Bingo Cash

Bingo Cash


Bingo Cash is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Papaya Gaming LTD, Bingo Cash is a Board game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 1st June 2021 with the latest update 25th April 2022

Whether you are a fan of Board, Casino, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


29,053 people have rated 3.6.1

You can download the game Bingo Cash from APP STORE.


Bingo Cash™ is where a true classic and real cash prizes meet. Jump into a world of brain-teasing fun, and leave with your heart filled with nostalgia and pockets filled with rewards.

After downloading the game for FREE, you can start playing regular or cash tournaments and win real money.

We’ve carefully designed the game to have a smooth and modern feel to it and threw in some classic, Bingo game elements we all love.
If you like Blackout, Story, Bash, Clash, Holiday, Tycoon, Pop, Showdown, or Blitz Bingo – you’ll LOVE Bingo Cash™!

You’ll be matched with other players within the same skill level, and you all will get and see the same balls & cards – so the game is totally fair and skill-based.
Those who finish among the top 3 – WIN!

Enjoy Some of These Thrilling Features:

  • Win real money tournaments
  • Cash-out securely using PayPal & Apple Pay
  • Play with no distracting ads
  • Enjoy awesome daily gifts & bonuses
  • Take part in multiplayer tournaments with trophies & big prizes
  • Enjoy nice & smooth gameplay that’ll keep you coming for more
  • Enjoy special challenges & surprises
  • And many more!

Bingo Cash™ is FREE to download and play! However, cash tournaments are not available in the following states: AZ, AR, IA, LA, DE, SC.

So, get ready to…


Download NOW to let the fun begin!

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Updated on 25th April 2022

Thanks for Playing Bingo Cash!

In this version we’ve –

  • Improved gameplay and overall experience through bug fixes.

Invite your friends to play Bingo Cash & get a $1 Bonus Cash for each friend that joins!

Be sure your game is up to date, so you can truly experience all there is to offer.

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Bingo Cash Review

This Game is Fun. Very Enjoyable to Play!

We’ve been playing for a short time but we’ve won back to back real money.

Lots of fun and very addictive.

It a nice way to play bingo and win!

We just like killing time while our children do their homework.

Its a lot better than the other bingo games we have played on line hope withdrawals are not going to be a problem.

Doesnt take a lot of cash to keep going- not a bad game.

Its a great way to pass the time and such a thrill when you win !

ILike how they have different games that cost different amount and change it up keep things fresh.

We love bingo, and this game is awesome. You pay a little you get a lot!

We play the free game its still competitive theres still a first second and third place winner and what you win is diamonds. The diamonds allow you to play in the diamonds game if you wish. If you play every day like we do you earn cash diamonds experience etc. We have not had a game that we’ve played and we actually enjoyed in many years and now we do. Heres where the bad part comes in the game stopped loading so we cannot check in to get our daily reward and to play a few games to win some diamonds. Whatever is wrong with the app PLEASE FIX IT ASAP! We really enjoy and love playing! Thank you!

Lots of fun with the grandkids too!!

Only been playing a day cant really rate fair.

Oh our goodness we have played several different bingo games online and we’ve looked around our App Store for trying to always find a really fun bingo this one oh our goodness totally takes the cake we cannot tell you the loads and loads hours of fun we’ve had playing this game and with this bingo game you actually win they dont play games with you like putting you out there like youre gonna win and then it doesnt happen and then youre all bummed out in the end this bingo is the best it is nothing like that oh our goodness we cannot tell you how much we enjoy playing this game we have forwarded this game this bingo game to our family our friends our father totally got addicted to this bingo game just like us its kind of cute at night well both be playing and well be texting each other while were playing we call it sideline smack talk. Its really really cute Im 42 years old we went through a very deadly accident two years ago that he was completely put our life on hold we go stir crazy we wish so bad we could be better putting all of our effort into that when we got out of the hospital we were in a coma we came out of the hospital and all of our friends were gone because we were no longer any fun and then we found this bingo game it makes us sad but they werent real friends in the first place if theyre going to ditch us because Im in a coma come on already. Let us tell you this bingo game is there for us in the morning in the middle of the night it is so much fun to play if youre looking for a fun game and you come across this one please download it give yourself a few minutes of playing this game and youre gonna totally love it youre going to get addicted to it in a super happy positive way it is so much fun we absolutely definitely refer this bingo game to absolutely everybody no matter what your age is you will have an absolute blast.

Usually pay to win games are pretty scammy, but this game is different. We decided to throw $5 into the game and ended up turning it into $15. Fun to play! Just wish it would give the option to increase the speed for the ball release.

If the application have a fast pay wallet it be the bests game.

Fun game. Win plenty. Just enough to keep playing.

Love it. Fun competitive and an overall good time.

But pay attention sometimes they don’t pay you after you won your match.