3 Man Chess

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3 Man Chess


3 Man Chess is one of the best $2.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Adam King, 3 Man Chess is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 4th December 2018 with the latest update 4th December 2018

Whether you are a fan of Board, Strategy, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


7 people have rated 1.0

You can download the game 3 Man Chess from APP STORE.


An app version of the "3 Man Chess: In the Round" board game! Play a variant of chess which has 3 players on a circular board. The unorthodox shape allows for strategies not possible in normal chess: A rook or bishop can loop around the whole board. Two players can work together to checkmate a third, or one player could potentially checkmate both others at the same time. The possibility of temporary alliances and backstabbing among the players gives a dose of political intrigue to the classic chess formula.

App Features:

  • Local multiplayer via Bluetooth or local Wi-Fi. Or just pass one device around between 3 people.
  • Save your games to come back to them later. Transfer a game in progress to other devices in multiplayer.
  • Turn-by-turn replays of your matches: pause, adjust the speed, or stop in the middle and play the game from there to rewind.
  • You can display all the locations a piece can move to for easy learning, or hide them to have a more competitive setting.
  • Very few changes from traditional chess rules; just enough to make the 3rd player and round board work.
  • All official chess and 3 Man Chess rules are included, and are enforced during gameplay.
  • More detailed instructions for using the app and setting up multiplayer are included as well.
  • The all-important ability to zoom in, especially useful for phones.
  • No ads.

Updated on 4th December 2018

3 Man Chess Reviews

This is such a great game, so complex, much more strategy involved! Also, this app works amazingly well, and even has online multiplayer with friends, you just have to make a virtual LAN with the VPN app ZeroTier One. Thank you for this app, great price for so much entertainment!

Bought this game with two of our friends to play and you cant actually connect with anyone online without being on local multiplayer.

Completely broken game. Does not let the white pieces win. Anytime white moves in for a checkmate it says CHECK YOUR PRIVILEGE. BLM. And then the turn goes to black again. Unplayable.

First off it way to small to play. Second no one has this game so good luck trying to play another person online. There is no AI player so your screwed if no one joins. We never got to play anyone and totally wasted 2.99.

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