BitLife – Life Simulator

Last updated on June 3rd, 2023 at 02:55 am

BitLife – Life Simulator

BitLife - Life Simulator

BitLife – Life Simulator is one of the best Free to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Candywriter, LLC, BitLife – Life Simulator is a Role Playing game with a content rating of 17+.
It was released on 30th September 2018 with the latest update 28th May 2023

Whether you are a fan of Role Playing, Simulation, games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.

What is the rating of BitLife – Life Simulator ?

1,545,369 people have rated 3.9.1

What is the price of the BitLife – Life Simulator ?

It is free for download on iOS.

When was the BitLife – Life Simulator released ?

BitLife – Life Simulator was released on 30th September 2018.

When was the BitLife – Life Simulator updated ?

The latest updated date of BitLife – Life Simulator on 28th May 2023.

Where can BitLife – Life Simulator be downloaded ?

You can download the game BitLife – Life Simulator from Apple Official App Store.



How will you live your BitLife?

Will you try to make all the right choices in an attempt to become a model citizen sometime before you die? You could marry the man/woman of your dreams, have kids, and pick up a good job along the way.

Or will you make choices that horrify your parents? You could descend into a life of crime, start prison riots, smuggle duffle bags, and cheat on your spouse.

It’s all up to you…

Updated on 28th May 2023


Incoming transmission, Bitizens! We’re grateful for all the love the Astronaut Job Pack has received on social media. Keep those screenshots coming! This update introduces some additional Astronaut Job Pack content as well as bug fixes and maintenance. We would also like to introduce new Marketplace features:

  • The Assassin’s Knife: A one-time purchase that lets you get away with murder–literally.
  • The Marketplace Sale: This weekend only, we’re offering certain Marketplace items at a discount! Snipe the savings while you can!

BitLife – Life Simulator Review

Just a quick and small idea – love the game and every part about it. 1 suggestion though Instead of just giving Trainee, Co – Pilot and Captain. You should have some sort of Regional Co Pilot Regional Captain then Airline Co pilot and Airline captain. Just a small idea that would make us really happy. Thanks for the great game!

We like it bc u can do random lives.

We have had this game since it first launched, its such an excellent game and has come such a long way and we cant way for more, but something we really want to see is becoming a serial killer in the game. We know you can get the achievement for that, but actually putting that into detail and making it a valid option for your bitizen would make the game so much better and really realistic. It would add so much more to the game and a different pathway of a lifestyle within the game. Think about it guys!! It would be pretty awesome.

We absolutely love BitLife but we feel like they should have cutscenes, to make it feel more alive. BitLife is awesome as it is but just reading gets kind of tiring after a while , not that Im complaining but overall you guys did a good job.

Just updated and it wont purchase or download we realy want it and it says limited time available.

This game is awesome, we download since release and we have every job pack and add on, no regrets, the new update that just drop, the astronaut update is awesome, the only issue we are having is the assassin blade. It does not allow us to purchase it. Can this be fixed since its a limited time only?

This game is so amazing we love it so much there is so much you can do , we love how you can adopt pets we dont think you should make the exotic pets cost money to get but over all its one of the best games we’ve ever played. Bravo Bravo!

We just thought of this, another update opinion! Update 1. They should make it so if we go to jail for like possession of drugs, assault, murder or anything like that we should be able to get those charges off of are record so we wont have a criminal record, like there should be a school thing we could apply to and it needs to be somewhat hard like the questions to get a higher chance of getting it off the Records. Update 2. Important! License so when you look at your profile there should be a button that says license that you can see your records and whats on the license Etc so when you go to jail you atomically lose the license for a certain amount of time then you have to go do a course and get it back, this would only make sense bc you can get OUI and DUI in this game so we feel that would make it fun. Update 3. Jobs! Ok so when you apply for a job like police officer you should be aloud to pick your position to apply for, like Lieutenant, inspector, supervisor, chief of police Etc.. Update 4. Police! Police Academy, Ik Ik you can just go to college for it but if there is a space Academy there should be a police academy and that would allow you to pick the position you want to apply for as a police officer. Update 5. New Jobs Jobs they should add some are similar to the ones already in the game just different types, 1. Game warden 2. State police 3. FBI 4. Game Host 5. Animal Shelter, able to interact with the animals feed them and put prices on the animals Etc.. 6. Final update! Credit card bank accounts You should be able to pick the bank you wanna open accounts with or even multiple accounts with multiple banks, you should be able you keep money in all of those accounts, you would go to the bank put some money in there and then that money can not come out even when you go to jail, there should be a code for it to which it will give you one when you open that account, and each bank will give a card to you so you can buy stuff with the money in the account/accounts or pay with the money in your pocket like we already do, should be able to take and loan out of the bank and the size of the loan will depend on your salary, wont be the same but if you have a good salary it should be a good enough loan for whatever you need the money for! Everyone this took a bit to type so please leave your honest opinions on these updates that should be added to the game pls no disrespect in the comments this is just suggestions that will maybe happen if we push these threw to #Bitlifedevs This is the best Life Simulation game in all the world and we would like to see this game get even bigger and better as the weeks, months, years come along! Thank you to the people that read this and leave comments . SORRY FOR SOME OF THE SPELLING.

Super fun we’ve been playing nonstop trying to get all of the ribbons lol.

We love this game ! Please create Bit fashion where you can run a fashion empire, own a boutique sell clothes , go to school etc. It would be nice to have this kind of concept for a girly game.

We really do love this game and all the new packs coming out making it so much more intricate and giving us so many options, so many stories to choose! Honestly, we love playing the game, and we think its the best life simulator anyone will ever play, its so fun. We do have one suggestion though. With these new items coming out and whatnot, we think it might be a decent mechanic for those of us who buy the items to have the option to choose whether we want to use them or not. For example, with the new assassins blade that just came out, we got it without a doubt, very cool item. We wanted to make a story line where this woman was a serial killer who worked for the police. But with other characters, we might want them to have the threat of getting caught by the police and possibly getting death row, etc. So we thought it would be cool to add an option, like a little switch you can turn on and off for certain items, it would give you this option at the beginning of a new life, and if switched off, that items effects wont be active for that life. So if we turned off the assassins blade for one life, we have the chance of getting caught by the police and arrested for murder. But in another life we could switch it on and always get away with murder in that life. Anyways, we just believe that it would be a good idea to add something like that, so the effects of the item isnt definite, so we can still spice it up with certain lives, but still have the option to use the item. Thank you for your amazing game and listening to our review. 5 Stars!

Should let people by sport teams.

When will they be able to get joint custody.

Can you think yall can put a new job like a hitman job like John wick.

For the assians blade said to be for sale for .01 so now that we sighed in its now 5.65 we understand but false advertising is a serious problem.

We have an idea for you: maybe when teens start UNI they can also have a choice to move out of their parents house or not, then they could be kicked out if their parents dont want them living at home. Maybe we could also be able to rent apartments ourselves instead of just being a landlord?

Hello Candywriter. Im loving and having a lot of fun with the new update. There is one thing that we’ve noticed that might need to be fixed. One of the achievements win the Nobel prize is not seeming to work. We’ve won the Nobel prize over 10 times in our life, and nothing is happening. The achievement is not being achieved. Are you guys able to fix that? -Thank You.

Sui Sui Sui Sui Sui Sui Sui Sui Sui Sui.

Good game overall we just wish they would add a professional boxer pack.

We love playing BitLife , its always grabbing our attention ! We just feel like we need more things to do on the game to make it more fun. We feel as so it should be more sports that you can play professionally such as boxing , wrestling, MMA n etc. We also feel as so it should be more interactions thats added in the game. As far as criminal activity we think there should be more things you can do as a criminal. Overall the game is great we think you guys should do more expansions pack on lifestyles as far as maybe like a special career expansion idk Im just throwing ideas.

So we have bought everything that you can buy in this game to better our game experience because we already love playing this game at base level. That being said we dont enjoy playing and buggy game and unfortunately we keep running across the same bug/glitch; In the astronaut update there is a mini game where you have to shoot a meteor or itll destroy the earth, after you complete the mini game you get a reward of a large sum of money and a medal. After your reward appears on screen it says at the bottom to tap to continue, except you cant because when the reward is shown on screen the game freezes and crashes. If you close the game and reopen it its like the mini game never happened and you dont get your money. We hope to see this bug/glitch fixed in the future so we can continue to play and have fun with this new pack.

It would be cool to meet your spouses parents.

We love this game so much we even brought god mode but with the new space game flight simulator where you have avoid the meteors and ufos we think its way to hard. Its hard to control and sometimes it doesnt even work. You need to fix it. Please.

This is the most fun game of our life we got mad at the adds but the game was still good to play with your friends but it is a tiny bit Sus but the rest we loved and that is our review.

It is so fun you should try it !!!!

We love this game and we love playing it however in our current life we got into some trouble as a kid and as an adult we decided to do something good so we went to Law school! But due to our criminal record we cant get a job with our degree. We think it would be cool to add a way to have the record expunged or sealed or something of the sort! And also adding electric cars such as the different Teslas would be really freaking cool!

We would highly recommend this game, however there are some inappropriate stuff to do and inappropriate commercials. Other than that, great game!

Id be willing to buy the packs if they were $2.99 just sounds more realistic then $4.99. Thank You if you read this.

This game is really fun and we played it for hours. It would be awesome if you could pick your best man and stuff when you get married. Also if you get into mischief with someone and get arrested, they should get arrested to.

So BitLife is one of our favorite games buttt heres some ideas 1. We think you should be able to live with a grandparent 2. We think that when you are an orphan, someone could adopt you but you have the option to say no or yes to it 3. We think that you should have more crimes like holding someone for ransom, or arson,4. You should have more interactions with celebrities 5. More jobs like, working in the Supreme Court, or maybe be a farmer and sell your goods 6. You can repaint your car or something 7. You can move places in your country Other than that we really love it.

We bought the bitizen membership and god mode but we switched from android to iPhone and we couldnt restore our purchase.

Wont let us buy the assasins blade help!

Please add watches as a jewelry option. Like Rolex,cartier,ect. Please please please please please.

Im happy that we got this game, and we that we bought stuff on here lol, but what Im most excited about is the modeling and vampire special careers! We bet itll be worth the wait, Ill wait as long as possible for this amazing game, we never get bored.

The assassins blade says it’s 0.01 and when we try and buy it it doesn’t work we went on Reddit and all the review say their are having the same problem please fix it this seems like an amazing perk to have.

We love this game and play it in our free time! It would be better if yall added more political positions and more law enforcement jobs. Also, it will be cool if we could go back to school for multiple degrees! All together this game is awesome and Im proud of the developers because of their hardwork.

The mudder thing wont let us buy.

This is an awesome game and so fun but we have an issue. Whenever we press the menu button at the top left corner the game crashes. We have learned that other people have this issue too but you refuse to fix it. Im sure players would enjoy the game more (i certainly would) if you fixed this.

You guys should make a boxing career as a job.

This game is awesome! It is very creative.

Im just gonna give a small rundown, amazing game. We love how there is loads of humor in the game, however we do have one small issue. So we have purchased god mode on BitLife. However when we press restore purchases, for some reason, we cant seem to get it back. Hopefully, someone might give us an answer, but its an amazing game, nonetheless.

We always enjoy this game whenever we get on although some of the jobs can get boring and repetitive and we know that you guys are working on new special jobs you guys should make a new special job that allows you to be a super hero or villain.

Ok so for god mode we feel like you should also be able to edit: -Your partner, parent, or friends money -your co stars fame level -your athleticism when creating your character Also we feel like another good feature for god mode would be the option to create your own country and edit things like the name, climate, create your own flag, rules (social media, driving age, royalty, sports, astronomy stuff), and population we also wish that you could interact with your teammates in the Sports occupation, and interact with other famous singers within your genre in the Musician career(and be able to edit them, collaborate with them, produce with them, etc) and just a few other things involving the special careers to make them more realistic and have more options.

When is the Dealer Job pack going to be ready ?

We really like this game we given it 5 stars we really recommend this game but we do need to let you no ones you get these game and one day your like ohh our storage is full and you delete it you will regret it but it really is a fun game you can be bad good or not your self we no sum people are like are they really meaning what they say and thats how we are cus we really do not want to get hacked on a game so Im Like reddening a million reviews then we saw this game on a commercial then we got the game its a good and the commercial that you might see is a older version of this game but do remember it one thang we got to say is way cant you Mack it were like you can have two or more boyfriend on the game or girlfriends or a boyfriend or girlfriend and a wife or husband but thats all we have to say that you should add thank you for making this game very good game do remember thanks bye.

Listen we love this game we play it 25/8! But when we did try to buy the god mode + BitLifecitizen it never got processed to the game even though we had payed for it and everything and no it is not a problem with the Apple Store its most probably something with the game. Even then playing then game is still very enjoyable and with or without paying anything for it, it is still very fun and we love playing it. We hope this makes you get the game!

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