My Time at Portia

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My Time at Portia


My Time at Portia is one of the best $7.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Nuverse (Hong Kong) Limited, My Time at Portia is a Simulation game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 4th August 2021 with the latest update 28th January 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Entertainment, or Role Playing games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


367 people have rated 1.1.236

You can download the game My Time at Portia from APP STORE.


A top hit 3D simulation RPG on PC has now arrived on mobile! Inherit your Pa’s workshop, craft and build your way to compete for top builder in town! As you explore and discover hidden relics, restore the glory of human civilization on this post-apocalyptic land. As you grow into a seasoned builder, bond with NPCs and townsfolk to build a circle of friends and romance!

【The Civilization of Portia Includes:】

  • A fully operable 3D workshop
    Enjoy the fun of building and growing your workshop in this 3D open-world by gathering resources and assembling them into meaningful pieces. Automate your workshop and expand your farm and homeland, and take on more skills and techniques that will benefit the town. Don’t forget that you also get to develop animal husbandry, riding a horse or even alpaca is a dream not far away!

  • Socialize and build a family
    More than 50 interactable NPCs live in Portia. As soon as you land, you’ll meet a few of them and, as you progress, you can develop further friendships or even romantic relationships with them. There are quite a lot of activities available for socializing, including taking a hot air balloon ride! When everything falls into place, you can tie the knot, have children and experience the joys of parenthood.

  • Engage in challenging battles and adventures in old civilization
    Hone your fighting skills to defeat monsters in post-apocalyptic ruins as you unearth the truth of the former civilization buried beneath.

  • 100% Original PC gameplay and experience
    Whether you’re a new explorer or a fellow Portian already, you can now bring the entirety of Portia with you on-the-go! Your phone is now your mobile workshop!

【Facebook: 】
【Discord: 】

-Email: [email protected]

iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus,
iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR,
iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone SE (2nd generation)
iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max

iPad Air (3rd/4th generation), iPad mini (5th generation)
iPad Pro (2nd/3rd/4th generation), iPad (8th generation).

【Controller not supported yet】

Updated on 28th January 2022

Version 11236:

  • Fixed the issue in iOS where avatars could not gift heart knots to same gender NPCs

My Time at Portia Reviews

We really want to love this game, but our local data wont upload to the Cloud so we can crossplay on iPad and phone. That would make it 5 stars. Update: The video shows the tablet with little up/download cloud icons, which the iPad is missing, but it works like the iPhone example. Overall, the game is a huge improvement from the Switch version, and it was a pleasant surprise getting gifts in the mail from the start. Im looking forward to playing the game on the go now!

We originally was attached to this game on PC. When we heard it was moving to iOS we were so excited!!! We can tell that a lot of hard work and effort went into making this port. It is seamless and runs as smooth as butter on our iPhone 12. Thank you, again. Incredible game, absolutely worth the download.

Good!!!!! We simply just love this game!

First played on our pc, loved it. Now it’s finally on mobile!!!!!!!!!!

We’ve been playing this game two days straight we’ve gotten married and rank 2# . We absolutely love this game from the storyline to build and cooking and even the possibility of growing a family. As a person who loves video games, Im simply hook.

The best . Cute characters , unique story line , beautiful art , great game play . Everything is perfect . Extremely worth to play.

Great game overall. When we first downloaded the game it worked awesome. But, when we downloaded the first update it has crashed every so often. If we play online or off it still crashes. We love the game but its quite frustrating to finish a quest near the end of the day, only to repeat everything we accomplished, because the game crashed. Am going to delete the game and then reload it to see if there is anything different. Am running iPad mini 5th generation 2021.

Read about the crashes – havent had that problem yet. A short tutorial screen in the ruins would be nice – to tell you thats its not just an empty room – you have to swing a pickaxe and dig through like Minecraft. But the reason Im done with it is we have to start all over due to a glitch. We created a couple storage boxes while our inventory was full and didnt realize it. We look for them and theyre not there. We look at the crafting screen and it says there are 3 in our backpack. Theyre not there. We craft another one after emptying our inventory but it mustve stacked with the imaginary 3 in our backpack. Edit: we found out about the 2 hot bars after we started over. We feel like it should have been more obvious. We found out by mistake. Game is very fun and engaging. It gets a little slow on our iPhone X, but hasnt crashed yet and we have about 5 hours on the game.

We love this game. 300+ hours on the switch. This has much better loading times and appears to be a different version, which is exciting for us. Hopefully, it is the PC version. We own a Mac and would love to play it. This is definitely worth the $8 if you like Stardew valley or management games. Glitch & spoiler alert: Im after the tunnel collapse, we noticed that there were some lamppost missing in town and we cant place them and there blue ghosts remain. Its driving us nuts. Request: Please, please make it controller friendly. The hand cramps are real. So excited for Sandrock!

We’ve played this game on Pc and PlayStation. Getting old parts in the ruins should be easy however on the mobile game the parts boxes found in the ruins continue to be empty. You cant update your workstation until you get enough old parts.

Can you fix it we really like the game but after the last update crashing got worse!

The wooden storage boxes are showing in your inventory when you craft them or buy them.

Im an avid crafting and gathering gamer. We love Stardew Valley, we played it incessantly. We looove the whimsical art style of Portia, the intriguing storyline, the technical detail of the Building system, and the world is absolutely beautiful. We’ve spent at least 100 hours on this game, and we have spent so much time marveling over the depth and detail. Portia promises a lot and does a ton, but man, theres a lot of room for that improvementso much so that Im surprised it was released in this state. -typos in the game dialogue (how long was this game out on steam before porting it? Cmon you shouldnt have typos at this stage) -very minimum information for how to do so many things in game. Even more fun, if we switch to a browser tab to check the wiki, the game just shuts off. And if we didnt save it before switching to a new tab, we get to start the day over. -I have an iPhone 11 Pro. This game makes our fairly recent phone get super hot, the battery drains insanely fast, and yes, it crashes constantly. Our favorite so far is at level 50 fighting a certain RK, defeating him, it crashing, and us losing the entire day, including the dungeon and cutscenes we had already seen. That was rough! – Accessibility is very important. We’ve looked at a lot of forums recently to understand what the game should tell us (like how to make your horse not loathe you) (or how to help Ack) , and it turns out the mobile version is making a not-small portion of mobile gamers pretty motion sick. Devs should consider the how and why, and how other 3D games manage physics, many people have conditions that make this an issue, its on your team to make this game playable for everyone ^^ -Im still not to endgame afaik, but after the big fight with RK, the townsfolk all revert back to dialogue from day 1. All of them. Its super frustrating to wake up after such a massive pivotal moment and go to talk to the townsfolk like we have after every story development, only for them to have zero idea whats going on. -It would be better to either upgrade an inventory box, or allow us to pick and label filters. Having to move items from wooden to metal to factory is tedious. Also with so many relics, it was really hard to do much more than create a bunch of boxes and dump them in there. Itd be great if they sorted into parts of the same relic. Having to chase down relic parts over 5 different metal storage tabs is overwhelming. Its easier once you get the recovery machine, but still. -again Im not to endgame, but we have a ton of lower level clothes worth a lot of gols and we cant sell them to anyone, no one has enough money to buy it, or they dont accept it. Im literally hoarding almost everything we’ve gotten since the game started because we have no idea what to do with it all.

When we open our backpack it always crashes no matter what Please fix this so the fun can continue.

Seems like a great game just it keeps crashing a lot on me.

We love the art for the game and the story plot and everythingbut we cant get past day two because the game constantly crashes on us and we cant save in time. We hope this can get fixed soon because we really enjoy this game, that is our only complaint other than that we really like the game.

In our game the lipstick color isnt even showing right and the clothes we cant even put them on please fix this cause we like playing this game.

We did not realize our iPad was not supported when we bought and downloaded this game, so it constantly crashed. We immediately deleted it and asked for a refund and was denied. We understand that the supported devices are listed right on the download page, we just thought our tablet was one of them.

So we just bought the game five mins ago and wait for it to download and everything. After it finished downloading we proceeded to try and play the game. So far its stuck on the beginning loading page. We’ve play this game on our Xbox and we love it, but now we dont have that Xbox any more. We thought this our be our best bet. If can be fix Ill fix our rating, but until then its a one star for us.

Still crashes after 5 minutes of play even after patch. No matter what you are doing, convo, reading plans, walking. 5 minutes then bye bye. Other than being unplayable it seems like a great game.

If youve played something like Stardew Valley and liked it, this may be up your alley. Its much more forgiving than Stardew Valley and it progresses as you do missions. The touch controls are placed nicely and is responsive. We wish theres controller support, but hopefully they add it in a later update. Only thing is some items are small and us with big fingers usually tap the wrong item most of the time. Gameplay is smooth on our 12 Pro (it better be lol). Havent experienced hiccups yet and the frames are pretty constant. Only weird thing we found in the game so far is the voice acting, you can definitely hear that they probably cut costs on those but it’s only minor, and not something that will mess with the game. Definitely a solid builder/farming/monster hunting game.

Nothing feels repetitive at all. The grind is rewarding, and the art style is beautiful. This game is a great port, and is loads of fun.

Missions are not overly hard, where you always get stuck. Tons of content and attention to detail. Happy it’s finally here! We’ll be busy for quite a while, it seems…

We own this game on the Switch and wanted to play it on our iPad as well. We downloaded it and it works great on iPad mini 4.

Great game so far no issues with anything,and no crashes at all when playing this game from start to finish,also please add controller support as we are playing partial controller support? Some buttons dont work yet?

We’ve had no issues and LOVE the game!

Its like a 3 dimensional Stardew Valley. Very fun. Love it.

We’ve played this on PC since it first released and then switch and so we just had to get it on mobile. It runs very smooth (IPhone XR) and it looks like it will hold up to the other platforms. An amazing game with very well fleshed out characters and story for what it is! Im very excited to see how the 2nd installment turns out.

We love it, we honestly prefer it on our phone than on our computer, we love how theres not too much of an emphasis on farming and it has great progression and leveling up experience. We wanna know however, how we can combine cloud saves on other IOS devices. We want to continue our game from our phone on our family iPad but am not sure how to connect the two.

Please add controller support ASAP!

We played this game on xbox and then we bought it on the switch and we havent played it on the switch at all. So many other games on the switch and so when our husband told us they were bringing it to IOS we were SSSSSOOOOOOOOOO excited! Been playing it since we bought it the day it came out. We were doing really good and suddenly we were going into the ruins like its telling us to and it freezes on us and gives us the loading screen and we hear what its supposed to sound like in the ruins but we dont see our character and just the loading screen. Please fix! ( updated it after we did this review and thought we would try it out to see if it would let us into the ruins and it still gives us the loading screen)

Keeps crashing! Cant even start a game.

We are humbled by the brilliance of this game. We’ve always wanted to play a game like Portia. We praise the creative minds who brought this game to life. We are having trouble finding marble. Where is the quarry?

This past winter we found this gem of a game on the Nintendo Eshop and we had loved every second of the game. However, the switch version had certain elements missing that the pc version had. We have a Mac and dont really have the cash to invest in a gaming pc. However the mobile version has it all and looks stunning on our iPad Pro. The only complaint is there are a few problems if you want to use a controller. You cant navigate item menus or advance NPC dialogue using a controller. Of course with that being said, some things are way easier with touch screen like placing parts on your assembly station is just a click. This would have five stars if we could play it completely with a controller. We highly recommend this game! Cant wait for sand rock!

If the game is going to support controller it needs to be fully capable. When you are talking to people you can answer them with the controller but when they answer you have to touch the screen. It gets pretty aggravating.

Id love to give this game 5 stars but theres a big bug that is preventing us from progressing any further. Our relic finder wont work. We activate it in the abandoned ruins but nothing shows up. Please fix this.

Its great and all and we love the game in the pc but there is no sound and we just ruins the whole experience the games provides when there is sound.

We’ve had no issues with this game at all on our phone but it crashes almost every 6-8 hours in game! Id love to be able to play this on a bigger screen but we just lost a ton of progress and Im frustrated!

We wish you could save and pick up the same game across platforms. Also, the crash rate on the iPad is insane. Ill get so much done only to have it crash and not save. Once they fix these two things, itll be a 5 star game.

We love this game and even more so on IOS , but we noticed that after the last update we now see no spots in the ancient ruins when we use the scanner. It worked just fine the day we got the game , but now we never see yellow or purple spots. We end up mining and getting only rocks or copper. . Also its hard to make gols , we are lost at how to make them easier. We have this issue on the Pc and switch versions as well but its worth noting.

Hi we love this game but its crash to much to laggy and no controller support.

We couldnt get past the tutorial section. 15 minutes playing and the game force closes three times. It would reset us back to the beginning of the day.

If you know how to play already, it might be good. We’ve never played and the tutorial was terrible and we were stuck in a room, couldnt figure out what to do or how to get out. The controls are awkward and annoying, not touchscreen friendly at all. We havent experienced the crashing others have, so that apparently has been fixed.

We are having problems with completing requests. When we go searching for the materials to make items our map doesnt work.

We really love the game, but Im also having the same problems with crashing. It wouldnt be so frustrating if there was a way to save progress so you dont have to replay the same day with a Groundhog Day effect just hoping to get thru it. Sad.

We have this game on PC and its fantastic. However it will not load on our iPad. Tried it on four different iPads. No other games cash on any of them. This game seems to work fine on our iPhone though.

Portia is our all time favorite game. We cant wait to play it as intended on mobile. But we’ve had sooooo many crashes. We havent finished our first day yet and have crashed at least 10 times. Its random and every time we try to go into the assembly bench. We will patiently wait for a fix, then we will definitely give a better review. We love the QOL updates and the preorder gifts. Also very excited for sandrock.

Game is crashing literally on the same day every time. Cant complete the first day of the game. We will re-evaluate if this gets fixed otherwise we feel like we wasted money.

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