BitLife – Life Simulator

Last updated on November 11th, 2022 at 02:40 pm

BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife – Life Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Candywriter, LLC, BitLife – Life Simulator is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 30th September 2018 with the latest update 5th November 2022

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of BitLife – Life Simulator ?

1,484,257 people have rated 3.6.2

What is the price of the BitLife – Life Simulator ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the BitLife – Life Simulator released ?

BitLife – Life Simulator was released on 30th September 2018.

When was the BitLife – Life Simulator updated ?

The latest updated date of BitLife – Life Simulator on 5th November 2022.

Where can BitLife – Life Simulator be downloaded ?

You can download the game BitLife – Life Simulator from Apple Official App Store.



How will you live your BitLife?

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

It’s all up to you…

Updated on 5th November 2022

Nothing but bug fixes and performance enhancements in this update, Bitizens. Oh, and some clues about your next big update.

BitLife – Life Simulator Review

This app is good and we really like it but we want to only pay so we can get rid of ads, we dont want to be a bitizen is that possible?

Some Youtubers are appearing twice when you go to watch YouTube with a friend but other than that perfect game. Oh Bring esports to bitlife please.

Can you please in the mafia pack you got other races like mafia Russian mafia etc… But you dont have an African American gang which we think personally if you put that in there a lot of people would like it because it had their race. Im not saying your not trying but you should consider that.

We really love this game we mean we play it every day, but there is one teensy problem well two teensy problems its really slow and we mean REALLY slow and there are tons of adds. But other than that this game is almost our favorite game its interactive and fun and you can do literally anything you want. You do have to have a membership do do some things though.

We love this game it is so much fun to play with and we cannot wait until the other challenges that need to be unlocked come in soon.

Your app is so amazing but u really shouldnt have any ads.

In BitLife, if there were new countries, one of them would be North Korea. There would be some stuff that is legal in other countries but not in North Korea, some things include Driving, you can’t drive in North Korea unless you’re an official More of a new concept in BitLife, protesting against the government. In countries like North Korea, you’d get a situation about people protesting about the government, you can join them but you could have a chance of getting jailed or even killed by authorities. Immigration, if you click on the emigration button, you’d get a message saying "You’re not allowed to leave North Korea, but would you like to defect to South Korea?" there will be a button saying "Defect to South Korea". If the player chooses to do so, they will have to play a minigame to get to South Korea, if they get caught in the minigame, they could die while trying to defect to South Korea. If they succeed, they will become part of South Korea and will leave family behind, unless they try to help other family members. If a character gets jailed, other relatives such as parents and siblings will be in prison too. Copy this post’s permalink to the clipboard.

Make it where you can interact with grandchildren and grandparents and cousins as well Become a animal breeder Invest money More hairstyles Just a few quick things and also perhaps become a landlord/rent houses out or even breed your dogs if you have more than one that is just some ideas Edit: also if you could add more things to do with your friends and spouse.

We love this game a lot, but we can only give this 4 stars because of how many in-game purchases are there. We think the special careers should be free. Reason being is because paying 5 dollars for one career is a rip-off. Thank you for your time.

We think you should add Grandparents: Why have grandchildren but not grandparents? Cousins, aunts and uncles: Why have nieces and nephews but not these? Orphanage update: Maybe update the orphanage a bit so we can interact with children there we mean like there is scenarios with them when we cant talk to them, make it easier to get adopted, be able to work at an orphanage, and maybe be able to talk to orphanage workers Oh and we noticed how vampire is an upcoming job maybe add more things like vampires like werewolves we could care less for it but it would attract more players and maybe make it so we can have famous parents or something like why can we be famous but not our friends and family? Thank you for taking the time to read this message and bye!

Its good game very fun we like it.

Ufc should be added because it is a sport and you are allowed to attack someone and be in a mma club for highschool and you are about to be in jujitsu.

Amazing game overall but our only compliant is that its taking so long to release the Weed dealer and vampire special careers. We cant wait to play these when they release and we know your probs putting a lot of work into it which is amazing but im getting impatient.

It took us a little while to get into the game, but once we gave in, we became addicted! We just have one request.. Is there a way we can get an update for a career as a sports coach? We’ve had people get drafted in the the basketball league or football league and play for 20-24 years, then after their career is over its almost like theres nothing else to do with them. Of course Id have people go into different career fields or go into politics and thats cool. But we feel like if a person can have a 20+ year sports career, they should be able to become a coach after. Just a thought! Overall, love the game!

Everytime we try to go to the menu and try to start a new life it kicks us out the game and Im stuck with life we been playing with we need help.

We really want where you can choose your scenarios or where you can put your kids up for adoption.

Amazing, just amazing… This game will go on it HISTORY. Like we never seen a well rounded non online game. We mean the choices you could do, the freedom you have. You can do stuff you are never able/going to do. You can be anything. Like this game defines You can be anything. We would 100% recommend this game. Its so sophisticated. Has to be one of the best games of all time. Especially with all the sequels like Dog life, Cat life. Its definitely not one of those trashy games with ads every level/button. Its way more than that. This game is so amazing. PLEASE and we mean please, try it for yourself. You WOULDNT regret this trust us!!!

We’ve had bitlife for about 4 or so years and this game is nothing but amazing no questions asked. The game devs are probably the most in touch developers we’ve seen to date. Every update, the game gets better and better. We have no complaints.

Add new jobs, when is the weed job ?

There should be something on here with deer hunting and things of that nature. Like an outdoorsman update. Be interesting to see.

We think the vampire should be released the quickest due to Halloween being last month. Overall a 5 star game.

We should be able to choose are skin color more jobs by the way can we be a book author its also pay to be happy and too many adds.

They take like 5 years to make a new update to the point where the same things are so boring but still fun.

We’ve had this game for a few years now and we’ve absolutely loved it the entire time. Thinking about how far this game has come with all the incredible updates. We make sure to check the app store often to make sure we have the latest version. We love how detailed this game is, it makes us feel so creative with all the different things u can do. We do have one suggestion that we do think the game is lacking a little bit of is more nsfw content. We really love how the nsfw content is there but we really think you guys could do a really cool update for it we really love the developers of this game, everything is just so clever. We will never delete this game thank you so much for making this game exist.

Heres a few update ideas we were thinking that would be good to make the game more realistic: 1: ethnicities, we think it would be cool if at the custom life section under countries we have an ethnicity option where we can pick an ethnicity for our character. Along with the ethnicity thing some things you could do is last names of that culture for your character or their parent(s) aswell as have your character be bilingual and have culturally based activities. 2: more crimes, we think the game will be more fun if we had more crimes! Nothing specific but yeah 3: possibly abusive parents (on a rare chance) and being able to run away or being adopted by a family member 4: instead of aging up a year every time you click the continue button we think we should be able to choose aging up from between 1 week to 1 year 5: religion, we think we should have religions for the game again nothing specific.

We like this game but for a suggestion for the music job Instead of like just applying for a band to join or asking to perform can we post on social media and post our talents (could even be for other special jobs) Then when were popular bands and other ask for them to be on stage to perform.

So we have no ads because we bought almost all possible purchases in the game but we still have to watch an ad for praying which we think is strange because we know its supposed to praise and support the BitLife devs but then why wouldnt that be the same for the little plus bar next to your health, happiness etc when its low? Its basically the same thing. We dont know if the ad with the prayer is a bug or not but its the only thing we have ads on even though we have no ad mode.

We love this game. It is fun and great for long car rides. One thing you should think about is everyone being a Bitzen and having God mode. We dont this think it is fair that you should have to pay just to have more fun with a game. You can still have fun but you should be able to everything just like you would in real life. We still think this is an awesome game but thats one thing to think about. You should also add aunts uncles and cousins just to make it like real life.

The Best of the best could not be better you can be a billionaire or dirt poor this game is full of opportunity!!

This game is so fun highly recommend it but to the game creators. Heres to suggestions we have so the first one is if your parents die and youre still in childhood and you have a sibling thats is old enough offer for them chance the them adopt you the second would require a big update, but to be able to take a DNA test and find out if any siblings and also see also, if you dont know your father, you could be able to track him down and try to get in contact. We feel like it to be a really good addition to the game. Thank you for reading.

We LOVE BITLIFE SO MUCH!!!! It can be inappropriate, but its still so fun!

We love this game so much you need o get it ts a lot of drama.

You can join the military which is great but we think it gets boring after a while we think you should be able to either join a PMC or create one and go on different high risk missions.

Overall BitLife is a really good game, but after awhile it gets boring, and we think if you added more things to do like interacting with your grandparents or even being able to date a step family member.

Dear BitLife Devs we love BitLife so much. It is a great time killer and we really like the new update but we have so many suggestions. When youre young like 14 and up you should be able to have the option to try to sneak in the club and potentially get caught by the bouncer and punished by your parents. You should be able to get plastic surgery when youre young and get caught by your parents maybe. You should also be able to be born into a famous family or something. You should be able to get allowance depending on if you want to do chores and have a chore wheel. You know how your able to send risqu texts to exs and flings? We think you should be able to do that with your significant other and then they follow up with like a desire to make love. We think when your kids are adults they should sometimes ask to move in if you own a house and if you say yes then they should every once in a while walk in on you and catch you. We think you should be able to have a phone tab in activities where you can do different things like play games and prank call people and in your class you can ask people for their number and they reject you like they reject you when you ask them out. We also think that sometimes you should be born into like a orphanage where you have a lot of restrictions and you have a pop up where it say something along the lines of The orphanage is serving really bad food and the options should be like do you tough it out and eat it or pass on the food and if you pass sometimes you die of starvation. We think there should also be an option to ask your SO to be in an open relationship. We really love BitLife but we feel like people would really enjoy these updates. These are just suggestions, rinsaidthat.

No hate towards the game the game is great but one thing can you please make it so we can be boxers or mma fighters or kickboxers you get the idea we feel like that would make the game a lot more interesting and fun and if you do that can you also make it so we could start of our career as just street fighters if we want and make our way up to professional fighters.

When we say yall guys are the best game developers on any platform we mean it. We had a thought though. It would be amazing to bring a zombie apocalypse mode on bitlife. Surviving, choosing weapons, jointing faction. Interacting with hordes, survivors. It would be epic!

Bitlife is one of our favorite games ever. Its fun and entertaining. The only thing is that recently we got a new phone, and on our old phone we had God Mode. Now that we have this phone we dont have any of our old stuff and have ads again. We just wish there was a way to login to the game, so youre progress could save. Overall this is an amazing game 10/10!!!

Hey Im Lilly and we feel like you should have a orphan part for example- orphan you parents put you out as an orphan you can escape it too theres only 20 people in orphanages including you and if you die your child get sentenced to the orphanage unless there a 2nd parent you can kick you kid out to an orphanage and when you die you go to your kids life there still there Thank you bit life if you read this it would make us happy.

We like the game but there should be less ads but other than that we love the game you should try it out!

One thing we dont like is that there is so much ads and that its alwYs sending you notifications while your gone and sometimes in the middle of the night when you sleeping we think there has to be a timer for notifications we keep getting them at midnight and waking up to see our house has been robbed.

This is a great app we just wish you could transfer your purchases from apple to bitlife but you know you win some you lose some we really love this game! Great game fun worth t spend the money.

We love BitLife except for the fact that it has adds. We wish the game developer can fix that.

Really fun game but to repetitive.

The game is great except for when we had a Samsung phone and we transferred to iPhone. When we transferred we tried to restore our purchase but it couldn’t because the app store id was different than the gmail account we used to purchase. Theres no way to redeem back the purchase from android to iPhone and we think there should be a way to enter an email and password on the app itself.

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