Twelve Minutes

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Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes

Twelve Minutes is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Netflix, Inc., Twelve Minutes is a Adventure game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 13th December 2022 with the latest update 2nd May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Adventure, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Twelve Minutes ?

104 people have rated 1.0.4781

What is the price of the Twelve Minutes ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Twelve Minutes released ?

Twelve Minutes was released on 13th December 2022.

When was the Twelve Minutes updated ?

The latest updated date of Twelve Minutes on 2nd May 2023.

Where can Twelve Minutes be downloaded ?

You can download the game Twelve Minutes from Apple Official App Store.



Available exclusively for Netflix members.

Tap and drag to escape a time-loop nightmare. This interactive thriller features the voices of James McAvoy, Daisy Ridley and Willem Dafoe.

What should be a romantic evening at home with your wife turns into a horror show when a police detective breaks in, accuses your wife of murder and beats you to death.

Then comes the reset. Suddenly, you find yourself returning to the exact moment you opened the front door. You’re stuck in a 12-minute time loop, doomed to relive the same terror again and again…

The only way to break free? Gather clues from your surroundings in real time and use your knowledge of what’s coming to change the outcome.

Updated on 2nd May 2023

We’re always working to bring you the best Netflix Games experience. In this release, we’ve made some bug fixes and performance improvements.

Twelve Minutes Review

This is an awesome game, we were inspired to play by coryxkenshin THE GOAT OF YOUTUBE!!!!!!!!!!

Took incredibly long to figure out on console.. We can only assume that the app is just as good!!

We loved the story line of the game the plot twist is so amazing and we’ve never seen a plot twist like that its a great game but the tap to walk is not the best. You can also interact with mostly everything in game which is also great. Overall its just a good game very mysterious and a touch of scariness in it. Definitely one of our favorite horror games.

We like the graphics and dialogue. However, without the spoilers its hard to know how to progress. In fact, we dont even know what the end game is. But fun nonetheless if youre in a drunken time loop yourself.

3-stars as the game itself is a very interesting concept and the story goes pretty deep but we just didnt have the patience to see it through to the end. You have to really be willing to bang your head against the wall. And the Notification Center keeps opening when Im trying to drag objects. Really slowed things down so we had to repeat loops over and over due to those delays.

The front door wont open using the key.

The game itself starts off nicely with interesting characters, gameplay and mystery. We dont usually prefer a dark game, but we would still play if it were any good. We enjoyed the game at first; it seemed like a bit of a dark puzzle mystery with potentially good storytelling. Where this one gets messed is when you get close to the endings. There is a twist that is meant to make it.. More interesting..? Anyway, it goes from a bit dark, but cool to creep fest in a matter of seconds. Im not talking about aliens and zombies creepy, its more like have to take a shower creepy. We know its fiction, but it had no reason to be so morally twisted; the writers made a conscious choice to make it so. We thought it was unnecessary to have a twist like that and force the players in all of the endings to deal with it. For us, it completely ruined all of the effort we invested into the game. If we had known thats where the story was headed, we would not have bothered. If it had a better story, we would be all for it. As it is, dont waste your time on this tasteless and twisted waste of potential.

The game itself is really good with interesting characters, gameplay and mystery. We dont usually prefer a dark game, but we would still play if it were any good. We enjoyed the game at first; it seemed like a bit of a dark puzzle mystery with potentially good storytelling. Where this one gets messed is when you get close to the endings. There is a twist that is meant to make it.. More interesting..? Anyway, it goes from a bit dark, but cool to creep fest in a matter of seconds. Im not talking about aliens and zombies creepy, its more like have to take a shower and dip in bleach creepy. Something is seriously wrong with whoever came up with that script. It is completely unnecessary to have a twist like that and it forces all of the endings to deal with it, which ruins all of the effort you invested into the game. If we had known thats what the game turns into, we would not have bothered. Other people may enjoy it, but we just found it to be a completely tasteless waste of potential.

Good that through Netflix we can play such great games for free whereas PlayStation we might have to pay $20. Keep on adding great games.

The story of the game is 5/5 we love the plot twist in the game and we beat it within a week! One thing they should fix about this game is when you are trying to get into your inventory it open the iOS control center which pauses the game it gets annoying but once you learn how to use it then your okay! We would 100 percent recommend this game maybe to an laptop player (people on MacBook etc) just because its hard to control on mobile but it is a very great game full of surprises and secrets. You have to listen to every detail and thats what we love about this game 10/10.

We love this game but we would like is we did not have to sign on or log in because our parents and us have not been on Netflix for a LONG time so yea we would like you to fix that.

Im not just gonna give you a one star just for that plus this game is one of our favorites.

Can somebody tell us how to get pass the beginning . Its been 2 days now overall its really f@!?)& good!

Love the premise of this game, grear story, great graphics voices nicely, very interesting & different! As far as the mechanics, it works pretty good, you do you have some trouble pointing to certain objects.. We found that if we point and hold the screen & move your finger around slowly, you can read the objects & then pick the one you want, and that has been helpful. Same for dragging objects to use. Like it a lot, hope to see more !

This game is brilliantly creative, with amazing performances by Willem Dafoe, Daisy Ridley, and James Mcavoy. We loved the storyline and the plot twist was unexpected. We love how you get to choose different outcomes and use your surroundings. 10/10.

We’ve tried lots of games from the App Store and usually we stop playing very early on because they tend to get boring to us! This game though is the first game we couldnt stop playing! It feels like your in a movie! You’re not sure whats going on in the beginning and not sure who to trust while your stuck in one room trying to find out the truth. Its like a challenging puzzle with an amazingly written story so many interactive elements and so many possibilities. The graphics were something we also appreciated from a phone game too! The only thing we didnt like is sometimes when you die and start over you had to also go over the same dialect sometimes as if YOUR character didnt already know the answers to it. It was frustrating! We understand some dialect had to be repetitive to make the story make sense for all the characters but it was only sometimes when you had a new selection of questions and answers which was weird to us. Overall great game! We wish we could play again for the first time !!

We believe this game has a lot of cool concepts and its not only a game, rather a puzzle that really takes intellect and teaches you not to give up. We give it 4 instead of 5, because the title page is very long and it can get a little frustrating. But we did manage to kill the cop which was lovely.

We cant use high graphics on our 2018 ipad? Please add the option whether or not it will lag older devices.

So we saw people on YouTube playing this we wanted to play it too but we signed in and it says you have to pay but we promised our dad we wont ASK HIM to pay for something and its asked for money. Why do you have to pay???

Cool game! Only issue is that on iOS, the inventory arrow and the phones swipe gesture overlaps and interferes with ability to play the game.

We cannot control the game with fingers on our iPhone because it is so hard to touch the exact object. They are so tiny and hard to control. Also swipe from the top bar triggers iPhone switcher and kicks us out of the game.

The most important interaction with this game requires you to drag/drop object with your finger using the very top of the screen. Instant frustration is had when the iPhone drop down menu is triggered with even the slightest of taps. We gave up after 5 minutes after realizing there was no way to fix this and its unplayable. Hopefully theyll issue an update soon. If it wasnt included on Netflix, we would have requested a refund.

Well, we have seen other people say play this and they do it well but what they have not told us is that they have to subscribe and to put in their Netflix account and we dont watch or use Netflix so we did not have one and what is the point of that?

Easily the most horrific controls, and the game play is intentionally created to be insanely repetitive.

EVERY time we try to sit down to eat he starts stealing utensils so we guess ill never get passed that part so im done. Could be such a good game.. But its not.

Like other reviews say, this game mechanic of touch and drop is basically impossible to do in the phone.

It is a really fun puzzle game! It is definitely worth trying it.

It is a movie experience with amazing voice actors and dialogue. So many different little pieces matter so much. The whole game is cozy and a thrill. If you get stuck a lot which we did maybe just look at game guide. Its really easy to make a lot of progress but miss some important early on information.

Really unique, really immersive. Its challenging, with the perfect amount of subtle, but solid clues. Very fun. We could not put it down once we started playing.

We didnt know what to expect and we thought Id give it a shot. We were really surprised at how much we like it.

While the controls are easy, it takes a while to figure out exactly what is going on in this game and how to advance through it. The mystery of this game is what makes it so fun. There are certain things that can be changed, namely the inventory menu location that causes you to accidentally pull an iPhone menu and exit the game. Overall, however its worth it to download and play this game.

Amazing game. We couldnt stop. The groundhogs day repeat is amazing and frustrating in a good way. Only bad was the inventory bar is so close to the top that we would swipe down and pause the game and need to click continue.

We were hooked until we finished this game. The only thing we dont like about the game is not being able to play it again for the first time. It was so intriguing to unwrap the mystery. This is more of a combination of game/choose-your-own-adventure/cinematic storytelling. The voice acting is great. The story is great. For those complaining about the long intro it does feel long when you start this not knowing what it is. But its not like that happens every time you start the game. Only the first time. The only think that truly frustrated us about this game is the inventory feature. You play this game with your phone sideways, and when you try to drag an item down from the inventory at the top of the screen, it will pull down your phones quick menu options and pause the game. Idk how they can fix that except maybe to put the games inventory menu on the side instead of the top. Highly recommend this game if you love mystery games!

We started out playing a bit annoyed at the slow pace and no clear guidance. About 5 minutes in we realized that the same reasons we were annoyed is why we were enjoying the game. Every time around we learned something a little bit more and tried different things every time. We did get annoyed at how precise things were need for some items.

Before leaving a less than 5 star review after opening the game and seeing this unskippable opening, just press the screen with two fingers. Shows you really cant review a game until AFTER youve finished it. Keep in mind reviewing Netflix games will not give them in any way positive feedback as Netflix does not update these ported games, this review is simply just to help people. Game is recommended to be played on an iPad due to the menu arrow on top of the screen being physically impossible press without pausing your screen. As this is a point and click game, using a mouse adds a nice PC feel and works exactly like using a PC. Graphics on the iPad look nicer vs a tiny phone screen.

Download the game on a whim, and got absolutely hooked. Spent days trying to unravel everything the story had to offer. Did not expect to get this captivated or have true genuine emotions evoked by this game. Highly recommend giving it a try.

The storyline alone and the voice actors (hello! William Dafoe!) alone had us rate this game 5 stars!! This story had THE best plot twist we have ever come across, simply amazing. Main complaints Id have is that the app caused our phone to overheat too often and it really could be more iPhone friendly as it was not available on our Fire Tablet.

You can tell how much time and effort the creators put into this game. Its incredibly well thought out and artistic. For anyone whos a fan of the artistry in games, youll appreciate this one. What we like is that you can play for hours and never feel like youve completed all of the gameplay options. We were so sucked in, we couldnt put it down. For anyone whos a fan of black mirror type content, youll enjoy this game.

Bro we been waiting for this app to release because you needed a pc to play this but we did not expect for Netflix to buy the game lol anyway that was a smart move thank you Netflix.

This is the future of gaming. We completed the game in about 10 hours with a few breaks. We got strategically stuck about 80% in and found some guidance via google. This game requires persistence, patience, critical thinking and calm nerves. If it had an easy, medium, and hard option it would likely have millions of users. Be patient and challenge yourself. Its really fun. Choose your own adventure meets solve the puzzle.

Good game. Our only complaints are that the controls are a little wonky, especially when it comes to using your inventory, which often results in pausing the game. There is also an unusual control mechanic near the end of the game that is different from anything else you do and clumsy, yet it requires precision. There are a couple of places where the order in which you do things is required to be more specific than is logical.

We just started playing this game and we absolutely love it but the controls to your inventory are annoying!!!! We cannot access our inventory without pulling the screen down to our actual phone and it constantly pausing the game, no matter how hard we try and there is no option to move your inventory someplace else where its not so in the way and distracting. Id give an extra star if there was a way to move it!

  • The inventory suggests a slide down gesture but because its on the top that triggers the app switcher; boom youre out the experience. Even a regular tap can be problematic. Its a common frustration in games now because Apple created so many OS-level gestures that it limits developers with app-level controls, e.g the bottom part of the app. Still we think the developers should have been aware of this and figured out an inventory system not requiring fiddling with the edge of a window. – The touch object and let go to trigger can be frustrating because its not always clear during the hold that the action will trigger on-release. Lots of failed interactions ensued. – Overall everything on our iPhone 13 Pro feels sluggish and not snappy. A game like this shouldnt feel sluggish but respond quickly and being good at detecting our intend. The gameplay is not the interface. The gameplay is exploration and making choices that advance the story. – the characters bumping into eachother feels a bit clumsy. An avoidance/smarter path-finding algorithm could have helped. – Amazing idea. You can explore much and try several outcomes. The idea of a reset sans Bill Murray works well and theyve managed to make the reset not feel like a failure but another chance to progress.

We played this game at 1 oclock in the morning on a whim. We were not at all prepared for anything that happened in that game. The game itself was amazing. The storyline was great, the game controls werent very difficult, the voice actors were amazing, Willem Defoe was in it, and the plot twist genuinely startled us. You can make so many different choices and get so many different outcomes. We loved it. The only reason Im giving it 4 stars and not 5 is the skipping dialogue and credit sequences. When we try to skip through some dialogue we already heard, it doesnt keep skipping. We need to repeatedly tap the screen. You cant skip the credit sequences, either. Im all for reading about the great people who made this game, but maybe not 5 times in one play through. Overall, this game is not for the faint of heart. However, we highly recommend playing it.

Amazing game, we loved the story but the opening scene was so unnecessary and annoying. At least make it skippable or something.

Very cool game. Absolutely terrible controls.

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