The Gardens Between

Last updated on June 1st, 2023 at 07:15 pm

The Gardens Between


The Gardens Between is one of the best $4.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by THE VOXEL AGENTS PTY. LTD., The Gardens Between is a Puzzle game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 17th May 2019 with the latest update 10th July 2022

Whether you are a fan of Puzzle, Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


3,343 people have rated 1.3

You can download the game The Gardens Between from APP STORE.


Best friends Arina and Frendt fall into a series of vibrant, dreamlike island gardens peppered with everyday objects from their childhood. Together they embark on an emotional journey that examines the significance of their friendship: the memories they’ve built, what must be let go, and what should never be left behind.

Lost in a mysterious realm where cause and effect are malleable, the friends find that time flows in all directions. Manipulate time to solve puzzles and reach the apex of each isle. Follow the duo as they unpack and explore their significant moments spent together, lighting up constellations and illuminating threads of a bittersweet narrative.

"A masterwork."

  • The Guardian

“A must-have title for anyone who enjoys puzzle games.”

  • Gaming Trend

“An incredibly clever and frighteningly intricate puzzle formula.”

  • Nintendo Life

"Full of creative touches and small magical moments."

  • GameSpot

"A magical journey."

  • Polygon

“You really need to play it.’

  • Engadget


  • Vibrant, storybook-inspired art style
  • Dreamy tale of adventure, friendship and growing-up
  • Gorgeous single player experience with a meaningful personal story
  • Bespoke ingenious puzzles require the manipulation of time to solve
  • Accessible design; simple controls, and no text, speech, time pressure or complex UI
  • Relaxing, ambient soundtrack by feature-artist Tim Shiel
  • Play in widescreen landscape or tall portrait view
  • Seventeen achievements to find and complete
  • No internet required. No data tracking. No in-app purchases. No ads.


  • ‘Apple Design Award’ Winner – Apple 2019
  • ‘Mac Game of the Year’ Winner – Apple 2018
  • ‘Game of the Year’ Winner – AGDA 2018
  • ‘Most Innovative Game’ Winner – Game Two 2018
  • ‘Best Technology’ Winner – Sense Of Wonder Night 2018
  • ‘Visual Excellence’ Finalist – IGF 2018
  • ‘Best of MIX’ Winner – MIX Seattle 2018
  • ‘Game Design Excellence’ Winner – BIC Fest 2017
  • Plus another twenty industry award nominations
  • ‘Final Selection’ of more than 16 international festivals

Stream or buy the original and extended soundtrack of The Gardens Between at

Updated on 10th July 2022

  • Sounds can now play backwards in reverse time. It sounds really cool putting the Jenga tower back together :)
  • New bespoke haptics sensations on iPhone let you feel what Arina and Frendt are experiencing: the deep rumble of thunder, the ephemeral wisp of light, the clunk of the lantern smacking stone.
  • Graphical refinements make the game look better than ever, especially from the unreasonable amount of time we spent adjusting the reflection shaders. It looks sublime!
  • Responsive triggers on the PlayStation 5 DualSense controller. Feel time itself push back when you’re up against an obstacle.
  • PlayStation 5 DualSense controller colours match the garden.
  • Support for Apple Silicon in the M1 iPad Pro, and support for iPhone 13 and 13 Pro. Runs beautifully at 60fps without breaking a sweat.
  • Minor improvements include better game controller and iPad keyboard support, more responsive iCloud syncing enabling you to switch devices seamlessly, usability improvements, and bugs fixed.

We love reading your reviews, especially to learn how many of you are touched by this beautiful story. It means so much to us. Thank you for playing and sharing your experiences!

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The Gardens Between Reviews

Reminds us of Monument Valley, which we love. Beautiful and creative artwork, mesmerizing music, fun puzzles with lots of aha! Moments, and an evocative storyline. Games of this quality are rare indeed. Beautifully done, well worth the money, and Ill be looking for more from this team.

Beautiful game and fun puzzles. Nice to play when you want to relax.

We love this game. We have it on all of our game systems. The touch controls are good, but we prefer playing with controllers when we can. The only problem we have with this version is when we plug in our Backbone controller the game automatically shuts off or doesnt start. That why its 4 stars out of 5.

When we open it on iPad Pro and click continue, it always jump out automatically, our iOS version is 15.4.1, can u check on it?

This game did not impress us. We recommend playdeads inside, it is way better than this game. This game did not meet our expectations for example it gets very boring very fast. The story line does not make sense either. Im not saying a game has to make sense for it to be good. Developers please respond we would appreciate it.

This games seems right up our alley, but it crashes during the opening cut scene. We are on an iPad Pro 12.9 with the M1.

Very creative. Engaging. Calming.

But turns out they were dead the whole time.

This game is one of our favorites! It combines incredible artwork, peaceful music, and the ability to control time!! The puzzles arent to difficult and we think it would be a great game to play when you are stressed.

So boring and slow. Waste of money in our opinion. We just gave it a 5 so then you would actually be able to see this rating when youre looking at them so dont be fooled by the rating we gave it a 1 star in our mind.

We’ve played a couple of Mission/ Puzzles The game is amazing overall great graphic and a lot of mystery to un-solve . Worth the $5.

We have never seen a game navigate time like this. We are not one to use our phone too much but this game has had us on it all day!

Immensely enjoyed the game, but we were unprepared for the poignant ending. Oof–all the feels.

Great art style, simple yet unique game mechanics, moderately difficult puzzle games, soothing music, and a sweet story about two friends. This is just a quality phone game that I’d recommend to anyone. Its not for those who are impatient, though. We’ve seen plenty of people complain about how slow the characters walk (speed picks up further in the game) or about how complex or tedious the puzzles can be, but we mean this game isn’t for everyone. We finished the game in 3 days and it put a smile on our face.

Very clever play mechanics. No twitch. Drains the battery because of heavy 3D modeling. Rewards / requires sharp observation, sometime depends on subtle background characteristics. Puzzles all seem fair, never dependent on trial & error.

We love how you play the game and the story.

Or a dream . We think the answer lies somewhere in between. Fun times.

Okay this game is crazy! The soundtrack is by far amazing! One of our favorites right now. It maybe short, but still an outstanding game. We recommend!

This game is really pretty and neat. Its different than other games and the gameplay is new and quite refreshing. We really like it. Good job game maker ppl. Now Im curious to see what other games they have made. We also really like the music in the game and even turned down our tv so we could listen to it as we play. Thats a first for us ;). We highly recommend this game.

The introductory level for this game is very helpful because although navigation is simple, it isnt standard. Youre basically moving forward backward through time with the two friends who are your characters taking on one specific (and standard throughout the game) task each to accomplish larger goals by working together. This game plays well for adult puzzlers, and Im sure that kids would benefit from the loosely told story about friendship and how it affects us. Its challenging without being frustrating, and it can be played in one night or you can take your time strolling through it. The design is both beautiful and clean with immersive sound and environments. Its one of the better apps we’ve downloaded.

This gameplay was so much fun and a bit different than any other we’ve played. We were so disappointed when we finished. We would love another similar game. Great job.

To the creators of this game, Thank you for giving us the pleasure of a mysterious, challenging yet surprisingly BEAUTIFUL story line. We wish not to spoil this for anyone willing to play this game. But the ending was just fantastic. This game was totally worth the $5 it cost. Absolutely love this amazing. Trust us its worth the time and effort. It helped us relax when we were stressed and took everything off of our mind. 10/10 would definitely recommend!

We wasnt sure we were going to like this game but by the third island we were hooked. The creators must have had so much fun making this game as they figured out the challenges on each island. We love how through the boy you can reverse or forward time as part of solving a way to get them to the top of the island. Or how you can have them repeat moves to change something about the surroundings. Our favorite island was when the boy stops time and you change how the light box moves across a playground via a drawing on a wall to help both of them get up the path. So cool! Very clever, beautiful and a sweet story. We are playing some of our favorite islands again!

You can really feel the sadness.

Unique concept, very well executed. We thoroughly enjoyed.

We cant even describe the feelings this game brings to our heart (not to mention everything is better in slow motion). This is beyond incredible, pure bliss, brilliance, and a perfect storm of childhood memories combined with puzzling adventures that keep you on your toes every step of the journey! We fell in love from the second we began the game, please please make more like this!

This is THE BEST game u can get for $5. We recommend!

We had just got an ipad for traveling when our husband found this game for us to play. He said he knew Id like it, and we definitely did! We love the soothing music, the adventurous levels, the love the characters have for each other and we absolutely love puzzles. It can be a bit challenging sometimes, but we truly enjoyed it.

Only wish there were more levels. Maybe an update.

We love this game! Its an amazing adventure between two friends using their treehouse as a boat between parallel worlds of their memories and friendship. Its very interesting, entertaining, fun, creative, and exciting in every level.

Best graphics we have EVER seen in a game. The objective is simple and just difficult enough to keep us entertained, but not so difficult we have to have a walkthrough ready on our browser. This was worth every penny. You are willing to pay $15 to see a movie, but this game is so much more entertaining and for only $5. Do it!! Also listen with headphones. The meditation type music is so relaxing. We cannot day enough about this game we cant wait to see if they make any more!

We love puzzle games, so when we saw this, we were so excited. Trust us everyone, the 4.99 is so worth it. Levels r challenging but fun. Get this game if u like games.

Such a great, beautiful, fun, and challenging game. Kept us entertained for two full days for only $4.99 during the quarantine. We hope they make a part 2. We really enjoyed this game.

Loved it. From start to finish it was a great game. Highly entertaining and highly recommended.

This game is gorgeous and has a wonderfully relaxing atmosphere. Its a bit somber given the themes of loss and moving on, but we found it very comforting. Great to play before bed, chilling our brain out. The puzzles weren’t super challenging, but some were still a bit of a brain teaser enough to scratch that puzzle cracking itch. Having to factor in the timeline and subtimelines and how they interact was neat, but also sometimes context or perspective based events that were easily overlooked. All in all a super great game! Just wish there were more puzzles.

We love the game but we can only play a few minutes before our phone becomes overheated. Im playing on a iPhone XR.

We loved it so much!!! The graphics and music is so beautiful! It tells a story that ties into everything just amazing! We never had a game keep us interested the whole time! We’ve finished the game now our kids are playing it and they love it too! Well worth the $5 and you can also play this on the Xbox One which we wish we would have known because its easier to see the details and little things you have to pay attention to but either way its a great game!

We love adventure puzzle games and this one is just a complete masterpiece of the highest quality. The graphics are stunning, the puzzles are just the right amount of challenging and new/interesting, the music is gorgeous (i even found it on Spotify after playing), and there is a beautiful backstory that brings it all together. It doesnt rely on spooky fantasy stories or myths (as much as we love the genre, its refreshing to get a break from it). Highly recommend! Take your time and think creatively, it will all come together.

Its a very beautiful game. It would be better if there were instructions for each puzzle. Or have a help button when you get stuck. We cant get past the 3rd puzzle. The ball of light drops out of the lamp into the water. When we pass the lamp, there is no way to get the ball of light because its in the water. How to get the ball of light when we cross the bridge? Where to get the ball of light when the 2 kids cross the bridge? We fly the box all around when we get the 2 kids across the bridge. It not make sense to where to get the ball of light from the other side? We figured it out. You have to fly the box under the rug, so that the rug lifts up. Have the boy touch the hanging box. So that the flower in the water comes around the island. Any way very cool.

Every once in a great while a game comes along that just wows us! Im super picky about games. We really enjoyed Myst, Riven, the Room series, and both of the House of DiVinci games. And we LOVED this one! The Gardens Between have the kind of graphics that are simple and yet detailed. The color scheme is perfect. We get cheered up every time we play it. The puzzles are extremely unique and slightly challenging but not too difficult. We love the whole time control aspect of the game. The only criticism we have is that the game is kinda short. We are strongly encouraging the app developers to create a sequel to this amazing game and perhaps make it a bit longer. Thanks for one of our favorite games ever. Easily worth the price we paid.

Im sad because we finished the game but we are going to replay it because its beautiful and we think people can relate to the kids situation at the end (no spoilers). If you are thinking of trying this game its definitely worth the cost and the game itself is just amazing!

Its such a unique concept and is executed beautifully. We find myself frustrated with a lot of puzzle games and never finish them but this one is so satisfying and fun to learn about and play, not to mention the animations are gorgeous and nostalgic. We never write reviews for games because we never care enough to, but this game has left such an impression on us that we have to share our experience. 10/10, sooo worth it!

Im 67 years old. We find the games challenging but obtainable. We find the music soothing keeping us from getting stress. Enjoyable!

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