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Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Territorial.io! Developed by the innovative team at David Tschacher, this Strategy game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 19th August 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 11th September 2023.

Are you a fan of Strategy, Casual, games? Then Territorial.io is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Territorial.io

Over 1,379 players have rated Territorial.io. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Territorial.io Cost?

Good news! You can download Territorial.io on your iOS device absolutely free!

Territorial.io Release Date

Eager to know when Territorial.io first graced the App Store? It was launched on 19th August 2021.

When Was Territorial.io Last Updated?

The latest version of Territorial.io was updated on 11th September 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Territorial.io?

To get started with Territorial.io, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Territorial.io

Play against bots and other people online! Conquer territory and defeat other nations. Play with more than 500 players at the same time. Find a good strategy and become number 1 on the leaderboard.

There are several maps available: Europe, World, Singapore and more.

In this game, you learn to improve your strategic skills.

You can choose between two game modes: single player and multiplayer.

In the beginning, it’s recommended to play against bots in the easiest difficulty mode.

Can you defeat them? If so, try playing against human opponents.

Do you want to play with friends? Then meet them in the lobby and join the same game.

You may give us feedback about the game on the App Store.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Territorial.io updated on 11th September 2023:

-privacy update
-stability update

User Reviews on Territorial.io

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Territorial.io below:

Really Fun game but theres a bug where if we go to change our name or stickers somtimes color it freaks out and zooms really far in and it mostly happens with our name where we cant flip it over or unzoom it and if we swipe up on the app it goes back to our original name and we have to get in a game and wait a little bit swipe up and then we have the name we want and its not zoomed in also the where we click isnt very coordinated. And there should be a map up just Asia not the Middle East but thats just an opinion. But please get that bug fixed. We also dont know if its only on our phone bc we havent really tired on other devices.

Its so good we were like war with North America and Asia Nice game!

When we put emojis or our username for the game, it lags out of nowhere and a black screen appears.

We love this game we play it every day but there are some bugs like we CANT MAKE CUSTOM MAP! Anything after that we love it and in the maps we win every time we play :)

To everyone reading this,and the developers,this game is great. But whenever we try to change our name the screen zooms out and it will not let us chance our name,and when a click a certain spot on our phone screen it will open stuff in the game we never opened or clicked on,please fix this,its a good game we dont want to give up on it.

Ok sooooo Alliiences need to be fixed say Im chilling with our great allie when boom someone stronger comes and attacks us. Two things can happen 1 how a game should be our allay cant attack us right away like theres a truce and scenario two witch is in this game 2 we are chilling with our allie and boom we get attacked and now MY allie just started to help kill us this makes NO scence but besides that good game.

Territorial. Io is a great game but we gave this a 4 star review because when you accidentally rotate the screen, most of the time when you rotate it back to where you had it at first the screen will be out of its place, for example: if you rotate the screen right for at least 6 seconds the game screen will become more zoomed in or the screen will become smaller with the bottom being pitch black. And theres another glitch with the name being if you want to change your name the screen will become smaller and the bottom of the screen will become pitch black, the only way you can fix all of this is to restart the game and then everything will go back to normal until you rotate the screen and try to change your name.


When we were playing A add poped up and it was inappropriate.

Ok its a great game overall but the zombie bots are a bit strong can they be atleast hard level or normal.

We always lose Im not that good at it and for single player there should be more maps but we still enjoy this game.

Whenever we try to change our name, its not allowing us and the screen keeps zooming in and we cant zoom out, please fix this.

When typing a name for your country, the keyboard will disappear sometimes and when youre done, it zooms in on a random part of the screen and you cant press anything. Choosing emojis to use during the game is pointless because that menu will also close randomly when you are choosing them and it will reset to having none selected. It is a fun game though. It is just a lot better on pc.

This game is really fun but has numerous issues, for some reason if you change the screen from portrait to landscape it messes it up and basically makes it unplayable. Even when you change it back to portrait it makes it even worse. Also when you pull up your keyboard it has the same effect. Sometimes the game just crashes. Honestly youre better off just playing it in your phone browser. We have no idea how they messed up such a simple game this badly.

The developers really didnt bother to optimize their game to be a good app, like whatsoever its constantly glitching out when you try to choose a name, when you try to choose little emojis/flags, when youre trying to do almost anything, and its really just, a shame, cause we adore the core game itself. We only give it 2 stars because of the quality of the core game ignoring the app, just the app itself would get 0/5 stars, youre much better off pulling out your laptop or desktop and playing the game from the website. Shame on whoever threw together this app and tried to call it ready for release.

Game itself is very solid, but two huge glaring issues for us. One, the mobile port is absolutely awful and literally unplayable, at least for us. It used to be fine, but it literally won’t work at all now. Second, the game hasn’t gotten a n update in months, and the updates are very very small and minor when they do happen, usually just a map. There’s so much potential with this game but the developer seems to just not care. The game in and of itself is very good, but our god is it terrible to play on mobile and the updates are infrequent so much to where you get bored with it easily.

We dont know if this is common, but It kicks us out of the name selecting area every 5 sec and everything lags and the screen gets all weird! Hope ya fix it.

Save yourself from some frustration and just play on the pc. Its poorly optimized for mobile and consistently crashes with no way to get back into the game. The amount of times we’ve almost won or in a winning position and the game crashes and we reload just to be back at the main menu is infuriating.

We cant even play it every time we try to play the game closes.

Just do bug fixes. The bugs make the game frustrating to play.


This was a fantastic time-filler game – one of our favorites – right up until they started playing fullscreen video ads with terrible blaring music after each match. We wouldve gladly payed for a version with no ads, but we will not touch any app that does this.

Cant even get out of the naming screen and it will suddenly only occupy half the screen, then zoomed in on one part, and etc. Needs an update badly.

Custom maps the best things on earth. Why would you let us have it like all of the other games you are a terrible person its really good.

When Im trying to taps like random cost name a chance do you like stupid stuff maybe put titi titi titi to do that Im gonna sue them.

This is a great game and we play it every single week a long time ago but now Im just not sure that its a game anymore because the game doesnt really work!

We love the pc version of this game, however the mobile app seems to be unfinished. Whenever we try to type in the name, the keyboard goes away after a fee seconds. Then the screen shrinks and we cant do anything.

We get that you post with other players and bots but it just doesnt work as we cant pick a map to play on the game picks for us and we cant move the screen to look at something.

We enjoy this game however, we believe the only way to get them to fix the major issue they have with Apple devices. Please give them one star review. The UI is so badly integrated. You cannot play this game properly as the exit screen button on apple phones interferes with troop deployment and exiting the game. Theres also major issues with how the game is rendered to the point where its almost useless. The regular game on PC also makes it in impossible to play or do anything else on the Internet as its a resource hog. Please fix this!

It will kill you because of your name and if you play off online an ai with lets say 20,000 troops can beat you while you have 100,000 it doesnt make sense please fix your game thank you.

This game is really really really fun and when Im bored we always play it and its amazing! Download it rn and try it out!

A bit laggy but over all great.

This game is very addicting. Incredibly fun strategy game with many maps to play on. We dont mind the ads as they only pop up every few games.

Please add Asia into the game you already have North America and Europe and Scandinavia and Caucasia please add Asia now!!!!!!!

Very good game would recommend.

We would not have played this game if it wasnt for Drew Durnil. He played this game, we tried it and was hooked. It has real strategy is actually hard. Its even harder to roleplay as a country. This game isnt for everyone, but for everyone to try.

Add a friends list and make it so you can play with your friends that way you don’t get that bored playing this.

Plz bring back the North America and South America map. Also let zombies be in other maps oh and ad a AI robot invasion and an alien invasion scenario and zombie sould not be able to send boats like there zombies for crying out loud. Also please ad some music and make an asia map.

Legitimately the only game Ill play on our phone. Its great.

Ok so, like we said, we love this game. Very simple, very fun. Heres the thing we want though that would make this the best map strategy game in the entire universe. Custom maps for mobile. They already have it for computer so why not here? Like it would be so much fun playing on maps from the literal organs of yourself, to your house, to gigachad. It would be so much fun and would make this game a lot better! Also, one more complaint, make bot an invalid name. We were reading other reviews and they were saying about how they got trolled by fake bots, so our solution is to just make the name bot invalid. So yeah, change these two things, and we bet this game will become a LOT more popular.

This game is eBic its very nice and passes the time. Is good.

That is something really needed.

All the bad reviews are just skill issues, this game is well made and fun to play.

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