BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife – Life Simulator


BitLife – Life Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Candywriter, LLC, BitLife – Life Simulator is a Simulation game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 30th September 2018 with the latest update 1st May 2022

Whether you are a fan of Simulation, Role Playing, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


1,415,556 people have rated 3.1.9

You can download the game BitLife – Life Simulator from APP STORE.


How will you live your BitLife?

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

It’s all up to you…

Updated on 1st May 2022

Bitizens! This update includes bug fixes, routine maintenance, and preparation for the upcoming Street Hustler Update. Don’t forget to follow us on our socials for up-to-the-minute BitLife news and happenings.

BitLife – Life Simulator Review

The game is really fun and entertaining but Im just asking can we have more family members as in cousins aunts ect.

So Im been playing this game for awhile now and we love it but we wish there was a little more in the farming side like we wish you could buy land and do what you want with it like maybe having a farm maybe putting a pond idk we could go on but we didnt want this to be long we were just saying that maybe it could just be a little more on the farming side maybe fishing to.W game keep up the good work developers.

Could you guys add movie sequels if the movie did really well we think that whould be pretty cool.

First we get to pick ur own person and do anything with there life it could be a good life or it can be bad where they can go to jail but u can do anything we would say it is 14+ cause there is some bad stuff but it is fun so it is fine.

If your reading this thank you cause we have some ideas we thank you should add baby sitters and a job for it also we think there should be outfits shoes and like a Amazon app were you can get the job or order something from the app thats all if you accepted our ideas thank you so much.

We personally atream our gameplay of BitLife and we just want to say we ABSOLUTELY love this game!!! It has soo many different outcomes and unexpected tragedies! Its just so cool!!

This game is extremely fun and we enjoy every hour we spend on this game. This game will be better if theres more upgrades like rappers and singers making features for other artists. More things to do in your neighborhood will also be better. A clothing store for your character and electronics. Theres much more we can say but this is it from us we hope you read this and make some changes. Thank you.

Sorry its short, we are short on time. Maybe if you are the president or monarch of a nation, you can cause some national actions. For example, declaring war, making peace, and trading for a better economy, leading to more money. There wont be too much detail into this, as this is a life simulation game and not a nation managing game, but it would still be a nice feature.

It is a good game, but we liked it better when you didnt have to pay to play pro football, or be in the mafia. So we would appreciate it if you took away having to pay for it.

The game in general is very fun and all around good to play. But the one thing thats horrible is the ads. You can barely do two decisions without being hit by a 30 second ad.

We have been a user on BitLife for years now, going so far as to become a bitizen and purchasing god mode simply because we played so much. Over the years, this has been the only game our ADD-brain can stop playing for a while and still come back to and have an interest. However, we just opened the app for the first time in a little while and saw all this nonsense about paying for the special jobs???? Like what???? We have already given you guys our money so we can customize our player, not have ads, and get whatever animals we want. Now, you take, arguably, one of the most fun parts of the game and monetize it???? This is a pretty low money grab guys. Listen, we still LOVE the game, its a great concept thats executed really well. Thats why our heart cant bring itself to rate it lower than a 3 star. But this new paid update has really frustrated us as a customer who has already put money into this game multiple times and you are now taking something you gave to us for free and making us pay for it. Our favorite thing in this game was becoming a famous singer and now we have to pay $9.99 if we want to do that again. That just seems really messed up and unfair. :/

There is no reason for an app this small to heat up your phone this much and drain so much battery. COD mobile on max frame rate and high graphics doesnt get our phone as hot as this game nor does it drain as much battery. There is also way too many ads. We understand its free and they need to make money somehow, but sometimes its a bit obnoxious getting like 7 ads within 5 minutes. Only free app we’ve installed in a long time where we have to forcefully close out every few minutes to escape the ads.

He game was good but then they made it so you have to pay for stuff like musician or professional sports and thats kinda eh.

Im about to buy the Bitizen-Godmode bundle for 12 dollars but Jesus. Every 3-4 interactions we have theres an ad. We even turned our internet off because in regular games that would work for the ads not to load, but no, in bitlife they have preset ads for when you have no Wi-Fi. If that doesnt scream money hungry, we dont know what does.

We previously purchased bitizen and god mode on our old phone, but when we got the new phone and went to restore our purchase, it said we wasnt logged in with the same apple id or something.. There goes like $12.

When our ### started playing we were so excited to hear about the game when we saw that there was inappropriate stuff we were #### mad.

This game used to be SOOOO GOOD before the original team sold out. This game used to have new big updates like once a month but somehow with MORE people and A LOT MORE money the new guys cant even keep up???? Its obvious that you guys dont care about the players. The new team even makes you pay for things that used to be free!! The owners/developers clearly only care about money and social media interaction. Even in the bug fix updates they tell you to follow them on social media to stay updated on updates, but then they completely IGNORE the updates and everyone asking about them??? Theyre probably making more money off of us complaining in their instagram comments than they would if they actually did their job LOL. We still like this game (THANKS TO THE ORIGINAL TEAM) but Ill probably be deleting it now that the new guys refuse to update or even acknowledge their players.

Its the best game every its like sims but way much easier we love this game.

Bit Gods, this may come as something not worth changing, but we think the feature of time traveling should come free for those who pay for bitizen for one reason and one reason only; it would create an opportunity to alter things that are by pure chance and give us the opportunity of changing them before it happens. We mean with these new updates we get the opportunity to take new career paths all inclusive with just the small count of 5 dollars, but it comes with a cost. The features time travel still cost money and sometimes it feels wrong. With the extension of being a bitizen you practically get to play god with attributes and talents for anything and anyone, but you dont get the opportunity to reverse time. Its a little odd to us. Still a 11/10 game we just figured Id put the idea out there.

We think you should add child support to the game.

We love this app its very wonderful our only problem is when u become a famous musician u cant pick your own genre u want to get signed for that should be fixed.

Its an amazing game we love it but we played when the game first came out and bought the edit character and everything but you guys changed it to god mode where you have to buy that too you should give the people who bought the first pack that too and also the updates take way too long dont put it out there if it isnt gonna be out within the next week.

Can you please let us have more interaction with are parents and siblings and grandchildren so we can take them to trips and and concerts and etc and when we do ivf can we have more then three kids so it is like real life when people have multiple kids at once and thank you for all you gays do to make the game great.

With all the great updates , can we get a combat sports talent we think it would be good idea.

The devs should add that you can grow up in an orphanage, instead of your life starting straight after being adopted. You should be able to experience orphan life and even choose your status with your parents if you have bitizenship, and make it possible to not be adopted at all and spending 18 years in the orphanage. Just a thought!

This is the best game we have every played and yes we know the other packs are coming but they need to also let you be a director and make the movies but you know detailed we really want to and you can get payed millions and can you also make a detail where you can get captured by the stalkers or the family would hit man you and they can also become famous also check out Tanya bregars video about superheros can you make that true also can you make it able to edit people special talent we need that like genaration down to also instead of the street hustler please do the entrepreneur pack it seems so good.

This is good but can you make it so you can be homeschooled?

We think itll be cool if a mini game is added for bank robbery. Idk about anyone else, but its rlly annoying that a bank robbery success is left up to a slim chance. If there was a mini game just like for when you burglar a house when you rob a bank, we think it would make the game so much fun if you wanna live a life of crime.

No complaints!! Just here to say we love the game & cant wait to see what else you guys have in store.

So what happens is Im playing for ten minutes and our phone starts to slow down LIKE ALOT plz fix!!

Really fun life simulator game tells good stories and always catches us off guard.

We love this game, had it since we were a freshman in HS. Its an attractive game, simple to play and has some funny situations. Our only honest problem: low power mode is no longer an option. We personally really liked it, as it made the text smaller and took away the animations. We know a few people who play as well, they also miss the option. It would be nice to have it back. That said, the game always has new content and is genuinely fun to play, especially when we dont have service or am flying.

There should be more mental Illnesses and Disorders like OCD, Tourettes Syndrome, NPD, Down Syndrome, Autism, ect. There should also be an option to start your own business, like at the age of 4-15 you could start a lemonade stand, sell art, be a street player(like instruments), ect. At the age of 16-19 you could start an Uber service. And at the age of 20+ you could start your own business, own a company, ect. Also we think there should also be Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, and In-Laws in the relationship section. Also we think its be awesome for there to be the ability to breed pets at home. Anyways its a pretty awesome game.

We’ve been playing BitLife since it came out basically. Its a nice mindless way to pass time. We really like the direction of special careers as well. The people who are complaining about the cash grab committed by the developers just dont understand the first thing about business. We mean just use common sense, the company charges one time fees and its not like its a lot, its $5 tops which theres 3 different things as additions which come to like $12 total. We dont think $12 is even close to an egregious ask for a game we’ve played for years. With no ads and very little premium prices, how else are they going to make money if they dont charge for additional content? Theyre not going to just develop an app out of the goodness of their heart while hemorrhage money. Thats not sustainable. Candy writer may have said they wouldnt charge in the future (which as someone grandfathered in, we wasnt charges for the movie star update) but it was also just a bad claim to make, again, unsustainability. Those complaining about the charges you get one of these choices: candy writer charges for new content or candy writer abandons the game. These things cost money. A couple of things that annoy us about the game though: when youve switched a job a few times, it becomes literally impossible to get another job in that field. Like to the extent of say your an actor, you can get all the way up to lead actor, but once youve switched companies 3 or 4 times, you cant even get a job as a voiceover actor (the first role). Another thing, if you have god mode, you can set your attributes. Having kids annoys us sometimes and Id prefer not to have them on certain play throughs, but if you set your fertility stat to zero, you can still have them. We dont even think it changes the rate at all honestly, to us, we think the fertility statistic is fake and does absolutely nothing to the game play. Which if that is the case, why mislead the players? Just remove it then. At 0% fertility it should be literally impossible to have a kid but thats not even close to the case. The last thing Ill bring up is the Send a txxxt thing for your exes. Its a funny little extra in the game, however there are instances where 3 or 4 times in a row youll accidentally send it to a family member. A person wouldnt do this in real life even twice in a row and it especially shouldnt happen to someone who has max intelligence.. Overall great game though, keep up the good work, we appreciate the new content!

We do love this game so much. Its probably our favorite game overall. But there are just a few things that need fixing. The game gets very overheated and glitchy. And we need an update with some more family things. We would also really enjoy a supernatural update. And now everything costs money when it used to be free. Please consider changing some of our recommendations.

Can you make different generations? Like 1300s 1400s.

We have played this game on android and honestly our experience with this game is amazing, it has many things to do in it like be a criminal or a hero or pick your own chooses, but our suggestion for this game is to add cross platform data so if you play it on like a another device you can transfer that data to another device and get your purchases that you brought back, but besides that if you havent play this game yet you should its amazing! :)

We were thinking that there should be an option to be in an open relationship or have multiple partners at once that you are dating. Possibly secretly from your spouse, like living a double life. Just more flexibility with relationships. Additionally, we think there should be more extended families. In laws, great grandchildren. We lived to 115, switched to our child (70) and then switched to his child but she was too old to have children and had none because she was a grandchild of our OG character.

Hello when is the new update is going to be available cant find any information.

A bit addictive but in a good way. Not sure if its helpful or harmful for mental health, but Ill say this, the evolution even from just six months is incredible. We could jump on a blog or something but, what if you guys made it so there was more than just its gone away like after years of struggles with _____ insert what ever the character over came by working x y z. Another is a rental option for property allowing Investing to be a job. (Stocks, bonds, real estate, bit currency etc) the fun could be based on good and bad economy or even have it so the the bit character gets rich off those but can lose them all on a bad investment I.e the property had problems or the stocks that were bought etc you get the point. Also, aquarium store owner would be fun! Update: What if you added music executives and tv producers as a job!!! Also in jail if you could work with outside mafia I.e. Organize drug scheme that includes Guards, be a king pin in prison. Or be able to go to next generation and be able to visit parents who went to jail sneak in contraband or something.

Not sure if we were the only one that requested this, but thank you! We asked for more random instances of people wanting to become friends besides at work or school and you guys listened!

Great game other than the long intervals between update drops. There are so many things that could be added to the game so Im not sure why they wait. Just release updates more frequently on minor things such as interactions an such.

Hello! We for one, just think the game is great. If Im bored, straight to bitlife! But, we do have some ideas to share. 1: Emigration options- we think that along with emigrating to different countries, we can move to different states and cities. 2: family options- we were thinking about when your a kid, you can run away and live in the outside world. Or, sneak out and go to a party or something like that. These are only some of our ideas, and we know you are busy with the game everyday. But, we hope that you could take some of these ideas in to consideration!

We love bitlife, but we think it would be super cool for like a bitlife game where you have superpowers or you live on different planets. Something like SpaceLife or UniverseLife would be cool. And a horror bitlife game would be cool too. Thank you!

In BitLife, if there were new countries, one of them would be North Korea. There would be some stuff that is legal in other countries but not in North Korea, some things include Driving, you can’t drive in North Korea unless you’re an official More of a new concept in BitLife, protesting against the government. In countries like North Korea, you’d get a situation about people protesting about the government, you can join them but you could have a chance of getting jailed or even killed by authorities. Immigration, if you click on the emigration button, you’d get a message saying "You’re not allowed to leave North Korea, but would you like to defect to South Korea?" there will be a button saying "Defect to South Korea". If the player chooses to do so, they will have to play a minigame to get to South Korea, if they get caught in the minigame, they could die while trying to defect to South Korea. If they succeed, they will become part of South Korea and will leave family behind, unless they try to help other family members. If a character gets jailed, other relatives such as parents and siblings will be in prison too. Copy this post’s permalink to the clipboard.