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Last updated on September 18th, 2020 at 07:58 pm

These are the answer for DK Quiz Accidental Discoveries Question and Answers, Cheats, for Easy , Medium, Hard on all level of the game. This game is developed by Dorling Kindersley at Dorling Kindersley Ltd.

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  1. What did Alexander Fleming accidentally discover in 1928?
  2. Penicillin
  3. What did George de Mestral invent in 1948, after finding himself and his dog covered in burrs?
  4. Velcro
  5. What was the first type of plastic, accidentally discovered by Leo Hendrik Baekeland?
  6. Bakelite
  7. Who discovered vulcanized rubber when he spilled rubber, sulphur, and lead onto a hot stove?
  8. Charles Goodyear
  9. In which year did DuPont research chemist Roy J Plunkett accidentally discover Teflon?
  10. 1938
  11. What did Jacques E. Brandenberger discover in 1900 while trying to create a transparent tablecloth?
  12. Cellophane
  13. What did Atlanta pharmacist John Pemberton accidentally invent while trying to make a cure for headaches?
  14. Coca-Cola
  15. What did 11-year-old Frank Epperson invent when he left his juice on an icy porch step overnight?
  16. The Popsicle
  17. Which professor of physics accidentally discovered the X-ray?
  18. Wilhelm Röntgen
  19. What did Percy LeBaron Spencer go on to invent after the chocolate bar in his pocket melted when he walked past a radar tube?
  20. The microwave oven
  21. Keith Kellogg accidentally discovered cornflakes in 1906.
  22. True
  23. What did Alfred Nobel discover while trying to make a more stable form of nitroglycerine?
  24. Dynamite
  25. In which year did Constantine Fahlberg discover saccharin?
  26. 1879
  27. At which event was the ice-cream cone invented when the plates used to serve ice cream ran out, and waffles were used instead?
  28. The 1904 World Fair
  29. What was invented when a church choir member stuck together some hymn pages so parishioners wouldn’t lose them?
  30. Post-it Notes
  31. What did kerosene salesman Robert Chesebrough accidentally invent from ‘rod wax’ in 1859?
  32. Vaseline
  33. Blue jeans were invented by Jacob Youphes in 1689.
  34. False
  35. The Saratoga Chip of the Moon Lake Lodge Restaurant was the first ever potato chip invented to please who?
  36. A fussy diner
  37. What was Dr Harry Coover working on in 1942 when he accidently discovered super glue?
  38. Gun sights
  39. What did American engineer Wilson Greatbatch accidently invent by using the wrong kind of resistor?
  40. The pacemaker

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