The Room Three

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The Room Three


The Room Three is one of the best $3.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Fireproof Studios Limited, The Room Three is a Adventure game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 4th November 2015 with the latest update 26th June 2018

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, Puzzle, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


32,012 people have rated 1.0.2

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The eagerly awaited sequel to the BAFTA award winning ‘The Room’ (Apple Game of the Year 2012) and ‘The Room Two’ (App Store Best of 2013-14) is finally here.
Welcome to The Room Three, a physical puzzle game within a beautifully tactile world.
Lured to a remote island, you must draw upon all your puzzle-solving ability to navigate a series of trials devised by a mysterious figure known only as “The Craftsman”.

Easy to begin yet hard to put down, enjoy a unique mix of intriguing puzzles with a simple user interface.

A tactile experience so natural you can almost feel the surface of each object.

Lose yourself in a variety of stunning new environments, each spanning multiple areas.

Rotate, zoom and examine dozens of artifacts to discover their hidden secrets.

A haunting soundtrack coupled with dynamic sound effects create an unforgettable soundscape.

Use the new eyepiece ability to explore the world in miniature

Return to a persistent environment and change your fate

Re-read hints to get the full picture

Share your progress between multiple devices and unlock achievements.

Available in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Turkish and Russian.

Fireproof Games is an independent studio from Guildford, United Kingdom.
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Updated on 26th June 2018

This app has been updated by Apple to display the Apple Watch app icon.

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The Room Three Reviews

We’ve been playing this game for years, no complaints whatsoever! We love that there are alternate endings now!! Definitely worth the purchase! :)

5 year old enjoyed playing with us. :)

The initial game play takes 6-7 hours that feels like only 1. It’s amazingly smooth, includes optional hints so all levels can keep moving forward, but would challenge even the best puzzlers if you don’t use them. The inclusion of some post-game "extras" makes the money spent even more worthwhile, and we would not hesitate to recommend purchasing this (and the prior titles, if you hadn’t played those yet)!

At first, we felt this edition of The Room series was too linear, thus easy, but what the puzzles lost in difficulty, the game more than made up for in atmosphere. The Room 3 is immersive and doesnt let you down. When you consider the amount of time played, the price is ridiculously low. We are more than willing to pay this, or more, for quality games like The Room series, that dont try to upsell us anything after the initial download. Keep it going, Fireproof team; this is the way to make games!

We started avoiding the hints, then as the puzzles became more difficult, began using them. This game kept us busy and very entertained for a good while. One of the best that we’ve played.

Love all of them. Great challenge.

Wow! Amazing game! The first two were fun, but we hesitated on paying more for the third installment. This game is SO much more dynamic and interactive than the other two. Well worth the money!

We thought The Room 2 was good, but they took it up a level with this one and Im impressed. Best mobile game we’ve played.

We absolutely loved playing this game and the other two! They all felt so realistic and creative ! Our mom and dad loved them all too! They thought that it was an amazing experience!

We’ve thoroughly enjoyed each of these games and Im looking forward to the next ones. One can easily see the care and attention to detail in any of the games available from these devs. NOTE to the devs. : Would you be so kind as to increase the font size slightly on the hints and the icons used for entering combinations. Thank you!

This the room series are super fun and challenging! We love them! Im going to play the 4 after it comes out. Oh yeah, its already out. Ok next review on the room 4!

All three Room games are great.

Discovered The Room playing it in Oculus Quest 2 VR and quickly became obsessed. After finishing that, we found out about more available for iPad. We’ve dove deep and now that we’ve finished all 3 Rooms, Im going back to find out the alternate endings! We may never return!

We love the room games because they provide a mysterious and thrilling puzzle-solving experience. They do that in the room 3 without cheap scare tactics or horror. That is a great feat for a game such as this. We enjoy a game that keeps us interested and suspended to find the next problem to solve without use of cheap jump scares or spooky, trope-type narratives. With that praise and hype, we also want to give some constructive feedback. The story is something we wish were a little better thread throughout the game. Some of the puzzles and rewards feel disconnected or irrelevant to the story arch. It must be incredibly difficult to do thatmake all the puzzles and story feel connected and relevant. But, we would love the games that much more if we felt a thread that made more sense or had some emotional pull. Perhaps that is there in the game, but we missed it? Personally, we didnt understand the motives or stakes of the author of the letters. We dont want to spoil anything for those who are reading this before playing. So, Ill leave it at that. Overall, in our opinion, room 3 is a fun and imaginative game that keeps you wanting to figure out the puzzles to unlock the next area. Not for a story or payout reward in that sense, but because solving the puzzles is fun and explorative of a unique world.

Wow! We lost myself in this game for hours. Exploring rooms, flipping switches, solving puzzles – and the graphics are amazing! Please dont stop. Make more!!!

Absolutely love this game series and The Room Three was its best one yet!! Amazing artistry and game controls and love, love , love all the puzzles. Plus, we love that it gives you three alternate endings to extend your gameplay!! Cant wait to start the next game Old Sins!! Well done to the makers Fireproof games!! Keep up the great work!!

If we could give this game 10 stars we would. The attention to detail is mind blowing. Very worth the few dollars it cost to purchase this amazing game.

This game pulls you in like no other. The graphics and ingenuity are incredible!

GReat App. VEry exciting and fun to play.

Really fun puzzle game – like no other. Highly recommend.

We love this game a disgusting amount.

Our husband and we love these games! We play a chapter a night! It is well worth getting these games. Best games out there. CANT WAIT FOR ANOTHER ONE OR TWO CONTINUING THE SERIES!! Yes please. Donna.

The graphics are spectacular! The score is wonderful. The puzzles are challenging & unique. The story line is superb! The 360 degree view in The Room 3 is just mind blowing! We’ve got all our friends hooked. Hands down, the most beautiful, intriguing, fun game ever! Fireproof has set the bar, and they set it high! Well done Fireproof. We have bought all of them. Each time a new one comes out, we replay them from the very beginning. Worth every penny.

We have now played all three of The Room plus Old Sins. We cant get enough of these and we can only hope you will continue offering these games. The visuals and sounds are of fantastic quality! Keep em coming!!!!!

Took us over 5 hours to complete the first time through, GREAT cost for entertainment!

Reminiscent of the Myst games, The Room uses magnificent graphics and difficult but solvable puzzles to pull you into the game. We cant wait for the sequels.

Very creative and intelligent design.

We really enjoy all these games. It challenges us. Its not so hard though that we get frustrated and quit.

We’ve been on a tear with Fireproof Games, and this is the hardest and most absorbing one we’ve seen yet. As always, incredibly detailed, visually rich to an astonishing degree, perfect sound design, fun challenging puzzles, dark and interesting storyline, and plenty of surprises.

We are so glad we found this series – The Room! We read someone elses review and took a chance and have not been disappointed at all! We wish more developers created the excitement and challenges that The Room series creates. Room Three did not disappoint either! It just never seemed to end and we were amazed at how much detail and creativity went into ever single bolt, mirror, orb and illusion. Rooms popped up from everywhere and they werent repetitive but extremely unique and challenging. We were continually surprised and thrilled at each turn and felt satisfyingly challenged. This is not a simple matching game or anything like that, but something to keep you fascinated and wanting more. We felt challenged and we like that we can get different endings based on our decisions in the game. You wont be disappointed!

Such a rich experience! We love the storytelling and the puzzles are amazing. It’s such a cinematic experience!!!

We grew up with Myst and Riven and this harkens back to those wonderful days. The graphics are superb and we are thrilled. Every puzzle is crafted well and the solutions come with a bit of work. Worth every farthing and we are looking forward to diving in to the next installment. Thank you.

We love the Room Series, and The Room 3 was just as awesome as its predecessors. The beautiful HD rich game kept us enchanted and lost within its walls. Hard, but not too hard. There are hints available if you need them. Our only hope is for a continuation of the series. We like that in this version once you finish you can play again and alter your fate. Depending on how long you play, this game will last days or longer if you stop often. All in all, it took a total of 10 hours of gameplay for us to complete the game. Theres really nothing to compare The Room series to. Its well thought out and beautifully detailed. Fun and challenging, but not so hard you get stuck too long. If you want to get lost in another world for a while, The Room 3 is a great escape. Absolutely worth the money and your time.

Its been several years since we played The Room and The Room 2. We purchased The Room 3 over the holiday break, started playing and quickly remembered why this series is so great. Wonderful story line, challenging puzzles and great graphics. Thanks Fireproof games for knocking it out of the park again. Looking forward to diving into The Room 4 soon.

We love so much this game all we can say is wow.

We love the mysterious music, graphics, and logic in the Room series. We cant wait to stumble onto the next clue! This game is addictive! Please keep the sequels coming!

We didnt expect this. Shockingly awesome experience: The maze, the puzzles, the graphics and sound tracks. Yes its a theater degree experience.

The third game is our favorite. There are 4 different endings which makes it even better.

What a fascinating, detailed realm. We enjoyed it so, we are looking forward to the next version. And the next…

This is a modern take on classic, fixed path puzzlers. Super fun and very clever puzzles that somehow never get old.

The team that built this game put an amazing amount of love into it. One of the finest games you will find on an iPhone.

We’re going to keep this short. The Room (all the series) are utterly fantastic. If you like puzzles, this is the ultimate experience. We want another room please… Room 4 cannot come soon enough. We love these games/fantastical worlds of rooms that test your limits of reasoning and deduction. You guys hit it out of the park with The Room 3. Please please please make more. Everyone should get these games and let them twist your brain a bit. Huge fun. Five stars all day long. The graphics and modeling are truly genius… The puzzle contraptions are spectacular. Wow. Thank you.

If we knew how much fun we were going to have ahead of time, we would have paid $24.99 for this game. Thank you for this; what a brilliant masterpiece.

Great puzzles and much longer game than the first 2 versions. This was has 3 short alternate endings as a bonus. Really enjoyed this and glad we paid for it. We spend 4 evenings working on it and easily spent over 10 hours trying to figure it out! Awesome.