Basketball Legends Tycoon

Basketball Legends Tycoon

Experience one of the top-rated Free games on the App Store, Basketball Legends Tycoon! Developed by the innovative team at TIRAMISU STUDIOS YAZILIM HIZMETLERI ANONIM SIRKETI, this Sports game provides a unique gaming experience like no other. With a content rating of 4+, it’s perfect for a wide range of players. Since its initial release on 17th June 2021, the game has seen numerous updates, with the latest version launched on 29th April 2023.

Are you a fan of Sports, Casual, or Sports games? Then Basketball Legends Tycoon is right up your alley! You won’t be able to resist its appeal.

User Ratings of Basketball Legends Tycoon

Over 432 players have rated Basketball Legends Tycoon. Join them and share your thoughts!

How Much Does Basketball Legends Tycoon Cost?

Good news! You can download Basketball Legends Tycoon on your iOS device absolutely free!

Basketball Legends Tycoon Release Date

Eager to know when Basketball Legends Tycoon first graced the App Store? It was launched on 17th June 2021.

When Was Basketball Legends Tycoon Last Updated?

The latest version of Basketball Legends Tycoon was updated on 29th April 2023, ensuring a more enjoyable gaming experience for all players.

Where Can I Download Basketball Legends Tycoon?

To get started with Basketball Legends Tycoon, head over to the official Apple App Store.


A Glimpse into Basketball Legends Tycoon

Build a team of the best basketball players, upgrade their skills and abilities, and shoot the basketball!

Collect cards to unlock new star basketball players. Hire a manager to help you run your team. Cheerleaders, mascots and DJ’s are here to boost your basketball players. Unlock different courts in this free tapping idle sports manager game. Become a tycoon and be the best sports manager.


Best Basketball Players and Legends
Legendary star basketball players; collect all 60 basketball players. They come in four different classes; common, rare, epic and legendary. Collect their cards and increase their stars with upgrades. All your favorite players are here, ready to play for your team!

Can’t imagine a good basketball game without a cheerleader, a mascot to boost and a partying DJ. Use boosters to increase your earnings and proceed faster.
And without a trainer who would make them shoot?
But be careful! They come in different classes and all have specific powers!

Whether it’s on a street in the middle of New York or deep in the Grand Canyon. Maybe you prefer a sunny day at Venice Beach! Or want to buy yourself an Arena. You better upgrade your floor, hoops and seats to speed up your progress.
You will love all the courts and won’t want to miss a second to unlock all of them. Of course more will come!

Who doesn’t love a slam dunk? Whether you play street basketball or play in the courts you gotta dunk! Thanks to slam dunks such as tomahawk, windmill, double clutch and tens of others, you will multiply your earnings easily.

Offline Earnings
Basketball legends tycoon is a free idle game! This means you will keep earning and progressing even when you are offline. And you can hire a manager to keep earning for longer when you are away.

Legendary basketball players from around the world, street basketball style slam dunks, lovely cheerleaders, crazy mascots and DJ’s, unexpected trainers are waiting for you! Lead your team of basketball players through fame and glory to live the street basketball life! Download this IDLE basketball managing clicker game for free and start your tycoon journey to the top!

ATTENTION! Basketball Legends Tycoon – Idle Sports Manager game can be downloaded for free.

What’s New in the Latest Update?

Find out what’s new in the latest version of Basketball Legends Tycoon updated on 29th April 2023:

Bug Fixes

User Reviews on Basketball Legends Tycoon

Looking for more information? Read a comprehensive review of Basketball Legends Tycoon below:

We bought the game and removed the ads.. Way better experience!!! This is exactly what an idle game should be. A game that progresses without the need for you to be playing and allows you to influence gameplay when you are playing. Dunks challenge is awesome to learn and master Its seems as if you get into a rhythm with the tap to shoot mechanic that you can influence more accuracy, however we could be wrong but Id like the tap mechanic to have the ability to influence shot making ability rather than just speed it upperhaps as your profile gets higher level you can more dunk meter fill per tap like up to 5% if its not already doing so. Amazing cell phone game.. Capture everything we would like and feel.. Progression and interaction. With no greedy sales ads. We love it. We cant tell you how much of a great game it is that you made!!! You even have the option of making it hard on yourself by implementing restrictions to how you choose to progress. We cant stress enough how great this game is for a mobile portrait mode platform!!! Great work!!

Good basketball idle game but need more stuff to do we know its an idle game but adding mini games n stuff would be awesome like skill challenges, this game has alot more potential.

Its a fun game to play and easy to upgrade and get money easy and not that much ads.

Very interesting game wish ads didn’t play as much if a role but still fun !

It’s a very well designed game, the design is balanced, graphic is good, items do not require "pay-to-play" and players can get them over time. Suggestions would be: if there can be some mini games other than slam dunk (for example let the user throw a three-point match) it would be more fun. Currently users cannot control the basketball except tapping the screen to speed up, which is a bit too simple. Anyway, the game is very lovable.

They really named our man Yao Ming, YoYo.

Great game all around. Not to many adds, and really fun to play.

Bro pls add more players and courts. Its such a good game.

When our dunk meter fills up and we click on it, it always shows an ad and we have to wait until the x button pop up and when we come back to attempt the dunk the dunk is already over and we gotta wait until it fills back up just for it to happen again can yall fix pls.

Honestly this game doesnt have that many flaws, we enjoy playing it, and it doesnt really get boring but of course it could have better graphics.

This game is incredibly addictive and fun, we cant stop playing it. However, we would like for more players to be added as well as for a glitch to be removed, that being that every time we get the dunk an ad pops up and Im not able to dunk it properly. Other than that, astounding game.

Good but every time we go to play the 1 mini game and dunk it plays an ad then says good try aim for the green next time and we didnt get to do anything other than that alright game but thats overly annoying and 7 bucks for no ads thats wild.

This game is really enjoyable but Im afraid its never going to be updated again.

We love playing this game and it is one of the most entertaining games we’ve ever played, but every time we try to dunk upgrade or buy there is always and annoying little ad that stops us from it.

Too many ads, would be a lot better if we actually felt like we had the freedom to play the game and not worry about an ad every 2 minutes.

The overall game is good but the game always gives us an add as soon as we turn on the slam dunk. It wouldnt be that bad if it paused the game and resumed playing but it just continues so it always makes us miss the dunk.

We get that the owners of the game are trying to make money But we got about 10 ads within the first 5 minutes of playing. Dial the ads back like 4x at least if you want to keep players Im also not spending $7 for ad free when most other games of this type its like 2-3 dollars at most to get ad free Work on your model and try again is all we have to say, very obnoxious.

Nothing wrong with ads but when it starts affecting gameplay then it becomes a problem ads pop up on dunks and we always fail them because if that.

The amount of ads in this game is by far the reason we deleted it, everytime we tap something an ad pops up, anytime we buy something and ad pops up, everytime we dunk an ad pops up, this game is basically just another way of promoting other games with a little bit of tapping on the side and we would really like to emphasize the little in that sentence.

Selfish companys forcing ads is wrong.

50% of the time youre forced to watch an ad. When you level up you can choose to watch an ad to double rewards or wait 5 seconds to miss out. Waste of time.

Im all for ads and making your dough, but when ads pop up after nearly everything, including right as we open the game.. Hard pass. $7 for ad free?! Nah.

Dope game. Love the players and everything it offers, wish you could do something about the extra player cards once theyre full. For example we have almost all common players at 3 stars and 7/7 cards. Would be nice if we got paid cash or maybe 1 gold per extra card? That way the cards of the maxed players arent for nothing or maybe able to trade in those extra cards for higher level cards. For example, 50 commons for a random Rare, 150 commons for a random Epic, 300 commons for a random Legendary. Or whatever amount you all think is fair! Other than that absolutely love the game and the clever names you give to players lol.

The game is really fun but we think there should be more Legendary players. We think they should make read cape a playable character in the game. But other than that we totally recommend getting the game.

Its the best game its so addicting and we play it all day but the offline cash you need to fix we got 2.53B cash from being offline for 12 hours.