Wings of Glory

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Wings of Glory


Wings of Glory is one of the best $8.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Dire Wolf Digital LLC, Wings of Glory is a Strategy game with a content rating of 9+.
It was released on 21st July 2022 with the latest update 11th August 2022

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Board, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


50 people have rated 1.1.0

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Rule the skies in tabletop strategy dogfights!

Take to the skies in Wings of Glory, the digital adaptation of Ares Games’ board game of aerial combat!

The year is 1917. High above Europe, colorful biplanes roar through the foggy skies as uncountable young men give up their lives in the trenches below.

Become Knights of the Air in Wings of Glory, a smooth and exciting aerial combat system for cross-platform tabletop dogfights!

Updated on 11th August 2022

Bug fixes, localization updates, and optimizations.

Wings of Glory Reviews

As others have noted, a campaign would be great. Ideas for a campaign: – Start out as a rookie and gradually accumulate skills up to a high ranking ace. – Consider following the history of a known ace fighter and use that for a storyline – As you progress through a campaign, start out in early years of the war and the available planes during that time, then as the campaign and war goes on, make new planes available as they would have come to be later in the war. – Provide historical flavor text as part of the campaign, explaining the significant differences between planes, fighters, battles, etc. Maybe make this skippable incase someone wants to get quickly to the mission. Love the app! Off to a great start. Just some more ideas to keep it going. Thank you!

If you havent played the tabletop version, or if you, like us, cant play it as often as youd like, get this app. Its a very smooth adaptation of the tabletop version, a fast-paced but historically accurate WWI dogfighting extravaganza. The developers are planning to add more planes/scenarios, and already put in bigger dogfighting maps at the request of the players. Awesome game. Get.

Its a smooth, intuitive realization of the board game, and it makes playing with friends online easy. Here are some things that would make it even better for me: * a campaign; a set of overarching, branching missions with an accompanying narrative * an ability to turn off the cinematic, particularly the shot down black and white cinematic which sometimes make it unclear who was actually shot down, and break immersion * an ability to compare maneuver decks or damage decks; when Im picking between an b or c maneuver deck, we have no way to visually compare them * an ability to restart challenge mission; some of these missions are hard (which is good), and if you make a mistake early on, the only way to restart the mission is exiting to the main menu and then navigating back to the challenges menu Overall, great implementation of a great game. It gives an enjoyable simulation of early aerial dogfights in a turn-based form.

Really like the game. Would like to see a fast camera orientation to point the camera with plane forward, as pinch rotate is not fast. Also would like to auto zoom to all planes on screen. Also, would love an actual campaign.

Love this game its definitely going down the right track. A few suggestions that would make this game even better. We will second what a lot of reviewers are saying about a campaign mode, that would be a fantastic idea! Also for online play, an option where you can start an online game with random players and then each player has 24 hours to do their turn. This will allow some flexibility instead of having to constantly log in and see if a game is available and/or if you dont have time to play a complete game in a short period of time. Please consider and thanks!

Without a campaign this game is pointless. WITH a campaign and a story, this game would be epic. It would give the player a sense of purpose for playing each mission and satisfaction in the struggle for victory. Please take this game and make it great. The potential is there!

Really enjoy it so far, cannot wait for a sails of glory version , hint hint.

Great game. Hopefully more planes soon and www version.

This is a great app for the famous table top card and miniature model game of the same name. This app is a great tool to teach you how to play the original game. Its also fun as a stand-alone game. Our recommendation is to increase the size of the play area in the dogfight scenarios. This will allow high speed fighters to use their abilities. Itll also allow aircraft to maneuver for the initial merge. Looking forward to more aircraft to be included. Ill start a large collection of aircraft! Thank you and keep up the great job of product development.

Needs more planes, larger map, campaign mode. Then it will be 5 stars.

Only complaint is we seem to be missing quite a few of our achievements.

Its what youd hope a tabletop adaptation would be. Its also available on Steam.

Doubt that there will be enough players for good multiplayer so hoping AI will be kept strong. Excellent port of the game. No problems so far. When will new planes be added. Anxious to fly our favorite, the S.E. 5.

We really enjoy the game. Even though we wish it would show exactly where our planes end up after cards are played, we understand exactly why as that is where skill comes into play. Great game.

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