Tower Brawl

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Tower Brawl

Tower Brawl

Tower Brawl is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by DOMO ZOO PTE. LTD., Tower Brawl is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 21st September 2022 with the latest update 20th February 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Card, or Entertainment games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Tower Brawl ?

591 people have rated 1.1.8

What is the price of the Tower Brawl ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Tower Brawl released ?

Tower Brawl was released on 21st September 2022.

When was the Tower Brawl updated ?

The latest updated date of Tower Brawl on 20th February 2023.

Where can Tower Brawl be downloaded ?

You can download the game Tower Brawl from Apple Official App Store.



Welcome to Tower Brawl! 

The casual and competitive game that combines elements of tower defense, real-time strategy, and the card game genres. Unlike usual tower defense games, Tower Brawl features a new Siege Tower battle game style with synergies and counters between a variety of heroes, their abilities, and classes. 

Tower Brawl promotes an environment full of variables and high variance with in-battle random card draws that keep you and your opponent on your toes! Players will enjoy a strong balance between strategy and randomness in this exciting new game.

[Auto chess, tower defense, and real-time PvP]
Tower Brawl is an innovative combination of auto chess, tower defense, and 1v1 real-time battles. You can start a battle in 3 seconds! Build a deck of 10 cards to take into battle and get silver coins to upgrade heroes or your siege tower by killing the opponent’s soldiers or opening drop chests. In battle, you can strategically adjust your hero lineup in real-time and upgrade equipment with random drops to defeat your opponent and become an unstoppable legend!

[Enjoy co-op mode with friends]
Challenge the strongest bosses in co-op mode! In this mode, you can randomly match with teammates or invite your friends to join your team. Each boss has unique characteristics and abilities. Find the right strategy to defeat them and you can have the chance to get a mysterious Wisp hero!

[A variety of hero roles to synergy]
There are 5 classes in the game: Mage, Archer, Warrior, Priest, Summoner, and special races like Panda and Wisp. In addition, each unit has their own set of unique abilities that can be combined to enhance your strengths or counter your opponents. Freely create a dominating lineup with hundreds of strategic combinations!

[Become a legend in Arena Mode]
Brawlers gather together in Arena and fight for the championship each season. Exclusive Hero Rewards will be given out after each Arena event!

Updated on 20th February 2023

  1. Modify the problem of text positioning in the ranking list.

Tower Brawl Review

Tower brawl is such a great game Im literally addicted. Any one who plays this game will also get addicted. Defitnetly amazing game.

Love this game. So much fun!!!

Normally we lose interest in mobile games fast due to our ADHD but this one always captures our inter and keep us entertained and we absolutely love that about it.

We really enjoy the competitive feel of this game! Also enjoy the better quality update!

Games is not pay to win fun to play in your down time we play it everyday.

This game is amazing we play it all day hope they keep up the good work with fresh new heroes.

Awesome game to pass time. One of the best mobile games we have ever played. 10/10 would recommend!

1 – RNG can give you the middle finger while giving a gods banquet to your opponent 2 – one single healer just straight up ours heals almost everything that can DPS in the game.

Great game and intuitive mechanics hopefully they keep updating it.

We love this game! Great characters! We play this everyday with our friends.

Tower Brawl helped us to overcome our suicidal tendencies and cured us of our terminal breast cancer. We are so glad our boyfriend introduced us to this game because it is the best thing that has ever happened to us. We played this game so much that he he said we wasnt giving him enough attention, its either us or that game so we broke up with him because he doesnt understand what its like to have 4 summoners on the field with Guru. Even though we dont have our boyfriend anymore, we still have towerbrawl 4 lyfe.

Tower Brawl is an addictive app to play for enjoyment.

Game is really fun we spent $40 on it still fun.

This game has broken the glass ceiling on expectations we have from game developers ever since we played it. There are a variety of builds that work and plenty of room to grow. The meta isnt always perfect but thats with any game, and the devs seem eager to ensure a quality experience and maximize a players options for what they can play. There are very few units that dont feel great but so far multiple units have been added to create value in some of the weaker or less conventional units, making them playable. We’ve seen so many unique builds even thousands of trophies in and they have added events and game modes to keep the gameplay fresh. If the devs keep this up, we guarantee this game will be seen as an equal, if not better, than clash of clans or clash Royale. It has a solid balance of luck and skill that we think invites casual and competitive players alike. They also drop weekly codes in the discord.

Good mechanics and playability strategy on point great tule consumer and satisfying progression.

Loving this game!! It has an interesting art style and a cool concept! The game doesnt fee P2W at all and its honestly really fun.

This game is awesome. Takes a bit to get used to a good combo but you can climb the ranks and its a lot of fun!

Very addicting! We dont pay to play but to each their own.

The game is great, and enticing. Youll always want to keep winning to be the best. Very good for dead time during the day.

This game is fun! We love the characters and its constantly updating and adding more. Im competitive and this feeds our competitive spirit. Recommend.

The game is fun, takes time to build a good team. We will say it makes you want to keep returningto try and increase you trophies and teamcollection.

Finally found a worthwhile mobile game!!!

Love the opportunity to earn free in game currency. Fun decks. And great graphics.

Just started and it’s a great game so far.

Loads of fun. Easy gameplay. Easy to get a good setup and succeed. PvP and PvE content. Watching ads actually supply good rewards instead of solely wasting our time. Overall good time!

Easy to jump into and pick up with ease! Fun give and the devs do a great job of keeping it orderly!

This game is a very fun and strategic!! Awesome game.

Fun game to play. Sometimes pvp is not good due to the cheaters but oh well, its just a game and if you have to cheat to win, its not really winning.

This is a fantastic game, we love going to it in our free time, it was exactly the type of game we were looking for.

Great game that you will want to keep playing. Always find myself wanting to keep playing.

Im enjoying the game so far simple yet elegant.

While the game itself is quite fun, we’ve been playing it for a long time, there are definitely a few pay-to-win players so be careful! Has kept us busy though for hours a day!

We wasnt sure at first but the game is very rewarding and we’ve been enjoying it. Its similar to other games where you select units but the primary focus is your tower itself! Definitely a game to download and play!

A fun way to waste time and develop strategy without having to spend money to play and win!!

Love this game so much wish it wasnt so hard to level up units other than that it perfect game.

We forgot to say this game keeps us occupied and out of trouble. We like the easy quests and we dont have to spend a lot of money to upgrade our team.

We need to collect all the cards and assemble the ultimate team! What 6 will we take with us?! Love this new addiction of ours. Awesome gameplay, easy to learn, and good for quick battles during the day. Highly recommend.

Its always getting new updates and we never get bored of it.

Fun game that doesnt require you to shell out tons of money.

This is an absolute amazing game!!

Addicting game!!! Find myself playing for hours at a time without meaning to! Cant get enough! Can we get a 4th floor in a future update??? Besides that awesome game!!!

We saw a add and it looks fun. 2 months later!!!! This is the only game we play. Its so addicting!!! Get this game! You wont regret it!!!

Free player and we know with time we can unlock all the legendaries. We know it wont be as strong as the whales but thats okay. Progress feels smooth.

Great game and keeps our attention unlike so many others.

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