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Brass is one of the best $5.99 to play game in the App Store.
Developed by Cublo Sp. z o.o., Brass is a Board game with a content rating of 4+.
It was released on 12th November 2015 with the latest update 30th November 2020

Whether you are a fan of Board, Entertainment, or Strategy games, you will find this game interesting and will absolutely like it.


298 people have rated 1.11

You can download the game Brass from APP STORE.


Top Mobile Board Game of 2015 by Board Game Geek and Board Game Quest

Top 10 Strategy Game. Acclaimed by players and awarded in 2007, 2008 and 2010!

Brass is a demanding economic game. An outstanding game about money and monopolies. Players take the roles of entrepreneurs attempting to make the most money from various industries during the Industrial Revolution. Each player needs to build an economic engine that surpasses all the others.

Industries are the key to success. Will you become a Cotton Magnate owning the most Cotton Mills in Lancashire? Or do you prefer selling Coal and Iron to others? Ports and Shipyards are key constructions as well, since the others cannot function without them in the long term.

Build canals and later rails to connect towns and cities. Only then can you benefit from all the industries built in the country, even those built by your opponents!

R&D is essential. The better developed industries you have, the more effective they are. Should others neglect development, your path to victory will be easier.

It’s not what you have produced, but the thing you sold that makes ‘brass’ (said with a
thick Yorkshire accent – ‘brass’ being a local term for money). Watch the markets carefully and sell at the proper time!

Use the produced supplies and activate Industries, upgrade rails, save money. The most effective entrepreneur is the winner.

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Brass, a true classic by one of the world’s best game designers, is now available in the AppStore.

  • 3-4 players
  • AI opponent (intermediate level)
  • Network multiplayer with push notifications
  • Local multiplayer (pass & play)
  • Beautiful artwork
  • Works in any orientation (portrait & landscape)
  • In-game tutorial & manual
  • GameCenter: achievements, leaderboards
  • Universal game application – buy once and play on all your devices.
  • The game is designed for iPad / Use iPad for best experience.

Updated on 30th November 2020

  • Bugfixes

Brass Reviews

Love the game itself, and the implementation is not terrible. But its not great either (e.g. Not friendly or intuitive). Our biggest issue is that it keeps crashing in the middle and end of games. Good night, it cant be that hard to make the game stable. Our last straw is in our last game when it permanently crashed after our last turn! Gahhh…. So frustrating!!!

Bouncing pointing finger of doom freezes games every time in our iPad mini 4.

We enjoy playing Brass on both our iPad and iPhone, and it works great in the canal era, but once the rail era starts, we’ve encountered a bug where we are unable to complete our turns as the check box to complete turns is unresponsive. A work around is to go to the main menu and then continue the game, but its cumbersome and sometimes skips the rest of your turn – for example if we attempt to develop two items on a turn, we are only able to develop once and when we go to the main menu and continue, it wont let us develop a second time. Same applies when attempting to sell cotton twice on a turn. Would be a great implementation once this bug gets fixed.

In phrase two, cant make any actions.

We have played this with friends face to face. Rules are correct and computer characters help sharpen your skills.

This would be a 5 star if they would fix the horrible scroll to the bottom to join your game method for online play. Should t our Game Center identity help wither his connection?

Havent noticed any bugs yet. The hardmode ai are tough to beat, meaning you have to really learn the different strategies in order to do well.

The fact that we played for the first time 2 days ago and 3 games later have not done better than 3rd makes it a great game. We are usually sick of them because they are too easy to win with no replay value.

We like Brass and used this to determine if we should buy the board game. Great tutorial and wonderful interface. Solid recommendation. Had to back the KS a while back because of this app. Fantastic implementation of the game.

Great app. Felt like we were playing the actual board game.

We have heard about Brass for years and now get to play it on our tablet. An incredible game with many paths to victory and so many choices of delicious tension. We are still learning a lot about it but our mistakes are getting fewer! Great game for those who are interested in history as well as those who love real strategy.

Its a real solid version of the classic Wallace board game. The interface is clear and its easy to follow whats going on. The A.I. Is mostly competent and doesnt make a lot of moves that leave you scratching your head. Only drawback is it takes a while to figure out all the rules if this is your first introduction to Brass. Theres no avoiding it as its the nature of the source material. They do an ok job with the tutorial; once you understand all the complex mechanics and the strategic impact of your choices its quite engaging.

We speak to myself as daniel plainview while playing this amazing game. Highly recommended for the strategy. There are some difficulties to overcome visually but the experience is a rush. Winning is a good feeling.

Very nice smart game. Play a couple rounds experimenting to actually figure out how the game works before trying to memorize rules! But also do the tutorial first.

Nothing kills the time sitting in the washroom like a great eurogame port, and boy am we happy to find a solid app version of Brass. The art is lovely, the interface functional, and the game is, of course, fantastic. The only reason this app does not earn a full 5 star rating is that I, like a few other folks before us it seems, am bothered by the lack of an undo button available before finalizing your turn. Nothing ruins a good game of Brass like gambling it all for a shipyard in Birkenhead only to realize youve just accidentally spent 8 quid on port development. Weak a critique as that is, you should definitely still buy this port if you love Brass.

Pro:I have played the game in person. We have really enjoyed it. However, we always get some rules wrong. This app has been great. It has helped clarify some rules we got wrong. And the AI is really good. You have to know what you are doing to get 1st in 3rd player mode. Con: there is no online version of this game. There is an endless list of games that have been created. However, they all are not filled. And the ones that are say waiting for players. We have owned the app for a couple weeks and impossible to play online. It is sad. Makes the game fun for a couple weeks then it will get boring. Do not buy if you want an online experience. If you want to use the app as a tutorial the go ahead and buy it.

Needs undo function and ability to view game board post game. Otherwise, very well done.

This is an excellent implementation of a board game that we played once years ago. It is challenging to play well, but we are frustrated by not understanding why we cannot do what we want, so there needs to be more pop-up help info.

A solid implementation of one of our all-time favorite games. Haven’t been able to play online yet though. May change review once we have.

This app is designed well and has excellent AI opponents. The tutorial doesnt have the depth that it should and we found myself download the rules to the game. Once you know the rules, this game is remarkable. We highly recommend it.

It would be great if the visuals showed greater difference between players, just having hats or colored border canals isnt easy to see quickly. Also undo button would be great. Also being able to pull up interlays while it is ai turn.

To those not primed in hobby board gaming this game will be bewildering. Helps to watch the actual board game being played on youtube as the tutorial doesnt really tutor and the road to advancement is rather unique and counter-intuitive,but once you get it it becomes a heavy brain game. Lots of analysis paralysis , so we could not imagine playing this with other people on a little phone but a tablet might be ok. Some bugs crashed our game such as phantom cotton selling option for cotton that has already been sold. This game is also the largest game app we own and Im not sure why?

Looses one star for poor tutorial and one more star because an undo is desperately needed. We frequently make our second action dependent on the first and sometimes discover that the second action will not work out as planned, effectively wasting the first action and effectively the entire turn.

We’re not interested in a 30+ minute tutorial will all these rules we have to remember while playing.

We love Ticket to Ride and similar. We don’t see the allure here though. The tutorials were magnificently boring.

This looks like a fun Game and Id love to leave a good review but we can never get the game to work. Every time we do might turn it says cannot connect to the server. We have tried changing our connection to Wi-Fi or cellular dataI have tried reinstalling the app but nothing seems to work.

We don’t get to go play board games with our friends very frequently, so this is a great replacement for that. This is a fantastic adaptation of a great game and allows us to hone our strategies for the real thing.

Could use some 12.9 optimization. Still have to scroll on such a large screen in portrait. Why?

  1. Misspelling in instructions 2. Instruction not clear … Took us about 15 turns to figure out how to build shipyard. Or not clear on how to keep from losing your industries between ages. So seems instructions vague causing too long a learning curve to be competitive. 3. Need a link while in your turn to check opponents score. 4. Some screen overlaps that make it hard to open and close. 5. Do like the graphics 6. Do like the game concept. 7. Seems a bit too card driven … May or may not get a decent combo or opponents block you. 8. Give it a 7 out of 10.

REVISED one of the most difficult games you will play, but the company support is patient and will answer any questions you have. After learning best tactics every game is close and we can win. It is not easy, but it is rewarding and the tactical nuance is interesting. Every game is different and playing well doesn’t depend on dice rolls, rather on in game adaptation to the cards and what other players do… So the game has endless application. One of the very best strategy games around and the company who develops and supports the game is top. ——————————————– we have played about 50 games and watched every tutorial. We know how to play the game. We are very good at strategy and games typically. We have yet to win even one game and have not even come close. Computer typically doubles our score. We don’t understand why we can’t step forward, we match computer on income and money in the bank but get killed on victory points every time. Then we try a new strategy and spend so we get beat on money and income but there is no gain on victory points. We are an educated man, we still can’t make sense of the scoring. Games should be fun, not discouraging.

The artwork and animation are perfect, in our opinion. It is great to be able to see where you can take actions given your cards, industries, resources, network and developments. The game has been very stable on both our iPad Air and our iPhone 4S (both iOS 9). As others have noted, a few improvements are needed: UPDATE: The AI play has been markedly improved since the game first came out. It can still be beaten, but you have to adopt a longer term strategy than the AI seems capable of doing. UPDATE: You CAN view other players’ stacks to see their stage of development by clicking on their icon at the top of the summary chart pop-up. (I discovered this by accident.) It is hard to see how industries develop. In particular, you can’t see how many higher-level industry counters are available until you have reached that level. The development action seems to require an inordinate number of clicks to complete. The online play matching and interface could be improved. There is no rating system and there is no kind of search or auto match feature. The ability to give a game you start a title is handy, though.

Hard AI was a great addition, and this is a great game. Thanks for bringing it to mobile!

We own the board game and really enjoy it. It’s great to be able to play the game now when we can round up our friends for a game night.

We have played the tabletop version a bunch for several years. The AI plays a decent game and keeps you on your toes. The implementation has more flash than we need, but it probably needs to be like that competing in the app space. Glad to have one of our favorite games available on our ipad!

Good implementation, the AI is much more challenging now as well.

This is a fairly good implementation of Brass. However there are some gaps and rough edges that made it hard to start playing. The rules are incomplete and vague, as is the tutorial. It was very difficult to figure out how to play at first. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a way to see how many coal/iron you have sitting on your coal or iron mines that still need to be shipped. There is also a weird bug where some of the test hasnospaces which was very annoying. Despite these rough edges, once we figured out how to play it was fun and a reasonably good adaptation of the game. We just hope the developer can polish it a bit more to make it a 5-star app.

The UI is pretty, and mostly works well. It’s a fun, complex game! There are some inconsistencies about what moves one can make and roll back before committing and what moves immediately get executed… For new players, expect it to take several games to get the hang of it. The tutorial is no worse but certainly no better than most iOS games.

Undo functionality is a little weak and sometimes it’s difficult to know what resources are available on the board but otherwise it’s a great implementation of a fantastic, difficult game!

Update: 1 star to 3 stars With all of its raving reviews, our expectations were way too high. We just couldn’t get into this even after probably 15 games. It was a frustrating mess. But, then we stuck with it and played another 15 games. We finally started to get the mechanics intuitively. The tutorials and in-game rules are kind of worthless. In trying to learn the game, we went through the tutorials 3 times and read the rules 4 times. But, only after playing dozens of games did the rules finally make sense. The rules seem quite simple at first, but because of the dependencies on game state, the rules are actually quite complex. For instance, it’s challenging to plan ahead because one’s ability to take an action requires several prerequisites. We wouldn’t recommend this to a casual board-game player. It requires some tenacity to understand the strategy and tactics. But, it becomes more satisfying after many plays. It definitely goes against the grain in a world of attention deficiency. There are bugs that make the gameplay more difficult to understand. Sometimes the UI will show that certain actions are available. But, after taking all steps, you still can’t complete the action! This makes it even more confusing. Also, the game needs more settings. For instance, we want to skip all animations always. We don’t want to have to keep clicking ‘skip animations’, we just want a summary of all actions taken before our next turn.

No 2 player version. Pretty well built program. We wish there was an undo button as well.

We were really excited about this game and enjoyed the first game. Play is intuitive and graphics are beautiful……. However, the AI is not good. Destroyed them on the first game, they did nothing but pass the last 3 rounds, was very disappointed to find out there was no way to make it stronger. Hopefully the developers will improve this.

We were introduced to the world of Brass through the Birmingham version of the board game, which we have played a couple of times. Someone in our playgroup told us that an app is available so we checked it out. We understand the game a lot better now and have really enjoyed being able to take on the AI, which is pretty good at the difficult level.

This is a great implementation of the board game Brass: Lancashire by Martin Wallace. It is a tense economic board game where you try to outsmart your opponents – building coal mines, iron works, and cotton mills at the right time. The hard part is that as you build across England, you can only access the cities connected to your network of canals and railways. When you spend more money than your opponents, you move after them in the following turn. It ends up being a delicate balance of spending and saving money, while striking at the right time to score points. The AI is good enough that we have problems beating them in a four-player game, but it really shines with multiplayer. We’ve been having fun playing with our board game group that moved across the country. The notifications sometimes don’t work, so we use Discord to let the next player know when it’s their turn. We also noticed a minor display bug with the distant markets, but it doesn’t really affect gameplay. Overall a great game, even if there is somewhat of a learning curve.

This game is about recognizing and anticipating future demand, and ideal locations. If you are a preemptive thinker/have a business mind, you will enjoy this game. This game ranked among the top 20. It did take a while to learn, but worth the effort. Watching YouTube tutorials will only get you part of the way there. Reading tips from other players helps the most.

Us and our buddies LOVE this game. This iOS implementation is wonderful. Each week we create a few online games and heres what we hate: new online games get placed at bottom of the game list. Why is that a problem? No search or scroll mechanics are available and that means 2 or 3 minutes of endless finger swipes just to get down to our game. Doing anything to fix that would be sweet. We also wish played games could be reviewed and analyzed. Sadly, once game completes, there is no return to look over the board or statistics.

Id give it 5 stars, but our friends and we needed to use a messaging app to alert each other when it was their turn.

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