Aglet – The Sneaker Game

Last updated on June 2nd, 2023 at 09:05 am

Aglet – The Sneaker Game

Aglet - The Sneaker Game

Aglet – The Sneaker Game is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by ONLIFE LTD, Aglet – The Sneaker Game is a Strategy game with a content rating of 12+.
It was released on 11th April 2020 with the latest update 30th March 2023

Whether you are a fan of Strategy, Lifestyle, or Adventure games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of Aglet – The Sneaker Game ?

1,030 people have rated 1.25.1

What is the price of the Aglet – The Sneaker Game ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the Aglet – The Sneaker Game released ?

Aglet – The Sneaker Game was released on 11th April 2020.

When was the Aglet – The Sneaker Game updated ?

The latest updated date of Aglet – The Sneaker Game on 30th March 2023.

Where can Aglet – The Sneaker Game be downloaded ?

You can download the game Aglet – The Sneaker Game from Apple Official App Store.



Waking up early to take L after L to bots and try-hards every time you try to cop shoes and new sneakers? Tired of missing out on grail sneakers or simply not having enough cash to score kicks on fire? Aglet is here to help you scratch that itch, COP THOSE KICKS ON FIRE you’ve been eyeing for a while, and explore the world! The first location-based, virtual shopping game and marketplace for sneakerheads across the globe is available now. Join this sneaker game and find a like-minded community of player, show off your sneaker collection and flex your avatar!

Be one of the sneakerheads and gamers across the globe who are exploring their cities, earning in-game currency, and building the finest and holiest GRAIL SNEAKERS collection you have ever seen. Do you have what it takes to become the SNEAKER DON and collect the very best and rarest kicks? DJ Khaled, Lil Yachty, and Desus Nice have got nothing on you…. If you have what it takes!

Make sure to turn on push notifications so you’ll never miss out on new sneakers and our virtual sneaker drops in your city – real fire footwear is made available in our shop regularly. IF YOU DON’T PLAY, YOU CAN’T COP!

You can earn our in-game currency – Aglet – by walking around! Your steps will be converted into currency that you can use to cop new virtuals kicks with. The sneakers you rock while you’re walking, as well as the weather, can BOOST your earnings substantially! Do you want the newest and finest kicks on fire? Hustle up and grind your way to get that fat wallet you need to snag new sneakers and the latest drops.

Go out there and explore the world! We’ve HIDDEN SNEAKERS and NFTs in Treasure Stashes at some dope spots. You can find and collect virtual sneakers using your phone as you’re out and about! These locations are updated dynamically and regularly. Life is an adventure and Aglet rewards you for taking the journey!

Between regular SHOP DROPS, random SHOCK DROPS, and the ALL NEW MARKETPLACE and NFTs, there are always new kicks on fire to buy. You can also FLIP THE HEAT  at the Marketplace to earn even more Aglet – leveling up your game and your sneakers collection at the same time!

Got the urge to DESIGN SNEAKERS? Want a chance to earn freebies just by hustling in the game? Ready to earn exclusive one-of-one in-game kicks and win contests to GET FREE IRL SNEAKERS? Aglet runs regular, super-fun events and competitions for you to collaborate with and COMPETE against other players across the globe!

Our Collections feature rewards you for copping complete sets during our quarterly competitions. The more Collections you complete, the closer you become to earning the title SNEAKER DON. Earn rad, free stuff just by being the sneakerhead that you are and collecting WHAT YOU LOVE.


Certain sneakers are so limited, there’s only one of them in the world! Good thing we’ve got you covered. The sandals that Jesus wore during the Resurrection? Aight bet! Neal Armstrong’s boots he wore on the moon? Check. The New Balance that Steve Jobs wore when announcing the iPhone? Put that on wax!

Your kicks get worn out when you wear them, and it’s no different when playing Aglet. When your sneaker starts losing its earning power, hit up your local DEADSTOCK and REPAIR STATIONS – they are all around your town. You can also purchase SNEAKER SHINE in the shop for a quick refresh on your favorite shoes.

COMPETE against other SNEAKERHEADS across the globe in a VIRTUAL SNEAKER BATTLE ROYALE to solve clues, check in to destinations, and WIN SOME REAL heat. Gotta EARN your keep on Aglets. No bots here.

Updated on 30th March 2023

And there it is – You.

Today marks a big step in the life of Aglet and you are are the centre of it. You, right there on the Me screen.

You’ll notice upgrades to the avatar and the "Wear" screen is now "Me"

Sneakerheads, don’t worry – you can still get to your favourite kicks! They are not going away – we have just given you the extra power to collect and flex your whole capsule.

A few other things:

  • Your shoe condition showing 99% when its not been worn at all is fixed :)
  • We have fixed a few bugs with our Aglet Chat
  • A number of other bugs were fumigated.

Go forth and explore. There’s a whole world out there in and outside of Aglet…

Aglet – The Sneaker Game Review

Overall this app is amazing, it actually pushes us to walk more. The details and concept are awesome. The only issue we have is the don score its kinda weird and we just dont get it or care. The only wish we have is that you could resell sneakers for money. Great app great design just 1 flaw otherwise it is amazing.

We cant play the game Whenever we try to pick our first shoe it doesnt let us cop them. We press the COP EM button then press YES then it loads us back Into the screen Witt the first three starting shoes not allowing us to play.

Bro we thought they were giving out real shoes but its all digital so Im deleting this crap.

We cant even play it the chose your first shoe part is stupid.

Our app is stuck in a loop and wont work.

Our account just now got disabled all of a sudden, it was fine this afternoon.

This app makes us excited to go on walks and runs! We also think it’s so dope the different options of iconic shoes that you can collect and rotate out. One thing I’d like to see in the game is adding iconic colorways & shoes like bred 11’s or red Octobers hahaha. We personally like the option to have multiple beaters and we like where our stations are located some of them are places we visit often. Lastly, adding a trivia aspect would be dope as an alternate way to gain aglets and other things possible. Overall we’re addicted to watching our daily steps and this app!

When we saw ads for this game, there were yeezy red Octobers, Travis scott Jordan 1s, off whites, and other shoes that were crazy. The game even talks about being able to get sneakers that our fav celebrities were wearing. However, we havent seen a single hype shoe, maybe thats just our opinion. However. It sticks to the same brands of just adidas and puma basically, and there isnt much variety for brands that a lot of sneaker heads really go after. Im hoping the add more hype shoes and live up to their potential.

Its a super cool and fun app.

Releasing new drops at 3 am West Coast time is lame.

The game is not fun, so it takes away the point of playing it. Dont waste your time the game made us lose brain cells.

This app is like having a online dog.

Great , fun, interesting app. We enjoy it visually as well as interactively. Their podcast is good too, definitely check it out if you want to be encouraged to start your own business and or Learn about tech / fashion.

We absolutely love this app, but the new update has caused a couple issues for us. For starters, whenever the app refreshes it signs us out and it doesnt count steps And second, Im not sure if this is intentional but on today, November 1st the only shoe that we can purchase is the Aglet one skl crew socks If those get fixed then this app is perfect and those are the only reason why this isnt a perfect 5 stars. Thank you for your time.

Simply amazing. The sneaker head experience without breaking the bank. Developers are friendly and helpful. Always updating and innovating. New drops weekly. They have released footwear from more than 22 brands. Progression is easy and steady. Play with your friends and compare your collections. Game of the year 2020.

You lose Aglets (credits) once your shoe gets worn out, but now the store is empty and you cant buy replacement shoes unless youre willing to buy credits. Waste of time.

This game is fun and encourages you to walk but everytime we exit out we get signed out, idk if this is our problem but ye this game is fun nonetheless.

We really like the game, the fact that you get aglet and buy sneakers, we love that concept. We love that there are a variety of sneaker to buy and to collect as well. We also really like that the game encourages you to get up and walk to get some exercise and also to earn aglet, giving us purpose to walk more than just to get exercise. The only thing that we want to point out is that the shoe doesnt run out as fast, but the fact that it just plummets to 0. For example, you buy a shoe that should earn you 2k aglet per 1000 steps you take. But soon when the shoe goes down to 50%, the amount to get goes from 2k per 1k steps to 1k per 1000 steps you take. It would be really like if the people that work on the app can change this, but also to make it fair so the shoe is no overpowered, but just so it doesnt go to waste at 25% or even 50%. We paid for the shoe to earn 2k and not some measly 1k or 500. But other than that we really like the game. Another thing that we wanna say is that we want to see something more than just buying shoes off the game with aglet. Like for example, they can add a player model that wears the shoes you buy. Along with maybe even some hype shirts or even pants/shorts. And maybe they can even add head gear, such as hats and glasses, even masks. We would really love to see the game grow and make more game changing ideas. But other than that, once again we really love the game and it deserves a five stars, especially since the game only came out a few months ago. Ps we also want to point out that the treasure stashes and deadstock stations locations are kinda wack, make it a little bit more reasonable like locations at a park, malls, good known restaurants, and famous marks in the place, instead of locations at a random motel or gas station. Love the game, keep up the good work.

Its fun and motivated you to walk but maybe extend the radius for treasure stashes? We cant just walk into a random high school lol.

The caches on the map are ridiculous. A school? A motel 6? Real estate place? Car dealership? Another motel? Another car dealership? Another real estate place? Costco is okay we guess. How close do we have to walk to these places to get the cache? If school was in then students would get rich quick in this game. The only other people that would get the caches necessary to participate in the event are rich real estate brokers that travel to motel 6s every day. Not a starbucks? A mall? Come on. What is this? Dont waste your money on this since its rigged. Just play and see how far you can get. You can get some cool swag just by walking in what you get for what you earn in game. Just noticed the shoes we bought with gold arent earning what they were when we bought them. We bought highest earning shoes. Now they earn lower than their price. Smh. If Im missing something where is the wiki?

Its honestly a great game. We’ve been playin since the initial beginning and we loved playing. As well as the community is very cool to be with and we enjoy playing with them. The game also includes a very much real life simulation to copping sneakers and being limited to the general public. We enjoy that very much. We game is always our go too whenever we are bored and we enjoy the game very much. The game has us feeling a sense of accomplishment and its great to talk about it with friends. We have met friends through this game and we would recommend this to just about any person thats into sneakers and that is very outgoing and very much a physically active person. This is part of our list for the game of the year. It should also be considered a game of the Year for editors choice.

We love the concept of this app, we really do. The execution leaves a lot to be desired for us personally. The shoes you get and wear will wear down and youll have to use repair stations to repair them. Ok, fine. But each repair is only 15% of the shoes durability. So if youre a free player, not spending real life $, you wont want to wear a cool hype shoe you attain. The Shop is cool but heavily focuses on Nike and the other brands get little to no love. So as an Adidas guy, this isnt a turn off but we know most people Stan for Nike so take it for what its worth. When there is cool shoes released, the day 1 people or big spenders buy all the cool shoes so they become out of stock almost instantly. Plus, most of the cool shoes require Gold Aglet which you have spend real $ on to attain or pray you find some in a stash from exploring the map feature. We havent found Gold aglets anywhere in our 3 weeks of playing. The dev team, specially Dave is super nice and fast to reply in game to questions. So thats a plus. Overall, we wish the shoes wouldnt break down so fast, and we felt we could wear a cool shoe we saved up for, like the Yeezy Zebra. If you like Nike, youll love this game. If not, the selection for other brands is next to none which is sad because not everyone likes Nike. 2/5.

We really like this game but some thing could get better like the rewards when you walk so much eventually you have to walk forever maybe add like bronze box in the middle then silver and so on till you reach the actual goal yo keep player motivated to play also we dont like having limited repairs also maybe add a way to talk to the player that selling their item they would like to sell so you could make a deal and haggle but other then that its a really good game very good job :)

We love this game it is so enjoyable and one of our favorite games, there is just one bug that needs to get fixed: step count. Our step count is usually very off. Lets say we walk 10 thousand steps in a day it will give us 2,000 in game. We think this is because it only tracks the steps when you have your phone with you even if you have another device tracking it like an Apple Watch.

So basically sometimes when im walking our character will just stop moving and we will go right over a sneaker box and it wont count as we got it.

We love this app but the one problem we have is that most of the time while im in the car the treasure stashes do not work for us. It says "not ready for teleports" but if we shouldnt use it in the car, why are there stashes on the roads.

We actually really enjoy this app. We suggest changing the avatar for each persons look as they look pretty creepy to us still. Other than that keep up the great work.

First of all, if you are considering downloading this app, we 100% recommend. The devs clearly put in countless hours into optimization and content. The shoe collection to this game is huge, with countless new drops frequently. For Devs: Like we said up there , the app is great. Many needed features have been added, and Im here to discuss some new features as well as some optimizations we feel would fit the app. One thing we feel is missing is the option to recycle or remove shoes from your backpack. We have a few shoes that have no repairs, and have below 10% condition. There really just isnt anything to do with these shoes, so maybe adding a feature where you can recycle them and get a small, or no amount of Aglet, just to get them out of your backpack. Another thing we think would be cool, would be the ability to buy repair stations/treasure stashes. Most likely, this would be an expensive buy, but when doing so, you can pick a permanent location for a treasure stash/repair station. One fix that we would like done with the repair system would be to make sneaker shine either a 100% repair, or for it to count as only 0.5 of a sneakers repair. It is quite inconvenient having to spend multiple sneaker repairs, potentially just to fully restore a shoe. We also think that all sneakers should have a minimum of 1 repair. Having no repairs is very inconvenient, especially if you want to wear them. One way to avoid making 1 repair the minimum, would, again, be to make a way to get rid of shoes from your backpack. Something to consider adding to the map, would be your friends locations. Pretty much, you see the same thing you see for yourself on the map, but its your friends. It would liven up the map a little bit. We know not all of these features will be added, but our main problem is simply having shoes with little to no value cluttering our backpack. Hopefully you guys take these to consideration! Have a great day!

Enjoying the game concept a lot, but it doesnt have things like Nike or Jordan, which is pretty essential to sneaker heads. It does have Yeezy which is awesome, but Nike and Jordan are must haves that Aglet is missing.

We like everything about this app minus one thing. The daily stamp to check in doesnt pop up daily, we open the app every single day and it only comes up every 3rd day or so.

Location service setting open to always, then it drain our power very quickly.

Its draining our battery and we messaged them like 4 times asking them to delete our account and they still wont delete it.

We have been using this app now for about a week and do really wish that the game had more brand . We wish some brands like Nike and Under Armor. All else is good about the app.

It wont let you pick one up unless you are literally on the dot.

Ok, this game is truly amazing. It is awesome in every aspect and our friends are addicted with us. We just want two things: add trading features, make it so you can find a live trader and trade your shoes for shoes. 2, we like that gold Aglet is a premium currency, but can you also make it so you can buy normal Aglet? If you do, we would buy that. Those two things alone would make the game better. Keep it up!

We love the game and its a 9.75/10 because we go on road trips to collect the stop prizes around our town and it freezes right before and comes back after Im over the location.

Its tracking is super trash and needs to be improved.

And theres a few things that bother us, Im on the game everyday but for some reason the daily stamp will only pop up two days in a row the most then the 3rd day it dont pop up and it starts all over. We been playing since January 14th everyday and the stamp is just so annoying, also we agree with others that there should be more rewards for our steps and more repairs for the shoes.

This game doesnt even count any of our steps like its supposed to. Yeah, thats kinda like , the whole purpose of the game.

Great,but we think you need to add Nike shoes.

We like this game but we think there are some things that could be improved. First of all, repairs. We just dont like the idea of not being able to use our shoes after we while. Im fine with the condition decreasing and stuff but we wish we could always repair them. Some of our favorite shoes we can no longer wear because we dont have anymore repairs. Also we wish there was an easier way to get gold Aglet, we understand its the app trying to make money, but maybe if you could exchange regular Aglet for gold Aglet it would help. Finally, we think seeing a more consistent reward path would be cool. When you first start the game you get a lot of shoes from the milestones. You get shoes like every 5k steps, but after a while it takes along time to get rewards. Implementing a more consistent reward path would keep the game fresh and make people more motivated to play. For example, maybe every 5k steps you get a bronze box, you could get some tier 5 or 4 shoes, or some power ups or clothes, every 10k a silver box, maybe tier 4 or 3 shoes, 25k a gold box, tier 3 or 2 shoes, and every 50k a platinum or diamond box with tier 2 or 1 shoes. Overall we like this game but some improvements could be made.

Every time we try to start an account we get brought back for some reason and then we try to sign in and it says we can not sign in with the same method.

Encourages us to walk more. ALSO TO SPEND MONEY.

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