally drivers start in cadet Karts – and so do you:

    ⁃ Race Real People on Real Tracks
    ⁃ Beat EVERYONE to become world go kart champion
    ⁃ Single & multiplayer competition

    Sure we’re on the grid to win. In the pits we all help each other out.

    ⁃ Tips, tricks, advice.
    ⁃ A community of 18,000+
    ⁃ Create rivalries, join the banter, and always have someone to race.

The no.1 go kart game on iOS. Assoluto racing to go cart racers. Even F1 racing drivers play SK.

  • WEATHER: If it is raining at the track in real life it is raining in the game. We simulate everything. Rain, drizzle, hot and cold temperatures affect tire choice and grip. Air pressure affects the power delivered by the engine, speed and your lap time. More thought than your average racing game.
  • CHOICE: Like F1, Indycar, Gear Club or Nascar games – a range of tire compounds from different brands.
  • RIVALRIES: Win personal battles and earn sponsorship.
  • UPGRADES: Make complex kart choices: exhaust, seats, brakes, fuel, engines, tyre pressures and setup..

We’re the no.1 go kart game. Here’s why:

  • Street Kart Racing is about epic rivalries against real people.

  • Close: Race in closely matched go karts – none of this massive upgrade, automatic win! We race in tenths!

  • Compete against pro racing drivers! Yes they play Street Kart Racing Game.

  • Real Tracks. Our grid: PFI, Adria, Wackersdorf, Mariembourg, Las Vegas Todd Road, and many more. No F1 tracks here.

    Like Assoluto Racing – practice in solo mode with the 2018 World Champions Rosberg Racing Academy. Improve set ups and racing skills with test real racing lines. Test out different physics setups.

  • SOCIAL –

By joining as an SK Race Pass Member, you are agreeing to an auto-renewing monthly subscription plan (unless auto-renew is turned off) that will automatically be charged every month through your iTunes account for $4.99 within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You will be charged $4.99 for the first month immediately after your purchase is confirmed. To manage this subscription, or turn auto-renewal off, go to Account Settings after purchase.

Development Team
Street Kart Racing has ambassadors who race at the highest level of professional go kart racing / car / rally racing – helping perfect the racing game simulator physics. You’ll find them on race tracks worldwide aiming to reach F1, Nascar, Indycar..
This is the Most Competitive Racing Game For Mobile.

About Us
We’re a small team but we don’t believe that should mean average. Your experience playing Street Kart Racing Simulator should be the most fun driving game on mobile.

Updated on 23rd April 2023

Welcome to Street Kart Racing. We’re a small, independent developer determined to give you the most competitive, exciting, real racing experience on iOS. We rely hugely on your feedback and ratings to help improve the game and support further development. Please join the SK Community on and follow us on for updates from the dev team and the SK Community.

Version 1.6.4

  • Controls – Touch Control Improvements with fixed steering wheel position
  • Wackersdorf – racing line improvements
  • New Cadets flow and introduction

Version 1.6.3

  • Fix for crash at Wackersdorf
  • Brand new Directional (Arrow) Controls to help new players
  • Small additional fixes

Please send feedback to [email protected] so we can improve further for you.

Version 1.6.12
Urgent bug fix for older iOS devices preventing them loading.

Version 1.6.1 Epoch 3 fixes:

  1. Championship Points in Race Meets – adjusted to make it easier to reach the weekly C/B/A Finals and keep new and middle players closer to the top.
  2. X30 weekly final rewards fixes – with more Aces for the A-Final – and more players that can reach it.
  3. Sponsorship – now appears sooner in a play session – so you can earn more.
  4. In-game ads around Wackersdorf – improvements and fixes
  5. Daily Aces Race Meets – no longer require SS tyres, but minimum Aces rewards have been lowered to 4 Aces from 10. Top end rewards remain the same.

Version 1.6. The EPOCH 3 RELEASE. WHAT’S NEW…

Brand New Championship Seasons with:

  • New Tracks Per Tier
  • More Aces for Daily Aces Race Meets
  • More Aces Rewards for A Finals in X30 and PRJ
  • New Kart Unlocks

We’ve removed the AI from Race Meet Leaderboards which has major consequences including:

  • Makes SK even more competitive. You’ll need to beat everyone to get to the top


  • All pre-2017 karts are now removed from entry to the weekly championships
  • Instead they will be available for entry to special Aces event throughout the year

To keep in line with changes in real-world karting we have made a number of changes:

  • All tiers karts have now 2kg added to them
  • Grip is reduced by 2%


  • World Records from EPOCH 2 are now parked in the realms of history.
  • All new events have World Records to be taken by you! Get yourself on the Wall of Fame


  • Earn EPIC rewards
  • Be loyalty to a brand to gain the best deals. Kart Republic won’t support you if you swap to CRG you know.
  • Tyres sponsorships now offer killer tyre deals
  • Fuel sponsorships now offer amazing fuel deals
  • Some brands offer performance benefits

Brand loyalty kicks in too – reject deals you’re with and brands react differently.


  • Saturday Finals now unlock with points targets. Reach the C/B/A Finals based on how you perform against others


  • PRJ now has 4 seasons and much more variety with no track featured more than twice over the two seasons.


  • Many more karts unlock through performance in the championship
  • Manufacturer Opens are now weekly per brand and last longer


  • We’ve boosted the performance of Parilla Rival Works engines in PRJ


  • Earn bragging rights by unlocking new DOMINATION and INVINCIBLE Trophies
  • New Wall of Fame to come later in 2023 and trophy winners will appear on the Wall of Fame

Street Kart #1 Go Kart Game Reviews

Streetkart is our go-to racing game us and our friends play it together sometimes and it is soo much fun! Highly recommend the app!

The gameplay is extremely smooth. We love how great the game is made, with great graphics as well. 10/10 app!

We love car racing games ever since we were a child and we have played it this app has to be one of the best games we played.

This has got to be the coolest game we’ve ever played, and its mobile, who wouldve thought!!

We love it. Love the action that it has one of the best go-kart games we have played so far!

No complaints. The app works well and is extremely fun to play. We love the animation as well!

Gameplay is fine for the most part. You get tons of pop ups that are meaningless. You have to load into and wait thirty seconds to watch a placement screen telling you where you placed as if you didnt know, also you cant skip the placements. You have fuel you keep track of and tires which is okay but, you will not be told that you need to fill up on gas or you wont have enough. You have what seems like endless amounts of UI that make it look daunting to go through. Nothing about the game seems like it was something they took time to think about. The only good about this is driving and the way the karts sway at times feel unrealistic, especially needing to tap brakes to slow down. We have never driven anything where we tap brakes to slow down. Theres better games out there.

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Got the app, and it crashes as soon as race starts. Going to give it a day.

Doesnt support backbone controller.

Couldn’t even finish one race the app just crashes.

First, this game is a lot of fun! We don’t like the F1 strategy parts, but we’re still new so we’ll figure this out. Joined the Facebook group which has a lot of people in the community happy to help out with setup adivce.

This app is truly A1 for making a F1 enthusiast, we saw a meme of Max Verstappen playing it. We sometimes play this game with our brother, and we both do real kart racing. Good mix of real world tracks and some made for the game. Not a fan of multiplayer ghosting though!

This is a great racing game that offers a lot of bang for your buck but we it is clear the game is deisgned to benefit those who use the Race Pass feature which we don’t like but might get if we play more. To the devs – we like the F1 for karts part and the economy works in Cadets but is really tough. How do we get more sponsorship deals? We think some better communication here would be helpful.

The SK go-karting community keeps us hooked. The downside – you have to log in to Facebook to join – hopefully they change this in future and do something in the game.

We were doubtful whether this racing game would be able to challenge us or not, but the championship here is epic. There’s a load of tire choices like F1 and Nascar but they spell tire, tyre. Go figure.

As a NASCAR fan, we are impressed with SK’s top-notch gameplay and unbelievablly competitive racing. It has paid attention to every detail carefully, it seems, and the rewards are just the cherry on top. There’s load of unlocks in the showroom we can’t get yet – is this normal?

Ok, this game is good, but there’s been some issues with the 2023 Epoch 3 release, which now seem to be fixed. One star off for the initial bugs with Epoch 3.

Ok, the good: very compoetitive, fun, lots of strategy and resource managment. The bad: you really really have to practice to be at the top!

Street Kart is a great choice if you’re looking for a full on racing game that’s can consume yoru life if you want!. The karts feel fast and responsive, and there’s a load of real people on the leaderboards., if you like Nascar heat or f1 mobile you’ll enjoy this.

The graphics of the game are just visually appealing. The go-karts are easy to operate as well. We love the fact we can get to race alongside real people.

The controls of this racing game take a lot of getting used to. And we’re struggling with, no assists no excuses strapline is right. Hopefullly we’ll get over it as the rest of the gameplay is good.

We’re usually a big fan of racing games on consoles and haven’t oftne found one we like on mobile, but this one really grabbed our attention. We’re an F 1 gaming fan and played real racing but this is the best go kart racing game. Definitely worth checking out.

There’s some Epoch 3 bugs with the new seaons they announced but the devs seem to be on it and communicating with the player based about so-called ‘tweaks’ (big economy adjustments), but in general they’ve good., This game works for F1 fans, or general ‘proper’ race track fans. The karts are low to the ground so feel quick, and if you’ve ever been in a proper race kart you’ll understand what we mean. Graphics could be better.

SK has impressed us so much that we never thought we would think about subscribging to be a Race Pass Member, which basically multiplies the rewards hugely. The best kart racing game out there.

The gameplay is absolutely awesome.. Playing on this game makes us feel like our favourite F1 driver, Ayrton Senna who used to race karts, and what is even better about this game is that we can compete with the pro drivers in the ranks. Beat Nico is a good challenge.

We love racing and this is a very realistic racing game that you can buy for mobile. There just needs to be some fixes to the bugs that happen. We just had a race where our screen was tilted the wrong way and couldnt even use the steering.

This is a cool way to experience a real life karting experience on the go and we enjoy the tracks and the simplicity of the game . The one thing we didnt expect was that you need a internet connection and cant play offline , its minor but we wasnt expecting since Its a paid game , but besides that this game is well done and good karting experience on the go .

Dear Devs, we’ve bought the game and from our first impressions, it hasnt been good. We’ve tried turning up the graphics but it still looks bad. The game just feels like some arcade like baby game and we dont think its fun for someone who likes racing. From the pictures and videos, the game looks incredible but when you actually go into the game, its not as good looking.

We just bought the game after reading a bit of the reviews and we’ve got to say, we like it a lot! Its a little hard to control at first but definitely controllable after you play a few games. Love to see where this game goes!

Not sure how to fully explain but honestly we feel like this game is pretty plain after a couple days. Not only do you pay for the game itself but you have to watch ads if you want and need extra aces which is completely dumb. After unlocking a kart of wearable outfit you still have to pay for it which is by far the weirdest implement in a game we have seen. Not only does the more expensive things give you a WAY better boost then just wearing normal costumes having to race with really good racers while im bearly stuck on the first 2 karts and having to use the least grippy tires because we cannot afford more sets of slick grippy tires and having to stick to regular gas instead of prem gas cause we cant afford it anymore. And now theirs a new pass that you have to pay 5 dollars a month if you want extra things???? We payed for the game and didnt expect all of this and only have to upgrade your mechanics costs 100+ aces which is incredibly expensive and that now bearly at level 2. This game just fully revolves around money. If it was about skill id think everyone would get the same outfits that give no boosts besides looks. And we were expecting people to customize their own cars to their own liking at the beginning but even after almost 2+ weeks of playing we bearly can even upgrade our mechanic to lvl 3 which also includes having to change our break pressure and etc. THAT we CANT DO BECAUSE we DONT HAVE ENOUGH ACES.

This is not a review but a question about the game. How does one get promoted to X30? We were under the impression that if you exceed the promotion score of around 7500 that you would be promoted. We were promoted once but then immediately we were demoted because we didnt continue to play. This week we scored 8500 and did not get promoted. What do we need to do in order to achieve X30 ranking?? Thanks for your time.

This game is challenging and would almost be too difficult if it werent for the support of the developers and community that play it. Also, the different leagues that one has to progress through helps keep the game interesting for the different skill levels. If you appreciate racing simulation, exceptional service and community, this game is worth the money.

It is an amazing game and really gives us the authentic karting experience. However we did get stuck in an infinite loop when they showed the champion ship screen. But we were able to delete the app and re-log into the game. Other than that it is an amazing game that really tests your skill, strategy, and knowledge. Great job by the devs. Love this game!

We were enjoying this game and suddenly one day when we were trying to open to game it says unable to load game data. Please help.

Racing is great. Especially with a gamepad. But its a paid app with free to play micro transaction garbage. Also, the game just throws you at a track and expects you to be competitive at it without any practice laps beforehand. Its fine in tier 1, but the difficulty ramps up considerably in tier 2 and the race line goes away in tier 2. So good luck trying to be competitive against tougher AI opponents when youre racing a track for the first time ever. You need to add an option to run some practice laps before each race. We find it dumbfounding that this isnt a feature in every single racing game.

Which is solid, dont get us wrong, but then youre still greeted with wait times for races and upgrades lol dont waste your money.

Clearly its not iracing but They have nailed the Handling we have karting experience in these types of karts the way the kart rotates under breaking and how it rotates when your on the gas is very very close to what we would feel in our kart good job buy the devs.

Absolutely love this game!!! We have been trying to get into the actual karting, and its super expensive and time consuming this is a great alternative. Being able to compete with hundreds of other players is amazing. The driving feels very good and responsive, we started with touch controls but we have connected our Xbox controller and now our times have dropped a lot. Of corse there can always be areas for improvement but so far its a amazing game. Im sure yall already have tons of stuff that will be added as time goes on but If the developers see this our one suggestion would be to add some sort of a player account so we can take our profile across devices, we started on our phone and have progressed far and we wanted a bigger screen so we tried to play on our iPad but we had to start all over it would be nice to be able to take our profile across devices. Keep up the great work and Im excited to see whats next!

So just wanna say we love this game. But there are a few things that we need to address. First off the app crashes a lot. It also wont load in all the time and we have to restart it up to 10 times before itll let us actually in to the game. 2nd, we dont like how when you do anything on the game something pops up and its really annoying and others would agree with this. Also we payed for the game so why are there waiting times for karts and fixing them up. You should lower the price of karts as well. We get you want people to spend money in game but the prices are almost like being robbed. But still with that being said the gameplay is awesome and the graphics are great too. Thats why we give this game a 5 star rating.

So. Great game, but, when we got promoted to TKM for Easter kart wars, it says pick a brand, and when we tap anything at all, the app crashes, tried restarting phone, closing it, everything. Nothing works. Please fix this.

We’ve played the game for over a year now and love the gameplay but its the freemium economy that brings the games rating down for us. No assists no excuses huh? Well we have a few. Note: All these criticisms doesnt mean we dont like game. It just means there are things about it we dont like. There are a variation of tires in the game. The fastest, supersofts, costs premium currency(Aces) compared to worse tires that cost regular money. Why they didnt decide to just give everyone equal tires with equal grip we dont know and dont understand. You have to unlock karts in events but dont actually get the kart when you unlock it. Instead you the unlock the ability to pay for it. This is especially confusing as it basically penalizes new players in X30 because theyre so woefully uncompetitive and have to basically take like multiple months to get to the top of the leaderboards IF THEY HAVE THE TALENT AND SKILL TO BEAT THOSE FASTER GUYS. For some strange reason, when you buy an item, upgrade to a newer item, and then want to go back to the older one, you have to pay for it again. This is really annoying when swapping fuel tanks and seems like a way to just waste your money. The apparel store also requires for you to unlock apparel but once you do you unlock the ability to buy it. The missions they give you dont even pay you the exact amount the item costs and the ones that pay decently are insanely time confusing or very challenging. The ai is very annoying and can impede you when you try to set a fast race time. Events in this game score based on how fast you finish a race. And if the ai gets in your way or throws you off track youre screwed. We really think the ai should just be ghosted or the game should just take your fastest overall lap instead. Apparel gives handling advantages that are pretty significant. The best ones are very expensive and Im our opinion make the game more complicated than it needs to be. We really think all the apparel should not have any advantage and should just be for cosmetics and to appeal to sponsors. Another little note is that you cant select how much fuel you exactly want in your kart which we find a little annoying at times but nothing groundbreaking Id say. We really like this game but it hilariously puts so many walls in front of you to keep you from actually learning how the karts handle and trying to challenge the top guys. If your talent is there, youll have to unlock karts, upgrade them, be able to afford the right fuel and tires, and many more things that hinder the games slogan. No assists no excuses is incredibly ironic considering all of the strategy needed that could easily be removed and give people less excuses about not having the right kart or tires and instead have to actually work at being fast by purely driving. We wouldnt have a problem with the freemium economy if it also wasnt for the fact that the game costs money and the devs are going to implement a subscription that gives extra Aces as one of the bonuses. Just some things we found out that you should consider before playing the game.

1.) Youre gonna love the racing! 2.) Youre gonna hate everything else!

We would of rated 5 stars if only the controls are good.

Why is everything locked in the game?

Why after choose good name and number the game get black and cant do everything ?

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